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Episode 010: Season 1 Finale! How To Make a Podcast & Will There Be a Season 2? - Measuring Up Podcast

This is the final episode of Season 1! How did that happen?! Today we're talking a bit more about spray painting in a small workshop, we give you an end of season 'golden tip' each and we give you a very high level overview of what's involved in making a podcast. So the big question is, are we going to do a Season 2?? You'll have to listen to find out what happens next... Links: Levelator Rag 'n' Bone Brown, Keith Brown's Biscuit Joint Test Sean Tucker Photography Follow Us: Subscribe to...


Episode 009: Spray Painting, YouTube AI & Recommended Woodworking Books - Measuring Up Podcast

Peter's finished his biggest carpentry build & install to date and is now having to hang pictures. Andy's finished his latest exhibition install work and has finally had time to make a new studio desk. Today we're chatting about spray painting in a small workshop and whether this is a viable alternative to the brush and roller. We're also discussing YouTube and whether it's still a viable platform for makers. Finally, woodworking, joinery & carpentry books - a bit of recommended reading...


Episode 008: GDPR for Sole Traders, MDF and Target Customers - Measuring Up Podcast

GDPR was implemented in the EU on 25th May 2018. We're having a bit of a chat about what that could mean for small joinery businesses. We also discuss MDF, where we buy it and what we look for along with target markets for our joinery work and YouTube. Links: GDPR Guidelines from UK ICO ICO Self-Assessment Register for GDPR Sample Privacy Policy The Shop Stool Podcast Hypercritical Podcast Freakonomics Radio Podcast Follow Us: Subscribe to Peter's 10 Minute Workshop channel on YouTube...


Episode 007: Makers Central 2018, Festool MFT & Keeping Healthy - Measuring Up Podcast

Andy's back from Makers Central 2018 and Peter's back from New York! We're having a bit of a chat about Makers Central and what it means for the UK woodworking community. We find out a bit more about Peter's Festool MFT and how that can help small workshops. Links: Peter Outside Jimmy's NYC Shop Andy's Pics from Makers Central (Taken by Glen) Glen Beestone and Newcastle Maker Space Maker Faire UK Makers Central Ben Crowe at Crimson Custom Guitars Vectric CNC - Thank You For The Beers!...


Episode 006: Cabinet Doors and the Metric vs Imperial Debate - Measuring Up Podcast

Today we're talking about trigger words and things that put you on edge as a joiner. We also have a good rant about metric vs imperial and discuss cabinet door construction. Andy wants to redesign all tape measures and Peter chats about visualising areas in square feet. Links: Superior Levels Nick Zammeti Longstaffs of County Durham Thomas Nagy Strawbyte Workshop Follow Us: Subscribe to Peter's 10 Minute Workshop channel on YouTube Subscribe to Andy's Gosforth Handyman channel on YouTube...


Episode 005: Overly Complicated Pricing of Floating Shelves - Measuring Up Podcast

Peter chats about his first experiences with paint spraying and we go in to the real detail of one of the most standard bread & butter joinery jobs, the installation of floating shelves. Andy discusses his ridiculously overly complicated pricing spreadsheet and confirms why you can't compete with IKEA prices. Links: Giant Squid Audio Lab microphones Keith Brown (Rag 'n Bone Brown) on YouTube Andreeson Horowitz A16Z Podcast Bluetooth Connected Tape Measure 'Tape Player': Link unavailable at...


Episode 004: Mobile Tech, Parking Rants and Apple vs Android - Measuring Up Podcast

Today we’re talking a bit more about the tech used on jobs, from parking apps through to literally ‘measuring up’ tips. Peter explains the real cost of parking in London and Andy starts his first in a multi-part series of rants about the local council. Links: Jimmy DiResta on YouTube Gary Thomson Joinery on YouTube KingPost TimberWorks on YouTube Forgotten Joinery Techniques Video Mike Farrington - Edge Tech MDF Edge Grain Sanding Makers International Podcast The Dusty Life Podcast Follow...


Episode 003: Joinery Day Rates and Managing a Small Workshop - Measuring Up Podcast

In this episode we continue on the theme of business management from last time and discuss hourly and daily rates for carpentry work, briefly discuss some of the technology used in our daily routine and also chat about surviving in a small workshop. Links: Tour of Peter's Workshop Tour of Andy's Workshop Both of the above are from Summer 2017 so if you’re looking at this in the future things will probably have changed a bit! Air Quality Monitor (affiliate link) Phil Makes Things on YouTube...


Episode 002: Getting Our Joinery Businesses Off the Ground - Measuring Up Podcast

Peter and Andy have a quick chat about current jobs and discuss how they built up their joinery businesses over the years. What marketing worked for each business and how has this changed over the years? They touch on job pricing, contracts and the sales process from first customer contact through to job completion. Links: Hello Internet Podcast Fools with Tools Podcast The Menu Bar Podcast Follow Us: Subscribe to Peter's 10 Minute Workshop channel on YouTube Subscribe to Andy's Gosforth...


Episode 001: Welcome to the Measuring Up Podcast with Peter Millard and Andy MacLellan - Measuring Up Podcast

Andy and Peter discuss how they entered the world of commercial joinery. From an early age both had a background in making things and in this podcast we find out how their carpentry and cabinet making businesses evolved to where they are now, both through slightly unconventional routes. Links: Protractor Podcast Making It Podcast Matt Cremona on YouTube Follow Us: Subscribe to Peter's 10 Minute Workshop channel on YouTube Subscribe to Andy's Gosforth Handyman channel on YouTube Subscribe...