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Successful fundraising is from NOT your products BUT your people, customers or team. NB11

With Claire Chang, Managing Director at IgniteXL Accelerator at Silicon Valley LinkedIn here Website here What's different, VC vs. Accelerator? How Accelerator get the fund? What is the best strategy to globalize your product? (10:00) How to really know the customer perspective? (13:00) Popular mistakes when entering global markets How to network in Silicon Valley? (18:00) A story to get the VC fund from Hyundai (20:00) Korea brand in Silicon Valley (27:00) Hey there, find my wine...


Crowdfunding is NOT to raise money BUT to exercise marketing with Samit Patel NB10

Crowdfunding strategy PR strategyKickstarter platform characteristics Digital marketing strategyWhat should be the primary goal for Kickstarter campaign? How important is it to prepare email subscribers? Where is the most effective marketing channel? Can you give an example of successful campaign? Find @chloedoyeon on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter


Create 9 income streams NOT with risk hungry, BUT risk averse attitude by Dorie Clark NB9

LinkedIn @Dorie Website Resources mentioned in the podcast: 88Questions Worksheet This podcast @chloedoyeon


Distraction is NOT bad, BUT a good source of creativity with Barbara Oakley NB8

Be open and flexible is the way to build your unique expertise and viewpoint. When dabbling into something else, the mixture of happening creates new approach will come out. Steve Jobs' Quote: That only after you're there, can you then connect the dots. “You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma,...


Create hype NOT by marketing dollar, BUT by kick ass UX with Florian Bohnert at Mobike NB7

It’s NOT by spending marketing dollar that you create hype, BUT by having a kick ass user experience retention And others as well LinkedIn @florianbohnert Twitter @mobikeflo Facebook Page @thechloedoyeon


Fight a price war NOT with lower price, BUT with even higher spending. NB6

Fight a price war NOT with lower price, BUT with even higher spending. 1. Higher spending of differentiation strategies 2. Higher spending of sales 3. Higher spending on CS My client's Early Bird Satisfaction Service Take a look at your product or service. Focus on a certain channel or specific stage of customer's journey. Then, spend high of your time, resources, efforts on them. This can be your valuable marketing tactic and brand builder. Reach me @chloedoyeon at Twitter,...


Invest Facebook Marketing NOT on Pages BUT on your Personal Account. NB5

Today, my NOT A BUT B strategy will cover how to tackle this Facebook overhaul. In my humble opinion, you should invest Facebook Marketing NOT on Pages BUT on your Personal account. Consider patterns and characteristics of user's session. Consider the essence nature of Newsfeed. Of all those factors, what do you think matter the most for FB algorithm to decide which content is being relevant content and meaningful for social interaction and the network in the community? It is the...


Try NOT to find customers, BUT to invite contributors. NB4

Inviting Contributor offers the promise of “Scalable Intimacy” Contributors are your best ally. They are your references! 8 Benefits to have Contributors Who are Contributors? How can you find Contributors? -Buzzsumo: -Upfluence: -Networking 4 Rewards to Offer -Money -Stability -Status -Attention Check out "The Ultimate Guide to Master Contributors and Influencers Marketing eBook." Leave a comment or review for this...


Do NOT hire top tier BUT recruit 2nd tier performers. NB3

Don't get me wrong. Intelligence is a strong predictor of performance success. Screening based on the predictable quality of the school name or academic performance relatively scores high. ..... Laszlo Bock, Senior Vice President of People Operations for Google, interviewed with Thomas Friedman on NY Times about How to get a Job at Google. .... What do you think? Do you have anything to say? Join the conversation by leaving comments or Reviews. Or find me on Twitter or Instagram...


You may NOT need buyers, BUT partners. NB2

How can I find a reliable buyer? Will buyers accept this price? most companies focus on buyers. This is WRONG question to ask in the first place. you should not initiate your business on your position. Because, your buyer is thinking the same question. How can I find a reliable seller? Where is the trustworthy manufacturer? .... What do you think? Join the conversation by leaving comments or Reviews. Or find me on Twitter or Instagram @chloedoyeon


This podcast is NOT to create followers, BUT leaders. NB1

Your business may NOT need A BUT B strategy. NOTA BUTB strategy podcast gives crystal clear strategic advices for Marketing, Growth Strategy, and Business Results. Whether you are entrepreneurs, small business owners, or enterprise marketing managers, this inspiring and readily actionable podcast can be your ultimate game changer. Chloe Doyeon will reframe and inspire you with actionable leadership advices for your business growth and revenue with extensive field experiences from Fortune...