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The tech careers of the future and why women should become tech innovators with Karen Worstell

Karen Worstell was hooked on cyber-security back when it wasn't cool! Now it's one of the most talked about growth industries around. Her resume is extensive, but a few highlights are her time in research and development at Boeing and serving as a silicon valley startup CEO. She has authored three books and contributed to others and now runs a cybersecurity consultancy in Denver while also spending time empowering women in tech with her Mojo Maker program. Learn more about Karen at...


Krystal's Reflections on Economic Downturns, the Definition of Success, Limiting Beliefs and Work Ethic

Last week we heard from Teri Karjala, who is a successful brick and mortar business owner. In this episode Krystal reflects on key points including the benefits of taking advantage of economic downturns, defining success for yourself, what work ethic really means, and how to combat limiting beliefs to reach our full potential.


Brick and Mortar Success & Life Transformation with Teri Karjala

Teri Karjala, is a Transformational Life Strategist, the founder of Creative Counseling Center and Talking With Teri, best-selling author of Be The Magic of You: Tools to Transform Your Life with a foreword written by Jack Canfield. She is Coach with Forbes and a Premier Success Coach with eWomen Network. On this episode we discuss her journey in launching a brick and mortar business, resources that led to her success, and tools for combatting the limiting beliefs that hold us back from our...


Krystal's Reflections on Listening, the Power of Presence, and Charisma

Last week we heard from Shana Cordon of the Moxy Lab who discussed the Echo Listening Profile and its impact on leaders. In this episode Krystal reflects on the discussion, key learnings and her own personal experience studying presence and charisma.


Wanna be a great leader? Start with listening -- featuring Shana Cordon

Shana Cordon, founder and lead trainer for The Moxy Lab discusses the ECHO listening profile -- a scientific system that helps people develop their listening skills to create greater teamwork, stronger leadership and ultimately higher revenues.


Surviving the Holiday Slump as a Non-Retail Biz

The holiday season can be a downer for those in service based businesses that aren't focused on retail, food, or gift items. This episode is all about how you can navigate this season as a non-retail business, the mindset you need to have, and the strategic thinking that will help you boost revenue in 2019.


Leading a team from $600k to $3.5 Million in 18 months with Judy Goldman

In this interview you'll hear from Judy Goldman, a Colorado entrepreneur who led her team of interior designers from a $600,000 annual revenue to $3.5 million dollars in just 18 months. She acquired Design Studio Interior Solutions in 2016 and has grown the company from a few contractors to a team of over 15. ​ Judy's strategy relies on structured leadership, team empowerment, and creating a culture that enables her team to accomplish their best. Learn more about Judy's business at...


Expert Tips for B2B Prospecting with "Cold Calls": Mary Grothe, CEO of SalesBQ

In our season 3 kickoff we interviewed sales expert, Mary Grothe, to learn her tips for successful B2B sales. As a consultant serving multi-million dollar businesses, Mary has worked with a number of industries and business leaders to train their sales teams and improve their revenue outcomes. Mary teaches simple techniques to warm up a cold lead and close a "cold call" to land an in-person meeting. Learn more about Mary at


Hosts Julie & Joce reflect on the journey of interviewing 8 powerful Denver leaders

Listen in as season 2 hosts, Julie & Joce reflect on the journey of interviewing 8 powerful women to discuss their views on the future of women, womanhood and going further together.


The Support Network for Black Women in Business: Interview with Makisha Boothe, Founder of Sistahpreneurs

In this interview Makisha Booth shares how a traumatic workplace event gave her the fuel to create a space for black women in business. Sistahpreneurs is on a mission to provide a business guidance and support network to help driven women thrive in business ownership.


Colorado Senator, MD, and mother of 3, Irene Aguilar discusses leadership and life transition

In this interview Irene Aguilar shares her journey to becoming a physician, the life experiences that led her to seek election as a public leader, and how she defines success as a leader and mother.


Setting Boundaries and Defining Success with Vanessa Longseth, Founder of Adventure Generations

In this episode of the Inside the Women of Denver podcast Julie and Joce chat with Vanessa Longseth, founder of Adventure Generations about her definition of success, her passion for travel and setting boundaries as a solo business owner and mom.


Family Business and #MeToo stories with Gail Lindley, CEO of the Denver Book Binding Company

In this interview with Gail Lindley, CEO of the Denver Bookbinding company, she shares her journey as a business owner taking on a decades old family business. Hear Gail’s story of business leadership, dealing with the challenges of being a female business owner during at time when women still weren’t respected as owners, and maintaining the legacy of her grandparents.


Inside the Women of Denver featuring Jordan Casteel

In this episode of Inside the Women of Denver, Julie and Joce interview renowned artist and Denver native, Jordan Casteel. Learn more about her journey to artistry, inspiration and influences. To see Jordan's art visit


These women launched a co-working space for women. Here's why.

In this episode of Inside the Women of Denver, Joce and Julie chat with Melanie Ulle and Virgina Santy, co-founders of Women in Kind. Find out the motivation behind their co-working space designed specially for women in this candid interview.


Perspective on the Journey with Lieutenant Governor Donna Lynne

On episode 2 of Inside the Women of Denver Julie and Joce talk with Lieutenant Governor Donna Lynne about her life journey, lessons learned and why more women should run for office.


Meet our Season 2 Hosts, Julie and Joce

On this episode of Inside the Women of Denver with Julie and Joce, you'll get the chance to meet our new season 2 hosts, hear their perspectives on womanhood and get a look at what they're planning for the next few months.


Interview with Ausma Khan

Ausma Khan is an award-winning author whose recently published novel, The Bloodprint is captivating fantasy lovers everywhere. She holds a PhD in international human rights law, and has served as editor in chief of Muslim Girl magazine, the first magazine to address a target audience of young muslim women. She’s been featured in the Denver Post, and BBC and Entertainment Weekly lists Ausma on their list of fantastic authors of Muslim Heritage to read right now....


Get fit, work your natural curls, and find your mindful minute

This episode is the audio version of our video show, Inside the Women of Denver. You can watch the Women of Denver YouTube channel. Rachel Duran Founder of Sassy Mom Fitness This entrepreneur has created a fitness platform to help moms get in shape and embrace their strength, sexiness and sassiness from the inside out. We’re talking with Rachel Duran, Founder of Sassy Mom Fitness. Phaedra High Director of Colorado Urban Naturals...


Write your book, own your budget and live uninhibitedly

This episode is the audio version of our video talk show. In this show we interview the following leaders: Bree Weber Founder of the Book Octopus Bree Weber, founder of the Book Octopus is here share her top tips for building your brand, telling your story, and getting your book out into the world. Phylecia Jones Budgetologist at Budget School Budgetologist, Phylecia Jones, is here to share some budgeting tips that will help...