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Hosted by the Malaysian-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MGCC) in Kuala Lumpur, the podcast features interviews with business people about Malaysia, Germany, and business in Asia.

Hosted by the Malaysian-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MGCC) in Kuala Lumpur, the podcast features interviews with business people about Malaysia, Germany, and business in Asia.




Hosted by the Malaysian-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MGCC) in Kuala Lumpur, the podcast features interviews with business people about Malaysia, Germany, and business in Asia.






Malaysian Business Guide #001 Travelling In and Out of Malaysia June 2021

Travelling is one of the major restriction the world is facing during the pandemic. While social and leisure travel in and out of Malaysia is banned there are ways for business travellers to come in and out. In the first episode of our brand new podcast format the Malaysian Business Guide we discuss business travel in and out of Malaysia with our very own experts at MGCC Dr Eva Langerbeck and Fairuz Razak who deal with entry permits on a daily basis. Get all the important information and...


Memberbytes #016: Riad Hechame (Peak Human Performance)

Faced with more demanding tasks at work many of us often reduce sleep to have more time working on them. Riad Hechame author of the book "Stress Less, Sleep Better" tells us in our latest episode of the memberbytes that reducing sleep might not be a good idea if you want to perform at your highest level. As founder of Peak Human Performance here in Kuala Lumpur, he supports people who want to reduce stress, live healthier and perform better at anything they do. #lessstress #health #Malaysia


Memberbytes #015: Geetha Kandiah (KASS International)

Ever wondered why markets like Petaling street selling fake branded merchandise exist without being punished? Geetha Kandiah one of Malaysia's leading IP experts has an explanation. As the director of KASS International, she consults international companies about protecting their Intellectual property not only in Malaysia but also in other ASEAN countries. In this episode, she explains that Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries have realized that protecting Intellectual Property is...


Memberbytes #014: Magdalena Kurpierz (Kvalito)

2% of CEOs in Switzerland are women. Magdalena Kurpierz is one of those few female CEOs and she explains why diversity and inclusion are good for business. As founder of the successful life science and healthcare consulting company Kvalito she proves that she is on the right track with her believe. With her fast-growing Swiss-based company she has now entered the Asia-Pacific market via Malaysia. In this episode, we not only talk about diversity but also about what is important when entering...


Memberbytes #013: Zafar Anjum (ABAC)

In this episode we talk about the ever-present topic of corruption and bribery. Whether you are in a developed or developing country, you will find some sort of corruption. One organization that trains and certifies companies against bribery is the Anti-Bribery Anti-Corruption Centre for Excellence ABAC and we talk with their Group CEO Mr Zafar Anjum who has more than 30 years of experience in that field. This episode is proudly sponsored by Siemens - Ingenuity for life


Memberbytes #012: Dano Falk (Def Device)

Ever heard of Amazon FBA, Dropshipping or the 4 pillars of e-commerce? Today's episode is all about e-commerce. With e-commerce, many manufactures have the option to sell directly to customers instead of using a distributor. We talk with Dano Falk about the basics of the Amazon business and how to start an online shop. As the founder of his company Def Device, Dano consults businesses worldwide on how to best sell their products on Amazon. If you are thinking about opening an online shop...


Memberbytes #011: Kelvin Chong (Schaeffler Malaysia)

How big can a family-owned business be? When it comes to Schaeffler the answer is very big. With a revenue of EUR 14.4 billion in 2019, the German automotive parts supplier is one of the major players in the industry. In Malaysia, Kelvin Chong is the Managing Director of Schaeffler and in this last episode of our 3-part automotive mini-series we find out what Schaeffler is doing in Malaysia and how advanced the company is in regards to e-mobility. In this mini-series, we discuss the...


Memberbytes #010: Erik Jan Winter (Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia)

For many people, it is just "Das Auto" - The Car. The Volkswagen Group is one of the largest car manufacturers in the world. But how does this German giant positioned himself in Malaysia and what are the upcoming projects here? To find out we talk with Erik Winter the Managing Director of Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia. He explains how Volkswagen can offer their cars in Malaysia as Affordable Premium even though European cars face high import duty. This episode is the 2nd part of our...


Memberbytes #009: Leonardo Sachetto (German Tech Motorworks)

When talking about Germany the topic of the conversation often quickly shifts to German cars. One person who made German cars - especially Porsche cars - his life is Leonardo Sachetto who worked many years for Porsche in Germany and Malaysia. Seeing a lack of expertise in Porsche and other European high-performance cars in Malaysia he decided to open his own workshop German Tech Motorworks in Malaysia specialising in Porsche. In this first episode of a 3-part automotive mini-series, we look...


Memberbytes #008: Jonathan Lau (German Educare)

The UK, the US or Australia are the first countries that come to mind when Malaysians think about studying abroad. But one country with world-class universities and free tuition is Germany. And more and more young Malaysians are finding their way to the country of the poets and thinkers to study. And our today's guest Jonathan Lau supports them on their way. With his business German Educare, he prepares and consults Malaysians to bring them to German universities. We discuss why studying...


Shortcast #014: Sheau Wei Lin (Tonasco)

Supply chains usually involve more than just two companies. Even though ranked as essential and granted an approval to operate during the lockdown many companies were limited in their production output due to the fact that their suppliers were not categorized as essential. Sheau Wei Lin Business Director and co-founder of the precision components manufacturer Tonasco talks about her challenges during the lockdown. Being a player in Industry 4.0 the companies sees its future in further...


Shortcast #013: David Jones (Chartered Management Institute (CMI) & EUMCCI)

When was the last time you were on a plane? With international travel still being banned the Malaysian aviation industry is facing challenges like never before. With David Jones head of the aerospace committee at the EU-Malaysia Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Managing Director APAC at the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) we discuss how the term "Green Bubbles" becomes increasingly important in the industry as it represents a lifeline for airlines besides domestic travel and air...


Shortcast #012: Jörg Schieferdecker (Heimann Sensor)

Part of the new norm is it to get temperature checked wherever we go. One company that makes these checks possible is our member and world market leader Heimann Sensor. We talk with Jörg Schieferdecker about his sensors and the issues he faced during the lockdown with his factory in Johor. Not only are his sensors used in thermometers but also are vital for many ventilators. Now that he is back to his regular production output he faces different issues to keep up with the high demand.


Shortcast #011: Johannes Römer (Germalkota & M2 MindMatters)

Who outside of Malaysia has heard from Johor? The southern border town of Johor Bahru or JB is considered by many as the hinterland of Singapore. We talk with Johannes Römer who moved across the causeway from Singapore to JB while still operating his two consultancy businesses M2 MindMatters and Germalkota in both countries. Although the southern city has a bad image, it offers many surprising advantages over the renowned but expensive and packed Singapore. As the organizer of the newly...


Shortcast #010: Susan Hemming (Coara Solar)

Even though the COVID crisis is currently the dominant issue, some companies are still working on making businesses less dependent on fossil energy sources. One of those companies is Coara Solar. And in this episode, we talk with its director Susan Hemming how her business is less affected by the current situation. Despite some adverse effects from an operational and supply chain standpoint projects continue and the lockdown gave her business the time to explore new ways to find new...


Shortcast #009: Marcus Luer (Total Sports Asia)

The global sports industry is a revenue machine. But what happens when sports events all over the world are not allowed to take place? We talk to Marcus Luer from Total Sports Asia TSA about the current situation and the future of his industry. Usually, he finds new revenue streams in Malaysia and Asia for English Premier League clubs and other sports organizations. But now he pivoted to provide equipment to beat COVID. Looking positive into the future he believes that the sports industry...


Shortcast #008: Dr. Tim Philippi (Singaporean-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce)

In neighbouring Singapore, the current lockdown is called "Circuit Breaker". The Circuit Breaker along with the travel bans in other countries presents the main challenge for German businesses in Singapore who use the city-state as their business hub for ASEAN. Unlike Malaysia however, there are flights to Germany from Singapore. This and more topics we discuss with Tim Philippi, Executive Director of the Singaporean-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (SGC). Just like MGCC, the SGC...


Shortcast #007: Gerard Leeuwenburgh (Informa Markets)

For most industries trade shows are a vital part of showcasing their products and connect with new customers. In this episode, we talk with Gerard Leeuwenburgh from Informa Markets who organizes many major trade shows in Malaysia. Like the airline industry, there will be a "new norm" for trade shows as there is a need for people to meet - and the industry will have to find new ways like, for example, hybrid events.


Shortcast #006: Xander Wegscheider (Science & Donuts) & Philip Tan (Snapp Packaging)

The first episode with our new Jingle! And who else is better to be featured in this episode than its creator, Xander Wegscheider. He explains why his new company Science & Donuts has nothing to do with Donuts but everything to do with Content Marketing. Our second guest is Philip Tan from Snapp Packaging. Being involved in the e-commerce supply chain he explains that the current situation is a game-changer. Not only in the way of the marketplace but also how webinars will play a stronger...


Shortcast #005: Peter Lenhardt (A&H Meyer) & Werner Kemper (Germany Trade & Invest)

Peter Lenhardt from A&H Meyer highlights the greatly appreciated worker’s subsidies in Malaysia, Singapore, and Germany. And Werner Kemper from Germany Trade & Invest who among other things reports to German authorities and businesses about Malaysia praises the MCO and how the government improved its process of identifying essential companies to continue manufacturing.