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Intangibles is a podcast about traits, behaviors, and qualities that entrepreneurs can cultivate to help be successful. It is created by Antecedent Ventures. You can find us at www.antecedent.vc.

Intangibles is a podcast about traits, behaviors, and qualities that entrepreneurs can cultivate to help be successful. It is created by Antecedent Ventures. You can find us at www.antecedent.vc.
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Intangibles is a podcast about traits, behaviors, and qualities that entrepreneurs can cultivate to help be successful. It is created by Antecedent Ventures. You can find us at www.antecedent.vc.






Courage - Kate Swoboda 026

Kate Swoboda, also known as Kate Courageous, wears many hats including life coach, consultant to organizations, contributing columnist to magazines such as USAToday, Forbes and Business Insider and is also the author of a brand new book called The Courage Habit. Kate tells us how to make courage an everyday part of our lives by simply learning how to practice it.


Lying - Pamela Meyer 025

Pamela Meyer is an author, certified fraud examiner, and entrepreneur. Described by Reader's Digest as "the nation's best-known expert on lying," Meyer is the author of the 2010 book Liespotting: Proven Techniques to Detect Deception. Her 2011 TED talk, "How to Spot a Liar," has exceeded 16 million views and is one of the 20 most popular TED talks of all time. Mrs. Meyer is also the CEO of Calibrate, a company which, trains financial institutions, insurance providers, law firms and human...


Mental Preparation - Jarrod Spencer 024

Dr. Jarrod Spencer is a Sports Psychologist. He works with professional, Olympic, college, and high school athletes, coaches, and teams across the country. In addition to serving as the Sports Psychologist for athletic teams at such schools as University of Maryland, Old Dominion University, Lehigh University, and Lafayette College, Dr. Spencer also works individually with athletes from University of Michigan, University of North Carolina, Ohio State, Cal Poly, Princeton, and many more....


Tells - Zach Elwood 023

Zach Elwood is a former professional poker player and the author of two books on poker tells. His first book, Reading Poker Tells, is widely regarded as the best book on the subject and has been translated into three languages. In addition, he’s worked as a poker behavior consultant for two World Series of Poker Main Event final tablists. He knows a thing or two about tells and body language.


Recap Episode - Steve Berg 022

This is a recap of some of the guests that have been on in the first 21 or so episodes and a synthesis of some of the things I've learned so far.


Emotional Agility - Susan David 021

Susan David is an award-winning Psychologist on the faculty of Harvard Medical School, the co-founder, and co-director of the Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital and the CEO of Evidence-Based Psychology. She and I talk about her work on emotional agility, which is how to best react to a situation to maximize the outcome. She talks about how this works for individuals and teams from a startup founder perspective. It's an enightening conversation.


Resilience - Andrew Zolli 020

Andrew Zolli is currently Vice President for Global Initiatives at Planet Inc. where he overseas the global humanitarian, social and ecological "Impact" initiatives. He is also Chair of the Garrison Institute an organization explores the intersection of contemplative practice, scientific & creative inquiry, and systems change, and is dedicated to uncovering the wisdom, tools and practices that are urgently needed for life to flourish. He serves as an advisor to Cure Violence and One...


Charisma - Fox - Cabane 018

Olivia Fox Cabane, the author of The Charisma Myth and of The Net And The Butterfly talks with me about charisma. We discuss the different types of charisma, how to develop charisma, and how to avoid the things that can sometimes get in the way. We look at the psychological underpinnings in alternatingly serious and funny ways.


Leadership - Richard Clarke 013

Richard Clarke (@ghsrm) is the former National Coordinator for Security, Infrastructure Protection and Counter-terrorism for the United States. These days he is a best-selling author as well as the Chairman of Good Harbor Consulting and Good Harbour International, two strategic planning and corporate risk management firms. We touch on the principals of leadership that are contained in a number of the books he has written. And we also review some of the cutting edge technologies that are...


Listening - Maria Gotsch 012

Maria Gotsch is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Partnership Fund for New York City which is the investment arm of that organization. Maria has spearheaded the creation and operation of a number of the Fund’s strategic initiatives, including: FinTech Innovation Lab, New York Digital Health Accelerator and NYCSeed which is seed financing for IT/digital media companies. She has compiled her thoughts over the years on how good founders listen to their customers, employees and...


Agility - Kaihan Krippendorf 011

Dr. Kaihan Krippendorff, (@kaihan) is an author, a speaker, a business strategy consultant. He’s written books, articles, blogs and consulted to some of the most forward-thinking companies of today. We talk about what mental agility is, how it manifests itself in individuals and organization. We contrast mental agility with linear thinking. And then we go through the process in a way that lends itself to innovation. Finally, we conclude with some case studies, to further illustrate the...


Branding - Dorie Clarke 010

Dorie Clark (@dorieclark) is an expert on branding. She is the author of multiple books including most recently Stand Out. She’s an Adjunct Professor of Business Administration at Duke University. She’s a consultant, blogger, and frequent contributor to the Harvard Business Review, TIME, and Entrepreneur. She is also a sought-after speaker. She and I get to the heart of personal branding while avoiding being cheesy or contrived. We link branding to creativity and perseverance and other...


Effectuation - Saras Sarasvathy 008

Dr. Saras Sarasvathy teaches MBA and doctoral students at U.VA and also teaches doctoral students in Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa. She is a leading scholar on the cognitive basis for high-performance entrepreneurship. She co-authored the textbook, Effectual Entrepreneurship, which won the Gold Medal at the 2012 Axiom Business Book Awards. She and I discuss a broad range of topics including why entrepreneurs think differently, the differences between effectual logic and causal...


Willpower - John Tierney 007

John Tierney has written a number of books. The book ‘Willpower’, he wrote in partnership with psychologist Roy Baumeister, who is also a professor at the University of Florida. John is foremost a journalist who writes for The New York Times and The City Journal. John and I tackle the empirical underpinnings of willpower. We discuss case studies and experiments that have been conducted on the subject. We go on to talk about the power laws of willpower and the ways to improve one's...


Creativity - Laura Linney 006

Laura Linney is a three-time Academy Award-nominated actress. She has been in some of my all-time favorite films and shows. She is also a four-time Tony nominated actress. The most recent nomination was for her role in The Little Foxes, which wrapped up on Broadway at the beginning of July. We had a truly special discussion on creativity and creative process. We talked about nature versus nurture. We talked about the impact of practice on creativity. We compared inherent creative genius...


Diversity - Andrea Hoffman 005

Andrea Hoffman (@andreadiversity) is an advisor, dealmaker, strategist, speaker, author and the founder and CEO of Culture Shift Labs - a management-consulting firm that advises companies, cities and philanthropists on growth and innovation through diversity and inclusion. Andrea consults with C-suite executives across a wide range of industries on finding new growth opportunities. By helping clients see past long-held perceptions regarding the intersection of innovation, inclusion and...


Curiosity - Ian Leslie 004

Ian Leslie, (@mrinaleslie) is an author and speaker who lives in London. He’s written a number of books about ideas, culture, and politics. He is also a paid consultant. Ian gives the definition of curiosity from a cognitive scientists perspective and then explains how to determine who has high ‘need for cognition’ (how and why some people are more curious). We talk about how curiosity drives innovation and business success. We touch on how technology and other external factors impact...


003 Intangibles Kim Scott Candor

Kim Scott (@kimballscott) is the co-founder and CEO of Candor, Inc., which builds tools to make it easier to follow the advice she offers in her book, Radical Candor. Prior to founding Candor, Inc., Kim was ‘CEO coach’ at Dropbox, Qualtrics, Twitter, and several other companies in Silicon Valley. She has her own podcast called Radical Candor, and is a sought-after speaker. Kim and I define radical candor vis a vis other intangible qualities such as intellectual honesty, self-awareness,...


002 Intangibles Liz Claman Greatness

Liz Claman (@lizclaman) is the anchor of the Fox Business Network show Countdown to the Closing Bell. Just the cable news part of her career is 20 years long. She has interfaced with countless CEOs, written a book about investment advice in collaboration with some of the greatest financial minds in the 21st century and regularly interfaces with the best and brightest business and world leaders as well as silicon valley technology luminaries. We start out our discussion talking about some...


001 Intangibles Jon Lehr Prolog

Jon Lehr (@Work_Bench) is the organizer of the New York Enterprise Technology Meetup and also is a co-founder of Work-Bench a New York Enterprise VC. He has a similar focus to my fund Antecedent Ventures and that makes him a great person to discuss the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of this new podcast. Jon asks me to give a little background and history of me and my fund and then we dig into a number of great topics including: my views on product and market diligence for early stage investors, the...


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