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380 | Watching the Game Film - How to create a breakthrough

Do you want to know how to create a breakthrough? I study success and growth in business. I look for patterns and share back what I learn with you. One way to create a breakthrough is to look back at the past. In sports, this is called looking at the game film. It is a process of looking back at how you have performed. It takes candid honest with yourself if you want to grow. Consider this approach if you want to know how to create a breakthrough. Get the show notes for 380 | Watching the...


379 | Culture Development Lessons From High-Growth Companies

Culture development is the practice of improving your culture. This means you are improving the way your people engage with their work and the way they communicate with each other. I found a peer of mine that is also curious about hypergrowth strategies. His name is Brett Putter. He is the CEO of CutlureGene. Great name. I wish I would have thought of it. Brett and I talk about culture development for those leaders that want fast-growth. Listen if you want to improve your cultural...


378 | Encouraging Employees To Think Independently

Have you ever wished your employees would think independently? Or maybe you just want them to make decisions. Getting your employees to think independently is an essential step to creating what I call a growth culture. In this short video, you will learn how to get employees to think independently and what you must do to get out of their way. Get the show notes for 378 | Encouraging Employees To Think Independently Click to Tweet: Listening to an amazing episode on Leaders in the Trenches...


377 | Leading Virtual Teams with Tara Powers

Leading virtual teams used to be a novel or even a crazy idea. Now leading virtual teams is a new standard. If you to be an effective leader of a team that you don't see face-to-face on a regular basis, you will love this episode. I interview Tara Powers, author of "Virtual Teams for Dummies." Tara wrote this book to help companies that have embraced virtual teams. We talk about the essential elements of effective leadership so that you can lead your virtual teams. Get the show notes for ...


376 | I Love Mondays - Why You Should Too

You may think I am crazy. Most of the world thinks I'm crazy. I want to tell you something, "I love Mondays" is not just a saying to me. It is a way of life. I love Mondays because every Monday I get to move my professional goals forward in a big way. I have created my week in such a way that I get to do my most important work on Mondays. I love to achieve my goals. I love to get more clients. I love to work on my speeches. I love to write. I love to do my podcast. The big question here is...


375 | Lessons of Growth from the 4th Fastest Growing Private Company Velocity Global

Today we talk about the lessons of growth from the 4th fastest-growing private company. I am talking to the CEO of Velocity Global, Ben Wright. Ben lead Velocity Global to a staggering 3-year growth that is 39,817%. They have revenues of $49+ million. You may not relate to that pace of growth, but what can you learn from Ben’s experience of this level of growth. He shares his lessons of growth so you can see where his focus has paid off. We talk about the value of vision and values. Ben...


374 | Creating a Breakthrough in Confidence

Creating a breakthrough in your confidence is hard work. It is difficult, and it is not your fault. Your current level of confidence is tied to your identity. Your identity is who you are at your most profound levels. To create a breakthrough in your confidence, you must be able to let go of the old standard of confidence. This is hard because of the correlation with your identity. It causes fear and doubt as you even think about it. You begin to take action toward the breakthrough and the...


373 | The Value of Bold Leadership with Nav Salimian

Bold leadership is the new normal in today's fast past world. Change is constant. I got a chance to go in the trenches with a bold leader, Nav Salimian. Nav tells his story of growth by breaking from the old way to sell their bold clothing online. His story is remarkable. He saw an opportunity that required a family owned business to let go of the past. You talk about taking risks to test new ways. You have to be willing to play in your zone of genius. The story of this brand and the bold...


372 | No Excuses - Increasing Your Leadership Impact

What happens when you have a "No excuses" way of leadership. Well, first it changes everything. It also depends on you. You must be able to take full ownership of your work, projects, goals, and the process. No excuses are also more than just you. It is creating a culture that is not willing to accept excuses from anyone. I share with you some insights about how you can create a No excuses way of leadership. I do share a story from Kyle Porter, CEO of SalesLoft, about his realization that he...


371 | Mental Toughness for Leaders with World Record Everst Climber Colin O'Brady

Mental toughness in today's work is the ability to navigate uncertainty and overcome obstacles. When you have mental toughness, you can transfer those abilities to others that need it. All leaders need to be mentally strong. In this interview, we learn from the 2-time world record holder, Colin O'Brady. Colin shares with us how he strengthened his mental toughness in the midst of extreme pressure and frigid cold temperatures. Colin talks about mental toughness strategies that allowed him to...


370 | Change Your Corporate Culture

Corporate culture is the foundation for your growth, innovation, and your impact. You must be able to monitor your corporate culture and change it when necessary. The culture of your organization defines how you approach new ideas and how your people interact with each other. Get the show notes for 370 | Change Your Corporate Culture Click to Tweet: Listening to an amazing episode on Leaders in the Trenches with your host @GeneHammett #CorporateCulture #Leadership #GHepisode370...


Special Episode | Seeing Your Choices

This is a [Special] episode today. Seeing your choices is about voting. It is about diving deep into your beliefs to uncover the real choices that are available to you. To grow and reach your potential you have to be willing to look for the choices -- all of them -- if you want to get new results. Seeing your choices is a skill that you can develop. Seeing your choices will give you the options you need to make a commitment to your growth. Get the show notes for Special Episode | Seeing...


369 | Jesse Itzler shares why Normal is Broken

Jesse Itzler believes normal is broken. Well, it is more than a belief. He sees the world through the lens of normal will only get you so far. He has lived life and created billion dollar businesses with this lens. "Normal is broken" is more than a mantra for Jesse Itzler. Jesse is the author of Living with a Seal and Living with Monks. He is an ultra-runner and also only eats fruit until noon. Lean in and learn from Jesse Itzler so you can create breakthrough success. Get the show notes...


368 | What is Productive Procrastination and How it Impacts You

We have all experienced productive procrastination. It is a conscious choice to focus on something that needs to get done and avoid the tasks that are most important to your growth. I have felt this many times in prioritizing my day. Productive procrastination is something that each of us has to manage. Today, I share with you what is productive procrastination, and how to overcome it. Don't let productive procrastination derail you form what you want most. Get the show notes for 368 |...


367 | How to Run Effective Meetings with Cameron Herold

We all want to have effective meetings. We want to be needed and have our ideas heard in our meetings. Effective meetings are essential to growth. Our meetings are a big part of our communication rhythm. My guest today is Cameron Herold who is the author of "Meetings Suck." Running effective meetings is not hard, but takes intention. We talk about it today on the podcast. Discover you can run effective meetings so you can lead impact for your company. Get the show notes for 367 | How to...


366 | Beyond the Performance Culture

Many leaders believe the nirvana of business is a performance culture. They focus on the need to create results and that is usually a focus on the measurement of profits, revenue, inventory, cash flow, etc. However, a performance culture puts pressure on employees to meet the performance over and over again. This is what happens in big corporations that are focused on performance more than the people. Today, I share with you what is beyond performance and why you want to create what I call...


365 | How to Create a Cultural Change with Aaron Bell

Cultural change inside of companies is hard work. It is hard because it is complex and filled with landmines. It is also worth it. A cultural change can lead to higher profits, lower turnover, and improved customer satisfaction. I am interviewing Aaron Ball, Chief Product Officer with Adroll, who shares his thoughts on cultural change. Discover why it is essential and how to lead a cultural change in your company. Get the show notes for 365 | How to Create a Cultural Change with Aaron...


364 | Customer First or Employee First? Which is best for you?

The big debate in business is customer first or employee first. For many, it is a hard decision. I asked seventeen Inc, 5000 leaders of the fastest growing companies, the same question. The only one said customer first. The other sixteen were firm in their stance that the best leadership strategy is to put employees first. When you put customers first, your employees can feel it to their core. When you create a culture of employee first, you have a chance to connect and support your people....


363 | Operations Management for HyperGrowth at Hubspot

Operations Management is the process of streamlining the systems of the business. When you grow fast, you often have to change some of the outdated operations management procedures to ensure that you can keep improving. In other words, you have to let go of the old and embrace the new. Today's guest Michael Redbord with Hubspot. Michael shares some of the changes they made at Hubspot in operations management. Discover how you can look at your operations to manage for growth.


362 | Overcoming Self-doubt With Help from Sara Blakely

Overcoming self-doubt is part of the journey to growth. Embracing it and learning to grow through it is the key. I was at an event where Sara Blakely, founder of Spanx, was talking about her journey to success. She was asked, "what is something you still struggle with today?" She answered it, and it blew me away. The self-made billionaire still has self-doubt. We talked about it, and I share with you how she overcomes the negative self-talk. In this episode, we talk about overcoming...