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Leadership course, mentoring, employee leadership development, leadership work shop, self development, supervisor, manager, work leader

Leadership course, mentoring, employee leadership development, leadership work shop, self development, supervisor, manager, work leader
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Leadership course, mentoring, employee leadership development, leadership work shop, self development, supervisor, manager, work leader




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Leadership in motion episode 29 Leadership in an Artificial Intelligence world.

Leadership in an Artificial Intelligence world. In this episode, we will discuss how we view Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) what are the ethical questions that we must ask before A.I. moves our society from a physical base work force to a knowledge base. Do businesses and organizations have a responsibility to their employees as A.I., automation and robotics dominate industries? World leaders have already acknowledged that advancements and innovation in A.I. will disrupt and displace...


Leadership in motion episode 28 Zen Leadership, Overcoming your Fears

Zen Leadership Overcoming fear, in this episode we will discuss Zen philosophy and how they can help you be a more effective leader. We will help you to identify your fears and strategies to overcome them and move towards enlightenment. Overcoming fear is essential to becoming an effective leader, no one follows people that lack courage and are overwhelmed by fear. Learn how the eastern sun gives you the energy to overcome your fears and see that we are all alike. To donate to Leadership in...


Leadership in motion episode 27 Failure is an Option

"Failure is an Option" is a discussion on how we see failure as a negative consequence rather than an opportunity to learn and grow. From the time we first experienced failure we were programmed to feel bad, stupid or even feel like we are a loser. Our education system teaches children that failure is something that we should avoid, this hinders creativity and innovation. Thomas Edison once said "Negative results are just what I want. They're just as valuable to me as positive results. I can...


Leadership in motion episode 26 Leadership in a Multigenerational Workplace

Today for the first time in our history most people work in a multigenerational work environment. It's remarkable to think that we still have people from the silent generation working along sides when generation Z employees in some organizations. As effective leaders, we must understand how to communicate with five generations, know their expectations and how to provide constructive feedback. What works well with one generation may not work well or be appropriate with another. Understanding...


Leadership in motion episode 25 Mitigating unconscious bias in the workplace.

Mitigating unconscious bias in the workplace can be challenging, in this episode we will discuss strategies to deal with it. Unconscious bias can have a negative effect on hiring, job assignments, promotions, and retention. Mitigating unconscious bias will promote diversity, innovation, creativity and overall create a productive welcoming work environment. Effective leaders mitigate unconscious bias by establishing hiring standards, establish a blind applicant reviews process and creating...


Leadership in motion episode 24 Overcoming your unconscious Biases.

The first step to overcoming your unconscious biases is accepting that you have them and find ways to control them. Everyone has unconscious biases it's natural and no now is immune to it. You can't get rid of your unconscious bias but you can control your actions and behavior, and recognize how they influence your thoughts and decisions. Understand the forces that shape your unconscious biases and make an objective effort to change the way to behave towards people and groups that are...


Leadership in motion episode 23 Understanding Unconscious Bias

Understanding unconscious bias is a critical part of being an effective supervisor, manager or anyone in a leadership position. Unconscious bias is human nature, it is the way we differentiate between what we are familiar with and what is unfamiliar. Unconscious bias governs our thoughts, decisions, and actions. Unconscious bias is thoughts that we hold uppermost in our minds about people or groups of people. When unconscious bias moves from thoughts to action it becomes discrimination....


Leadership in motion episode 22 Succeeding in a new job, what you need to know.

Succeeding in a new job, whether you are new to the job market or changing jobs we will prepare you for what to expect. Every week approximately 100,000 people start a new job while over 2 million people quit their job every month. It is common to be nervous about a new job, what to expect will they like me, will I get along with others, we all been there. Some specific expectation includes co-workers, duties and responsibilities, workspace, equipment, computer software, general...


Leadership in motion episode 21 The job interview, how to prepare and land that perfect job.

The job interview, what is it and how can you prepare for it. Wither you are new to the job market, getting back into the job market or just want to try new opportunities preparing for the job interview is critical for success. A job interview is a chance for employers and job candidates to see if there is a good fit. You have to do your homework before the job interview, going into a job interview without the basic knowledge of the job or organization is a recipe for disaster. Know your...


Leadership in motion episode 20 Dealing with Discontent

Dealing with discontent, discontent is defined as the lack of contentment, dissatisfaction with one's circumstance. Discontent is the desire for something else because people are unhappy with their current state of being. Commercialization of products and goods promote materialistic needs which promote desires in society that leads to discontent. Lessons from the 1939 classic "Wizard of Oz" gives us the realization that discontent comes from our own perceptive. To donate to Leadership in...


Leadership in motion episode 19 Supervising difficult people.

Supervising difficult people is by far the most challenging job that any person can have in this complex ever-changing work environment. Supervisors are the frontline of policies and regulation enforcement of all businesses and organization. Today’s work environment is ever-changing and organizational policies and regulations can barely keep up, supervisors are facing challenges that were never considered before. Challenges that are associated with new technology such as cell phones use in...


Leadership in motion episode 18 Integrity what's it worth to you?

Integrity what's it worth to you? In this episode, we will discuss the importance of integrity and how it impacts on an organization. Integrity is the quality of being honest, having strong moral principles and always being morally upright. Integrity is the moral compass that guides employees to achieve higher levels of productivity and efficiency, it is the inertia that puts things into motion. Integrity is the energy that puts the motion in "Leadership in Motion". Leadership in motion is...


Leadership in motion episode 17 Writing a Winning Resume

Writing a winning resume is very important to wither you are just getting into the job market or are just trying to make a change in your current position. In this episode, we will look at the three major elements of resumes, pre-resume writing, writing the resume and post resume. We will identify what is KSA, Knowledge Skills and ability and help you to identify the unique talent that you can bring to an employer. We will outline what the STAR resume writing concept is and how you can...


Leadership in motion episode 16 Organizational Culture Dilution

Organizational Culture Dilution is the process in which an organization’s strategic vision, mission, and goals are forgotten or just not enforced. When an organization is young, and the founder's vision is communicated by in most parts by the original founder the organizational culture remains strong. As time goes by and the rings are passed on to either family or managers that are not as driven as the original founders the organizational culture begins to dilute. The dilution of...


Leadership in motion episode 15 Barriers to Effective Communication.

We live in a remarkable time, today we can communicate with anyone near or far. Wither we communicate to someone at a nearby cubical or chat with some on the other side of the planet we have so many ways and means to communicate. Today we have Facebook, email, text message, video conferencing, teleconferencing, Snapchat, live chat, Instagram, Twitter on and on I'm sure there are many more means to communicate. Despite all the advances we have made to communicate the number one complaint...


Leadership in motion episode 14 Time Management, Manage your time, don't let time manage you.

Time management is the process of organizing and planning how to divide your time between specific tasks and activities. Multitasking originally thought of as an effective way to make the most out of your time does not work. Multitasking allows you to do low quality work of two or more task at the same time. Manage your time don't let time manage you. If you see yourself racing through your day to get to this meeting or that meeting, rushing to get your work done, working late then time is...


Leadership in motion episode 13 Situational Ethics, What is it? And is it real?

Situational Ethics what is it and is it real? Situational ethics is a view of ethics that deprecates general moral principles while emphasizing the source of moral judgment in the distinctive characters of specific situations. In other words, situational ethics means that there is no real right or wrong but that all decisions are based on moment by moment circumstances. Situational ethics is an ethical dilemma or an ethical paradox of decision making between two possible moral imperatives,...


Leadership in Motion episode 12 On the road to your career path

What are your career goals? Is it that job or position that you worked hard to go to school for, or got that certification to be the best-qualified applicant? When you worked so hard to be the best-qualified candidate for that perfect job but someone else less qualified got the position maybe you are in the wrong career path. Look at the signs in your career path, be ready to make changes to move forward. In this episode, we will help you take some real reflective look at your career path as...


Leadership in Motion episode 11 Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Abraham Maslow, published a Hierarchy of Needs model in 1943, formulating a theory which still remains valid today for understanding human motivation in various contexts such as team building, human resource development or self-help. The hierarchy of needs identifies three important factors that all humans must successfully satisfy before feeling self-fulfilled, Basic Needs, Psychological Needs, and Self Fulfillment Needs. To donate to Leadership in Motion visit our Patreon page...


Leadership in Motion episode 10 Awards and Recognition

Employees not only want good pay and benefits they also want to be treated with dignity and respect they also want to be acknowledged for their contributions. Maslow's"Hierarchy of Needs" outline psychological needs that we all need to grow among them "Belongingness and Love needs" in terms of relationship, workgroup etc.. Awards and Recognition programs can help employees achieve higher levels self-esteem and belonging within an organization. To donate to Leadership in Motion visit our...