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The Importance of Identity and Access Management - Ep. 035

As workforces around the world become increasingly mobile, protection of data and information becomes a larger consideration. Security threats that stem from within an organization are as much of a concern as those that are external. Listen to learn more about why identity and access management is so important - and what organizations should be thinking about.


Journey to the Cloud - Ep.034

Organizations in every industry are migrating to the cloud as part of their IT transformation. Whether hybrid, managed or multi-cloud, there are considerations that need to be addressed in order to truly move an organization forward.


Is Your Data Center Ready? - Ep.033

AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning are well entrenched in the mainstream - and are growing every day. Tapping into the power of AI can reduce cost, human effort and risk. Industries from Healthcare and retail to oil & gas are finding ways to use intelligence in new and productive ways. In this episode you’ll learn how to enable your company’s AI future, with a proven IT infrastructure that enables faster insights from data.


WorkForce Transformation - Ep.032

As the traditional workplace evolves, IT solutions have to adapt in order to meet the unique needs of a diverse workforce. Finding flexible solutions to accommodate a mobile workforce can enhance efficiency and productivity, while giving you access to a great talent pool.


Bridge the Gap: Next Gen Data Protection - Ep.031

Automation is a driving force in the IT transformation movement. Carol Carelli raises considerations to help you utilize powerful automation for data protection, cost mitigation, and many more business solutions.


Explore AI as a Driver of Flash Storage Transformation - Ep.30

Automated, predictive storage that helps IT staff stay focused on innovation is a smart innovation that can add value to your business. Listen to see how ePlus and HPE can help ease your storage management load.


Managing the Complexity of Cybersecurity - Ep.029

Listen to Jonathan Nguyen, VP of Strategy and Analytics, and Jon Bove, VP of Channel Sales, both at Fortinet discuss the cybersecurity challenges customers face today, and how Fortinet and ePlus work closely together to help secure a borderless network and drive innovation with an edge-to-edge solution.


Cloud Security Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them - Ep.028

Public cloud environments provide greater agility, scalability and infrastructure consistency than traditional data centers; yet the risk of data loss and business disruption remain, jeopardizing adoption. Listen to this podcast as Palo Alto Networks shares the major pitfalls security teams face when trying to secure cloud environments and how to avoid them.


Bridging the Talent Gap - Ep.027

When it comes to addressing today’s dynamic workplace environment, it’s critical to have a talented team capable of tackling any challenge. To support our customers' diverse needs, ePlus delivers consultative labor with flexible hiring options through our Support Services department. Hear Melissa McGovern, ePlus’ director of staffing services, and Stephanie Inzalaco, ePlus’ on-demand services manager, explain how our exceptional business models help customers ensure the success of...


Fueling Innovation through a More Efficient Approach to Maintenance and Support - Ep.026

In a recent Harvey Nash / KPMG survey, 59 percent of CIOs and technology leaders report being held back from innovation due to lack of resources or funding. 55 percent of those leaders report that budget dedicated to ongoing maintenance and management has increased over the last three years. The bottom line: companies are spending more on maintenance and eating into critical budget dollars allocated for innovation. Listen to Blake Webber, EMS National Practice Manager at ePlus, discuss how...


It’s All About the Customer Experience - Ep.025

Hear from Wayne St. Jacques, vice president of executive and managed services at ePlus, discuss the significance of fostering an exceptional customer experience, especially as it relates to service differentiation and ROI, and ePlus’ approach to getting closer to the customer to fuel success and satisfaction.


Cloud in a Blended World: Addressing Hybrid IT - Ep.024

As hybrid IT becomes the standard, knowing how to provision your software and operational environment to support application development is key. Joe Brown, VP of cloud solutions at ePlus, explains why looking at hybrid cloud as a computing model versus a place is an important starting point. Joe provides tips and insights to address getting starting with hybrid IT to deliver flexibility and competitive advantage.


How to Supercharge your SaaS and Cloud Applications with SD-WAN - Ep.023

SD-WAN adoption rates are continuing to rise as traditional WAN network infrastructure inhibits the benefits of cloud such as speed, agility, elasticity, and cost reduction. Whether your network architecture is “born in the cloud,” hybrid or a traditional on premise model, Bill Evans, National Principal Architect for Digital Infrastructure Solutions, explains how to leverage SD-WAN to deliver elasticity, save money, ensure a great user experience, and support transformational initiatives...


Why Managed Security Services Will NOC Your SOCs Off - Ep.022

Learn how Network Operation Center (NOC) and Security Operation Center (SOC) services help provide peace of mind to customers grappling with a rapidly changing threat landscape. Wayne St. Jacques, V.P. of Managed and Executive Services, discusses how achieving higher visibility, monitoring, managing, and remediating exploits through a certified, compliant provider will be key for organizations overwhelmed by too many security products and a lack of in-house security talent.


How to Embrace Digital Transformation and the Internet of Things

In today’s world, is every company a tech company? Mike Trojecki, V.P. of Digital Infrastructure, and Bill Evans, National Principal Architect, say they are--or at least they should be thinking that way. Learn how digitization, mobility and the Internet of Things are disrupting industries from retail to healthcare, and how assessing your environment, applying analytics and keeping a focus on the end-user experience can help IT keep their companies and organizations ahead of the disruption...


Is SD-WAN the Promised Land?

What if you could reduce costs, increase IT agility, visibility and performance all at the same time? Software-Defined Wide-area Networking (SD-WAN) promises to do just that, but a crowded vendor landscape and marketing hype can make choosing the right solution a daunting task. ePlus’ Blake Webber, Solution Director, and Bill Evans, National Principal Architect, discuss how today’s lines of business are driving new requirements into IT, and why taking a prescriptive step-by-step approach to...


Dude, Where's My Workload?

Predictions about where the cloud market is going abound. But when it comes to applications and workloads, knowing how to analyze what’s cloud ready and what’s not is a big challenge. Wayne St. Jacques, Vice President of Executive and Managed Services at ePlus, discusses how taking a measured approach for moving to the cloud coupled with cloud mapping and monitoring services can help clients achieve needed visibility and track investment spend in public, private and hybrid environments.


24x7x365 Availability in an Always On World

Availability has been a topic for many years in IT, but digitization is pushing organizations to think less about availability as an insurance policy and more as an accelerator for an “always on” world. Hear how Eric Lamp, National Partner Manager at Veeam, explains how customer expectations are affecting availability needs, the impact of virtualization, cloud and security, and how Veeam and ePlus work together to build architectures that support today’s digital world.


How to Maintain an Effective Security Posture with ePlus and Cisco Security

Security is an ongoing journey--and being secure today doesn’t guarantee your organization’s security tomorrow. Wanda Castelvecchi, Cisco Security Practice Lead at ePlus, explains how the proliferation of security point products is contributing to less effectiveness in many organizations’ security posture, and how concerns over budget and insufficient cybersecurity talent create a growing concern for all. Wanda will discuss specific ways ePlus and Cisco are helping address these specific...


1-2-3 Accelerate! 1-2-3 Activate! How to Get the Most Out of Your Cisco Software

The accelerating adoption of cloud computing, applications, and the Internet of Things is poised to change the way companies conduct and build their businesses. Software is quickly becoming the glue that holds it all together, and the ability to quickly adopt and truly activate these applications’ most powerful features will help organizations drive future competitive advantage. Listen to Dave Wooster, Cisco Partner Executive, talk about the business impact Cisco software and ePlus services...