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Inside Modular: The Podcast of Commercial Modular Construction

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Inside Modular is the official podcast of the Modular Building Institute, the Voice of Commercial Modular Construction. This series will highlight industry news and trends, include conversations with industry players, and discuss the advantages of modular building construction.


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Inside Modular is the official podcast of the Modular Building Institute, the Voice of Commercial Modular Construction. This series will highlight industry news and trends, include conversations with industry players, and discuss the advantages of modular building construction.






28 Pounds of Innovation: How ModCribs is Changing the Game for Modular Set Crews w/ ModCribs

Scott Bridger, co-founder of ProSet Modular, introduces his newest venture: ModCribs. Nearly indestructible and only 28 pounds apiece, ModCribs modular cribbing units bring ease and efficiency to modular manufacturers and set crews. In this episode, Scott describes the evolution and benefits of product itself, shares how project stakeholders can bring them to their jobsites, and dives into the best practices of modular set-up and onsite logistics. Support the show


Dual Perspectives on the Importance of Insurance Crafted Specifically for Modular Builders w/ OneDigital & Wilmot Modular

Nick Ververis, Principal at OneDigital, and Mike Wilmot, CEO and co-founder of Wilmot Modular, discuss the advantages of having specially-designed insurance policies so that modular builders and manufacturers can best manage risk. Nick speaks to his past experience as both a modular manufacturer and his current role as an insurance professional while Mike shares his experiences as a builder, dealer, and business owner. Support the show


A Future in Fiberglass: New Frontiers for Modular Construction w/ Futuro Houses

Anthony Corpora, CEO at Futuro Houses, joins the podcast to talk about the potential of fiberglass as a modular building material. Anthony also shares the history of Futuro's whimsical-yet-modern UFO House revival and its plans to build upon its success in the marine, camper, and RV industries to offer a variety of fiberglass-formed modular and "tiny" homes around the US. Support the show


From Stress Comes Strength: Developing the Construction Workforce of Tomorrow w/ Kevin O'Connor, Host of This Old House

Kevin O'Connor, longtime host of the Emmy Award-winning series This Old House, joins the podcast to share his perspective on the benefits of offsite construction practices in residential construction. Kevin also talks about This Old House's Generation NEXT initiative, the construction industry's worker shortage, and how professionals within the industry can encourage young students and recent graduates to enter (and excel in) the trades. Support the show


It's Not Just a Container: Capturing the Imagination w/ Falcon Structures

Stephen Shang, co-founder and CEO at Falcon Structures, joins the podcast to talk about the current uses and still-unrealized potential for shipping container-based buildings. Stephen also speaks to the nature and importance of MBI's work in creating container-friendly building codes. Lastly, Stephen provides an overview of his work with MBI's Government Affairs Committee and its efforts to halt the expansion of the federal government's anti-industry Davis-Bacon Act. Support the show


A Bird's Eye View of the Middle Eastern Modular Construction Market w/ MMY Global

Robin Bartram Brown, Managing Director of London-based international consultancy firm MMY Global and Dr. Anas Bataw, Managing Director for Heriot Watt University's Centre for Excellence in Smart Construction in Dubai, join the podcast to talk about the rapid acceptance and growth of modular construction in Saudi Arabia and around the Middle East. Robin and Anas also discuss the opportunities that exist for further development and manufacturing in the region—prompted and supported by Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 and other initiatives—and offer advice for modular building companies looking to do business in the region. Support the show


Modular Design & Development 101: How to Start a Modular Building Project w/ LAI Design Group

Ken Puncerelli, CEO of Denver-based LAI Design Group, discusses his experience with modular building design and development and offers helpful tips and advice for both young developers and experienced developers who aren't familiar with the modular construction process. Ken also talks about his upcoming presentation at MBI's upcoming 2023 World of Modular and shares what attendees can expect. Support the show


Expanding What's Possible in Modular Construction Logistics w/ Stream Modular

Carson Holmquist, co-founder and CEO of Stream Logistics, returns to Inside Modular to announce Stream Modular, a new division within Stream Logistics, and to talk about his company's recent investments into the growth of Stream's modular construction logistical capabilities. Carson goes into detail about the logistical challenges of modular construction and explains how Stream's new equipment and operating systems will benefit project stakeholders up and down the project ladder. Lastly, Carson discusses his excitement to return to MBI's World of Modular conference and tradeshow and offers prospective attendees a compelling reason to attend. Support the show


Doing the Math: How a Focus on Precision is Defining Modular Construction w/ METALOQ

Julian Bowron, founder and chief technology officer at METALOQ, joins the podcast to talk about how advancements in precision building are helping power the modular construction industry. Julian also discusses his experience inventing products for the offsite and modular construction industries (among others) and about the process he follows when creating new products. Finally, Julian teases his upcoming presentation at MBI's 2023 World of Modular conference and tradeshow in March, 2023. Support the show


Workforce Housing Solutions in South America: Designs, Timetables, Logistics & More w/ Tecno Fast

Cristian Ossa, commercial manager at South America-based Tecno Fast, joins Inside Modular to talk about the role and scale of its workforce housing projects in countries across South America. Cristian also discusses the logistics and challenges inherent to remote worksite camps and about Tecno Fast's recent growth into the North American and European markets. Support the show


Notes From a Growing Manufacturer: New Projects and Lessons Learned w/ FullStack Modular

Roger Krulak, founder of FullStack Modular, joins the podcast to talk about the growth of his modular manufacturing company and the exciting projects FullStack and its partners have in the pipeline. Roger also shares some of the lessons learned from his career in modular and gives advice to up and coming modular manufacturers. Support the show


Rebuilding Ukraine: What Modular Manufacturers, Dealers, and Developers Need to Know w/ OFC Inc.

Bruce Talley, chief operating officer of OFC Inc., discusses the current conditions inside Ukraine, including the state of its infrastructure and housing, and recounts his personal experience and observations from recent visits. Bruce also shares important information for modular companies looking to help in the relief and rebuilding efforts. Support the show


Current Challenges and Opportunities Facing the Modular Construction Industry w/ MBI Board Chair Mike Wilmot

Mike Wilmot, co-founder/president of Wilmot Modular and chair of MBI's Board of Directors, discusses the host of the challenges facing the modular construction industry and how MBI is working to meet those challenges. Mike also explores all the opportunities that lie ahead, including the immediate needs for affordable housing, disaster relief, and more. Lastly, Mike shares his goals for MBI as the association enters its 40th year in 2023. Support the show


Inside Moxy Oakland: The Bay Area's Newest Multi-Level Modular Hotel

Ken Lowney, president and CEO of Lowney Architecture, discusses the design and construction of Oakland's newest hotel, Moxy Oakland Downtown. This award-winning project is the first modular development for Moxy Hotels. Ken talks about the hotel itself, some of the challenges his team faced during the building's construction, and how he was able to leverage its modular design to create a unique rooftop lounge. Ken also discusses his team's long history with modular construction and shares his advice for young architects looking to get started with modular building design. Support the show


Embracing Steel: How One Manufacturer is Transitioning from Containers to Full Volumetric Modular Construction w/ CRATE Modular

Rich Rozycki, CEO at CRATE Modular, talks about CRATE's recent transition to building with light-gauge steel and how that has affected their factory and building processes. Rich also talks about CRATE's inclusion of "incremental automation," the possibilities and benefits of their approach to automation, and about how BIM modeling will soon change the way modular buildings are constructed. Support the show


Designing One of the Nation's Largest Modular Multifamily Housing Structures w/ Cuningham

Dave Stahl, associate AIA and principal at Cuningham, joins the podcast to discuss the design of Pentagon Village Apartments, a 244,000-sqft rental community in Minnesota which is on track to become one of the largest volumetric modular multifamily developments in the country. Dave talks about how his designs evolved from the project's inception, how the building's modular construction influenced the façade, and his team's goals for the project in general. Dave also gives advice to designers entering the industry and looks ahead to the possible modular design trends of the next few years. Support the show


Designing Net Zero Modular Buildings w/ SCMS Associates

Stuart Cameron, co-founder of UK-based design firm SCMS Associates, talks about designing net zero modular buildings in and around England ahead of London's goal of being a net zero carbon city by 2030. Stuart also explains his firm's focus on sustainability and the importance of energy-efficient MEP in modular building design. In addition, he gives advice to design professionals looking to create more sustainable buildings. Support the show


Getting from Offsite to Onsite: Inside the Logistics of Modular Construction w/ Stream Logistics

Carson Holmquist, CEO of Stream Logistics, discusses all the factors that go into getting completed modules from the factory to the job site, including the specific dimensions of ideal module sizes and what manufacturers and builders can do to optimize the transportation process. Support the show


What the Expansion of the Davis-Bacon Act Would Mean for the Modular Construction Industry

MBI executive director Tom Hardiman discusses the potential expansion of the Davis-Bacon Act—which would impose prevailing wages on offsite and modular manufacturers working on federal construction projects—and its many implications for the modular industry at-large. Tom also describes what industry members can do to assist MBI's efforts in opposing this expansion. Support the show


How Automation Can Fulfill the Potential of Modular Construction w/ Autovol

Rick Murdock, co-founder & CEO of Boise-based Autovol, discusses the growth of his latest company and the potential of automation for the modular construction industry. Rick also talks about the specific benefits of automation for modular companies themselves, the types of projects that benefit most from automation, and his advice for future entrepreneurs in modular automation. Support the show