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The 6 Steps To Become A Dynamite Leader with Anna Osherov

In this episode, I'm joined by Anna Osherov, founder of the Holistic Business Hub to discuss how you can become a leader in your space. There are many ways to become a leader, but one thing that leaders have in common is that they are present at events - usually on stage. Anna shares how business owners just like you are using events to elevate their profile to leaders and grow their businesses quickly. Anna is the Founder of the Holistic Business Hub, a boutique venue that supports and...


Business Growth: Going From Less Than Zero to Hero! with Melissa Foote

In this episode, I'm joined by Melissa Foote, owner and founder of Total Business Services & Training to share with us her journey of growing her business. Many of us start out as just solo business owners and growing our businesses to employ multiple team members and still making fabulous profit can seem daunting. That's why I've brought Melissa Foote in to share her story of how she's grown her registered training organisation (RTO) and what that journey has looked like for her. Melissa...


Master the 6 Pillars of Marketing with Tyson Franklin

In this episode, I'm joined by Tyson Franklin, Telstra Business Award winner, author and business mentor. Marketing is the life blood of small business. But it's often a business owner's greatest weakness. So, I'm delighted to have Tyson Franklin on the show sharing his simple approach to marketing. He breaks down the 6 pillars of marketing into easy to digest, bite-sized chunks and gives you a plan to master all of them without burning out. In this episode, we discuss:


Dealing With Past Trauma to Benefit Your Business and Your Life with Raquel Dubois

In this episode, I'm joined by Raquel Dubois, a somatic psychotherapist, embodiment coach, speaker, intuitive, and initiated shaman. This is a different kind of episode. We deep dive into the ways that unprocessed trauma can have an impact on the rest of our lives - including our businesses. If we want to be fully thriving, fully leveraged and fully living, it's important to take time to do the self-work to move beyond things that are holding us back. This is an especially raw episode and...


Boost Your Business Through Speaking Gigs and Events with Francesca Moi

In this episode, I'm joined by Francesca Moi who shares her strategies for how to boom your business using a combination of Facebook and Meetup. I've been using her strategies in my own business for over a year, and I can tell you that they work. This is a great conversation where we cover how sales follow trust, the power of showing up, how to market organically on Facebook and more. In this episode we discuss:


Ep 87. Creating Passive Income with Kate Toon

In this episode, I'm joined by awarding winning SEO copywriter, Kate Toon to discuss all things "passive" income in her business. Passive income is a dream that many entrepreneurs have. Who doesn't want to make money while they sleep? However, the word "passive" is a bit of a misnomer. It takes work to create and maintain the products, to market and look after clients. In this episode, Kate walks us through her product mix, and how she's created lots of leveraged products that support her,...


Ep 86. Create A Successful Podcast Around Your Zone of Genius with Amy Revell

In this episode, I'm joined by professional organiser and the woman behind Simply Organised - Amy Revell. Do you want to get more leads and more opportunities from your business marketing? Amy is here to share the huge success she's had with her podcast 'The Art of Decluttering' with co-host Kirsty Farrugia and the opportunities that have arisen as a result. In this episode we discuss: Find out more www.shareyourpassion.com/podcast


Ep 85. 3 Major Benefits Of Having A Signature System In Your Business

Why on earth would anyone want a Signature System? Is it just a new shiny object that you don't actually need? In this episode, I'm sharing with you 3 main benefits of having a Signature System and some examples of those benefits in the real world. We discuss how a Signature System helps you Communicate Your Value by: Making the invisible visible Helping you clearly and succinctly demonstrate tangible value And through supercharging your sales and conversion rates We discuss how a...


Ep 84. How to find your perfect VA match with Rosie Shilo

In this episode, I'm joined by Rosie Shilo owner of Virtually Yours and return guest. People often say to me that they want a Stevie. Stevie is my general manager. We have a fantastic working relationship and many business owners look at the way we work together and they want a slice of that action. Stevie started out as a VA doing basic content creation and distribution for me. Now, she's my General Manager and has much more input in the business. So, how do you find a VA that you can...


Ep 83. 5 Key Steps to Leveraging Podcast Interviews for Visibility and Growth with Millette Jones

In this episode, I'm joined by Millette Jones, a coach, speaker, and host of the Unstoppable Coach podcast. If you're an expert, thought leader or coach who really wants to get out there and make a huge impact in the world, how do you get more exposure? How do you get interviewed podcasts? How do you generate leads, nurture connections and more? Millette Jones is a coach, speaker, and host of the Unstoppable Coach podcast. She guides entrepreneurs to be recognised as experts in their...


Ep 82. How To Use Your Content Personality™ in Your Marketing With M. Shannon Hernandez

In this episode, I'm joined by content marketing expert M. Shannon Hernandez. Are you tired of marketing that doesn't go anywhere? Do you feel like you have gurus shouting at you that there is one great way to market your business, but it doesn't seem to work for you? M. Shannon Hernandez is the creator of the Content Personality™ Wheel, a tool that helps you identify where your content marketing strengths are so that you can leverage them. In this episode, we discuss: Find out more:...


Ep 81. 5 Ways To Avoid Death by Desk And Be A Thriving Business Owner with Nicole Van Hattem

In this episode, I'm joined by Nicole Van Hattem. After experiencing burnout as a corporate high-flyer, Nicole went on her first retreat, returning to the workplace with a clear mind and renewed energy. After a close friend and colleague died suddenly of a heart attack at age 49, Nicole trained as a Holistic Health Coach, regained her own health, lost 17kg and began her mission to end “Death by Desk”. Today, Nicole is sharing her top 5 tips for avoiding "death by desk" and becoming a...


Ep 80. New Hot Tips For Getting More Leads and Revenue from Udemy with Abhay Sharma

In this episode, I'm speaking to my resident Udemy expert, Abhay Sharma. I previously had Abhay on episode 53 of the podcast, sharing his tips for how coaches and consultants can use Udemy to grow their businesses. Now, he's back sharing with us his hot tips on updates to the Udemy platform, some new ways to get started quickly and how to ethically enroll Udemy students in your non-Udemy courses and how to make at least 10x-100x or more revenue. In this episode we discuss: - How Udemy...


Ep 79. How To Increase Your Sales Results with Craig Carr

In this episode, I'm joined by Craig Carr, a sales consultant. Put your hand up if you feel like sales is "icky" or "hard"? In this episode, Craig breaks down some of his key approaches to sales that makes it easier for everyone. They include actively LISTENING to your clients and asking them genuine questions. It's about being authentic and approaching each customer with a desire to serve them, not to sell to them. In this episode, we discuss: Find out more by visiting...


Ep 78. Write Your Business Book In 48 Hours with Natasa Denman

In this episode, I'm joined by Natasa Denman, The Ultimate 48 Hour Author. Natasa shares with us so much insight on why you should write your business book, how to do it quickly and relatively painlessly, marketing and much more. Natasa Denman is highly sought-after key-note speaker (CSP accredited), coach and mentor, Natasa is an 9-time published author and creator of the game changing business model, ‘Ultimate 48 Hour Author’. She has helped over 300 coaches, speakers, spiritualists,...


Ep 77. 5 Keys to Shining as a Visionary Leader with Mary Wong

In this episode, I'm joined by visionary leader and change maker, Mary Wong. If you want to make a lasting impact on this world, in this episode, you'll learn the 5 key principles to shining as a visionary leader in your field. A mother of two boys, Mary is very invested in positive futures for our planet. Her vision is to create a global movement for positive change by empowering visionary change-leaders with the tools to drive their missions. A leadership coach and mentor, Mary has been...


Ep 76. Sales vs Profits. Plus: Upwork for Consultants and Coaches with Joy Pearson

In this episode, I chat to Joy Pearson, founder of Finch & Daisy Consulting LLC about understanding the difference between Sales and Profits. How many times have you seen a coach on Facebook promise to get you to your first 10k month? But what does that really mean? Is that 10k in sales? How much is that actually in profit? I chat to former corporate accountant-turned entrepreneur, Joy Pearson, about what is often hiding in the detail. You'll learn how to work out exactly what your profit...


Ep 75. What software to use to create your visual models

I get asked a lot: "What software do you use to create your visual models?". And I love getting this question because it means that there are people out there who are excited to start implementing my advice and create their own Signature System using Visual Models. So, in this episode I dive into the question: what software do I use to create my visual models? Now, because I want you to succeed and create the best visual models for you and your business, I give you a long answer....


Ep 74. How to avoid inadvertently coaching your clients into a legal disaster with Cathryn Warburton

In this episode, I speak to return guest, Cathryn Warburton the Legal Lioness, all about common legal missteps she has seen coaches make that can get their own clients in some seriously expensive legal trouble. What can seem like straightforward, simple advice can inadvertently spell legal disaster for your clients. So, in order to best serve our clients, we need to be aware of these issues and how to avoid them - from copyright to trademarks and even agreements, Cathryn and I cover a few...


Ep 73. What is a Signature System? Plus: the many ways you can use one!

A Signature System is the gift that keeps on giving. What on earth is a Signature System? If you have a service-based business, then this could very well be life changing! In this episode, I’m sharing with you: - What a signature system is - What it includes (the 4 key models you need) - Why it’s not limited to just 4 key models - And some awesome things you can do with your Signature System! A Signature System is a methodology that is unique to you, that demonstrates how you deliver...