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Leadership course, mentoring, employee leadership development, leadership work shop, self development, supervisor, manager, work leader

Leadership course, mentoring, employee leadership development, leadership work shop, self development, supervisor, manager, work leader
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Leadership course, mentoring, employee leadership development, leadership work shop, self development, supervisor, manager, work leader




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Leadership in Motion episode 12 On the road to your career path

What are your career goals? Is it that job or position that you worked hard to go to school for, or got that certification to be the best-qualified applicant? When you worked so hard to be the best-qualified candidate for that perfect job but someone else less qualified got the position maybe you are in the wrong career path. Look at the signs in your career path, be ready to make changes to move forward. In this episode, we will help you take some real reflective look at your career path as...


Leadership in Motion episode 11 Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Abraham Maslow, published a Hierarchy of Needs model in 1943, formulating a theory which still remains valid today for understanding human motivation in various contexts such as team building, human resource development or self-help. The hierarchy of needs identifies three important factors that all humans must successfully satisfy before feeling self-fulfilled, Basic Needs, Psychological Needs, and Self Fulfillment Needs.


Leadership in Motion episode 10 Awards and Recognition

Employees not only want good pay and benefits they also want to be treated with dignity and respect they also want to be acknowledged for their contributions. Maslow's"Hierarchy of Needs" outline psychological needs that we all need to grow among them "Belongingness and Love needs" in terms of relationship, workgroup etc.. Awards and Recognition programs can help employees achieve higher levels self-esteem and belonging within an organization.


Leadership in Motion episode 9 Organizational Ethics

Organizational Ethics provides guidance and sets common standards to promote consistency in behavior across all levels of employment. A code of ethics statement may outline the mission and organizational vision of the business. A code of ethics outlines how professionals in a business or organization should behave and approach problems.


Leadership in Motion episode 8 How is Organizational Culture Created

Although, it can't be overemphasized that Organizational Culture cannot be created by policies and procedures. Strategic goals, vision and mission statements can be a guiding force. When businesses and organizations are established wither profit or non-profits the founders establish a vision and a mission for itself.


Leadership in Motion episode 7 Organizational Climate and Culture Awareness

In today's complex ever challenging world organizations strive to look for strategies to reach higher goals and expectations. As organizations reorganize and downsize minimize to remain competitive, ever watchful of the bottom line and analyzing return on investments many organizations find they fall short. Organizations assume that conducting an employee climate survey is the key to identifying inefficiencies within their organization. Organizational climate survey identify patterns of...


Leadership in motion episode 6 Feedback.. What Feedback? Feedback is the most underutilize leadership tool.

Feedback is information that is used to improve a task, process or service. When it comes to employees it is the information that is used to help an employee improve their performance, easy enough. Effective feedback is not that easy, even though many companies invest in all sorts of feedback and performance appraisal products and programs one of the highest complaint’s employees have are that the feedback processes don’t work. Giving feedback can be an uncomfortable situation but with...


Leadership in motion episode 5 The Future of Leadership Training and Development

Traditional leadership development was primarily regulated to colleges and universities, today there are HR advisory firms and consultants taking on the role of education and training of organizational management and leadership. The problem with leadership development is that they focus on management skills that do not relate directly to the real world that most students and graduates find themselves. Don’t get me wrong yes, it’s important for students to have an understanding of finance,...


Leadership in motion: episode 4 Visualization of tomorrow

Your visualization of the future is the key to your tomorrow. What you hold upper most in your mind is what you will get. Picture in your mind what you want and if you feel it in your heart and mind you will get it. Look around you, just look.....your car, home, cell phone everything that you have is because you said in your mind that is what I want. Your wife, husband home is because you said in your mind this is what I want. The power of your mind is so powerful...You have the ability to...


Leadership in motion episode 3 Building High Self Esteem

Self-esteem is an emotion. It is the degree to which you like and accept yourself despite your short coming, setbacks your wins and losses. It’s having a little companion for yourself. Self-esteem is not conceit or egotistical it feeling good about yourself and waring it well. In other words its self-love, loving yourself.


Leadership in Motion: episode 2 Your Human Potential

Exploring human potential and how it is formed, questions social issues that play a part in determining who has potential and who does not. Ultimately, only you have the power to determine your full potential no one else.


Leadership in motion episode 1 Introduction

Management and Leadership Development. Coaching, mentoring and leadership development with emphasis on self awareness. Thought provoking discussion with focus based on current management and supervisory issues in today's businesses and organizations. Human effectiveness strategies and techniques to help the listeners grow and be more productive at work, rest or play.