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This podcast is about marketing ideas in the design industry.

This podcast is about marketing ideas in the design industry.
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This podcast is about marketing ideas in the design industry.






Episode 13. Instagram Stories vs LIVE Videos | The Winner Is...

Today we explore and test with Instagram Stories and Instagram LIVE Videos. I break down which ones are working for me and how to do them right. I reveal some very interesting Instagram secrets based on my findings.


Episode 8. How to Start with Affiliate Marketing | w/Mark Patrick McDonough

Today we talk about how to start with Affiliate Marketing for Interior Designers. We talks about the pros and cons and what you should expect. Learn the truth about what is out there if you want to make some extra money with your blog.


Episode 9. How to Create a Podcast That Works | Designers Dixie Wilard & Rachel Moriarty

Today we talk to Designers Dixie Wilard & Rachel Moriarty about their popular podcast Design + Style. They talk about what it has done for their businesses and how to get one started for yourself. About the Design + Style Podcast: We created these podcasts for decorating enthusiasts, newbie designers, design students, junior designers, corporate side hustlers and other solo design firms in the trenches right next to us.


Episode 7. How to Get Clients with Facebook Groups | Guest Designer Liza Jane

Today we talk with Designer Liza Jane. She explains how she is not only getting leads from Facebook Groups but converting them into clients. We walk through how she is making this happen at the podcast. About Liza Jane: Award winning designer, Liza Jones, is a proud eighth-generation Virginian. Her family’s centuries-old roots in the Old Dominion are echoed in her love of the state’s unique and varied history. She grew up in McLean, Virginia in a family of ten. "Back when my parents moved...


Episode 6. How to Manage Your Time and Get a Weekend | Guest Designer Blanche Garcia

Today we talk with Designer Blanche Garcia. She is one of the busiest women in the design industry in my opinion. She talks about being true to yourself, empowerment and just good time management. About Blanche Garcia: Famously known as a designer who goes against the grain in an industry so fixated on trends, Interior Designer and Entrepreneur Blanche Garcia’s aesthetic is not one that can be labeled. Instead, her design is looked upon as a lifestyle that is individual to her and...


Episode 4. Use Real Estate Companies to Market Your Design Work

Today we talk to Interior Designer Wendy Glaiser. A practicing ASID Allied interior designer, enjoying over a decade in the profession, Wendy is experienced in consulting at blueprint stage with homeowners and architects, managing ground up new build projects and major renovations, and lending expert direction for remodeling and interior furnishings projects. We talk about marketing that has worked to grow her business. Then we talk about what types of marketing she want to improve on....


Episode 3. Learn How to Market and Sell Your Design Products Online

Today we talk with e-commerce guru Kathleen Bandaruk. She talks about her latest project and the correct way to market e-commerce stores for the interior design world. Designers who want to sell their products online this is a must hear episode.


Episode 2. How to Setup Your Instagram Profile Photo for Designers

Today we talk about the right way to setup your Instagram profile photograph. We will be doing an actual test with our method to show you how it works LIVE. Don't just hear it but see if it works. Yian is our guest and he weighs in on the topic and fuels the bet!


Episode 1. How to Book a Design Showroom for an Event | Guest Barbara Viteri

Today we talk to Barbara Viteri founder of Designerlebrity. Barbara talks about her hits and misses in marketing. She also gives us a few ideas on how to work with showrooms to host events.