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Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - December 10, 2018

This week: The Seattle Planning Commission has found that restrictive single family zoning is contributing to segregation and income inequality; the Portland Housing Bureau is re-evaluating spending of the 2016 affordable housing bond with the recent passage of a recent change in state law, and a new study finds that low-income residents living in states with expanded Medicaid are less likely to miss rent and mortgage payments.


Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - December 3, 2018

Oregon's governor released her proposed $23.6 billion budget which includes $406 million for new affordable housing units, construction financing, and programs to help the homeless; Portland State University's population research Center says Oregon grew by more than 50,000 residents in the past year, and the federal reserve signals it may less aggressive in raising interest rates over the next few years.


Multifamily Marketwatch Special Edition - November 26, 2018

Angie Even of Save Portland Buildings offers a recap and update on the status of the City of Portland's regulations on unreinforced masonry buildings inside the city limits of Portland.


Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - November 19, 2018

This week: Oregon economists are predicting that the state's economic growth will start to slow over the next two years, but do not anticipate a recession; local transportation advocacy groups are supportive of Portland's Central City in Motion plan, but have expressed concerns over a recently released parking loss mitigation strategy; and a new report in the Journal of Planning Education and Research finds that Millennial first-time home buyers are more likely to purchase homes near city...


Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - November 12, 2018

This week: Now that the Portland City Council has approved a path for the proposed SW Corridor Max Line, the cities of Portland, Tualatin and Tigard have begun work on plans to upzone land near future stations. Clark County homebuilders are seeing increasing demand for attached homes as prices continue to rise, but zoning in Vancouver limits even where duplexes can be built. The trade war with China is impacting high tech companies throughout Washington. And Portland is seeing a second...


Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - November 5, 2018

This week: Houses in Seattle are selling below asking price for the first time in four years; a new Harvard study finds that the number of low-income renters is growing significantly faster than the number of affordable housing units; and economist Joe Cortright explains why housing can either be a good investment, or affordable -- but it can't be both.


Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - October 29, 2018

This week: The US Treasury released new guidance for Opportunity Zone investments, which could be good news for developers; two new ECONorthwest reports find that a statewide housing shortage is contributing to regional unaffordability and homelessness; and a new survey from California reveals that voters there don't necessarily see eye to eye with academics and politicians when it comes to housing issues.


Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - October 22, 2018

This week: Will Oregon's record low unemployment rate and increased hiring plans by employers put upward pressure on wages? The Portland metro area apartment vacancy rate remains relatively flat from a year ago according to a new report, and in Washington State, the legislature appears up for grabs in the midterm election which may result in rent control being taken up once again in the coming year.


Multifamily Marketwatch Special Edition: The Race for Governor

On Sunday, the Oregonian/Oregonlive endorsed Knute Buehler for Oregon's next governor. Now that the race for governor is a statistical dead heat between Buehler and incumbent Democrat Kate Brown, we're making available the audio from Buehler's speech to apartment owners from our roundtable event held earlier this year.


Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - Monday October 8, 2018

This week: An 18-month review of the City of Portland inclusionary Housing Program leads the Housing Bureau to plan refinements to the program. The Portland City Council will vote Wednesday morning on an ordinance requiring owners of unreinforced masonry buildings to post signs stating the builds are unsafe. And the New York Times reports a national cool-down in the housing market as prices outpace wage growth.


Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - October 1, 2018

This week: Metro Council is working now on plans to quickly allocate monies to build or preserve up to 3,900 units of affordable housing if a $516 million bond levy is supported by voters in next month's midterms; US Senator Elizabeth Warren proposes a federal bill that would raise estate taxes to bankroll a $500 billion fund for affordable housing.


Multifamily Marketwatch Special Edition - September 24, 2018

Dr. Gerard Mildner, director of the Portland State University Center for Real Estate, offers his insight into current housing issues in the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area.


Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - September 17, 2018

This week: The Portland City Council plans to take up the matter of new rental screening criteria proposed by commissioner Chloe Eudaly on Thursday, October, 18th. The Portland Housing Bureau has loosened inclusionary zoning rules for condos; the mayor of Milwaukie, Oregon says that housing affordability is in crisis and plans to hold discussions for implementing a renter relocation policy like Portland's along with policies that encourage increased density.


Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - September 10, 2018

This week: The Portland City Council vote on URM placard warning signs has been rescheduled to Wednesday, October 3rd; PBOT is narrowing its Central City in Motion Plan down to 18 project bundles, which now include cost estimates and impact analyses; and Victoria Transport Policy Institute founder Todd Litman has a number of ideas that could help cities increase housing and transit affordability.


Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - September 4, 2018

This week: Oregon state economists predicted taxpayers might receive a large kicker in 2020 - the same year an economic slowdown is forecast; economist Joe Cortright explains why blocking new housing projects in low-income neighborhoods does not prevent displacement; and Adidas breaks ground on a significant expansion of its North Portland campus, which is expected to house 1,000 additional permanent workers.


Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - August 27, 2018

This week: The City of Portland passes new zoning for mobile home parks, creating an obstacle for redevelopment; The President's tariff on building materials is causing projects to be scaled back or abandoned; The justice department announced its support for a lawsuit accusing Facebook of violating fair housing laws.


Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - August 20, 2018

This week: Clackamas County elected officials show support for Metro's housing bond at a Chamber of Commerce event; the city of Portland debates new rules for developers pertaining to how and when neighborhoods should be notified of new construction; and economists and housing experts respond to a claim in the Washington Post that building new housing only helps the rich.


Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - August 13, 2018

This week: Auditors find that about 80% of Portland's short-term rentals may be operating illegally; Mayor Ted Wheeler rearranges oversight of Portland's bureaus, and the City of Vancouver Washington throws its support behind building a new I-5 bridge across the Columbia River--five years after Washington's state Legislature scuttled the idea.


Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - August 6, 2018

This week: tenants in a SE Portland apartment complex decide to go on a rent strike; the Portland City Council postpones voting on the residential infill plan; while on the national stage, a California Senator is calling for the federal government to create a tax credit for families who spend more than 30% of their income on rent.


Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - July 30, 2018

This week: the Portland City Council has created a housing registry landlords of one or more units; Metro council staff released the draft 2018 Urban Growth report and a recent survey finds growing frustration between Seattle landlords and their City Council.