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Episode 13 - Transition, Tradition, and Trade

Juan del Río is a co-founder of the Spanish Transition Network, and author of the first book about the Transition movement to be published in Spanish. In this interview from the New Economy and Social Innovation (NESI) forum, he gives us his thoughts on economic transition, how different economic systems encode different values, how trade treaties threaten community resilience, and what we can do about it all. Related links: - Read about our work in Ladakh over the years - Read the...


Episode 12 - Not-for-Profit Businesses

From social enterprises to credit unions, a new wave of not-for-profit businesses is pushing back against the assumption that consumerism and competition must drive the economy. In this episode, we speak with Jen Hinton of the Post Growth Institute, co-author of a forthcoming book about how the line between businesses and not-for-profit organizations doesn’t have to be as rigid as you might think. Related links: - How On Earth - the website for the forthcoming book. - 'Beyond...


Episode 11 - Love, Values, and Wellbeing Economies

In this episode, we chat with Diego Isabel La Moneda of the Wellbeing Economy Alliance (WE-All), a growing group of people and organizations around the world focused on co-creating a new economic system. The goal of WE-All is to bring businesses, NGOs, policymakers, faith-based groups, academics and citizens all together into a coherent global new economy movement, with a vision for change and a set of strategies for how to achieve it. Related links: - The Wellbeing Economy Alliance...


Episode 10 - Growing a Farmers Market from the Ground Up

Francisco Grau is a co-founder of Feria Verde, one of the largest and oldest organic farmers markets in Costa Rica. In this episode, Local Futures' Associate Programs Director Anja Lyngbaek, sits down with Francisco to talk about how the market got started, how it’s kept itself running and thriving for nearly a decade, and what lessons Feria Verde has to offer for people thinking about starting farmers markets in their own communities. Related links: - Feria Verde's website (in Spanish) -...


Episode 9 - Beautiful Places: A Conversation with Wendell Berry

Listen to a conversation between two giants of the local economy movement in this extended episode. Helena Norberg-Hodge founded Local Futures, produced the film The Economics of Happiness, and wrote the book Ancient Futures: Learning from Ladakh. Wendell Berry is a poet and activist, an author of over 40 books, and a lifelong advocate for ecological health, the beauty of rural life, and small-scale farming. Their far-reaching discussion touches on human nature, technology, experiential...


Episode 8 - Creating the Framework for a New Economy

In this episode, Jay Tompt tells the story of the REconomy Centre. A little bit startup incubator, a little bit co-working space, and a little bit gift-economy networking hub, this "new economy wing of the Transition movement" emerged from an abandoned office building in Totnes, England to bridge political divides and help create the conditions needed for holistic local economies to emerge around the world. Related links: - REconomy Centre Totnes - The REconomy Project - How to start a...


Episode 7 - From GDP to GNH

Countries around the world are fixated on growing their economies - but is growth doing more harm than good? In this episode, Richard Heinberg discusses the history behind how GDP growth came to be used as a measure of success, why GDP can't continue growing indefinitely, and why it's time to transition to a better metric - one that better reflects human and ecological well-being. Related links: - On our blog: 'Life in a degrowth economy, and why you might actually enjoy it' - On our...


Episode 6 - Rebuilding Healthy Communities: The Growing Ecovillage Movement

Societies and communities everywhere are under threat from an increasingly corporatized global economy that is shifting power and resources from the many to the few and separating us from one another and from nature. Around the world, however, an increasing number of people are actively looking to re-establish the bonds of interdependence and recreate community living in tune with nature. In this episode, Anja Lyngbaek interviews Kosha Joubert, the Chief Executive Officer of the Global...


Episode 5 - Seeds of Resilience, Seeds of Sovereignty

Dr. Debal Debhis work conserving and sharing over 900 indigenous seed varieties Seed SaviorThe Source Project"The Farmer, the Architect and the Scientist""Food Web Theory Image credit:


Episode 4 - Why Local Ownership Matters

Local BitesStacy Mitchell Institute for Local Self-Reliance


Episode 3 - Local Alternatives to Globalized Development: A View from India

Local BitesChurning the Earth: The Making of Global India


Episode 2 – How to Feed the World? A Political Agroecological Approach

Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy