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347 | Creating a Growth Culture with Mike Popowski

Do you want to make the Inc5000 next year? If you do, you must have a growth culture. This is a culture that goes beyond just focus on performance to create real growth inside the company. Today's guest is Mike Popowski who is the CEO for Dagger Agency. Dagger was the fastest growing agency in Atlanta in 2017 and made the Inc5000 list this year with a 3-year growth rate of 482%. Mike and I talk about how that was possible and what you need to have to create a growth culture. Get the show...


346 | How To Be More Productive - Your Calendar

Would you like your calendar to be filled with the RIGHT stuff and at the RIGHT time? Your calendar should be where you keep your MOST important appointments. I could not function without my calendar being organized and ready to guide me through the day. When you think about your calendar, does it stress you or empower you? They say if you want to see what someone values, all you have to do is check their financial statements and their calendar. These two things hold what you value most....


345 | Leadership that Activates the Entrepreneurial Mindset With Frank Blake

When you get employees to think like entrepreneurs, you get them to see the work they do from a different perspective. I have noticed this in my own business for years, and it has been confirmed in my work with Inc5000 leaders. Today I talk with a legend in leadership with a corporate perspective on leadership. Frank Blake, retired CEO of The Home Depot, shares with me insights on leadership that can help anyone that wants to lead more effectively and to creates a sense of ownership amongst...


344 | Getting Your Employee To Go Beyond Responsibility

Have you ever thought to yourself that you wanted to hire a mini-me for your business? You might have even said it out loud. I know I have said this before so I could have someone to do all the work. It is hard for any leader to hire someone like you that will treat your business like you do. likely want your people to take more responsibility. Today we look at going beyond responsibility. In fact, the gap between responsibility and ownership is huge. Get the show notes for 344 | Getting...


343 | How to Sell On Value Instead of Price with Paul Reilly

You have likely heard of selling on value. Or maybe you know it as Value-based pricing. No matter what you call it, when you understand your value and can align your sales process to value -- you will have a powerful way to grow your business. Paul Reilly is our guest who literally wrote the book on value selling. Paul and I talk about how to do it, why you must and the finer elements of how to sell on value.


342 | How Leaders Can Increase Connection

Vulnerability is not a weakness. In fact, the courage it takes to be vulnerable is something that should be celebrated. Today's message is about how leaders can increase connection. Get the show notes for 342 | How Leaders Can Increase Connection Click to Tweet: Listening to an amazing episode on Leaders in the Trenches with @GeneHammett #HowLeadersCanIncreaseConnection #Leadership #GHepisode342 #Podcasts Give Leaders in the Trenches a review on iTunes!


341 | How to regain Trust with Stephen MR Covey

Trust is essential in business, leadership, and relationship. But what happens when you lose trust. What do you do next? I have a great interview with Stephen M.R. Covey about how to regain trust. This message is not just for leaders or even business people. Listen in for Stephen's insights on regaining trust. Get the show notes for 341 | How to Regain Trust with Stephen MR Covey Click to Tweet: Listening to an amazing episode on Leaders in the Trenches with @StephenMRCovey your host...


340 | Getting the Team to Take Ownership

You don't want your employees to DO the work. You read that right. You want more than that. You want them to WANT to do the work. When they want to do the work, you have created a particular magic alignment that makes your company grow fast. Today we talk about the key to getting them to want to do the work. We are talking about getting the team to take ownership. When they have the feeling of ownership, you have connected deeply to their inner drive. Enjoy today's show. Get the show...


339 | How to Lead Sales People with Deb Calvert

Every company depends on sales for growth. When you start adding people to your team that will sell your services or products, you must learn how to lead salespeople. Sales are critical, and it could be the most important hires you make in the company. Also, it can take months for someone to get up to speed and start selling. This can be very expensive. Today I am talking with Deb Calvert about how to lead salespeople. Deb is an expert in the area of leadership. Enjoy today's...


338 | Creating a New Sales Process

Do you want to improve your sales? Improving means you might have to change the way you actually sell and how you engage the team to do so. It takes a complete revamp of sales inside of the company and it is a long sales cycle so if that's you, then let's talk about sales here... Get the show notes for 338 | Creating a New Sales Process Click to Tweet: Listening to an amazing episode on Leaders in the Trenches with @GeneHammett #ImproveyourSales #Revamp #GHepisode338 #Podcasts Give ...


337 | How to find the right agency for you with Tyler Sickmeyer

Have you ever wondered how to find the right agency for you? Today we talk about marketing agencies, but I think this conversation applies to any service provider. I am talking to Tyler Sickmeyer who shares with you fundamental questions to ask your agency to ensure that you are hiring a strategic partner and not just a vendor. Tyler is the CEO of Fidelitas Development who works with major brands to develop powerful marketing strategies. Get the show notes for 337 | How to find the right...


336 | The Evolution of Leadership: It is not YOUR company...It is OUR Company

The evolution of leadership has been coming for some time now. All things evolve. Markets evolve. People evolve. Leadership must evolve too. One of the most significant shifts is the focus on leaders to encourage others to feel like it is there company. It can be noticed in the words they use. Today I talk about how you should encourage others to say "our company" because when they feel like it truly is "our" company, they will show up in new ways. The evolution of leadership is here. Get...


335 | Discover Your Moonshot with Naveen Jain

Do you have a mission? Better yet, do you have a moonshot? Today we talk about what a moonshot is. We talk about why you need one. And we talk about it with a billionaire who is out to change the lives of billions with his Moonshot. Naveen Jain is the CEO of Viome and co-founder of Moon Express. Naveen and I talk about how to discover your moonshot. Don't miss this episode or part two of the interview for VIPs.


334 | Do you have self-care built into your schedule?

Do you take time for yourself? No really think about that question. Are you intentional with your self-care? I find that leaders are so focused on goals, growth, and others that often they make excuses about not taking time for themselves. This is about the three ways you can set up self-care when you lead others. Get the show notes for 334 | Do you have self-care built into your schedule? Click to Tweet: Listening to an amazing episode on Leaders in the Trenches with @GeneHammett...


333 | How to Find Your Core Idea for Your Business with Dolores Hirschmann

Are you looking to clarify your idea you wish to share with the world? Dolores helps IDEAPRENEURS do just that. On this episode, we talk about Dolores’s communication strategies that have lead speakers and authors to share their messages on stages like TEDx. Find out how you can share your idea in a succinct way so that it can be conveyed to your audience and be truly heard. Get the show notes for 333 | How to Find Your Core Idea for Your Business with Dolores Hirschmann Click to Tweet:...


332 | Getting Your Employees To Do More

Have you ever thought to yourself...I wish my employees would do more than just the work that is right in front of them. I hear this all the time. I thought I would share a simple way to shift that conversation and it is all about getting your employees to do more. It is all about getting them to own the goal and own the process. Get the show notes for 332 | Getting Your Employees To Do More Click to Tweet: Listening to an amazing episode on Leaders in the Trenches with @GeneHammett...


331 | Developing Leaders with Seth Godin

Seth Godin is an 18-best selling author and writes one of the most read blogs in the universe. Seth talks today about developing leaders. We talk about the problem in today's talent development. We also dive into the revolutionary program he has created with his team called altMBA. It is not an MBA. It also has no teachers, no grades, and no lectures -- this is no problem for the program to get amazing results in the journey of developing leaders. Get the show notes for 331 | Developing...


330 | Creating a Growth Culture

Leadership experts talk about the importance of culture. And yes, it is very important. But you also want to align your culture to growth so that you have an opportunity for people to evolve and move up the organization. Today's mini-episode is all about finding the alignment to growth within your culture and learn how to create a growth culture. Get the show notes for 330 | Creating a Growth Culture Click to Tweet: Listening to an amazing episode on Leaders in the Trenches with...


329 | How to Test Your Way to Growth with Michael Cammarata

Growth does not come because you hope it will. Growth is a result of the actions you take. One way to approach new strategies and new plans is to devise a test. The "test" method can change the way your company innovates and leads in today's economy. My special guest on the show is Michael Cammarata. Michael has had amazing success in many businesses and one them recently being sold to Unilever (the multi-billion dollar brand). Discover your way to "Test your way to Growth." Get the show...


328 | How to Develop Internal Leaders

Do you want to develop internal leaders on your teams? Companies are struggling to find people that will go beyond managing tasks to real leadership. You may have talented people in our organization; however, there is a serious need for more internal leaders that can inspire their people and create breakthrough results. After working with HyperGrowth companies over the last six years, I have seen this grow in need. In fact, when I talked and interviewed 51 CEOs from the 2017 Inc 5000...