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Lodging Leaders is a top-ranking weekly podcast that examines news and topics trending in the hospitality industry, shared through engaging stories told by co-hosts Jon Albano and Judy Maxwell, and amplified by interviews with experts and other thought leaders. Lodging Leaders is a Long Live Lodging production.

Lodging Leaders is a top-ranking weekly podcast that examines news and topics trending in the hospitality industry, shared through engaging stories told by co-hosts Jon Albano and Judy Maxwell, and amplified by interviews with experts and other thought leaders. Lodging Leaders is a Long Live Lodging production.
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Lodging Leaders is a top-ranking weekly podcast that examines news and topics trending in the hospitality industry, shared through engaging stories told by co-hosts Jon Albano and Judy Maxwell, and amplified by interviews with experts and other thought leaders. Lodging Leaders is a Long Live Lodging production.




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230 | Funding CapEx: New report tells what it takes for hotels to stay competitive

More than 20 years ago, a team of hotel industry consultants and asset managers got together to figure out how much hotels in the U.S. spend each year on property improvements and maintenance. The idea was if owners and operators know in advance what it will cost to keep a hotel property up to date read more


229 | Panic Buttons: Hospitality Workers Sound the Alarm (Hotel Safety Part 2)

When Robb Monkman was a college student, he and his roommates were robbed at gunpoint. The home invasion and hostage taking rocked Monkman to his core and determined the course of his career. Monkman is founder and CEO of ReactMobile, which provides electronic security devices, or panic buttons, for businesses, including the hospitality industry. ReactMobile read more


228 | Run, Hide, Fight: How to prepare for an active shooter (Hotel Safety Part 1)

“Active shooter” is a term used by law enforcement to describe a situation in which a shooting is in progress. The classification calls into action protocols relating to response and reaction – not only by police but also by citizens, says the FBI. In the case of an “active shooter,” everyone’s response and reaction can read more


227 | Mass Appeal: Crowdfunding for hotel development mines new sources of cash

When it launched five years ago, crowdfunding for real estate development was a hot topic, especially among hotel developers seeking new ways to pay for their projects. Though it’s not creating the same level of buzz as it did when it first became a federally sanctioned option in 2014, crowdfunding remains a viable tool in read more


226 | It’s a Long Story: Historic hotels gain new appreciation among travelers, brands

Hotel developers and investors seeking new ideas might do well to remember history. More travelers today want an immersive experience not just in the places they visit but in the hotels in which they stay. And they’re willing to pay more for it. Historic hotels often give guests what they crave – a sense of read more


225 | LinkedIn Means Business: How to use social media to grow

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. That career adage is about 100 years old, but it still rings true today, especially when it comes to social media. If you’re not tuned into social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, it’s time to reconsider. With more than 3 billion people read more


224 | Mixed Message: Multicultural and heritage tourism is big business

Most people the world over think of the United States as a multicultural melting pot. We are still quintessentially American, but from north to south and east to west, our cities and outlying communities are dotted with districts defined by residents’ ethnicity and culture. Today, the more developed and culturally defined areas are attracting visitors read more


223 | Grading Curves: NAACP diversity report card reveals weaknesses in hotel companies

“Equal opportunity for people of color in the United States remains an unrealized goal.” That is the opening statement in a recently released study by NAACP. The same opening statement appears in the organization’s 2012 report on diversity in the U.S. hotel industry. The 2019 study titled “Opportunity & Diversity Report Card: The Hotel & read more


222 | Flying Solo: What it takes to go from franchised to independent

Independent hotel supply in the U.S. has decreased in the past 10 years, reports STR. The lodging-data company reports independently owned and operated hotels account for less than 40 percent of all hotels. About 1 percent of those close each year. But that trend may take a turn. It appears more and more hoteliers who read more


221 | Home Sharing’s Heavy Hitters: Airbnb’s genius is branding (Part 2)

Last week, part one of our report on Airbnb looked at the home-sharing giant’s impact on hotel business performance. We reported on a study that shows for every 100 percent increase in Airbnb accommodations in a market, hotel RevPAR declines by an average 3 percent. We also reported a growth in the number of whole read more


220 | Disruptive Innovator: Measuring Airbnb’s impact (Part 1)

More than 10 years ago, the short-term home rental industry began to shapeshift with the birth of Airbnb. The technology company has quickly grown from a small peer-to-peer home-sharing platform into a virtual behemoth with more rooms than any hotel company on the planet. Today, Airbnb has more than 4 million listings in nearly 100,000 read more


219 | Train and Retain: Hospitality apprenticeship fills high-level jobs

It’s no secret the hospitality industry in America is in dire need of skilled employees. Many hotel owners and operators continually seek ways to attract and keep talent. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says the hospitality industry has a turnover rate of nearly 75 percent per year, compared to a healthy rate of 10 to read more


218 | Yes, Girls Allowed: More women venturing into hotel investment

Who invests money better, men or women? Fidelity Investments found surprising answers to that question when it surveyed nearly 3,000 people. The group was almost evenly divided between the sexes. Yet only a tenth of women said their investments would outperform men’s. Meantime, a separate analysis by Fidelity shows women consistently generated larger returns on read more


217 | Rainy Days Ahead: Hotels advised to prepare for a downturn

Many hotel-business experts believe an industry downturn is at hand. Some say it will happen as soon as next year. Others expect business to slow in 2021. So, is the forecasted slowdown based on fact, an economic algorithm, or is it more of a gut feeling? In this episode of Lodging Leaders we try to read more


216 | Wellness Travel: Get your business in shape for an emerging trend

Wellness … However you define it, we all want it. The hospitality industry is one of the business sectors where consumers of wellness seek it. The Global Wellness Institute reports wellness tourism is a $640 billion industry. In North America alone, travelers made 204 million trips and spent $242 billion on wellness in 2017. In read more


215 | Hotel Crime: How to manage a high-profile case

When a hotel becomes a crime scene, there is little an owner or manager can do to ward off publicity. But a hotel can recover from a crisis and save its image if it has a plan in place to deal with the aftermath of a high-profile incident. Hotel crime has escalated around the world, read more


214 | The Weed Frontier: How hotels are capitalizing on cannabis

Marijuana consumption in America has lost its stigma, and it is on track to become a $23 billion U.S. market over the next couple years. Hotels in states that have legalized recreational and medicinal marijuana are just beginning to think about how to incorporate the trend into their businesses. The laws can be confusing. Cannabis read more


213 | Event Entrepreneur: What’s behind The Lodging Conference success

Harry Javer is founder of The Lodging Conference, one of the hospitality industry’s must-do events. This year, The Lodging Conference will mark its 25th anniversary. Lodging Leaders talks with Harry about the genesis of The Lodging Conference, what it offers industry leaders, as well as newcomers to the hotel business, and how attendees can make read more


212 | Can We Talk? Why women don’t negotiate

This episode of Lodging Leaders explores why women in business often don’t negotiate and why they don’t win at the negotiating table as often as their male counterparts. We identify some fundamental stumbling blocks and barriers to women’s ability to get what they want. And we offer experts’ advice on how to craft a negotiation read more


211 | Triple Whammy: Tri-branded hotels change playing field

Nashville, Tennessee, is home to the country’s first tri-branded Marriott hotel. Developed by North Point Hospitality Group, the 470-room limited-service property consists of transient brands AC Hotel and SpringHill Suites, and Residence Inn, an extended-stay hotel. Located in downtown’s SoBro neighborhood where government offices are located, the $140 million complex is also across from Music read more