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The podcast for Impact-Driven Influencers and Experts - Are you an Influencer looking to make a deeper impact & profit with your audience? Or are you an expert looking to exponentially grow your following, impact & bank account? Than you won't want to miss an episode where we get deep into the minds of successful people to help you grow your business.

The podcast for Impact-Driven Influencers and Experts - Are you an Influencer looking to make a deeper impact & profit with your audience? Or are you an expert looking to exponentially grow your following, impact & bank account? Than you won't want to miss an episode where we get deep into the minds of successful people to help you grow your business.
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The podcast for Impact-Driven Influencers and Experts - Are you an Influencer looking to make a deeper impact & profit with your audience? Or are you an expert looking to exponentially grow your following, impact & bank account? Than you won't want to miss an episode where we get deep into the minds of successful people to help you grow your business.




Conscious Entrepreneurship as an Empath and How to Live in Your Purpose.

Are you an empath? If the answer is YES, then today's episode is DEFINITELY for you. Our guest today, Chelsea Shultz helps VISIONARY EMPATHS build their world-healing 6 Figure Soul Purpose Biz. Today we're talking about navigating through the entrepreneurial world as a conscious-driven spiritual empath and really live out your purpose freely and energetically inflow. To connect more with Chelsea head over to or follow her on instagram @EcstaticCreator


Using NLP to Attract Your Perfect Clients with Jesse Martin

If you've ever wanted a sure fire way to attract your perfect clients ... using NLP is it ... and today we have a special treat for you with our guest, Jesse Martin. Jesse is an NLP Master and helps heart-centered entrepreneurs master the art of sales to powerfully enroll your perfect clients and in this episode, he's going to share with you how you can use that and even give you a super cool exercise to follow so you can start attracting them FAST. Make sure you connect with Jesse and...


How to Have Revolutionary Growth In Your Life & Business with Dug & Heidi McGuirk

Our guest today, Dug & Heidi McGuirk are revolutionary leaders and founders of a training and development company called Revolutionary Growth. They hold their own seminars and train speakers and coaches so they can live their own lives and live with passion. You're going to love their story of traveling and working with Tony Robbins to how they collaborated and worked in addiction centers and being able to be apart of transformations in all walks of life. And what it really takes to have...


Psychedelics and Entrepreneurship

What's a great podcast without a little controversy :) In today's we're talking about Psychedelics and Entrepreneurship with our guest Frankie Fihn. Frankie Fihn is an Entrepreneur. Speaker. Author. Shaman. World Traveler. Father with an interesting story of how he discovered the power of psychedelics in healing anxiety, depression and really stepping into your power and getting to the next level. Frankie now holds retreats (in other countries where it's legal) and helps entrepreneurs find...


Growing a Conscious Driven Business in Your Flow with Ellie Burscough

Our guest today, Ellie Burscough is a world traveler, a business & mindset mentor that loves inspiring & motivating others to create a life they love, while growing their business & transforming lives. She helps coaches and trainers uses NLP, Hypnosis, the Spiral Method as well as strategy to help her clients get to 6 & 7 figure businesses with ease & freedom. In this episode, you'll learn how to grow a conscious-driven business and be in your flow, so you can have a business that...


Beating the Force of Average & Finding your Foundation of Power With Ryan Stewman

Really excited for you to hear our guest Ryan Stewman. You may know him as the Hardcore Closer ... Dude is a fucking BEAST! and has made a huge impact in my own life You'll have to listen to hear the whole story ... it started with me in a seizure at an event ... I am fully confident he'll make an impact with you too. Ryan is an Investor, a Teacher, a Software Creator, an Author and a Mindset Coach to Celebrities and Millionaires. Today we're talking about finding your foundation of...


How to Step Into the Spotlight and Take Ownership Of Your Greatness With Vanessa Talbot

Really excited for our guest, Vanessa Talbot because she's been doing what she does for quite some time, which is helping coaches and change makers step into the spotlight and get their branding together, their messaging on point and help them get known and attract clients She has grown a facebook community of over 17,000 that are exclusively coaches and people out to make a difference in the world. In this episode, you'll learn some keys on how to go from coach to step into the spotlight...


6 Steps to 6 Figures with Carlos Adell

Our guest today, Carlos Adell helps coaches start & scale to become full - time online. This episode we talk about how exactly you can do that, and also how important it is to have a mentor and someone who can walk with you through the journey. It may sound cliche - but making money is easy and making 6 figures online can be simple (if you learn from the right people) Carlos has mapped out the process in 6 easy steps to get you to 6 figures in the quickest way possible. Connect with...


How to Create a Predictable Outcome Inside Your Business.

Kim Barrett helps Experts get predictable results to scale to 6 & 7 figures. He's a Two Comma Club Award Winner, and OG in the paid ads world. Founder of Your Social Voice and the Certified Ballers. In this episode, you'll learn what you need to collect information through your sales process to have a predictable outcome inside your business Connect with Kim here: On Instagram: @realkimbarret @yoursocialvoice and on...


How to Move From Victim to Victor with Steve Werner

For over twenty years Steve Werner has helped people from all walks of life, including CEO’s, Entrepreneurs and Professionals, become the best version of themselves. Helping people navigate through high levels of stress and anxiety have been the center of his coaching practice, and what has birthed the Hour of Champions. In today's episode, we're diving in on how to move from the victim mentality to victor so you can be powerful no matter what life throws at your way. Connect with Steve on...


Top 3 Things You Need in the Backend of Your Business with Sara Kirsch

It's the stuff not a lot of entrepreneurs want to talk about - but Sara Kirsch has found a way to make it fun! She is an expert in Marketing, Accounting and all things business. She is a mom of 2 boys and has owned a business in one form or another for the past 20 years, helping her clients generate well over $40 million in sales while increasing their profits and covering their assets. Sara has worked with small business owners in just about every industry and from around the world,...


How to Construct Your Story and Brand with Perry Power

Perry Power, co founder of My Fit Story Works with Fitness Professionals to build a powerful personal brand without spending a dime on ads. In today's episode, Perry shares some good steps with us on constructing your story - and how to build your brand. You don't want to miss this highly inspiring VERY authentic episode. To connect with Perry - head over to his facebook and let him know how much you loved this episode:


Creating Your F - Yea Funnel

Would you like to have a process that works so good that your prospects end up saying F YEA by the time they get on the phone with you or your team? In today's episode - Chad and I are going to show you exactly how we do it with what we like to call ... the F - Yea Funnel. Drop us a comment and leave us a review if this has helped you, and make sure you grab up our book at


Selling Sex Chocolate to Millionaire with Chris Hawk Jones

In today's episode of Influencer Profits, we are interviewing Chris Hawk Jones, who has made such an influence and an inspiration in both of our lives. He's been on stage with Gary Vee and is THE pinnacle of not giving up on your vision - even if people around you don't see it. There's something to be said about a person with incredible drive, intense passion, and a strong vision. Because of his journey with depression as an entrepreneur and how he's overcome it, it inspired him to launch...


Discovering Your Evergreen Skills to Build Your Passion Business

I love the passion in our guest, Gusten Sundqvist. He helps online coaches scale without falling into the 1:1 trap, while helping you enroll 5-10 dream clients a month. What I love about Gusten is his core value and his story of how he discovered his evergreen skills that allowed him to create a highly succerssful business doing what he loved. Tune in to todays episode as we go deep with Gusten to help you discover your evergreen skills for yourself, so you can create and build a business...


Building the Men Who Build the World with Cory Huddleston

Listen up, Men AND Women ... don't be fooled by the title, this episode IS for both. Join us with Cory Huddleston, founder of Wisdom & Grit as we talk about living in our purpose and following our calling. Today we dive into WHY it's important for men to have a place - to just go be MEN and how important this is for your life. It affects your partners, your children, the people you work with. Men and women where created complimentary to empower each other... tune in for this interesting...


The Power of Podcasting with Chris Hines

Have you ever thought about having a podcast before - just didn't know how powerful it could actually be for your business? Our guest, Chris Hines is the expert when it comes to podcasting. Having his own show - For Coaches by Coaches, that is in the top 200 show in business in the US. (which is huge btw) He helps coaches start and monetize their own podcast. Head over and take Chris's Podcast Growth Challenge here:


Becoming Unstoppable with Brian and Rhonda Swan of the Unstoppable Family

Seriously, one of the most inspiring family I've ever had the honor of meeting. Brian and Rhonda have been building their business and traveling the world for over 10 years. They help successful professionals create and monetize sexy personal brands. What I loved most about today's interview, is that these two have been able to build an incredible empire while living a total life of the freedom-preneur and inspiring honestly probably millions of people ... all while raising a daughter who...


How to Jumpstart Your business in only 5 Minutes a Day

Trish Leto is the Facebook Live Queen. She's a speaker that has shared stages with Gary Vee, She works with entrepreneurs to increase their revenue in just 5 minutes a day with her 5 Minute Lives™️ Method. Tune in to learn how you can jumpstart your business in only 5 minutes a day as well as grow your confidence in todays episode. Learn more and connect with Trish Leto here: - Would you like more clients without the burnout? Grab our Client Attraction Code at...


8 Steps to Manifest Anything with Victoria Marie Gallagher

In today's episode with Victoria Marie Gallagher we're talking about one of our FAVORITE topics! The Law of Attraction and How to manifest ANYTHING. Victoria is an International Speaker, Hypnotherapist, Meditation Expert and Author of Practical Law of Attraction. We talk about how it's so much more than just visualizing what we want. So often people feel defeated because they "can't get the law of attraction to work" . In this episode you'll learn WHY that may have been the case for you...