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Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - September 9, 2019

This week: King County Washington plans to divert nearly $100 million to affordable housing over the next 20 years without raising taxes; Sacramento, California passes a rent control measure; and almost two-thirds of Portland residents say they have no input into city decisions that are important to them.


Multifamily Marketwatch - September 3, 2019

This week: a survey of Portland residents find that 61% do not feel like they have a say in city decisions that are important to them; a new law in Washington could allow King County to divert nearly $100 million to affordable housing projects over the next 20 years without raising taxes; and Portland and Seattle are in the top 10 among cities with the highest shares of residents with college or professional degrees.


Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - August 26, 2019

This week: while more than 70 percent of economists think a recession will begin in the next two years, its predicted to have less impact on housing; insurers are dropping customers in areas of the west more prone to wildfires--leaving state insurance plans as the only option; and the Department of Housing and Urban Development plans to implement a rule this fall that would make it harder to bring certain discrimination claims under the Fair Housing Act.


Multifamily Marketwatch - August 19, 2019

This week: Representatives of landlord and tenant groups question the Portland Rental Services Office's use of funds generated by the new rental services fee to pay OneApp Oregon for renter data; economic indicators are causing investors to worry about a potential recession; a report from the Terner Center for Housing finds that impact fees are negatively impacting housing construction in California.


Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - August 12, 2019

This week: The Portland City Council approved an annual $60 per unit fee on rental housing; Oregon Secretary of State Bev Clarno released a report on end-of-budget-cycle spending among state agencies, issuing 16 recommendations to improve transparency in state budgets; the National League of Cities' Housing Taskforce is calling on cities to work together to collect and share data in order to take on the nationwide housing shortage.


Multifamily Marketwatch Special Edition: Greater Portland, Inc.

HFO Partner Greg Frick discusses the challenges of recruiting businesses to Portland in the current environment with Larry Holt, Vice President for Greater Portland, Inc. Greater Portland Inc. provides support and services to companies seeking to relocate or expand in the Portland metro area.


Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - August 5, 2019

This week: An Investigation by The Oregonian uncovers plans to use funds from the recently passed clean energy tax to purchase and rehab affordable housing; the New York Times questions why developers are seen as the bad guys rather than as central to a solution in the fight for more housing.


Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - July 29, 2019

This week: The Portland City Council will have a public hearing at 2 pm Wednesday, July 31 on its plan to charge a $60 per year annual fee on all apartment units; studies continue to list Portland among the top choices for Millennials to call home; and rents in the Seattle market are increasing once again as new units are absorbed and the vacancy rate declines.


Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - July 22, 2019

This week: a new report finds the Portland metro area's recent addition in the housing supply has slowed rent growth; Oregon mobile home park residents face increased displacement risk; Washington State's department of transportation releases a report outlining a business case for high-speed rail in the region; enactment of the federal tax cut and jobs act has resulted in the loss of more than 15-thousand affordable housing units in California, and tens of thousands more nationwide. Next...


Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - July 15, 2019

This week: Home prices drop a bit in Seattle but are still up significantly in the past two years; The Portland City Council weighs gutting the power and influence of its neighborhood groups; Oregon house bill 5006 provides funding to support 2,100 affordable homes throughout the state, and house and senate democrats in the nation’s capital propose legislation that would restrict the ability of public housing providers to evict residents for criminal activity.


Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - July 1, 2019

This week: Harvard's Joint Center for Housing Studies (JCHS) released its State of the Nation's Housing Report for 2019; companies in the Portland and Seattle Metro areas continue to announce positive hiring news; President Trump issued an executive order that creates a commission tasked with recommending ways to cut regulations in the housing market. UPDATE: Oregon Republicans returned to the senate and passed HB 2001 late Sunday night. It heads to Governor Brown's desk for a vote.


Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - June 25, 2019

This week: the Portland City Council approved Commissioner Eudaly's tenant screening and security deposit ordinances with a 3-1 vote; proposed changes to the US census could result in an undercount of over 4 million residents nationwide, including over 75,000 people in Washington and over 35,000 people in Oregon; Democrats vying for the 2020 Presidential nomination are facing pressure from voters to address housing affordability.


Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - June 17, 2019

This week: The Portland City Council appears poised to adopt a proposed renter screening ordinance that some argue will only serve to increase homelessness; Oregon House Bill 2001 moved forward in the state legislature, the bill would legalize duplexes, triplexes, and fourplexes in single-family neighborhoods in all cities with more than 25,000 residents; and a new report finds that tech workers from some of the most expensive cities on the West Coast are viewing Portland as a more...


Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - June 10, 2019

This week: Portland’s tenant screening ordinance moves forward to a possible vote by city council this Wednesday at 10:30 am at City Hall; Portland-area developers are bypass the City’s inclusionary housing requirements by constructing assets with fewer than 20 units, and a study finds that the migration of younger people into cities is more than a passing trend.


Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - June 3, 2019

This week: The City of Portland renter and tenant security deposit ordinances progress to a second reading on June 12th; Seattle rent rates are back on the rise, and the City of Tacoma is in the news as the nation’s hottest housing market.


Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - May 27, 2019

Last week's planned public hearing on Portland's latest tenant screening ordinance draft was rescheduled to this Wednesday from 6-8 pm after council members publicly struggled over the city budget; four of Multnomah county's five commissioners come out in favor of the city's renter screening ordinance, and unreinforced masonry owners are hoping a federal judge rules in their favor this week by granting an extended injunction against the city of portland's placard requirement.


Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - May 20, 2019

Smart Growth advocacy group up for growth released a report criticizing Portland's inclusionary zoning policy, and the Mayor is requesting $150,000 for an independent review of the program; a US magistrate judge heard from building owners and city officials as the lawsuit against placarding signs for unreinforced masonry buildings moved forward; and Vancouver, BC continues to face a tight housing market despite efforts to upzone and new taxes on foreign buyers.


Multifamily Marketwatch - May 13, 2019

A Portland economist reports on the two major factors contributing to rampant homelessness in our region; Prosper Portland announces its design choice for the 14-acre US Post office site downtown, and the Washington legislature budgets nearly 10 billion dollars for transportation spending in that state.


Multifamily Marketwatch - May 6, 2019

This week: Developers are warning that Portland's inclusionary housing requirement is causing a construction slowdown that could exacerbate the city's shortage of housing; Portland commissioner Chloe Eudaly is exploring avenues for increasing city revenue, including a personal income tax on top earners and a vacancy tax on apartment buildings; and cities and states across the U.S. are looking to Minneapolis for creative ways to solve the housing crisis.


Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - April 29, 2019

This week: The Portland City Council will vote May 23rd on screening and security deposit reform after Mayor Ted Wheeler called for significant changes to the proposals; a growing number of high-income households are renting instead of buying; and the New York Times reports that 2020 presidential candidates are working on strategies to help renters.