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The best real estate coaching and training for Realtors to get more "Yes's" and more successes in your business and in your life. Listen to Kevin Ward, Internationally recognized speaker and real estate trainer, as he delivers high-octane training on skills, strategies, systems, scripts and the success mindset for top-producing real estate agents.

The best real estate coaching and training for Realtors to get more "Yes's" and more successes in your business and in your life. Listen to Kevin Ward, Internationally recognized speaker and real estate trainer, as he delivers high-octane training on skills, strategies, systems, scripts and the success mindset for top-producing real estate agents.
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The best real estate coaching and training for Realtors to get more "Yes's" and more successes in your business and in your life. Listen to Kevin Ward, Internationally recognized speaker and real estate trainer, as he delivers high-octane training on skills, strategies, systems, scripts and the success mindset for top-producing real estate agents.




YesTalk-175 - Building A Dream Team & Dream Life - Interviews with the Best: JP Montalvan with Kevin Ward

When JP started flipping homes after the recession cost him his job in 1991, the huge profit and opportunity to meet people got him excited about real estate. He then got his license and built his real estate business at the same time that he started his fitness business. He became a top producer in his second year in real estate He got business from building relationships. He always did a great job for people and got referrals. But he was missing a system. JP first saw Kevin on YouTube...


YesTalk-174 - 7 Things I Wish I'd Known as A New Real Estate Agent

When I was a new agent, I knew I had to put in the work to succeed. What I didn’t realize then were these BIG THINGS that would have made a big difference in the trajectory of my success, had I known them sooner. Here are 7 things I wish I knew as a new agent: To focus on sellers (not just listingsPower of relationships.Importance of Lead Follow-UpImportance of self-image.Think beyond survival.It’s easy to use work as an escape from life’s problems.Going pro. I’ll train you on this in...


YesTalk-173 - How I Got Started In Real Estate

I was the last person you’d think would succeed in real estate. The only sales training I had was working as head cashier at Burger King. I didn’t have money, resources, or connections. I became what people expected me to be...a small-town preacher. But I had a big dream to change the world and make an impact on people’s lives beyond church ministry. Then, I realized that real estate can help me achieve my goal. I took real estate classes while I was still doing church ministry. When I...


YesTalk-72 - What is Agent Mastery Live?

How does an agent survive and thrive in 2020 and beyond? Times are changing and you need training on an entirely new way of selling real estate. At Agent Mastery Live, you’ll learn the three secrets to winning as an agent in an era of disruption: Getting momentum. If you want to have sustainable momentum in your business, you need to stay focused and driven. At the training, you’ll learn exactly how to get momentum and get in a zone of productivity and profitability. Gaining mastery....


YesTalk-171 - How to Stop Wasting Your Time with Buyers

It’s very easy for new and seasoned agents to fall into the trap of wasting time with buyers because buyer leads are easier to get. Buyers are easy to get but harder to win and get to closing. Why do you want to stop working with buyers? Buyers don’t give you leverage. On the other hand, when you have a listing, you have inventory. Buyers come to you because you have what they want. Buyers take more time than a motivated seller. They control your time. They’re available only on weekends,...


YesTalk-170 - The First Listing I Lost to Another Agent

It was a FSBO in Hurst, Texas in 1998. Everything went well...I got the appointment, did great on the listing presentation. And then, the bad news… After thinking about it and doing research, they chose Linda Peterson, the #1 agent in our office! I was upset and felt betrayed. I did all the work but someone else got the listing. I was crushed, but I got back up. Here’s how I handled it: I got over it and got back in the game. If you want to succeed in real estate, you have to be able...


YesTalk-169 - Objection: Will You Cut Your Commission?

One of the objections that real estate agents hate (but will always have to face) is "Will you cut your commission?" What's the ultimate answer to this question? If your goal is to get listings without cutting your commission, there's a better way than saying No. When you're skilled and you know how to represent your seller, you EARN your commission. And that makes you worth so much more. If you're committed to training to be the best, the first step is to get The Book of Yes: The...


YesTalk-168 - Getting Referrals with A Client Appreciation Party

One strategy that can add tens of thousands of dollars to your income in the next 60 days is called the Client Appreciation Party. How do you organize it? Who to invite: How to invite them: Preparing for the party: At the party: Within the next 48 hours after the party, send a quick personal video to each person, thanking them for coming to the party. Here’s a breakdown of your ROI: If 100 people come, the...


YesTalk-167 - 5 Steps to Get Good at CMA's

After you learn how to do a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), how do you get good at interpreting the comps and determining how much a house is worth? Here are 5 steps to mastering CMAs: The more confident you get, the better you’ll be at getting the best results for your client. If you want to master how to do a CMA, go to and get my entire CMA Training from one of the 12 complete video training modules w/ over 50 deep dive videos and resources. What have you...


YesTalk-166 - The Best Way to Reconnect with Your Personal Circle

The holidays are the best time of the year to reconnect with people you know. Why the holiday season? Because this is when people are friendlier and more into relationships. It gives you the perfect excuse to get in touch with them. But how do you reconnect with someone in your Personal Circle that you haven’t talked to in a long time? Happy Thanksgiving Script. Be friendly and thank them for being a friend or for doing business with them in the past. Letting them know that you’re...


YESTalk-165 - From A Dark Place to the Top 1% - Interview with the Best - Sam Garretson and Kevin Ward

Rookie realtor goes from struggling to thriving How does a rookie agent like Sam Garretson hit 200k GCI and become among the top 1% of agents? Sam made good money in the corporate world but nothing there compelled him. He started a shaved ice business and drove a delivery truck...searching for something that would fulfill him. He’s always believed that he was meant for something big. He finally decided to become a real estate agent. He went to the 2018 Real Estate Vortex Training Camp as...


YESTalk-164- Real Estate Scripts Aren't Enough

If you know what to say in a conversation with a motivated buyer or seller, the chances of getting a “Yes” and inspiring the hire improve dramatically. But if you don’t know HOW to say it the scripts won’t work. What does it take to get Yes and win in real estate? Skills. No matter how great your scripts are, without skills, you won’t succeed. So, how do you get skills? PRACTICE....practicing real estate scripts by roleplaying and training with skilled people over and over again. Get The...


YESTalk-163 - 3 Stupid Mistakes New Realtors Make

When you’re a new agent, you are going to make mistakes. But the more you learn from others’ mistakes (and avoid them) the better off you’ll be. Here are 3 stupid mistakes new realtors make: 1) Starting too slow. It’s harder to succeed as a part-time agent (I talk about it HERE [link to old post]) because it takes too long to get all these things that matter- skills, confidence, street credibility, momentum, and market presence. If you want to make money fast, you must go all-in, full...


YESTalk-162 - Winning As A Single Mom - Interviews with the Best - Monique Howard

How do you go from being a homeless single mom to a successful realtor with a 6-figure income? Monique was a single working mom who wanted to have more time for her daughter. This desire and the huge income potential in real estate propelled her to shift to becoming an agent. Leveraging on her past side hustle as a network marketer, she met a lot of investors and worked with them- buying and flipping houses- and invested in real estate herself. When the economy crashed, so did her...


YESTalk-161 - How to Get Out of Debt Forever

If you want to stop being broke, the first step is to get out of debt- and stay out of it. Realize that you have an income problem, not a debt problem. Your income is not enough for your needs and wants Here’s the 4-step process to eliminate debt forever: When you focus on having money, you’ll have money. So, how do you do that? Update your financial statement monthly to find out how much you’re worth (Get your FREE Financial Statement Template HERE). Focus on your net worth- these are...


YESTalk-160 - How to Role Play Scripts Like A Pro

If you haven't seen the first video in this series..."How to Start Role Playing Scripts", click on this link to watch it first. The secret to getting good fast is effective roleplay. You must practice it correctly for it to work. Here are the 5 steps to roleplaying like a pro: If you roleplay consistently, you can always expect YES! It’ll be so much easier for you to practice roleplaying if you have the best no-B.S. scripts on hand. Get your FREE copy of The Book of Yes here. Share this...


How to Start Role Playing Scripts

Do you want to start role-playing but don’t know how? The 2 important things you will need are good scripts and great role-play partners. Here’s the procedure on how to start roleplaying scripts: click here Where do you find great role-play partners? Go to the YESMasters Facebook group. Focus on one script for one hour a day- 30 minutes of role-play, 30 minutes of practice. This will help you get good fast, but you have to start immediately. It takes effort and commitment. Remember:...


YESTalk-158 - The Biggest Lie Told to Real Estate Agents

This is the biggest LIE told to people who are getting into real estate: ”Real estate is easy and anyone can do it..." The truth is, it’s hard! 80% of real estate agents will fail and quit. Real estate is hard because you have no salary. You earn from commissions, so there are no guarantees. You create your own structure because you have no boss to tell you what to do. The good news is, there is massive opportunity in real estate. The start-up cost is low, and entry is fast. If you do...


YESTalk-157 - When Friends Choose A Different Agent

How do you handle it when friends or family use a different agent? 1. Accept that it is not their responsibility to use you. 2. Stop taking it personally...take it as feedback. 3. Wish them the best and be ready to catch them on the rebound. 4. Keep building relationships. (Some will. Some won't. So What. Somewhere someone's waiting.) Dance with the people that want to dance with you. If this episode helps you, please LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE. Hit SUBSCRIBE to get notices of new episode!...


YESTalk-156 - Emergency! The Recession is Coming!

Is the recession coming? How should agents prepare? What should we expect? Last year, I shot a video on "HOW TO PREPARE FOR THE COMING MARKET CRASH." What is my take on it today? It’s an EMERGENCY! The recession is’s not here yet. If you’re not making money now when the market is still good, then you’re already in a personal financial crisis. So, what’s the answer? Stop asking the wrong questions. Here are the RIGHT questions: 1. What should I be doing? 2. How...