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Compelling Interviews with Great Leaders around the World with TED-style storytelling to help YOU become a more Inspiring Leader. Sponsored by and Hosted by Top Ranked Executive Coach Terry Lipovski we're on a quest to make Inspiring Leadership Ubiquitous. Start your day in an Inspiring way!

Compelling Interviews with Great Leaders around the World with TED-style storytelling to help YOU become a more Inspiring Leader. Sponsored by and Hosted by Top Ranked Executive Coach Terry Lipovski we're on a quest to make Inspiring Leadership Ubiquitous. Start your day in an Inspiring way!
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Compelling Interviews with Great Leaders around the World with TED-style storytelling to help YOU become a more Inspiring Leader. Sponsored by and Hosted by Top Ranked Executive Coach Terry Lipovski we're on a quest to make Inspiring Leadership Ubiquitous. Start your day in an Inspiring way!






e061 The Real Threat with Special Ops Commander Steve Day

Are you prepared for the real threat? While we’ve all been sleeping soundly, Steve Day was keeping us safe from threats. As the former elite counter terrorism and covert operations task force Commander, Steve knows a thing or two about threats, leadership and being prepared. On this week’s Inspiring Leaders, Steve Day surprises us by revealing that the REAL THREAT may not be what we thought it was. Steve Day served as a Combat Engineer at the Troops and Squadron levels back in the 1990s. A...


e060 Intolerable Bosses - Favoritism

Favouritism is a widespread practice that usually has a significantly negative impact, whether you’re a victim or the favourite. Georgetown University’s School of Business found that 92% of senior business executives believe that favouritism is a contributing factor in most employee promotions, but only 25% of the polled executives admitted to practicing favouritism themselves. So there is a problem, but most people won’t admit that they are part of it. This sounds all too familiar. A...


e059 Storytelling with Ed Bilat

The trend toward Storytelling is an unmistakable force that is sweeping across organizational gatherings, meetings and presentations globally. With leaders becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the low engagement and dwindling audiences at their events, they are ditching the scripts and podiums in favour of more compelling and captivating content and style. This week on Inspiring Leaders, we chat with one of the most successful Storytellers in North America. Ed Bilat, aka “The Closer” is...


e058 Innovation & People with Microsoft's John Weigelt

This week we talk Innovation & People with Microsoft Canada's National Technology Officer, John Weigelt. “Embrace the audacity of inexperience” John Weigelt leads Microsoft Canada’s strategic policy and technology efforts. Mr. Weigelt helps individual and organizations across Canada innovate with technology while avoiding the unintended consequences that might arise. He leads Canadian outreach for a variety of technology policies including: Economic Development, Privacy, Security,...


e057 Being Grounded with Dr. Stephen K. Hacker

e057 Being Grounded with Dr. Stephen K. Hacker by Terry Lipovski


e056 Leading A.I. with Mindbridge AI CEO Eli Fathi

On e056 we explore “Leading with Ai” with Mindbridge Ai CEO Eli Fathi. Why? Because PwC estimates that by 2030, Artificial Intelligence will contribute $15.7 Trillion to the World’s economy. That’s why. “A.I. will have the same impact on this planet that electricity had.” Eli Fathi is a serial entrepreneur who has launched several successful and innovative technology companies in North America that served a global customer base. Eli is passionate about personal growth as well, helping...


e055 Intolerable Bosses - The Visionless Boss

"Your future is not dependent on your boss's lack of a vision of the future" A Visionless boss, someone with no view of the future, can't communicate about the future to their team. As a result, employees often have no clear path forward. It's like being in a canoe, everyone has their paddles, but you have no idea where you are supposed to paddle toward because the captain doesn't know. So when you are in that canoe as employees, you become reactive. You just do what is necessary to not...


e054 Measuring What Matters with FitFirst Tech CVO Tem Brennan

We should all thank Tim Brennan for his curiosity. Tim is the Chief Visionary Officer at FitFirst Tech, a software company with some really cool science under the hood that allows companies to access the intelligence that helps them answer questions like who to hire and who will be the best fit. “I see solutions in problems that have not been attempted before.” After spending 13 years at Hostess Frito-Lay in Sales, Management, IT and HR, Tim Brennan developed new insights into the...


e053 Global Mobility with Topia CEO Brynne Kennedy

“We absolutely need more female CEOs that can set a positive example for women of the future, and that will change the world if we can accomplish that” It's Brynne Kennedy’s mission to democratize global mobility for all of the 7.5 billion people in the world. She believes that more open borders and easier global mobility solves global problems, fosters opportunity, and drives economic growth. Brynne Kennedy is the CEO of, formerly MOVE Guides, a platform she founded for the...


e052 Living Authentically with Best Selling Author Joshua Miller

“Sometimes, when you follow the Masses, the “M” gets dropped!” Joshua Miller is a master certified personal & executive coach who spends his life supporting people to bury their bullshit and uncover the greatness they already have. He also just happens to be one of the most authentic people you will ever meet. Joshua started his career as a Creative Director in advertising, responsible for the campaign strategies of Fortune 100 brands, and now creates and supports executive leadership...


e051 Intolerable Bosses - The Fear Monger

Nobody wants to work for an Intolerable Boss, but for many people, the Fear Monger just happens to be the worst of the worst. When our safety is threatened, there is a chemical reaction that happens up in our brains. A part of our Hippocampus gets triggered into what is commonly called an Amygdala Response or our Fight or Flight Response. It’s an automatic response that happens in the oldest, most primitive parts of our brains. Researchers believe that early humans developed this response...


e050 Banding People Together with Rock Star Alan Schaefer

“Rock Stars create unique, special experiences for everybody” They say that business is easy until you introduce people. While it is true that interpersonal dynamics can be tricky to solve, there are a few people out there who have it down to a science, and that is what we are here to discuss on this week’s Inspiring Leaders Podcast. Former Rock Star Alan Schaefer is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Banding People Together, a super group of behaviorists, strategists and rock...


e049 The Business Of Experience with XPR CEO Joelle Parenteau

“Life is about creating and living experiences worth sharing” Can you build a business around experience? Every now and then, someone comes along that sees the world a little differently. Joelle Parenteau has built several successful companies based on people’s experiences. In fact, she has taken the concept of providing the customer with an experience, strapping it onto a rocket and blasting it into a whole new orbit. “When I hear things like ‘that can’t be done’, I see it as a...


e048 Leading with EQ with Renuka Mohan, Soul Coach

Emotional Intelligence, or EQ, is one the most important factors determining success in leadership roles. In fact, a recent study from Daniel Goleman and the Harvard School of Business found that EQ accounts for over 90% of the difference between successful executive and unsuccessful executives. Join us this week for an unforgettable and deep discussion as Soul Coach Renuka Mohan helps us explore Emotional Intelligence, why it is so important for leaders, and what we can do to cultivate it...


e047 Intolerable Bosses - The Micro Manager

The Leadership Brothers are back to expose one of the most common types of Intolerable Bosses, the dreaded Micro Manager. Everyone agrees, Micro Managing is far too common in today’s workplace. It seems like every organization has at least one Micro Manager. Exposing the Micro Manager The Micro Manager is constantly staring over your shoulder, obsessing over every move you’re making, every step you take. They want to know what your going to do before you even do it. They want to now what’s...


e046 Thriving in Adversity with Dr. James Kelley

In an era of inauthentic leaders, the stakes could not be higher for embracing a better version of yourself that propels you and your team to success. In a social media world there is an abundance of false narratives about happiness and authenticity, it is easy to get lost on your journey. This week, Authentic Leadership expert Dr. James Kelley shows that the key to personal and professional growth lies in how we respond effectively to adversity. In fact, what causes us and our...


e045 Know The Truth with Gordana Biernat

“All you truly own is yourself” Gordana Biernat knows why she exists. She is here to help us see that we need to wake up. “My purpose is to help people realize how powerful and unique we truly are” If we don't know who we truly are, then every action is per definition an automatic, unconscious action. Recognizing our true potential as deliberate, incredible creators and becoming conscious to who we truly are puts each and every one of us in a very powerful position. If we all had an “aha”...


e044 Embrace Your Inner Leader with Tim Stringer

“Inspiration connects us to purpose, while it’s opposite, desperation, happens when we are disconnected from purpose.” Tim Stringer is a veteran of the technology industry, a professional coach and a recognized productivity expert. He has an degree in Engineering and has worked as a software engineer, development manager and project manager. Rather than looking externally for great examples of leadership, Tim Stringer advocates looking within to find your unique talents, skills,...


e043 Leading With the Law with Major Kash Mckoena

“Inspired Leadership means that we all access our full potential” You’ve got to add a lot of value to go from Captain Kash to Major Kash, but that’s just what our guest this week has done. Major Kash is Käshmeel McKöena, one of the most fearsome litigators and nicest guys you could ever meet. Kashmeel McKöena, also known as “Major Kash”, is a lawyer, a media management consultant and a passionate community development advocate. He attended the International Business and Law program at...


e041 Leading Change with Dr. Marvin Washington

Leading Organizational Change can be challenging. This week we are joined by Author and Management Professor, Dr. Marvin Washington to learn how to lead change more effectively. Marvin Washington has Ph.D. in Organization Behaviour and Sociology, a B.S. in Industrial Engineering. Currently he is a professor in the Alberta School of Business, and Chair of the Strategic Management and Organization Department. His research, consulting, and teaching focus is on the processes of organizational...