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The Story Behind BAE with Brian Gerrard(@brianjgerrard)

On this episode I am joined by the Co-Founder of the famous dating app BAE(Before Anyone Else), Brian Gerrard. We discuss how he was able to lead then company in becoming one of the fastest growing social/dating platforms in the world. We also discuss how he was able to fund his project, daily routines, and what it means to build true wealth. He has appeared in publications such as TIME, TechCrunch, INC, and Fast Co. To learn more about Brian visit Email him...


Estate Planning and Millennials

On this episode I am joined by attorney Brian Tees who specializes in Estate Planning and Probate. We discussed why millennials should begin planning, ways to avoid probate, and how to better prepare legally for medical situations. To learn more about Brian email him Call him at 713.520.9100 Got a money question you want answered? Email me at


Secure The Bag

On today's episode I share some good news on how you can apply to have $20K towards your student loan debt erased and how to properly "secure the bag." Link to Today Show Opportunity: Link to Episode on Oprah's Podcast: Connect with me...


The Student Loan Lawyer(@mystudentloancounselor)

On today's episode I am joined by Natalie Jean-Baptiste, a bankruptcy lawyer for individuals who have student loan debt. After filing her own Chapter 7 petition and adversary proceeding to have her student loan debt discharged in bankruptcy, she is now passionate about helping student loan borrowers deal with legal and financial issues. To learn more about Natalie visit Email her


The Scholarship Informer(@scholarshipinformer)

On today's episode I am joined by Gabrielle Mccormick who earned over $150,000 in scholarships and is also getting her doctorate degree with scholarships. Originally, she had hopes of receiving an athletic scholarship but her dreams shifted due to an injury. Gabrielle gives tips on how to earn scholarships starting from as early as kindergarten! To learn more about Gabrielle visit Got student loans? Ready to achieve financial freedom? Schedule your one on...



Are you finally ready to get motivated and achieve your financial goals? On this episode I discuss what you need to get started and how you can achieve your goals with intention and within your desired time frame. Ready to create your freedom plan and kick those student loans out of your life? Schedule your one on one session with me here Got a question? Email me at Follow me on Instagram and Facebook...


The Hip Hop Stock Doctor(@black_market_exchange)

On today's episode I am joined by Dr. Eric Patrick who is a Pharmacist by trade and he also has a dual interest in finance. He is a Certified Financial Education Instructor who has been recognized by the National Financial Educators Council and he has also collaborate with Experian and Urban League. He is the founder of The Black Market Exchange company which is designed to help the urban community invest and build wealth. To learn more about Eric visit Use code...


A Note on Giving

On this solo episode I discuss the benefits of starting an UTMA account(a trade account for kids) early and the power of giving. If you have the right tools and knowledge, you can change the tree of your family.


Early Retirement with Tela Holcomb(@telaholcomb)

On today’s episode I am joined by stock and options trader, speaker, and serial entrepreneur Tela Holcomb. We discuss early retirement, the fundamentals of trading, and the benefits of trend trading. Tela discusses how she was able to trade her 9 to 5 and build her net worth to $823,000. To learn more about Tela--see links below. Free Course: Book List: Trade Your 9 to 5: Facebook:...


The Budgetologist with Phylecia Jones(@keepupwithmrsjones)

On this episode I am joined by Phylecia Jones who has a net worth of $800,000. 4 years ago she quit her job to launch her own business. She is passionate about helping solopreneurs reach their money goals and live their dreams. To learn more about Phylecia visit To learn more about this podcast visit Got a question about student loan debt? Email me at


Smart Money with Rapper Dee-1(@dee1music)

This is a live episode that I recorded at 1am in Houston, TX with rapper Dee-1 after one of his concerts. We discussed some of his financial savvy moves he has made since becoming a signed artist such as why he still drives a 98 Honda Accord, paying off his student loans, and much more. Share this valuable information with your friends! To learn more about Dee-1 visit Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter @dee1music Ready to pay off your student loan debt? Schedule your one...


The Power of Self Discipline

This solo episode is about the power of having self discipline and how it can positively impact your finances and other areas of your life. It is the core driver of happiness, health, and financial freedom. Want to improve your life? Don't create excuses, instead master the skill and achieve your financial goals. Got feedback or comments about the show? Email me at Got student loan debt? Ready to create your freedom plan? Schedule your session with me...


The Business Bully(@thebusinessbully)

Dave Anderson joins me for a live episode in Orlando, FL to discuss the road to entrepreneurship, what it means to hustle hard, life lessons, and so much more. He is a best selling author, business coach, and motivational speaker who is passionate about going the extra mile to help you achieve your full potential. His tell-it-like-is technique has earned him the title "The Business Bully." To learn more about Dave visit To learn more about my personalize one on...


Retire Inspired with Chris Hogan(@chrishogan360)

On today's episode I am joined by Chris Hogan who is on a mission to help you retire inspired. He is a former all American football player, who has also served at Ramsey Solutions for more than a decade, spreading a message of hope and financial peace to audiences across the country as a financial coach. We discussed the misconception of retirement being an age, how you can better prepare for retirement, wealth building, and so much more. To learn more about Chris Hogan and the R:IQ...


Ep 008. Financially Wise Women with Brittney Castro(@brittneycastro)

On this episode I am joined by Certified Financial Planner and CEO of Financially Wise Women, Brittney Castro. Brittney is passionate about helping women and couples become financially educated in a way that is compassionate, fun, and nonjudgmental. She has been featured on national media outlets spreading her knowledge and encouraging the masses. We discuss some hot topics such as why women should consider saving more, how to better prepare financially the different phases of life, and...


Ep 007. A Lesson on Stewardship with Chris Brown(@chrisbrownonair)

On this episode I am joined by a dynamic pastor and speaker he ministers all around the world on stewardship, life, and money. He is also a Ramsey Solutions Personality, Chris Brown. We discussed the spiritual connection between money and life, money hacks to a successful marriage, and what to teach your kids about money. To learn more about Chris visit


Ep 006. Dr. Jenn Pays Off $1.9 Million Dollars in Debt(@dr.jennmd)

Today's episode is nothing short of an epic journey with Dr. Jennifer Miles-Thomas, MD FPMRS aka Dr. Jenn MD. She is a physician, author, and speaker who successfully conquered $1.9 million in total debt! Dr. Jenn discusses why its important for doctors to become financially fit and take control of their money. Her story is truly amazing and I'm certain this will have an impact on your "what's possible" factor. To learn more about Dr. Jenn visit To learn more about...


Ep 005. Graduate Survival Guide(@anthonyoneal)

On this episode I am joined by Wall Street Journal National best selling author of the book“The Graduate Survival Guide” and Ramsey Solutions Personality, Anthony O’neal. We discussed the real cost of student loan debt, the effects of wanting to keep up with the Joneses, and how middle school and high school students can better prepare to attend college without assistance from Sallie Mae. For more information visit


A Rant on Financial Literacy

Today I wanted to rant about the miseducation of personal finances in America today. A lot of us are a product of not being educated on some of the fundamentals of financial education and what it means to build wealth not only for ourselves but generations to come. There is a dire need for the school system to embrace and provide much needed courses on such a vital topic.


Ep 004. When She Makes More with Farnoosh Torabi (@farnoosh)

On this special episode I am joined by Farnoosh Torabi. From her early days reporting for Money Magazine to hosting a primetime series on CNBC and writing monthly for O, The Oprah Magazine and, she’s become a favorite go-to money expert and friend. She is a New York Times best selling author, wife, and loving mother. She is also the host of the award winning podcast "So Money." In this episode we discussed how she was able to overcome $30K in debt while living in New York City,...