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Episode 20: Mikela Correia, Founder of Spaces Simplified // How She Turned Her Passion For Organizing Into A Fulfilling Career, Handling People In Her Life That Haven’t Been Supportive, and Finding Her True Tribe

In this episode of The Maker’s Collective Podcast you’ll meet Mikela, or Kiki as she likes to be called, professional organizer and founder of Spaces Simplified. Kiki is the definition of what it means to be a creative entrepreneur - she had a day job that wasn’t making her heart sing, so she took the opportunity and turned her passion for organizing into her dream business. Has it been easy? Definitely not. Has everyone in her life taken her seriously and supported her fully? Think again....


Episode 19: Mallory McKewen, Co-owner of BridesMade // The highs and lows of choosing a manufacturing partner, not waiting for perfection before launching, and how listening to their clients has helped them automate and grow

In this episode of the Maker’s Collection Podcast you’ll meet Mallory, one half of the team behind the company, BridesMade. BridesMade is a company that rents sustainable, adjustable bridesmaids dresses to women all over Canada. There’s a lot of juicy content in this episode, especially if you’ve ever wanted to know more about the highs and lows of designing and manufacturing a product. It’s a quick listen and packed to the brim with takeaways - we hope you enjoy! Topics covered: Meet...


Episode 18: Lacey & Laura Mini-sode // The Importance of Branding

In this episode of The Maker’s Collective Podcast we chat all things branding. We. Get. Into. It. Using The Maker’s Collective’s own evolution as an example, we dive into what branding is, why it’s important, and how to get started creating your own - even if you don’t have the resources to work with a designer or agency. Our own branding expert, Lacey J, drops some knowledge and shares her best advice for individuals and businesses who are just getting started. In the words of our friend,...


Episode 17: Amit Mehta, City Lead For Sofar Sounds Waterloo// Bringing A Global Movement To This Region, What It’s Like Running A Completely Volunteer Organization, And The Challenges Of Marketing Secret Events

In this episode of The Maker’s Collective Podcast you’ll meet Amit, the incredible talent behind Sofar Sounds Waterloo. Sofar Sounds is a series of secret shows that put the artist and their story at the forefront of a once-in-a-lifetime live show experience. It’s a global movement that’s picking up momentum and we’re lucky to have Amit and his team of volunteers working tirelessly to bring these shows to life here in our own backyard. Listen up and then go apply to be part of the next...


Episode 16: Natalie Schnurr, Owner of Arabella Park Bar // A New, Female Centric Approach to Craft Beer, Opening A Bar in KW & Hiring Rockstars for Success

In this episode of the Maker’s Co Podcast you’ll meet Natalie, a passionate serial entrepreneur who came onto the the KW scene in a big way, opening everyone’s favourite happy hour location, Arabella Park Bar. We discuss what it's like opening a bar, why she and her co-owner chose KW to start this business, and every deliberate choice that went into making this a warm and approachable place with females in mind. Craft beer is often a male-dominated industry, but Natalie and her team make...


Episode 15: Daniel Zuccala, Self-Employment Coach at The Working Centre // The Working Centre Resources, What It Means To Find Meaningful Work, and Learning Those Tough Lessons As An Entrepreneur

In this episode of the Maker’s Co Podcast you’ll meet Dan, a self-employment coach at The Working Centre. We super love The Working Centre and were so happy that Dan was willing to come on the show to share all of the amazing things they are doing for small business owners, as well as, the broader community - along with sharing many of his own stories and experiences, from having what he thought was his dream job to owning his own business, to finding meaningful employment with The Working...


Episode 13: Sarah Kernohan, Professional Visual Artist // Finding Her Calling as a Visual Artist, Submitting Work to Shows & ALL the Advice for Budding Artists

In this episode of the Maker’s Co Podcast you’ll meet Sarah, a professional visual artist. ATTENTION all aspiring artists - this is your episode! Sarah is a wealth of knowledge around all things art, including really understanding your work and where it fits, what goes into a submission, how to “network” in the world of art, and much, much more. We’re excited to bring you this episode, it was a treat to chat with Sarah and the discussion was a true treat for both of us (but especially...


Episode 12: Timothy Muza, Photographer & Videographer // Turning His Side Hustle Into A Career, Learning From People You Admire, and Making Space for Passion Projects

In this episode of the Maker’s Co Podcast you’ll meet Tim, a local photographer/videographer and good friend of ours. We touch on a lot of different topics with him including the importance of finding your passions, turning those passions into meaningful work, and wading through the never ending resources that exist in the world, to help you learn new skills, to find the ones you connect with. We had a lot of fun with this one, we hope you enjoy! PS - We recorded this back in May, so some...


Episode 11: Jessica Kuepfer, Blogger and Endurance Athlete // Finding Her Passions, Building Genuine Relationships With Sponsors, and The Power of Saying Yes

In this episode of the Maker’s Co Podcast you’ll meet Jessica, Head of PR at Home Hardware, (sponsored) endurance athlete and the creator of endurance sport blog, Laces & Lattes. To say that this woman is inspiring, hard-working, driven, disciplined, and energetic would be both very true and massively understated. Her zest for life is infectious, and honestly, we both have huge girl crushes on her. Warning: listening to this might make you want to go do something active afterwards. Enjoy!...


Episode 10: Lindsay Coulter, Owner of Lindsay Coulter Photography // Creating The Business and Life You Want, Learning from Tragedy, and the Importance of Self Care

In this episode of the Maker’s Co Podcast you’ll meet Lindsay, a no nonsense, straight-talking boss, who has built a successful photography business her way. This woman has been through some shit - and she’s not afraid to talk about it. If you don’t already know her or know of her, you’re going to after this episode, so pour yourself a drink, get comfy, and get ready for some real talk. Topics covered: Meet Lindsay - Local & Destination Wedding Photographer How She Became A Photographer...


Episode 9: Jon Johnson, Owner of BRFC Designs, Graphic Designer and Screen Printer // Learning On The Job, Keeping A Routine, Finding Balance & Selling At Markets

In this episode of the Maker’s Co Podcast you’ll meet Jon Johnson, the darling of Kitchener-Waterloo. Jon is a respected local graphic designer and screen printer, who goes under the name BRFC Designs. He has a stellar product line of screen printed goods and enamel pins which are sold online via Etsy and at all your favourite maker markets in the region. In this episode we ask him about how he got here, the benefit of learning on the job, finding balance in a work & life routine and what...


Episode 8: Roshan James, Business Consultant & Poet // Two Time Published Canadian Poet

In this episode of the Maker’s Co Podcast you’ll meet Roshan, a communications business consultant turned poet, who chose to take space from her corporate work to explore writing and publishing works of poetry to feed her creative soul. This one is really about listening to your intuition, the highs and lows of creating and running a business, and the realization that careers are living, breathing things that ebb and flow. We love this woman and everything she represents, and we’re sure...


Episode 7: Meghan Kendall, Owner of Control Hair // A New Business Model to Empower Entrepreneurs in the Hair & Beauty Industry

In this episode of the Maker’s Co Podcast you’ll meet Meg, the fierce, strong, no bull shit owner of Control Hair in Waterloo. Guys, we’re not going to lie here, this is a long one but we honestly had so much fun during the episode that when it came down to it we couldn’t cut any of it. Trust us when we say, though, it’s so worth it. Get ready for big laughs, great advice, a new take on an old industry...and a whole lot of tapping??? Turns out Meg is a pretty passionate hand talker -...


Episode 6: Stephanie Boutari, Mural Artist & Designer // Being Paid to Make Art in Public Spaces

In this episode of the Maker’s Co Podcast you’ll meet Steph Boutari, the woman behind some of the best and most badass murals at some of our favourite downtown Kitchener spots. You may not know who she is, but if you live in Kitchener or have visited recently, chances are you’ve seen her work and now you’re going to get the chance to hear more on how she got into murals, what it’s like creating art for public & private commercial spaces, and much, much more. Topics covered: Meet Stephanie...


Episode 5: Kayla Zawisky, Creator of The Local Advocate // The New Networking; Sharing Your Passions, Being Brave & Using Social Media To Connect

In this episode of the Maker’s Co Podcast you’ll meet Kayla Zawisky, the woman behind KW community initiative, The Local Advocate. We discuss a wide range of topics, from networking and how it has evolved through the use of social media to the importance of self care and following your passions to find success. If you live in the Waterloo Region, or are planning a visit, make The Local Advocate your first stop to find out what’s going on in the community and how you can get involved....


Episode 4: Andrew & Chris, Owners of Show & Tell Coffee // Opening up a Brick & Mortar Shop, the Coffee Industry and the Importance of a Strong Business Partnership

In this episode of the Maker’s Co Podcast you’ll meet Andrew Thom and Chris Tellez, the duo behind one of Kitchener’s newest coffee shops, Show & Tell Coffee. We go on a real journey with this one touching on a myriad of topics including, why this industry is important to them and how they both got into it, what it’s been like working together, the good and the bad of opening a physical space, and why Instagram has been their medium of choice for driving traffic to their shop. Sit back,...


Episode 3: Michaela Angemeer, Author of “When He Leaves You”, on Self-Publishing & Growing a Community on Instagram for Your Business

In this episode of the Maker’s Co Podcast you’ll meet Canadian poet Michaela Angemeer. Her debut book, When He Leaves You, just dropped in March and she joined us on the show to talk about her journey in writing these very personal poems, choosing to self-publish, and how she has grown her Instagram community from 5K to 18K followers (now 30K!) in a few short months. Trust us, there are lots of goodies to learn from her. Topics covered: What you should know about Michaela Growing an...


Episode 2: Host’s In The Hot Seat- An Interview With Laura & Lacey

In the second episode, Lacey and Laura interview each other so the Maker Community can learn more about who they are, their professional backgrounds and what they are looking forward to in 2018. Resources From Episode: Creative Entrepreneur & Youtuber: Zoey Arielle Zoey's Book Recommendations (to Lacey before leaving corporate world): You Are A Badass- Jen Sincero The Four Hour Work Week- Tim Ferris Stay Connected with Maker’s Co: Join The Mailing List Maker’s Collective Instagram Get In...


Episode 1: How The Maker’s Co Podcast Came To Be – A Love Story

In the first episode of the Maker’s Co Podcast you’ll meet co-hosts Lacey and Laura, learn how this community came to be, and get your first taste of the love story that helped bring this podcast into existence. Topics covered: How Lacey & Laura met - a love story The birth of a podcast - it was meant to be Maker’s Collective Community origin story Choosing a platform - blogging vs. video vs. podcasting What to expect in the future Resources from the episode: Kitchener Public Library...