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100: The Big Announcement

We made it to episode 100 together and I have a big announcement...


099: Food Addiction and Entrepreneurship

I did a lot of research on food addiction and binge eating as soon as I finally admitted I had a problem and what I found was so many articles about how it involved beauty standards and weight watching. But I don’t think it’s about that - especially for me. I'm airing out this taboo topic on today's episode where I'm going over my story with depression and food addiction as an entrepreneur and HOW I was able to turn things around.


098: Building Your Dream Team with Kelly Roach

You aren't scalable. You get to a certain point in your business to where you need a team to get to the next stage. I know that you may not be at the "hiring your dream team" point in your business right now so Kelly came on to talk about how you can have fantastic habits set in place that help you scale faster and make onboarding team members WAY easier for when you do get to that point.


How I Made $34,168 in October 2018

I create these transparent income reports so you can see inside my business and what scaling an online business looks like. A huge milestone this month was moving into my new office! Moving into this new building is an extra expense, but it is helping my sanity. Don't forget to ask yourself what you need in order to be your happiest and most productive! Another milestone was hiring our new LOCAL team member! The perspective she brings to the table is so refreshing and amazing. Ok, let's...


096: The Anatomy of a Thriving, Creative Business with Think Creative Collective

What makes a successful, thriving business? In this episode Abagail and Emylee, founders of Think Creative Collective, share the story behind how they built a multi-six-figure business in under 12-months. We're also going over the anatomy of a thriving business using the "pancake" method so you too can build soul-fulfilling and profitable business.


095: The Ultimate Guide to Hiring and Managing a VA

"I can't do it all so I need a VA. But what if this VA doesn't do everything perfectly? What if my quality goes down? How can I trust them?" - your tired mind I put together THE ultimate guide to hiring and managing a VA from what tasks to give them, places to look for one and how to streamline the month to month management of this position. There are so many questions that need answered because this is a HUGE step for you I know. So press play, follow these steps and get ready for a...


094: Styling for Productivity and CEO Vibes with Elissa Williams

Have you ever been in a productivity funk? Or maybe a funk that goes a bit deeper than just productivity? Elissa Williams and I are talking about how to style yourself for a super productive day that shakes off all the funky feelings so we can focus on CEO Vibes.


093: How I made $36,281 In September 2018

I create these transparent income reports so you can see inside my business and what scaling an online business looks like. (spoiler alert: this month was a bit rocky). All businesses face challenges, and mine did this past month. This is how we tackled those challenges and were still able to see growth over the previous month.


092: Stepping Into the CEO Role

Since this show has been mainly interviews and income reports I'm going to shake it up a little bit, feeling a little wild cardish today! Today I AM being interviewed by Indigo Colton on her podcast and she asked some really great questions that I figured you might want the answers to.


091: Running a 6-Figure Business On 9 Hours a Week with Dannie Fountain

Dannie runs a 6-figure business on 9 hours a week so OBVIOUSLY I had to have her on the show so she can take us through exactly how she makes this happen every day.


090: Crafting Challenges That Convert with Zach Spuckler

You know.. for a podcast that leans heavy on the topic of marketing I found it surprising that we haven't covered challenges together yet?! So of course I had to bring on the expert. Zach Spuckler. He's the king of challenges that CONVERT and I'm excited for you to meet him!!


088: A $20,000 Summit Breakdown - Kyrsten Sherwood

If you are a creative entrepreneur who wants to run a summit, Kyrsten is about to blow your mind and inspire you all at the same time. She built and ran a summit for creative entrepreneurs that produced $24,000 while making sure that every attendee - paid and free - was involved in the community and had an actual experience at the event not just watched a bunch of videos.


087: Transitioning to the CEO Role with Abagail Pumphrey

Right now, you are a creative entrepreneur who is KILLING it. I want to challenge you to take a tiny step into the CEO role of your business in this episode today and give you a step by step on how to make that happen. I brought on Abagail from Think Creative Collective who gets real actionable when it comes to this transition.


086: A 60 Second Trick to Increase Launch Revenue by 20% with Vanessa Ryan

If you have a checkout page for a service or product, download this episode right now because I want to increase your revenue by 20% with one 60 second trick.


085: How I made $24,791 in July 2018

This month has given me a new challenge to work toward, I have been able to see my long-term vision a LOT more clearly now which gives me so much drive to make it happen. I have realized that I need to dream bigger. Each month I have subconsciously capped my potential and like clockwork, each month I add more to my big vision.


084: Attracting and Managing Client Leads with Becca Berg

The process of managing client leads should work as a well oiled machine NOT like a process ductaped together. In this episode, we uncover what a client lead funnel looks like and how you can create one for your business so a lead can go from social media to booked without you pressing a button.


083: Want me to automate your business in person?

Tune in to hear all the details on how we can hang out in person to automate and simplify your entire business for 2019.


082: How to Add Recurring Profit to Your Business with Tyler McCall

The recurring profit business model (aka membership site/anything subscription based) helped me fall back in love with my business. To be honest, I was miserable with the client rat race and when I was introduced to membership sites, I knew that was it. Everything just clicked. Both Tyler and I have built 6-figure membership sites in under 3 months and so we are chatting on how to add recurring profit to YOUR business and also talking about a surprise you may or may not have already heard of.


081: Building an Engaged and Profitable Facebook Group with Jen Snyder

I want to help you build an engaged and profitable Facebook group that doesn't suck up your entire day. So I brought Jen Snyder on who has built an outstanding Facebook group that not only buys from her but also keep coming back to her group because of the community she has built. We dissect what makes a community active AND profitable so you can steal these strategies for your own group.


080: How I made $16,459 in June 2018

This month I realized that upleveling is hard and that's okay. I didn't push myself harder and harder this June. I let myself take a lot of breaks (probably too many) to process a lot of emotions and things that came up through the month.