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Be Weird, Break Rules, Hold Nothing Back - Live. Lead. Create. | The (30) Minute Coaching Experience

Be Weird, Break Rules, Hold Nothing Back Do you want to be great at VANILLA or do you want to be great at breaking new ground? Because in there somewhere is a rebel that is daring you to drop the armor. Meaning, it's time to get comfortable in your own wild (or not so wild) skin. Whatever that looks like for you. Which goes much deeper than the party hardy. It's about authenticity. It's about experiencing life in a way that is true to who you are and what you’re about. In your life. With...


What Kind Of Moments Do You Specialize In? - Live. Lead. Create. | The (30) Minute Coaching Experience

What Kind Of Moments Do You Specialize In? If you own a business, social enterprise, or a creative practice of some type, you specialize in moments. If you're a therapist, a yoga instructor, a chef, a parent, or an ER doctor, you specialize in moments. And depending upon how you got about doing your thing, you either provide "meh" moments, "cool!" moments, "WOW!" moments or "MY LIFE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME" moments. The ER doc that not only saves your life but is a comforting hand...


What Level Of Success Is Enough? Abundance & Success - Live. Lead. Create. | The (30) Minute Coaching Experience

What Level Of Success Is Enough? Abundance & Success Abundance, success, significance, how are they found? And do you have workaholic tendencies that get in the way? Handcrafting abundance on your terms is a choice. As is breaking out of the jail you may have built for yourself. Mentioned In This Podcast - Steve Jobs Final Thoughts (Snopes) - Is There Life After Work? (New York Times) - Workaholism Blog Post (Virgin) - You Really Don't Need To Work So Much (The New Yorker) - Schedule Once...


Passion, Purpose & Meaning – It’s Not What You Think - Live. Lead. Create. | The (30) Minute Coaching Experience

Passion, Purpose, & Meaning - It's Not What You Think What in the world does passion, purpose, and meaning have to do with gourmet food, a monk, and hurricanes? Having core passions that define and guide your life is key, which is vastly different than being a passionate person. Today, we decode the mystery to purposeful living. Mentioned In This Podcast - The Philosopher Chef (New York Times) - Chef's Table: S3E1 (WIKI) - Zen Buddhism - EP 15: How To Show Up For Life's Big Moments - Free...


The Key To Becoming A Rock Star Creative - Live. Lead. Create. | The (30) Minute Coaching Experience

The Key To Becoming A Rock Star Creative As a creative professional or artist, determination paves the way to becoming a rock star creative. That specific skill. Architects to playwrights, creatives of all types, they must learn to trust the voice that whispers ... stay the course. Mentioned In This Podcast - The Paul Williams Story (99% Invisible) - Samuel Beckett (WIKI) - Creative Boom (Website) - Creative Entrepreneurs (Website) - Creative Process (Website) - Free Podcast Worksheet The...


Mindful Leadership – (3) Ways Self-Awareness Will Change Everything - Live. Lead. Create. | The (30) Minute Coaching Experience

Mindful Leadership - (3) Ways Self Awareness Will Change Everything Mindful leadership, self-awareness, deeply root strong personal and professional leadership skills. Managing people. Managing problems. Professional aspirations. They all will greatly benefit from strong, self-aware leadership skills. Mentioned In This Podcast - Harvard Article On Civility: Mindful Leadership - People - Fast Company Article: Mindful Leadership - Problem Solving - Al Pacino Godfather Story - Salon Article...


How To Show Up For Life’s Big Moments - Live. Lead. Create. | The (30) Minute Coaching Experience

How To Show Up For Life's Big Moments How to show up for life’s big moments, those meaningful events & important conversations that are life changing. Moments that celebrate success, failure, lessons learned. And they can happen out of nowhere. Then what? Today, we plug into the events that give our lives meaning. Mentioned In This Podcast - American Epic (PBS) - The Recording Lathe (Wired) - Muscial Artist Jack White - National Alliance To End Homelessness - The Steven Speilberg Story...


Idea Sex – Turn On Your Creative Process - Live. Lead. Create. | The (30) Minute Coaching Experience

Idea Sex - Turn On Your Creative Process Ideas, creative thinking, creative process, creative inspiration, how to bundle all that up & make it happen? The key is to create the kind of space that will deliver your best work! In this podcast episode I explore creative triggers and the powerful role they play in your creative process. Mentioned In This Podcast - The Creative Process Interview With Neil Gaiman - Creative Visionaries - Unlocking New Ideas - Leonardo Da Vinci - Da Vinci &...


Stop Trying To Be Rich & Famous

Stop Trying To Be Rich & Famous Business Coaching Session | E13 In today’s coaching session, we’re going to talk about how to make more money while enjoying a higher quality lifestyle … whatever that might look like for you. No get rich schemes. No snake oil. You don’t need to pretend that you’re something that you’re not. It’s all real world, practical advice. The kind of practical advice that has helped countless creatives, entrepreneurs, and artists over the years. Mentioned In This...


What’s Your Story? – Own Your Story In (5) Steps

What's Your Story? (Own Your Story In (5) Steps) Life Coaching Session | E12 Your story matters in spite of your imperfections. In spite of what the voice in your head may whisper … your words, the narrative that is your life, the highs and lows, all of it matters. In today’s coaching session, we’re going to talk about how to own your story in five steps and why that is so very important, no matter who you are or where you are in life. Mentioned In This Podcast - Download The "What's Your...


How To Find Your Voice As A Creative – The Sweet Spot Factor

How To Find Your Voice As A Creative (The Sweet Spot Factor) Creative Coaching Session | E11 Why are you a creative? What deep hunger are you trying to feed? Your work speaks to the world. What is it trying to say? What sparks of inspiration do you follow? The META world that is your workshop. The heartfelt moments when it all comes together. And how does Harry Potter fit into all of this? Today, we explore the wild, chaotic fire that informs and molds your work. Mentioned In This Podcast...


Bring Calm To The Storm – Personal Leadership 101

Bring Calm To The Storm (Personal Leadership 101) Business Coaching Session | E10 Whenever you live from a place of reaction, life is the master and you are its slave. Whenever you lead from a place of reaction, especially strong reactions, you fail to lead. There will always be storms. The question is, will those storms define you? Or will they elevate you to a new level of capability? Today, I teach the hallmark quality of strong personal leadership - your ability to bring calm to the...


Live. Lead. Create. – The (30) Minute Coaching Experience

Live. Lead. Create. - The (30) Minute Coaching Experience Life / Business / Creative Coaching Podcast Live. Lead. Create. Does that actually stand for anything? As a matter of fact, it does. It’s based on almost three years of research, six-hundred pages of brainstorming in my sketch pad, and a whole lot more. Meaningful experiences. Being fully engaged. Feeling vibrant and alive. Three years studying maestros across many professions. This is one episode you don't want to miss! Mentioned...


Why Am I Broken – Fantastic Imperfect Human Beings

Why Am I Broken? (Fantastic Imperfect Human Beings) Life Coaching Session | E8 We all struggle with the fact we are imperfect human beings. That we're flawed. We struggle with that truth on a rather deep level. Thing is, everyone is imperfect. Everyone is broken. Creatives. Business owners. Visionary leaders. Everyone. No one is immune. To calmly walk with our imperfections is to find peace of mind. It’s ok to be human. Mentioned In This Podcast - Make Believe Problems (Seth Godin) - The...


Creativity & Innovation

Creativity & Innovation Creative Coaching Session | E7 Creativity and innovation as an artisan craft is finding the thing that tradition alone cannot see. That’s a really important concept. Your perspective must RISE WELL ABOVE the traditional point of view. Apple's signature in tech. Mozart's signature in music. Bill & Melinda Gate's signature in world health. Learn the artisan craft of creativity and innovation in five steps. Mentioned In This Podcast - The Creative Process - Radical Art...


Kuyashii – Perseverance & The Energy To Succeed

Kuyashii (Perseverance & The Energy To Succeed) Business Coaching Session | E6 Kuyashii … a Japanese word/concept, meaning, to use the words of doubters as energy to succeed. Self-doubt, well meaning naysayers, beating impossible odds; the trifecta that seeks to squash your dreams . Don't you dare let them! Learn The Art Of Perseverance ...Kuyashii!! Mentioned In This Podcast -Perseverance & Elie Wiesel -Perseverance & Han Solo -Business Wisdom: Living Your Truth (EP#6) -Creative...


Living Your Truth – Claiming Your Voice

Living Your Truth (Claiming Your Voice) Life Coaching Session | E5 As you write words with the time you’ve been given, what story are you trying to tell? And are you the writer? Here’s the thing. Life is too short and precious to allow someone else to write your story. So claim your voice! Let it be heard. Live your truth and claim your voice! Mentioned In This Podcast -Living Your Truth / Horace Mann Quote -Living Your Truth / Michael R. Anderson -Living Your Truth / My Star Wars...


Radical Art – Find Your Artistic Compass

Radical Art (Find Your Artistic Compass) Creative Coaching Session | E4 What anchors your artistic compass? Your artistic compass is what determines the kind of marble that gets your attention. Your artistic compass determines how you go about chiseling that marble. What makes you feel alive as an artist? Pushing the edge of creative possibility opens up the canvas. It's the art of invention. And it goes beyond merely breaking the rules. It's having something to say through your work....


Walking The Edge Of Uncertainty – The Innovation Duo

Walking The Edge Of Uncertainty (The Innovation Duo) Business Coaching Session | E3 Do you walk with a sense of destiny? Do you feel called to bring something to life? Big ideas. Successful enterprises. Breathtaking art. It's all about taking risks that serve The Voice Within. Unlock the power of uncertainty and innovation. Mentioned In This Podcast -Maestros -Alice In Wonderland -The First Movie Camera -The First Books -Thomas Edison -Breaking Beckett -Free Podcast Worksheet Uncertainty &...


Wisdom Is Molded By Adversity – Beating The Odds

Wisdom Is Molded By Adversity (Beating The Odds) Life Coaching Session |E2 Has adversity been your teacher or your master?This might possibly be one of the most important questions in life. Overcoming adversity, beating the odds, requires a very specific mindset. In this coaching sessions, we examine adversity and beating the odds, and the role that plays in molding wisdom. Mentioned In This Podcast -The Poem, "Invictus" -Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back -My Stars Blog -TedTalks -Why Am...