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Intro to Data Bias (Guest: Christian Beedgen)

Christian Beedgen, the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Sumo Logic, has had a long history in the world of data and is a fantastic person to have deep conversations about meaty topics with. And that’s good because our topic is meaty! Christian has been spending a lot of time lately thinking about Bias - Bias in Data and Data Analytics, in particular - and that’s what we are going to talk about.


Critical Thinking, Ethics, and Analytics (Guest: Alistair Croll)

Our guest today has had a long and varied career in technology. Alistair Croll is a serial entrepreneur, much sought after speaker, prolific author - including the best selling Lean Analytics - which is a must read, an organizer of conferences like Forward50, and consultant to companies large and small. Alistair is a big thinker in the area of Data and Analytics, and we got to cover a lot of ground in this episode.


Confronting Our Humanity - and Bias - in Artificial Intelligence (Guest: Bill Welser)

Our guest today has had an amazing journey. He was a Captain in the Air Force, had a decade-long career at the RAND organization - a world-renowned, non-profit research organization, - and now as a partner at ReD Associates. ReD is a strategy consulting company based on the human sciences. Bill Welser has done groundbreaking work around privacy, artificial intelligence, industrial ecosystems, commercial drones, and cryptography. We talked about Artificial intelligence, and how our humanity...


How People Really Use Data to Make Decisions (Guest: Matt Ballantine)

Our guest today has had a really long relationship with technology from learning to program on a BBC Micro as a child, to designing the first full-program streaming application at BBC, to Reuters, to Microsoft, and now being his own boss. Matt Ballantine loves to talk technology - he has his own podcast WB 40 - check it out at It was a lot of fun to pick his brain. In this episode, we talked about how people really use data to make decisions, and how innovation happens. We...


Carin Robinson: Data, Democracy, and Politics

Our guest today works in Political Science - a field that might seem like it is miles away from some of our other guests. But the reality is that data, and data analytics, has penetrated every element of our society - even politics. Carin Robinson, an Associate Professor of Political Science at Hood College in Maryland, is an expert on today’s political system in the United States. We are going talk about how data is an essential part of today’s political campaigns and the implications for...


Bill Mew: The Data Privacy View from the U.K.

So far in our two episodes where we touched on the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we talked to two Americans. When I took a trip to Europe, it seemed like the obvious thing was to try to find a European and see how they think about it. And I found the right guy!! Bill Mew is the Founder and Owner at Mew Era Consulting and a Cloud Strategist at UKCloud. He is in the middle of the data privacy discussion, both for GDPR, as well as for Brexit. Listening to Bill was like...


Nicole Forsgren & Jez Humble: DevOps by the Data

This episode we talk with two of the co-founders of DevOps Research and Assessment, LLC (DORA) - Nicole Forsgren, CEO and Chief Scientist, and Jez Humble, CTO. Nicole and Jez are two of the key thought leaders in the DevOps movement and have done more than most to evangelize and legitimize DevOps best practices. Through their extensive research, surveys, and in-depth analysis at DORA they, along with their co-founder Gene Kim, have built a strong, data-backed foundation for DevOps. We will...


David Hafley: Deep Dive - Security & DevOps

In this Deep Dive edition, we go under the hood on a topic to get a practitioner point-of-view on Security and DevOps. In the last five years, the DevOps philosophy and culture has risen to transform the way software is developed and maintained, with its emphasis on faster deployment cycles and cross-functional collaboration. How does it work? How is it incorporated in a DevOps process? What does it mean to do DevSecOps? Contrast Security is trying to answer that question for their...


George Gerchow: The New Age of Data Privacy

Data Privacy has gone from the sidelines to the front page - the revelations of Russion hackers influencing the US election, Facebook data being used to manipulate our voting patterns, and an endless parade of stories about yet another company being hacked. It is in that context that we talked to George Gerchow - the Chief Security Officer at Sumo Logic, about security and data privacy - in particular, about the new privacy regulations coming out of the European Union - the General Data...


Bill Burns: A Journey through Time and Security

Our guest this episode has had a front-row seat at some of the most game-changing innovators in the Internet Era - Netscape, Netflix, and now Informatica. He has seen the Information Security industry change dramatically since he first cut his proverbial teeth on it in the nineties. Our discussion touched across 20+ years of dramatic changes in the way business is done on the internet and how we as a society think about information security - all the way from security in a college computer...