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Ignite the greatness in you. Career and confidence coach Abigale Otchere has your weekly motivational boost.

Ignite the greatness in you. Career and confidence coach Abigale Otchere has your weekly motivational boost.


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Ignite the greatness in you. Career and confidence coach Abigale Otchere has your weekly motivational boost.




MM74 – Best of 2018

Abigale reflects on her personal favourites of 2018. Click on the featured guest to hear their episode in FULL. Names of guests in order, as they are heard in the show. Lotte Davis One Girl Can Gregg Clunis Tiny Leaps Big Changes Larry Schuster Crafting The Art Of Storytelling Sekela Ngamilo When The Odds Are […]


MM73 – Growing Your Money Like Honey with Ramon Gill

An investor, Forex trader and coach, Raman Gill started investing in 2000. After getting introduced to the currency markets in 2009, Raman found her passion and fell in love with trading. Raman founded Trading with Venus in 2014 where she works with those new to trading helping them make better, more informed, decisions about trades […]


MM72 – How to Build a Money Mindset with Ruth Kudzi

Ruth Kudzi is a qualified coach, speaker and best selling author who works with new and aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start and scale successful, profitable businesses in the service sector. She is committed to her own personal development and has a BA in Psychology & Management Studies, a MA in Psychology, a PGCE in […]


MM71 – How To Take Tiny Leaps To Make Big Changes with Gregg Clunis

Gregg Clunis is an author, successful entrepreneur and the host of Tiny Leaps, Big Changes. In the last 2 years, Gregg has helped thousands of people create real change in their lives through his own podcast Tiny Leaps, Big Changes. Gregg grew his podcast from 0 to 100,000 downloads in just 6 weeks… 3 Key […]


MM70 – Britain’s Got Talent with Ellen Georgiou

Ellen Georgiou aka Brunette, songwriter & producer has dreamt about being a recording artist and songwriter since the age of 12. However, at the age of 17 that she met Guy Chambers, an established songwriter and producer best known for his work with Robbie Williams, Tom Jones and James Blunt. Ellen co wrote and produced […]


MM69 – One Girl Can with Lotte Davis

Lotte Davis is the Co-Founder of AG Hair, the only manufacturer of professional hair care products in Canada, with distribution to over 20,000 salons and beauty stores internationally. Lotte and her husband John Davis started AG Hair in 1989 in the basement of their North Vancouver home with a $5000 loan. Their hair care line, […]


MM68 – Who’s Your Mentor with Aaron Walker

Veteran Businessman, Life Coach and Mastermind Founder, Aaron Walker continues to inspire countless entrepreneurs with his leadership skills and his transparent and authentic life. Aaron’s purpose in life is to mentor men to be better versions of themselves. Having more than 40 years of experience in more than a dozen start-ups equips him to lead […]


MM67 – Crafting the Art of Storytelling

Larry Schuster is a speech coach based in Shanghai, China. He coaches speakers to give the best speech of their life. Not just a speech, but an experience. Larry also coaches startup CEOs on their investment pitches at Chinaccelerator, one of the world’s most successful startup incubators. And he is a TEDx coach and founder […]


MM66 – Book Review: How To Win Friends And Influence People

3 Key Points: – Lavish people with sincere praise and encouragement. – Avoid being critical of others. Constant criticism leads people to become defensive and resentful towards you! – When you meet people, greet them with excitement and enthusiasm. Become more interested in people. Resources Mentioned: How To Win Friends And Influence People Book Share […]


MM65 – Chronicles In China

In this episode, I take you on a journey with me as I share my insights on 3 things aimed to help you develop more clarity, become clearer in your communication with others and how to craft the art of letting go. 3 Key Points: – Set your intentions! – Upgrade your language. The distance between […]


MM64 – Evoking A Beautiful Mind Charles Agbemashior

Charles Agbemashior is a social entrepreneur with a passion for problem solving. He established WeGo Innovate as an ideas hub to encourage innovation among the youth. Out of that has come the JUNEOS Challenge – an experiment-based national science competition created to get schools, teachers and students thinking differently about how they teach and learn […]


MM63 – Motivating Teens: When the Odds Are Stacked Against You with Sekela Ngamilo

Sekela Ngamilo is an ambitious student about to take up a place at the University of Oxford to study Jurisprudence (Law). A proactive individual, her interests stretch beyond academia, leading to her engaging in a variety of projects such as acting in two plays at Shakespeare’s Globe and reading Emmeline Pankhurst’s ‘Freedom or Death’ speech […]


MM62 – Finding Your Way out of the Darkness with Lori Charles

Lori Charles is a qualified psychotherapist residing as a school counsellor within the United Kingdom. Lori strongly believes in equipping, educating and supporting her clients with the necessary tools to become more independent thus, emotionally aware to recognize the triggers in their lives and what necessary steps they need to take to recalibrate. 3 Key […]


MM61 – Your Greatness Compels You To Become Distinguished with Onyi Anyado

Onyi Anyado is a multiple award-winning Global Leadership Speaker, Entrepreneur, Business Coach and Author. From his message of cutting-edge distinction, Onyi delivers workshops, talks & coaching sessions on educational, business & corporate platforms around the world training & coaching people how to become distinguished in their chosen field. 3 Key Points: – Even a genius […]


MM60 Season 2 – Experiencing a Miracle Mindset with Carnisa Berry

Carnisa Berry is an International Author, Inspirational Speaker, and Relationship Life Coach. Her company Berry Thoughtful Life Coaching focuses on helping clients to connect to who they are, so in return, they can connect to those around them. To date Carnisa has written and published books, Live Your Best Life: 5 Ways to Conquer Fear […]


MM59 – Embracing My Hair The Natural Way… Lekia Lee

Lekia Lee is on a mission to spread her message aimed at helping black women gain the confidence to rock their hair naturally, one billboard at a time! She launched the campaign #Afrovisibility, under her very own ‘Project Embrace’, which she founded after having her daughter Sirah. To date, Embrace Embrace have launched 72 billboards […]


MM58 – Redefining Happiness Jacqueline Pirtle

Jacqueline Pirtle spent every day of 2017 devoted to her own happiness. She wrote every single day about the things she did to honour her joy and used those writings to create this 365-day step-by-step guide. Jacqueline’s passion for happiness shines through in all of her work as an accomplished mindfulness-happiness coach and author of […]


MM57 – How To Find Work You Love Caroline Wellingham

Caroline Wellingham is an accredited career coach looking to inspire, motivate and encourage women to achieve their career dreams, goals and ambitions. We originally spoke with Caroline first way back when Motivational Monday launched. Over a year later, she’s got more life experience to share, and a great message! 3 Key Points: – Pursuing what […]


MM56 – Nourish Your Body, Nourish Your Soul with Denise Bradford

Denise Bradford is a Whole Food Plant coach who specializes in helping parents transition to making healthier lifestyle habits. Denise is a registered nurse, with a honours degree in Mandarin and culture and a masters degree in International relations. She’s also a certified wellness coach, with a big heart in transforming the way families eat, […]


MM55 – Build The Skills To Pay The Bills with Genecia Alluora

Gencia Alluora is the Founder of Soul Rich Women, South East Asia’s leading network for female entrepreneurs connecting 11,000 women across the region. Genecia was drawn to entrepreneurship in her mid 20’s following her time as Miss Singapore when she established Coffee Nowhere, a specialist cafe for coffee lovers which has grown into a renowned […]