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#047: IP Ownership of Things We Make?

Welcome back to the Measuring Up Podcast. Loads in today's episode including: House selling woes Coffee and alcohol Drones Password management and security Peter's been refreshing a hand plane The January YouTube lull Who owns the Intellectual Property rights to the designs of things we make? Patreon supporters can subscribe to the weekly show by copying the 'Audio RSS Link' from Patreon to your podcast player of choice. Thanks for your awesome support!...


#045: Our Typical Days

Welcome back to the Measuring Up Podcast. Loads in today's episode including: Andy's had his first drone flight More Instagram scam woes Continue chat about electric vehicles House buying... is something finally happening? Start of year routines and getting back to work What were our typical days like when we were both full-time woodworkers? Remember if you'd like to listen to the new weekly show just subscribe via Patreon here: Awesome people we...


#043: We’re in the Christmas lull!

Welcome back to the Measuring Up Podcast. Loads in today's episode including: Happy New Year! We're in the Christmas lul and we're now TV critics Microphones Impact Drivers Soft close and Christmas DIY Christmas Board Games (Linkee, Jenga, Risk, Destination, Go) Peter's buying planes! Remember if you'd like to listen to the new weekly show just subscribe via Patreon here: Awesome people we talked about today: Andy's impact driver vid Peter's...


#041: Fitted Furniture in Deep Alcoves

Welcome back to the Measuring Up Podcast and a very Merry Christmas from Andy & Peter! On today's show: Cables on power tools can ruin perfectly good tools New toys we want for Christmas Posh speaker cables and stupid interconnects Electric vehicles - what's the worst that could happen? Andy doesn't have a truck any more - what next? What to do with fitted furniture in deep alcoves? Buying timber - a few things to consider Does Peter need to get rid of his super van? Tax on UK self...


#039: Batteries and Cybertrucks

Welcome back to the Measuring Up Podcast! On today's show: Andy is getting old and falling to pieces Venice flooding and clever wellies A brick laying question for our listeners? Can you earn money as a hobby without becoming self employed? Cash vs accrual accounts The time served thing... case closed? Black Friday Makers Central is back? Instagram MLM scams - stop following scammy channels! Tesla Cybertruck - the Marmite truck? Love it or hate it? Electric vehicles... when will the...


#037: Think of the Children!

Welcome back to the Measuring Up Podcast! On today's show: Peter's back from Venice and it was REALLY flooded! Holidays, when you're ready to come home? Behind the scenes... nothing is real! Why are makers making less YouTube videos? Dry fitting woodworking prior to on-site assembly How do we remember to bring everything on jobs? Lists and grab bags! Drill bit storage - can this ever be resolved? Remember if you'd like to listen to the new weekly show just subscribe via Patreon here:...


#035: Bad Instruction Manuals… and Disneyland!

Welcome back to the Measuring Up Podcast! On today's show: Andy's very excited about Disneyland... and the channel tunnel! French roads... where are the cat's eyes? Peter's planer / thicknesser and strange return policies Clever IKEA design Bad instruction manuals Audio casting and Bluetooth Remember if you'd like to listen to the new weekly show just subscribe via Patreon here: Awesome people we talked about today: Badger Workshop Walt Disney...


#033: Strangest Handyman Jobs?

Welcome back! Later on in the show we're talking about some of our strangest encounters back in the days of doing handyman work. We're also chatting about modern lives where information is fed to us via new mediums such as YouTube, podcasts and social media. Is there life after YouTube? How do you go back to working a normal job when you're 'YouTube famous'?? We've also got some really exciting news for you all - the show is now weekly for all Patreon supporters! If you don't want to do...


#032: We’re Early!

Peter and Andy are off to be media tarts at a special YouTube event so we're recording the show a bit early this week. We're covering all sorts today including procrastination and working without distractions (in Costa), Peter's gone back to using a roller and hates it, we chat about price conditioning and setting expectations for your clients. Not to mention VAT, tax evasion and MFT hole spacing. Patreon supporters can listen to the aftershow at:


#031: Ch ch ch changes!

We're back for Season 4 of the Measuring Up Podcast and we have so much to tell you! It's only been a few months since the last episode but some pretty major changes are afoot in terms of where we take this whole 'YouTube thing'. We also have a bit of a chat about affiliate marketing and the total lack of preparedness most UK businesses seem to have for this essential sales funnel... and on a related note, we so often hear horrific stories of cowboy builders. Since people are starting to...


#030: Humility as a Woodworker

It's our last episode of Season 3! Join us as we try to get through some of the topics we planned to talk about in the first season. Here goes: YouTube and viral randomness, painting tables, humility as a woodworker, Peter nearly becomes a DJ, Andy's making SketchUp videos, losing and misplacing stuff, Andy didn't have a tape measure, best and worst parts of woodworking, how many battery platforms do we have, budget tools versus premium tools, making doors before carcasses, do we care...


#029: Do Instagram care about Copyright?

Loads to talk about today! Peter's bedside tables are finally out of his workshop and Andy has had some interesting adventures with a viral post on Instagram. This has highlighted a real problem on the platform, do Instagram care about copyright? And what exactly is the Instagram "Hi" scam? Other topics of the day include lath & plaster, who'll train the apprentices, Peter's new fancy biscuit jointer and crazy build requests. Access the aftershow at:...


#028: Soundproofing Workshops & UK New Builds

We're back to normality after Makers Central... well, not quite. We're chatting more about new build housing issues in the UK - from crazily poor standards of construction through to what Andy found hidden in the wall of his new build house. The UK housing industry is broken and we don't know how to fix it. Will the Japanese show us how it's done? Access the aftershow at: Links: Andy's Soundproofing 101 vid Branding irons Peter's table feet vid...


#027: Peter and Andy finally meet! Makers Central 2019!

It's Makers Central 2019 and we have an exhibition stand to run! Andy's heading down and Peter's heading up to Birmingham for the maker event of the year. It's also the first time Andy & Peter actually get a chance to meet in person! Excuse our voices, they're broken from the first day on the show - but we do get a chance to natter a bit more about apprenticeships and difficult customers. Access the aftershow at: Links: Big shout out to Fools with...


#026: The UK Housing Problem

All the usual chit-chat about the day-to-day happenings in a small joinery workshop. We've got a bit more follow-up on the topic of apprenticeships and what it means to be 'time served' in the 21st century. We're also talking about the joys of linseed oil based paint and, briefly, how to fix the entire of the UK's housing problems. Access the aftershow at: Links: UK house prices Luminary Unsplash Music - Silver by Riot A massive thank you to all...


#025: Alcove Units and Saying ‘No’ to Customers

Peter's back to the grind after a bit of well deserved time off in Venice and Andy chats about the alcove install he's been working on. We're also discussing how to say 'no' to customers? What happens when you're asked to do work that you just don't want to do? We're talking about the importance of having a presence on Google My Business and poking a bit of fun at the MDF-haters out there. Is it time for clear finishes on MDF to celebrate the material's natural beauty? Access the aftershow...


#024: Are We Joiners, Carpenters or Cabinet Makers?

We're chatting about the difference between a cabinet maker, joiner, carpenter and a carpet fitter. On a more serious note, is your business being held back by bureaucracy and constant barriers? Being self employed is hard enough and it seems to be a constant uphill battle dealing with red tape. On top of all this we're chatting a bit more about trades people not being allowed to live in new-build houses due to restrictive covenants preventing vans from being parked on your own driveway. Bit...


#023: Inside Baseball

OK, we're getting a bit geeky about YouTube today but bear with us. We're chatting about how a single viral video can transform a YouTube channel overnight from a hobby to a job. We're also talking about video editing software and why, when you're locked in to a platform, switching to something else is easier said than done. We've got some more follow-up on MDF and it's mythical dangers. AND we now have official merch! Link below. Access the aftershow at:...


#022: Special Delivery!

All sorts in today's show. Andy's MDF story, how accurate do you need to be in woodworking? Vans vs trucks, roof racks, Are trades people allowed to live in new houses? Bigger workshops, Makers Central, phew... AND we're asking the question, does the hysteria surrounding the dangers of MDF put it in the same bracket as the anti-vaccination and flat-earther brigades? Let's have a chat about it! And of course, don't read the comments - we chat about some of our favourite YouTube comments in...


#021: What’s Your Poison??

Welcome back to Season 3 of the Measuring Up Podcast! Did you miss us? We missed you all and we especially missed chatting about wood! Today we're discussing the challenges of fitting 2 hours of information in to a 15 minute video and how YouTube is slowly taking over our lives. Some great follow-up from last time too and of course we're asking the age old question, exactly how dangerous is MDF? Access the aftershow at: Links: Awesome to see how...