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Stories We Tell Ourselves That Aren’t True Pt. 2 Katherine Adamek

Summary Life after the Olympics for Katherine Adamek was difficult, filled with injuries and setbacks. But through those hard times, she was able to take control of her life, largely through her mindset. In part one (https://www.localfirstpodcast.com/katherine-adamek/) she shared the journey of what it took to get to the Olympics. In this episode, she details her life after the Olympics, which included surgery and rehab, overcoming resentment and unhappiness, to now coaching and speaking on...


Part 1 Perfect Isn’t Real with Katherine Adamek

Summary Part 1 of 2 Katherine Adamek is an American short-track speed skater, two-time Olympic medalist, one silver and one bronze, in the 2010 winter Olympics. She’s also the owner of Fix Your Mindset performance mindset and coaching. In part one of this two-part series, she shares her journey of becoming an Olympic athlete, starting with the memory of the first time she was on the ice. She details the time and sacrifices she invested in order to become a n elite athlete, and the lessons...


The Art Of Happiness

Summary: Book Beer & Networking September Book The Art Of Happiness My favorite takeaways from this week's episode: You don’t have to be religious, to be spiritual. The only constant thing is change. Know your limits. The Dalai Lama says it doesn’t matter which religion you belong to, or whether you belong to any, for that matter. Ask yourself: What does being spiritual mean to you? And then don’t let anyone tell you you’re wrong. Suffering is a part of life, he says, but by rejecting that...


Growing Your Business By Connecting With Your Community

Summary Jackson discusses how he has been able to grow his insurance business by helping others in the community. He explains why and how he volunteers at several local charities. "At Elevated Insurance, we believe that our community is the heart of our mission, and we want to make sure our heart beats strong! That is why we make a commitment to help it grow! " My favorite takeaways from this week's episode: It all started with a vison then creating the process The One Thing - Having Goals...


How Jon Went From Paving Parking Lots To Flying Drones

Summary Jon discusses how he got started flying drones keeping the community in mind - being an advocate in the industry. My favorite takeaways from this week's episode: Telling a story for the client with drones and great video Know the laws before you start flying At MKE Drones we list the services that we have experience in, and know how to do properly. Meet Jon Jon Elliott is the owner of MKE Drones based out of Milwaukee. Since starting his company four years ago, he has flown drones...


Customer Loyalty with Tamara Burkett

Summary - Tamara’s genius lies in her ability to connect people with people and technology with people. Tamara understands that nurturing relationships in a meaningful way requires both a personal touch and the appropriate technology. All about Tamara Tamara Burkett is a visionary who appreciates each person’s unique characteristics and knows how to bring out their best. As a strategic networker, Tamara’s genius lies in her ability to connect people with people and technology with people....


Social Capital with Lori Highby

Summary Lori discusses the importance of connecting with others, and building relationships is a critical part of an entrepreneur. It's all about Lori A fifteen-year veteran of marketing, branding and entrepreneurship—and founder of the Milwaukee-based digital agency Keystone Click—Lori knows first-hand what it is like to be overwhelmed by options in the marketing world. As a young marketer, Lori found that when it came to digital marketing, she had to connect the dots herself, on the job....


CRUSHING IT Books Beer & Networking

Summary WOW! Crushing It has to be the best event Jackson and I hosted this year. If you missed it youmissed out. The group shared many of their ideas and how they will action. For me it Crushing It gave me new life with my Local First Podcast. Make sure to join me in my journey as many changes are to come. Crushing It!: How Great Entrepreneurs Build Their Business and Influence-and How You Can, Too Four-time New York Times bestselling author Gary Vaynerchuk offers new lessons and...


Enterprise Now With Elzie Flenard

Summary Podcasters Elzie & Rob talk podcasting what they like and the things that they do not like. Elize is making it happen helping other podcasters and businesses. Elzie D. Flenard, III is the founder of Enterprise NOW!. Elzie is also the host of the Enterprise NOW! Podcast, a business and entrepreneurship talk show that seeks to educate, motivate, and inspire current business owners as well as aspiring entrepreneurs on a variety of business related topics. Enterprise NOW! features...


The E Myth – Books Beer & Networking

Summary Most small business owners work in their business rather than on their business. ... “Everybody who goes into business is actually three-people-in-one: The Entrepreneur, The Manager, and The Technician.”. ... The technician suffering from an Entrepreneurial Seizure takes the work he loves ... My favorite takeaways from this week's episode: Why did Jackson pick The E Myth to read? Working on your business not in your business Do you have systems on place to keep going when you are not...


Nothing Bundt Cakes Changing Lives

Summary Mike & Rob talk more than just Bundt Cakes. Mike talks how his bundt cakes are changing lives and to show up and do the work. The more cake Mike sells the more he can give away. My favorite takeaways from this week's episode: Take responsiblity for your actions Just Show Up Every Day Cakes just for Monday's Coming from Canada to make cakes Community Involvement Connect Nothing Bundt Cakes 18000 W Bluemound Rd Suite G, Brookfield, WI 53045 nothingbundtcakes.com (262) 794-0119 Sponsors...


Braise Bring the freshest ingredients from Wisconsin to your table

Summary Dave and Rob have a fun conversation about food and learning what it takes to get started cooking local food. Dave Swanson, Chef/Owner Dave began his journey in the culinary world at age 16 in a small restaurant in his hometown of Lake Villa, IL. It was here that he was introduced to the wonders of food and never looked back. He trained at Kendall College, Chicago's preeminent culinary arts school. Dave also had the opportunity to spend some time at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, France,...


Living With A Seal – Books Beer & Networking

Summary - Host Jackson & Rob review June's book of the month Living With A Seal by Jesse Itzler. I had so much fun reading this book it was hard to put down. His life is about being bold and risky. So when Jesse felt himself drifting on autopilot, he hired a rather unconventional trainer to live with him for a month-an accomplished Navy SEAL widely considered to be "the toughest man on the planet"! My favorite takeaways from this week's episode: Get off youir Ass and just do it 40% rule youi...


J.K. Lee City Youth Dinner with Friends Gala

Summary Help support our mission! Join us at this year’s not-to-be missed annual gala! Our Dinner with Friends will be a special celebration of all that makes Wisconsin awesome! Cocktail reception. Silent and Live Auction. Dinner and Awards. (Exciting guest announcement coming soon!) Stay for the after party! Adults (18 years and over) only. Click below for information! TICKETS/SPONSOR/AUCTION ITEM DONATIONS Connect and purchase your tickets online at J.K. Lee City Youth Sponsors Love the...


Entrepreneurs Respectfully Severing Entrepreneurs

Summary Host Rob discusses why he chose Heartland to hang his hat and why he loves working and helping local businesses grow with the tools Heartland has. My favorite takeaways from this week's episode: Working is more than just another job Trust the process and the playbook Stop chasing your money Do you know your Merchant Bill of Rights Connect With Rob and learn more about the industry. Call Rob @ 262-617-2043 LinkedIn Sponsors Love the podcast? Sign up for listener support, you’re...

Near West Side A Great Place to Live, Work and Play

Summary: Keith talks about how we can come together to make our neighborhood a better place to work, live, and play. Milwaukee's Near West Side: A Great Place to Live, Work and Play. Milwaukee's Near West Side is most certainly a neighborhood of neighborhoods, where the assets are plentiful and distinct. Meet Keith: Keith Stanley, Executive Director Near West Side Partners / Avenues West Association / BID Keith Stanley is Executive Director of Near West Side Partners, Inc., where he’s...


Think and Grow Rich with Rob & Jackson

Summary This months book was well received. Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. "When you begin to think and grow rich, you will observe that riches begin with a state of mind, with definiteness of purpose, with little or no hard work. After reading this book at least once a year I still have many take aways. Why, I am in different place in my life and what I am doing. My favorite takeaways from this week's episode: It's only difficult only if don't believe in what you are saying. No one is...


Be In Business For Yourself But Not By Yourself

Summary Perry discusses how to be in business for yourself but not by youself. Be your own boss. There are literally thousands of franchise opportunities here in Wisconsin. Identifying the right franchise opportunity – that one business that best meets your personal and professional goals – can be a daunting proposition. My expert franchise consultation can help you find your perfect match – and it’s yours without cost or obligation. A franchise is a great way to start a business, and you...


The Alchemist Books Bree & Networking

Summary The Alchemist follows the journey of an Andalusian shepherd boy named Santiago. Believing a recurring dream to be prophetic, he asks a Romani fortune teller in a nearby town about its meaning. The woman interprets the dream as a prophecy telling the boy that he will discover a treasure at the Egyptian pyramids. My favorite takeaways from this week's episode: “And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” ... “It's the possibility of having a...


What Pulling Profits Out of a Hat Can Do For You with Brad Sugars

Summary: I chat with Brad Sugars about the challenges of starting a business and what a successful business looks like. Brad also talks about five disciplines of Pulling Profits Out Of a Hat My favorite takeaways from this week's episode: Get good people Then keep the good people What does success look like in your business? The business runs without you not instead of you Connect with Brad Sugars Brad Sugars came from humble beginnings but has built a life and a business that many would...