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Financial journalists Sam Brodbeck and Laura Miller help you to sidestep the scammers -- and get the most from your money. From stocks and shares to early retirement.

Financial journalists Sam Brodbeck and Laura Miller help you to sidestep the scammers -- and get the most from your money. From stocks and shares to early retirement.


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Financial journalists Sam Brodbeck and Laura Miller help you to sidestep the scammers -- and get the most from your money. From stocks and shares to early retirement.




Introducing Moral Money

Do you have a friend who never pays their share of the bill? Or are your parents wasting your inheritance on flash cars and Caribbean cruises? Or maybe you're considering taking a pay cut to spend more time with your kids. Frank conversations about money can be awkward. But Moral Money is here to do the hard work for you. Think of it as the ultimate guide to what's ok - and what's not - in the blurred world of money morals. Search Moral Money wherever you're listening to this or subscribe...


Making tax less taxing

Death and taxes - two bits of life we can’t escape... or can we? From The Panama Papers to your pension, tax dodging is everywhere. But is it morally wrong? The Telegraph's personal finance reporters, Laura Miller and Sam Brodbeck ask titan of the tax world, George Bull how tax came to be, and hear from Telegraph columnist Janet Daley on why she thinks we’re on a slippery slope to despotism….. That's it for this series of It's Your Money, but stay subscribed to this feed for future episodes....


Student finances - with Martin Lewis

Student debt. Two words guaranteed to strike terror into the heart of any young person. But are the headline-grabbing sums more project fear than practical warnings? This week in the It’s Your Money podcast, Laura and Sam ask student finance expert and breakfast show sofa legend Martin Lewis for his advice. We find out if a £50,000 student loan really will hamper you for life, how to avoid getting suckered by 'special' student bank accounts, and the one day of the month on which you can...


A non-boring guide to insurance

This week Laura and Sam discover there's truth behind the industry saying: "If you can think of it, you can insure it". From putting money on your body parts to insuring against alien invasion, The Telegraph's personal finance reporters discover what cover you need - and what you don't. They speak to Martyn James, a lifelong insurance geek who fights to get consumers a fair deal on everything from car cover premiums to mobile phone add-ons. Plus they go behind the scenes of the 300-year-old...


Travel hacks: how to get more for less on holiday

You’ve got a taste for luxury, but a bank balance that’s less than five-star. Holidays seem like an extravagance that’s beyond your means. Fear not: the It’s Your Money team is here to tell you how you can get away with getting away more often than you might think (and it doesn’t always mean taking the overnight coach). Sam and Laura draw on the expertise of Telegraph travel writer, Greg Dickinson, plus blogger and cheap travel expert, Chelsea Dickenson tells us how you’ve been booking your...


Does being in love save you money?

Bit vulgar, isn’t it, asking if love makes you richer or poorer? Well -- the It’s Your Money podcast team have never shied away from some gritty realism.In this Valentine’s special, Sam and Laura poke about in the caverns of the heart and count the cost of finding The One, getting hitched and, when it all goes wrong, the inevitably messy divorce.Dating expert Hayley Quinn reveals the best way to snare a mate without breaking the bank, Sam exposes his own thriftiness with a cut-price wedding...


Can I retire thirty years early?

What if the alarm you snoozed this morning could be switched off for good? We are all taught retirement happens in our 60s and 70s after decades putting in the shifts at work. Wouldn’t it be better if you could enjoy all that time off while you’re young? A growing group of mavericks are using an extreme savings technique to hack the system and get the work-free life at just 40, or even earlier. This week on the It’s Your Money podcast, Laura and Sam spoke to Mr Money Moustache who did just...


Supercharge your career

Stuck in a rut at work? Sure you deserve promotion but unsure how to build a case for more money and power? Or have a couple of nightmare interviews left you in need of a pep talk? We can help. This week we do what your school careers adviser never did, taking through the best (and worst) practice to ace interviews and how to avoid common pitfalls when trying to get promoted. Laura and Sam hear from a career fairy godmother who builds successful candidates from the bottom up, and grill their...


Cryptocurrency: boom or bust?

Everyone's heard of Bitcoin, but what actually is a "cryptocurrency"? Will this digital money replace the cash in our pockets, and can you get rich quick by buying now, or is the boom already over? We speak to someone who made life-changing sums by investing at the right time, and hear from a senior City investor who says buying Bitcoin is like betting on the horses, only less predictable. Sam and Laura also explain, step-by-step, how to get involved yourself - including a cautionary tale...


Moral money

Is your current account a force for good in the world? Do you want to invest in social issues close to your heart without losing your financial head? With the help of bank account guru Lisa Stanley, pensions expert Anne-Marie Williams, and by ethical fund manager Peter Michaelis, Sam and Laura unpack a few simple ways to be moral with your money. To get in touch, email or phone our voicemail number at 07523 039447. And visit for...


Born free(lance)

So you want to be your own boss, master of your own time and talent? Quitting the 9-5 and going self-employed is the dream for many of us -- but it's a big leap, with implications for tax, earnings and job security. With the aid of accountant extraordinaire Julia Rosenbloom, first hand freelance experience from our very own producer Joel, and a burning question from Mandy of Oxford, we assess the pros and cons of self-employment, and the different ways in which you can go it alone. To get in...


Financial scams 101

Not everyone you meet in the world of finance is to be trusted with your money.Some will tempt you with too-good-to-be-true investments offering "guaranteed" and sky-high returns.Others will tell bare-faced lies, and trick you into sending vast sums to their own bank accounts. You might think you'd never fall for a scam, but it is young, tech-savvy people who are actually most at risk from today's fraudsters.Luckily, Sam and Laura are on hand to help.With the aid of financial fraud fighter...


How to invest

You’ve worked hard and tucked away some savings. Now you want to make them grow -- but the world of investments seems confusing, risky, and hard to approach. Fear not: we're here to debunk the jargon, review the options, and get you ready to take on the stock market. In this episode, join Laura, Sam and investment experts Holly Mackay and Simon Clements as they explain how investing works, the easiest ways to get involved, and how to maximise your chances of growing your money. To get in...


Getting on the property ladder, explained

Buying a house is the single biggest transaction that most people will ever make. It’s stressful. It’s fraught. There’s lots of room for mistakes. For many people, it seems too big a challenge to even contemplate. But, with perseverance, planning and the benefit of some good advice, we’d like to show you that it may be closer than you think. The Telegraph's personal finance podcast is back for a new series, and this time we're here to help you get through life's biggest money challenges, one...