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A show all about deals and dealmakers.






How To Sell Your Home On Your Own w/ Brad Rice

Homepie is transforming the real estate industry with a marketplace that allows buyers and sellers of homes the ability to confidently act as their own agent and save a ton of money in the process. Homepie's step-by-step process is revolutionizing a traditionally complex transaction and making it easy for anyone to benefit. Brad Rice is the founder and ceo of Homepie. Brad’s background is all about real estate. He founded and led a large mortgage company in the early 2000s and built it into...


When To SPAC with Michael Frankel

The SPAC market has exploded in the last couple of years. Many growth company CEOs are being contacted by a number of SPACs. These CEOs need to consider whether the SPAC is the right vehicle for the next phase of growth and just as importantly how to choose the right SPAC to partner with. Michael is a seasoned executive with a track record of driving growth and strategic change through organic and inorganic investment/expansion. He is a Founder/Managing Partner of Trajectory Capital, an...


The Story Behind The Numbers with George Roberts

Although quite accomplished in science and technology, George Roberts believes strongly that a focus on personal relationships rather than data and analytics has been his greatest asset in the commercial real estate space. After a career as a heavily-cited genomics researcher and award-winning data scientist, George turned his sights to entrepreneurship and is currently focused on value-add multifamily real estate in the southeast. George is a founder of Walnut Grove Homes, an upscale...


Acquisition Entrepreneurship w/ Moran Pober

how to buy businesses using OPM vs starting a business from scratch


Starting in Real Estate Investing w/ Sean O’Rourke

How to start from nothing, no money, but time and endurance, and grow your portfolio quickly being an outside the box thinker.


Disruptive Investing w/ Dennis Snoozy

There is a technological advancement happening with Electric Cars, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Renewable Energy technologies has the potential to tremendously change our world in a profound way. One of the impacts of these advances is a term called creative destruction, meaning that as these new technologies begin to take hold in our economy there are a number of large foundational corporations that could be disrupted. I believe most people do not understand this and their...


The Real Estate Investing Club w/ Gabriel Petersen

How to get started investing in self storage facilities across the USA.


Crowdfunding For First Responders w/ Robert Garland

Fund the First is the #1 trusted fundraising platform for those who serve. Setting up a fundraiser is quick and easy and can be created for so many causes that support first responders, military, medical providers, nurses, teachers, their families, their friends, businesses and non-profits alike. Organizers & beneficiaries have trusted our platform to successfully raise money across the nation. Thanks to our trusted partnership with, we ensure that all beneficiaries are verified and...


Entrepreneurship VS Business Ownership w/ Bryce McKinley

Bryce stumbled onto wholesaling real estate while Homeless and figured out how to use what he knew about sales to generate leads and start closing deals his first month. What’s more impressive is he didn’t spend a dime on advertising and did it all from his local library and the back seat of his car. Over 10,000 transactions in Real estate later Bryce is one of the leading experts in wholesaling houses with his 5 Hour Flip method and has been able to close almost every deal over the phone,...


Financial Offense VS Defense w/ Spencer Hilligoss

• Playing Financial Offense vs. Defense • Wealth Preservation & Planning Your Legacy • The Intersection of Personal and Professional Development • Declining Executive Roles to Build Your Own Financial Moat


People Post Acquisition w/ Claire Chandler

The fastest, easiest way to grow and scale your business is by cloning your success. But most serial acquirers lack a consistent process that reliably predicts which target companies will achieve the returns they’re looking for. When you quantify the "intangible" elements of your most successful portcos, you will fill your portfolios with more high-performing businesses while avoiding the wrong ones.


Syndication VS Competition w/ Mark Sanor

Will expand on Optimizing Family Office Collaboration on Investments and Philanthropies - with a CIO Council, global open architecture community, wide funnel but disciplined execution, partnering with lead investors (typically top-tier fund managers), partnering with innovative philanthropies, curating relationships, maintaining full regulatory compliance and background checks and vetting of funds and deals, etc.,


Debt and Equity For Commercial Real Estate w/ Tim Milazzo

- StackSource tripled commercial financing volume in 2021 - Rates are still low but nearly every economist expects them to rise in 2022 and 2023 - Expanding StackSource's platform beyond senior debt placement - Hiring up Capital Advisors nationwide/why debt and equity brokers are jumping ship to StackSource


Looking To Go Public w/ Steve Weldon

I'll be sharing the do's and don'ts of raising funds, choosing a board, and managing investors for a small cap, publicly traded company.


Crowdfunding College Startups w/ Jonathan Farchi-Segal

College students have started some of the best businesses: Google, Snapchat, Facebook, FedEx, Dell, etc. Who knows what they will come up with next? Equity Portal is an equity marketplace for college startups. We make investing in college startups easy and accessible, and anyone can invest, not just accredited folk. We match startups looking for capital with investors through our online investment portal.


Become Your Own Bank w/ Mark Willis

Buying Back Debt Self-Banking Tax Reduction Strategies Creative Real Estate Funding Solutions


Pre Ipo Opportunities w/ Anthony Galella & Mike Classi

There is huge gain potential in the pre IPO space. Learning how to take advantage of three key factors to win on pre IPO investments is paramount to the success of investors. The three pillars we focus on are... Access: What can we get our hands on? Discount: What are we willing to pay? Timing: How can we move in such a way to take advantage of an opportunity?


Doing Business Supernaturally w/ Paul Moore

Self-storage investing and promoting my new book called Storing Up Profits


Flipping Mansions w/ Lloyd Segal

Lloyd SegalFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaLloyd Segal (born 22 March 1948) is the President of the Los Angeles Real Estate Investors Club, author, real estate investor, mentor, and national public speaker.[1][2] He is also the former President of the Will Rogers Polo Club.[9]Early life and educationLloyd Segal was born and raised in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is the eldest of five children of Seretta (nee Ruben) and Harold Segal, both business...


Synapse Summit Florida w/ Brian Kornfeld

Brian Kornfeld starts every day thinking about how to make Florida the world’s next great innovation community. The Tampa Bay native isCEO&Co-Founderof Synapse, a 501(c)(3)nonprofit that is the guidefor Florida’s innovation communities. Through Synapse, Brian is creating the nexus for businesses to easily find what they need and share what they have to accelerate success and create thriving economiesin Florida.Brian’spassion for technology began at an early ageand continued through...