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25: The secret to Branding and Video with Real Estate Social guys Jeramy Poole and Mike Tritten

Your brand is more than your logo or tagline. It's who you are. It's your "narrative" about life. In this episode I interview Jeramy Poole and Mike Tritten from Real Estate Social and the show The Moment, about what makes a brand and the importance of video in conveying that brand. ---- Want to learn how we help you create affordable authentic videos? Go to www.groundswellagency.com to learn more.


24: Improve Credit Scores for your clients with Dana LeRue from the Credit Cops

Bad credit can often kill a real estate sale or create less favorable borrowing terms. In this episode, In interview Dana Lerue about important factors in managing your credit score and how they have seen credit scores go up 100 points in 90 days using their system. Want to learn more about improving your credit score of the credit score of your clients? Go to www.creditwelove.com (affiliate link) *Affiliate commissions help pay for this show. Thank you in advance for supporting this...


23: Increasing Profit in your Business with Profit Coach LeAnne Ozaine-Smith

Leads can increase your income but that doesn't always mean it increases your profit. In this episode I interview the nation's profit coach, LeAnne Ozaine-Smith on how to increase our profit. --- Want to be more consistent with your marketing to your database? Checkout our affordable done-for-you database marketing service at www.groundswellagency.com


22: Successes from Leads You Love with Kyle Sutton of Better the Burg

Hear from Kyle Sutton who is implementing the Leads You Love program in his market in Pittsburg. --- How much is inconsistency costing you? What if you could have your marketing done for you without losing the authentic touch? Check out our new done-for-you marketing service at: www.groundswellagency.com


21: Finding your value and conviction at the point of sale with Aaron Hendon

Your confidence at the point of sale will determine whether clients hire you or not. In this interview Aaron Hendon shares how to find that confidence so you become the agent of choice. ---- Learn how to get more leads you love at www.leadsyouloveblueprint.com


20: How to Create an Authentic Networking Group with Chas Wilson from Master Networks

Networking can be a strong people-first approach to lead generation... if you do it right. In this interview Chas Wilson, founder of Master Networks, shares the secret to networking the right way. ---- Ready to build a database that produces high quality, consistent leads? Go to www.leadsyouloveblueprint.com to get started.


19: How to put on amazing events to grow your business with Steven David Elliott

Events can be one of the most influential ways to grow your brand and your business. in this episode Steven David Elliott from Rockstar Connect shares important insights for putting on your own successful events. --- Want to see how to grow your business with leads you love? Get the Leads You Love Blueprint free at www.leadsyouloveblueprint.com


18: The Seven Levels of Communication with Michael J Maher

The Seven Levels of Communication is one of the all time best selling books for real estate agents and I think that's because it allows us to build a business in a way that feels good to us by taking care of people and building influence rather than burning through people on the phone and prospecting our brains out. You'll love this interview with Michael J Maher. ------- Want the free Leads You Love Blueprint? Download it here: www.leadsyouloveblueprint.com


17: Finding Success Following Your Passions with Theresa Bastian

The best way to build your business - for joy and quality of leads - is by following your passion. In this episode you hear from Theresa Bastian how that can look inside your business. --- Want to see how to implement this into your own business? Get the Leads You Love Blueprint free at www.leadsyouloveblueprint.com


16: Living Your Deliberate Life in Real Estate and Beyond with Kelsi Bates

It's easy to get lost in the hustle of building a real estate business and forget about the Life you intended to live when you first got started. The reason we want leads we love is to have a life we love. In this episode I interview Kelsi Bates from Magellan Inc Real Estate in Rochester NY about living your deliberate life. Want to see how to grow a millionaire agent database? Go to www.leadsyouloveblueprint.com


15: 37 Million from Relationships with Real Estate Agent Chad Hauer

Relationships and Consistency are key to growing a steady and successful real estate business. In this episode I interview Chad Hauer about how he generated 37 Million in closed volume this year from relationships and his business to business mastermind. ------ Download the Leads You Love Blueprint free at: www.leadsyouloveblueprint.com


3 Hurdles Every Real Estate Agent Faces on the Road to Success

There are 3 hurdles every real estate agent will face on their road to success. In this episode of Real Estate Leads You Love, we'll uncover what those 3 hurdles are and how you can move past them. Learn more about the Leads You Love program at: www.leadsyoulove.com Get the Leads You Love Blueprint free at: www.leadsyouloveblueprint.com


13 - 7000 Fans in 30 Days Using Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups can be an incredible way to grow your fans on your Facebook Page is you do it right. In this episode I interview client Michelle Pettway on how she grew her page to over 7000 fans in her first 30 days with me due to her participation in Facebook Groups. --- Want to learn how to put this system to work for you? Download the Leads You Love Blueprint at www.leadsyouloveblueprint.com


12: The 4 Laws of Real Estate Lead Generation with Dave Jenks

"Your success in real estate will be in direct proportion to the number of people, who when they think of real estate, think of you" - Dave Jenks. My guest today is Dave Jenks, co-author of The Millionaire Real Estate Agent. We discuss the 4 Laws of Lead Generation, how to build a millionaire agent database and his new podcast called SEEKER. --- Want Custom Coaching? Sign up for a free Strategy Session at www.leadsyoulovecoaching.com


Perk Your Sphere of Influence for Real Estate Referrals with Liz Johnson

Referrals are the best leads out there. In this interview, Liz Johnson shares how she "perks her sphere" for referrals. She went from 24 sales a year 4 years ago to over 100 transactions this year using this system. This is a great addition to the Leads You Love program found at https://www.leadsyoulove.com


10: Real Estate Leads from Kickball and Connectedness with Alyssa Hellman

What do kickball and connectedness have to do with lead generation? In this episode Alyssa Hellman shares how she grew her real estate business by going against the grain and staying true to who she is. --- If you'd like more predictable and consistent income... If you'd like higher quality leads... If you'd like more focus and better systems in your business... Then you need to download my Leads You Love Blueprint at http://www.leadsyouloveblueprint.com


09: Effective Events and Purposeful LinkedIn Strategies with Greg McDaniel and Matt Johnson from Real Estate Uncensored

Offline Events can be a powerful way to cement the relationships you've made online. But because they can be expensive and take tons of time, we often don't do them. In this episode, Greg McDanial and Matt Johnson from the Real Estate Uncensored podcast share how to effectively do events as well as use LinkedIn to make better connections. Want to learn how to grow a millionaire agent database affordably without awkward conversations and no data entry? Download the Leads You Love Blueprint...


08: Knowing When to Hire Help with Arlis Travis

Hiring people for your real estate business is a big step. When you create a system that produces leads you love, you'll get busy. And when you get busy, you'll need help. This interview covers important steps in the hiring process. http://www.leadsyouuloveblueprint.com


Sphere of Influence wisdom with Dick Dillingham

For relationship based real estate agents who want leads they love... Sphere of influence marketing can be the best source of leads. This interview with Dick Dillingham sheds light on the importance of growing your sphere of influence and database . Want to see how to grow your sphere of influence quickly and affordably without doing data entry or having awkward conversations? Get the Leads You Love Blueprint at http://www.leadsyouloveblueprint.com


06: Tribal Marketing with Jeffrey Van Dyk

Download the Leads You Love Blueprint: http://www.leadsyouloveblueprint.com