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The power of a generous community

Can you imagine being part of a community so generous that someone was moved to give one of his kidneys away to save a stranger’s life? That’s a generous community! And that is what you’ll hear about in this new episode, featuring Kendra VanderMeulen, member of our National Board of Directors and President of our NCF Northwest office in Seattle. Over the past several years, Kendra has seen an exciting movement of generosity taking shape in the Pacific Northwest. Listen as Kendra shares how...


Looking for God’s fingerprints in every gift

Jeanne McMains, Vice President of NCF’s Complex Gift Solutions team, shares what it’s like to come alongside NCF givers as they make complex gifts of business interests, real estate, and more. She also shares how important it is to recognize God’s fingerprints every step of the way. Listen as Jeanne unpacks why she views every transaction as a holy encounter and an opportunity to see God move in the lives of NCF givers.


How much is enough when it comes to true riches?

In this episode of Inside Giving: Inspiring Stories of Biblical Generosity, you’ll hear meaningful insight from Jay Bennett, Chairman of NCF’s national Board of Directors and CEO of our Twin Cities office in Minneapolis. Jay shares how a pivotal health crisis at the height of his successful career opened his eyes to greater surrender to God and a renewed purpose to serve Him.


Why stock is part of Lee Torrence’s giving strategy

For NCF giver and former IBM executive Lee Torrence, giving appreciated stock instead of cash is a smarter way to make an impact. In this special episode, Boyd Bailey, President of our NCF Georgia office, joins Lee to discuss the steps Lee takes to maximize his tax savings and send more to his favorite causes.


Making a real impact with gifts of real estate and water rights

Jamie and Sarah Baessler decided early on to pursue a life of generosity both personally and through their home-building business. To inspire giving at work, they adopted core values that invite their employees to be more generous. And they turned to NCF to help them donate appreciated real estate and even water rights, which reduced their tax burden and sent more to the causes they love.


Giving hope under the weight of war

Last year, NCF helped John and Cindy make an innovative gift when they sold a portion of their business. This gift allowed them to help fund an emergency field hospital – positioned a short distance outside Mosul, Iraq – through Samaritan’s Purse. Not only were John and Cindy able to give more to ministry through the gift, but they had the opportunity to learn how their gift is sharing the love of Christ in the face of extreme terrorism.


Craig and April Chapman: Giving beyond the check

Craig and April Chapman went beyond writing checks to serving the homeless in Seattle. They also went beyond the check to give stock in their privately held tech company before they sold it … read more of their inspiring story.