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Compelling Interviews with Great Leaders around the World with TED-style storytelling to help YOU become a more Inspiring Leader. Sponsored by and Hosted by Top Ranked Executive Coach Terry Lipovski we're on a quest to make Inspiring Leadership Ubiquitous. Start your day in an Inspiring way!

Compelling Interviews with Great Leaders around the World with TED-style storytelling to help YOU become a more Inspiring Leader. Sponsored by and Hosted by Top Ranked Executive Coach Terry Lipovski we're on a quest to make Inspiring Leadership Ubiquitous. Start your day in an Inspiring way!
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Compelling Interviews with Great Leaders around the World with TED-style storytelling to help YOU become a more Inspiring Leader. Sponsored by and Hosted by Top Ranked Executive Coach Terry Lipovski we're on a quest to make Inspiring Leadership Ubiquitous. Start your day in an Inspiring way!






e049 The Business Of Experience with XPR CEO Joelle Parenteau

“Life is about creating and living experiences worth sharing” Can you build a business around experience? Every now and then, someone comes along that sees the world a little differently. Joelle Parenteau has built several successful companies based on people’s experiences. In fact, she has taken the concept of providing the customer with an experience, strapping it onto a rocket and blasting it into a whole new orbit. “When I hear things like ‘that can’t be done’, I see it as a challenge.”...


e048 Leading with EQ with Renuka Mohan, Soul Coach

Emotional Intelligence, or EQ, is one the most important factors determining success in leadership roles. In fact, a recent study from Daniel Goleman and the Harvard School of Business found that EQ accounts for over 90% of the difference between successful executive and unsuccessful executives. Join us this week for an unforgettable and deep discussion as Soul Coach Renuka Mohan helps us explore Emotional Intelligence, why it is so important for leaders, and what we can do to cultivate it...


e047 Intolerable Bosses - The Micro Manager

The Leadership Brothers are back to expose one of the most common types of Intolerable Bosses, the dreaded Micro Manager. Everyone agrees, Micro Managing is far too common in today’s workplace. It seems like every organization has at least one Micro Manager. Exposing the Micro Manager The Micro Manager is constantly staring over your shoulder, obsessing over every move you’re making, every step you take. They want to know what your going to do before you even do it. They want to now what’s...


e046 Thriving in Adversity with Dr. James Kelley

In an era of inauthentic leaders, the stakes could not be higher for embracing a better version of yourself that propels you and your team to success. In a social media world there is an abundance of false narratives about happiness and authenticity, it is easy to get lost on your journey. This week, Authentic Leadership expert Dr. James Kelley shows that the key to personal and professional growth lies in how we respond effectively to adversity. In fact, what causes us and our...


e045 Know The Truth with Gordana Biernat

“All you truly own is yourself” Gordana Biernat knows why she exists. She is here to help us see that we need to wake up. “My purpose is to help people realize how powerful and unique we truly are” If we don't know who we truly are, then every action is per definition an automatic, unconscious action. Recognizing our true potential as deliberate, incredible creators and becoming conscious to who we truly are puts each and every one of us in a very powerful position. If we all had an “aha”...


e044 Embrace Your Inner Leader with Tim Stringer

“Inspiration connects us to purpose, while it’s opposite, desperation, happens when we are disconnected from purpose.” Tim Stringer is a veteran of the technology industry, a professional coach and a recognized productivity expert. He has an degree in Engineering and has worked as a software engineer, development manager and project manager. Rather than looking externally for great examples of leadership, Tim Stringer advocates looking within to find your unique talents, skills,...


e043 Leading With the Law with Major Kash Mckoena

“Inspired Leadership means that we all access our full potential” You’ve got to add a lot of value to go from Captain Kash to Major Kash, but that’s just what our guest this week has done. Major Kash is Käshmeel McKöena, one of the most fearsome litigators and nicest guys you could ever meet. Kashmeel McKöena, also known as “Major Kash”, is a lawyer, a media management consultant and a passionate community development advocate. He attended the International Business and Law program at...


e041 Leading Change with Dr. Marvin Washington

Leading Organizational Change can be challenging. This week we are joined by Author and Management Professor, Dr. Marvin Washington to learn how to lead change more effectively. Marvin Washington has Ph.D. in Organization Behaviour and Sociology, a B.S. in Industrial Engineering. Currently he is a professor in the Alberta School of Business, and Chair of the Strategic Management and Organization Department. His research, consulting, and teaching focus is on the processes of organizational...


e040 Frontline Leadership with Marjorie K. Eastman

This week we examine Frontline Leadership with Military Leader and Author Marjorie K. Eastman. Marjorie K. Eastman earned her BA in political science at the University of California, San Diego; her MA in international security at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies; and her MBA from Owen Graduate School of Management, Vanderbilt University. Along the way she was selected as White House Intern, studied abroad at University College London, School for Slavonic and East European...


e037 Being Limitless with David Conley

In 2011, David Conley’s life blew up. He was working in a job he hated as a Technology Executive for the Government. He was 330 pounds and he had multiple serious medical issues that his doctor told him, point-blank, would lead to an early death. In short, he was miserable. One day David came home from his soul-sucking job to find his wife sick on the couch, struggling to breathe. Sixty hours after he checked her into the hospital, he had to do the unimaginable: David turned off his Wife’s...


Intolerable Bosses - The Stubborn Boss

We can all imagine what a Stubborn Boss looks like, but how do they get this way and how does it become a dysfunctional leadership pattern? Most of the time, a Boss becomes stubborn by closing their mind to outside ideas and opinions and facts and clinging to the desire to be right. In effect, they want to win rather than admit that someone or something else might be more correct than they are. In effect, they has one key problem, their ego. This is a common trap for a few people that want...


e037 Taking Off As A Leader with Paul Spencer, GM at AviaReps UK

“The world is an adventure” Paul Spencer is powered by passion. Having spent his career in Aviation, Paul believes that all aviation passengers, be it young, old, frequent business flyer or leisure passengers, are all inextricably linked and share one common life experience: We were all once that young child staring out of the terminal window wondrously gazing towards the aircraft due to fly us on our first ever flight. As with all young children, we were excited, enthralled and passionate...


e036 Ethical Leadership with WBECS CEO Ben Croft

In these days of unprecedented organizational competition, leading people can be more challenging than ever before. So when someone arranges support for NGOs and non-profit leaders around the world, this sets them apart. Ben is an award winning entrepreneur who specializes in the Business and Executive Coaching industry. He is President of the World Business & Executive Coach Summit, Co-Founder of Conversational Intelligence for Coaches, Co-Founder of The Coach Master Toolkit and Founder...


e032 Leading From Within with RedTV's Peter Clarke

You don’t have to be the CEO of a Fortune 100 company to be a great leader. Some of the best leaders are defined by the influence they have on others, no matter what their title may be. You know you’re on the right track when you find yourself hanging out with Sir Richard Branson on his private island in the Caribbean. But how did you get here? Peter Clarke is a Rare Gem in the world of leadership. As an accomplished Multimedia Producer, Philanthropy Channel President, Consultant and...


e034 Intolerable Bosses - The Indecisive Boss

The World needs more Inspiring Leaders, but what do we do when we have an Intolerable Boss? On the first week of every month, the “Leadership Brothers” get together to expose another Intolerable Boss and explore what YOU can do to survive. On this Episode of Intolerable Bosses, we’re exposing Indecisive Bosses, brought to you by our Sponsor, The OTUS Group at Here are some Shocking Stats: 27% of people who work for a bad boss quit as soon as they secure a new job, and that...


e033 Inspiring Game Changers with Motivational Speaker Molly Fletcher

This week we’re Inspiring Game Changers with Motivational Speaker, Leadercast Speaker, Podcast Host and Sports Agent, Molly Fletcher. (Apologies for the technical difficulties on this recording!) “Success isn’t an accident. It doesn’t just happen. It takes a whole lot of effort” Throughout her career as a Big League Sports Agent, Molly Fletcher had the opportunity to work with hundreds of the best athletes, coaches and broadcasters in the World. The parallels between the lessons she...


e032 Making A Difference with Jess Eckstom

Become inspired to Make A Difference with our Inspiring Leader this week, Jess Ekstrom. **Please excuse the minor audio difficulties that we encountered on this show** “Business and giving back shouldn’t be two different things” Jess Ekstrom is the founder and CEO of Headbands of Hope, a company she started as a junior in college in 2012. For every headband sold, a headband is given to a child with cancer. Headbands Of Hope has been featured on the TODAY Show, Vanity Fair, Seventeen, Good...


e031 Execution & People are the Best Strategy with Joseph Elkhoury

This week, Execution and People at the Best Strategy on the Inspiring Leaders Podcast. “The days of the Superhero are gone. These are the days of the Justice League.” Joseph Elkhoury is an industry Advisor for Upstream Oilfield Services and Digitalization in Oil and Gas . He served as Chief Operating Officer of TETRA Technologies, Inc. (TTI) from 2014 until 2017 where he managed around 5,000 employees and over $1.2B in revenue with several divisions offering products and services in many...


e030 Intolerable Bosses: The Controlling Boss

Controlling Bosses feel their experience and proficiency led to their advancement and entitle them to make all the decisions. They may or may not be Micromanaging Bosses, but they certainly insist on controlling the decision-making within their team. They will decide and who holds the Veto Power. The problem with Controlling Bosses is they undervalue contributions from their team and peers, believing that the best decisions will come from within rather than others. This ego-centric...


e027 Introvert Leaders with Author & Coach Beth Buelow

e027 Introvert Leaders with Author & Coach Beth Buelow by Terry Lipovski


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