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Compelling Interviews with Great Leaders around the World with TED-style storytelling to help YOU become a more Inspiring Leader. Sponsored by and Hosted by Top Ranked Executive Coach Terry Lipovski we're on a quest to make Inspiring Leadership Ubiquitous. Start your day in an Inspiring way!

Compelling Interviews with Great Leaders around the World with TED-style storytelling to help YOU become a more Inspiring Leader. Sponsored by and Hosted by Top Ranked Executive Coach Terry Lipovski we're on a quest to make Inspiring Leadership Ubiquitous. Start your day in an Inspiring way!
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Compelling Interviews with Great Leaders around the World with TED-style storytelling to help YOU become a more Inspiring Leader. Sponsored by and Hosted by Top Ranked Executive Coach Terry Lipovski we're on a quest to make Inspiring Leadership Ubiquitous. Start your day in an Inspiring way!






e084 Leaders as Consumers & Producers with Dave Stachowiak

"Senior Leadership is dying for someone to pick up the ball and solve a problem" Dave Stachowiack founded Coaching for Leaders in 2011. He was named in Forbes as one of the 25 Professional Networking Experts to Watch in 2015 and have also been featured in U.S. News & World Report. He has been at the intersection of business and education throughout his career. Dave is a Senior Vice President with Dale Carnegie of Southern Los Angeles and has led training programs for top organizations like...


e083 Coaching For Leaders with Terry Lipovski

"There is no greater ROI than the investment in developing your employees" Nobody knows this more than the top-ranked Executive Coach, Terry Lipovski. Over the last two decades he has helped organizational leaders around the world maximize their impact, inspire action and improve organizational performance by helping busy leaders to coach their direct reports. Does this work? Companies with Career Development programs have 250% higher productivity, 13% better business results and enjoy an...


e082 Finding Culture Fit with Susannah Crabtree

When your organization needs a new Executive, who are you going to call? For over 50 years, Odgers Berndtson has helped some of the world's biggest and best organizations find senior talent to drive their agendas. Susannah Crabtree is a Partner and Head of Odgers Berndtson's Ottawa office. She specializes in the recruitment of senior executives in the public and not-for-profit sectors. She is also a member of the firm's Leadership Practice and works with clients to assess and develop the...


e081 Body Language with Mark Bowden

“The image has more power than the word” This week on the Inspiring Leaders Podcast we welcome back Mark Bowden, global expert on non-verbal communication. Check out this great, candid conversation between show host Terry Lipovski and repeat guest Mark Bowden to learn how to build trust and credibility as a leader through your body language. “What you say is not as important as how you say it.” Mark Bowden is a Toronto-based expert on body language. With two best selling books under his...


e080 Non-Verbal Comunication with Mark Bowden

Even more important than what you say is how you say it. Non-verbal communication can make or break a leader's credibility and reputation, so on today's episode of Inspiring Leaders, we've asked the international expert on non-verbal communication, Mark Bowden, to join us and share his take on those things that go unsaid. Mark Bowden is the #1 Body Language Professional in the world. He is a sought-after keynote speaker internationally and president of the National Communication Coach...


e079 Influence with Dana Janzen

Influence is the cornerstone of leadership. On this episode we are introduced to a world-class executive coach from Toronto, Dana Janzen, who our regular listeners can look forward to hearing more from in future episodes. Dana Janzen is a seasoned leadership performance facilitator, certified executive coach and keynote speaker on the topic of leadership and influence. Her mission is to cure executives of accidental leadership blindness - the condition when leaders are oblivious to their...


e078 In Search of Truth with Dr Jacob Kashiwagi

What if you could know everything without knowing anything? On today’s episode, Dr. Jacob Kashiwagi explains how this mental paradigm shift can powerfully improve your life and your career. Dr. Jacob Kashiwagi is a thought leader in leadership development, procurement, project management, and supply chain management. He co-developed the Best Value Approach through a 26-year global research effort. This groundbreaking model is the most licensed technology at Arizona State University in the...


e077 Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all our listeners - Thank you for your loyalty, your ears and your interest in becoming even better leaders! We are back with another season of shows, now bi-weekly and with Guest Hosts. Join us on the first and fifteenth of each month for interviews and perspectives with great leaders from around the world to help you become a more inspiring leader.


e076 Imposter Syndrome with Coach Sophia Schweitzer

Of all the challenges that leaders face, Imposter Syndrome is one of the least understood phenomena. Talented and ambitious leaders are quietly suffering with self-doubt and crippling internal criticism, and this affliction turns out to be far more prevalent than anyone thought. Thankfully, there are professional thought-partners out there like “Coach Sophia” who study this issue and work with organizational professionals to help them overcome such limiting issues. As the Founder of “Space...


e075 Coaching New Leaders with Grace Judson

“60% of new leaders fail” Grace Judson is a leadership coach and consultant focusing on first-line and recently-promoted managers and supervisors, helping them cross that daunting gap between being part of a team, and leading a team. Drawing on her 25 years of corporate experience – including 16 years of executive leadership – plus 13 years of leadership coaching, Grace works with individuals, teams, and leaders to develop their skills, helping them become the empowered leaders they want to...


e074 Strategic Planning with Mark Sutcliffe

“Devise the right plan for growth, and have the capacity and resources to oversee the execution of the plan so that it doesn’t sit on the shelf” A few years ago, prominent Broadcaster, Entrepreneur and Marathon Runner Mark Sutcliffe teamed up with a respected business partner to found Sutcliffe and Whalen, a boutique consulting practice specializing in helping businesses grow. Drawing on the experience of two established entrepreneurs and executives, S+W engages with clients to overcome the...


e073 Intolerable Bosses - The Moody Boss

Every boss can be moody from time to time. Never before have our organizational leaders been put in a tougher spot, responsible for executing the decisions from above and then mobilizing their team to execute, even when that team is overloaded or unmotivated. Mood swings are par for the leadership course. So when does a Boss’s Moods become Intolerable? On this week’s episode, we expose the Moody Boss and what you can do to survive. A Boss’s moods become intolerable when they are unaware of...


e072 Blah Blah Blah with Leadership Philosopher Anders Indset

This is no blah blah blah! Anders Indset is a Norwegian philosopher, author and a brilliant public speaker, currently working from Frankfurt, Germany. Anders is one of the world's leading business philosophers and a trusted sparring partner to international CEOs and political leaders. Often labelled as the "Digital Jesus" or "Rock'n'Roll Plato" by media, he is currently one of the most sought after keynote speakers in Europe with his approaches to practical philosophy. “Progress for humanity...


e071 Boundless Leadership with Adventurist Zoe Routh

“Leadership is about making choices in the moments that matter.” Zoë Routh is one of World’s leading experts on Boundless Leadership. Based in Canberra, the Capital City of Australia, she is a Leadership Author, Speaker, Mentor & Adventurist. She has worked with leaders and executives from around the world to dissolve barriers to connection and team culture. “Leadership is a wilderness. We do not need to wander, lost. We can learn to read the map.” After years of experience in Outward Bound...


e070 Strategic Value of HR with Kinaxis CHRO Megan Paterson

Megan Paterson exemplifies strategic success in Human Resources. Over her career, hard work and dedication have taken her from the ground floor as a new Corporate Recruiter to HR Manager, HR Director and Vice President of HR. Most recently, Megan was promoted to Cheif Human Resources Officer (CHRO) at the wildly successful Supply Chain Management Software, Kinaxis. During her storied career, Megan has learned a thing or two about what makes leaders successful and what challenges most of them...


e069 Going Places with Air Canada Rouge President Duncan Bureau

This week we're Going Places with Air Canada Rouge President, Duncan Bureau. Been there, done that! With over 25 years experience in the airline industry, Duncan Bureau has led teams in all commercial aspects of the airline industry including sales, operations, finance, marketing performance measurement, revenue management and distribution. He was a one of the keys to WestJet’s unbelievable growth a decade ago, a disruptive and unorthodox leader at Malaysia Airlines, and he played a central...


e068 Intolerable Bosses - The Angry Boss

e068 Intolerable Bosses - The Angry Boss by Terry Lipovski


e067 Teambuilding with Next Level CEO David Saxe

Want to cultivate a strong team that trusts and supports each other? Then don’t miss this episode where we pick the brain of David Saxe, North America’s Teamwork Architect! Based equally out of both Ontario and Florida, David Saxe is the President of Next Level Business Planning, a Team Building and Organizational Planning Consultancy that serves organizations across North America. Next Level strengthens organizations by unleashing the power of their leadership team and helping them focus on...


e066 Generational Change with Abacus Data CEO David Coletto

“The best insights come from asking the right questions” If you lead people within an organization, you should hear David Coletto’s perspectives. Why? Because, we all need to better understand Generational Change and the impact it is having on our organizations. And who better to learn from than a Millennial and Researcher who investigates the impact of generational change on organizations? “Don’t assume anything - get data” Dr. David Coletto is CEO and a Founding Partner at Abacus Data. He...


e065 Changing For The Better with Compasio's Allan Brown

Allan Brown and his wife are “Digital Nomads”. They are constantly on the go, travelling the globe and living in different countries. Together, they founded Compasio in 2006 to facilitate a vision of loving, protecting and empowering some of the world’s most vulnerable people. Allan's vision is to see Compasio doing what it does in a very thought-out and effective way, and he is delivering on that vision in a very real way. “While a good heart is a good start, great ideas with not well...