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Beauty Industry Events You Should Know About

On this episode of New Beauty with Jaye Renee' I share with you some of my favorite events for beauty industry professionals. I believe that industry professionals should attend professional events on a regular basis for the latest, newest and most innovative information, education and products. Check out these events and if you are attending, let me know...If I'm there, we can catch up. If you have any questions you can email me at Get a FREE copy of my book The 6...


Bonus Episode:Teaching People How to Do Business with You, Finding Money to Grow

This episode of New Beauty with Jaye Renee' is a 3 for 1! On it I discuss 3 different topics all important and things you should know. I talk about: -Teaching People How to Do Business with You -How to Find Money To Start or Expand Your Business and -Ways to Up Your Game in 2018 with Simple Steps Enjoy this bonus episode and if you have any questions feel free to reach out to me.


The Myths of the beauty Industry: Why They are and How You Can Avoid Them

There are Myths about the Beauty Industry. Falsehoods, incorrect theories and assumptions that just aren't true. Unfortunately, there are many do not know that these things are in fact Myths, to them they are truths, they believe them and once believed they have the ability to ruin your career in this industry. So on this episode of New Beauty with Jaye Renee', I share what those falsehoods are and share the actual truth behind them. Have any questions? I'm on Instagram at...


What Is Your Purpose And Why It Is Important

What's your purpose? That always feels like a loaded question, especially if it's not something you typically ask yourself. In business and well as in your personal life it is critical to your success and your growth to know what it is that drives you, what keeps you pushing and what makes your experiences worth it. In this episode of New Beauty with Jaye Renee' I share why it's important to have a purpose, how to identify them and how to use this knowledge to better understand yourself...


A New Year for Beauty Industry Professionals

Happy New Year Beauty Industry Professionals! Wishing you a fantastic 2018! As I look back, I'm amazed at all that I've accomplished and learned thought out the crazy year 2017 was for me. And because of all that I've learned and come to understand myself I am truly looking forward to and amazing and fulfilling 2018! Are you ready to make 2018 your best year yet in the beauty industry and beyond??? Let's go. Be on the lookout for new episodes of New Beauty with Jaye Renee' each and every...


Net Neutrality For Beauty Industry Professionals: What You Need to Know

On this episode of New Beauty with Jaye Renee' I share what the potential loss of net neutrality could mean for beauty industry professionals. This episode is meant to get you thinking and planning! How would you operate if this essential thing was taking away from you? Could your business survive if your audience disappeared overnight? More important that what could happen is what you should be doing right now in your business to ensure it's continued success and growth, on this episode I...


How to Write and Publish Your Beauty Industry Book

Do you want to write and publish a book? On this episode of New Beauty with Jaye Renee', I share with you just how to do that. What's covered in this episode: 1. Planning your book 2. Writing your content 3. Outlining your content 4. Protecting your book 5. Cover design & artwork 6. Typesetting & editing 7. Distribution 8. Publishing 9. The book launch or announcement This is a must listen to podcast with lots of great tips and information. Get your pen and notebook ready! If you have any...


Beauty Industry Advice: Things that stop you from reaching your goals

To be a successful beauty industry professional not only will you need to work to keep your business thriving and in order but you need to keep yourself thriving and in order! After all without you there is no business and no success to be had. Because December is the time of year most people take time to reflect over their accomplishments (or lack thereof) from the past year, and also the time when people begin to plan for their next year and beyond. When looking to move forward in any...


Beauty Business Marketing: Tips for Holiday Season Growth

There's no reason for you not to make good money in your business this time of year! After all people are primed and ready to spend money on just about anything that catches their eye. Do yourself a favor and listen to these quick tips to make more money during this holiday season and let your Outcome be Income! I have a special offer available at the end of this episode to take advantage of it simply go here And as always you have any...


Beauty Professionals Are You Getting Through Your Clients?

Communication is key when getting your message across to your clients and potential clients. With so many ways to talk to and get information to people it's easy to get overwhelmed. Why should I do business with you? What sets you apart from everyone else? And, how do I know you appreciate my business? Are all questions that clients and potential clients want answers to. Successful beauty professionals understand the importance of answering these and other questions for them. They...


How To Maximize How Much Money You Can Make In Your Beauty Business

There is only and certain numbers of hours in a day and only a certain number of clients you can service in that day. What that means for you is there is a point where you will max out. Let's say you work a 9 hour say and in that time period you can service 10 clients. If you work 5 days a week that means you can service 50 clients a week. If your average ticket price is $40 your average weekly income from services is $2000 per week. What this says it that no matter what $2000 is your...


This Is The Quickest Way to Accelerate The Growth of Your Business

People ask me all the time if I had to choose one thing above all others what would be my advice for them to grow their businesses quickly. Now, I could think of at least 3 core things but if I had to single one out right it would be what I based this episode on. It's short and sweet but I promise, you listen to and act upon what I say in this episode and you will begin to leapfrog over your competition. Questions? Send them my way. Either email me, message me through my site...


The Best Way To Grow Your Business Is By Knowing Your Numbers

Anytime you want something to grow there must be measurement. How else would you know if it's growing or not?!? In this episode I share what your "numbers" are, why you need to know them and how to keep track of them. Most importantly, I share how they help you grow your business. You're not in business just for the fun of it, you want to make money and to be profitable. This episode will help show you where to focus your time, attention and resources to get the most out of your beauty...


Audiobook series: The 6 Figure Stylist(TM) Chapter 2

Whew! Ok, there is Chapter 2 of "The 6 Figure Stylist(TM): Secrets to Exploding Your Beauty Industry Business & Creating Success by Design. Get your pen and pad ready because it's packed with tons of great information. Here's a look at some of the things I cover: 1. How To Get All The Clients You Want 2. Being New Customer Ready 3. What Your Clients Want 4. Building Rapport 5. The Power of Multiplication 6. Red Carpet Treatment and much much more! Don't let this content pass you by....


Audiobook series: The 6 Figure Stylist Chapter 1

For this audio book series, I will be reading my book The 6 Figure Stylist(TM): Secrets to Exploding Your beauty Industry Business & Creating Success by Design, the book is a quick read with tons of great information packed into it. I will read one chapter per episode. If you have the book or are already familiar with it's content feel free to skip the audiobook series and resume the regular podcast episodes but please share this information with others. I've decided to read it here for a...


You're The Quarterback of Your Business

You have to listen to this one! It's a quick listen that will have you thinking, motivated and armed with ammunition to keep going to the next level! As always let me know what you think. And I'm here if you have any questions. Have you checked out my YouTube channel? And as always you can find and reach me via Instagram @BeautyIndustryJaye


Mahisha Dellinger CEO and Founder of CURLS

I had to wonderful opportunity to speak with Founder and CEO of CURLS(R), Mahisha Dellinger. CURLS(R) is an amazing, industry changing, natural hair care company. It is one of the most recognized natural hair care brands in North America, with over 40 products made with certified organic ingredients, multi-channel distribution including retail locations such as Target, Sally's Beauty Supply, Wal-Mart, Rite Aid, CVS, Duane Reed and over 200 professional salon boutiques across the US. In...


What to sell in your barbershop

What should I sell in my barbershop? Is a question I get a lot. So for you, I go into depth on this episode about what you can sell to your customers in your barbershop . This is a quick listen that is guaranteed to bring more money into your barbering business. If this doesn't bring you more money, I'll come to your barbershop and sell them myself! And I mean it! Have any questions? Just let me know! And let me know when you add some of these products and share how they work for you....


Understanding Why People Buy Things And Spend Money

This is one of my most important trainings! You must listen to it no matter what type of business you have. People don't spend money and buy things for the reasons most people think. When you know and understand the motivations behind what makes people want to part with their hard-earned money, your sales increase like magic. On this episode I share 8 most common reasons people willingly shell out cash and how you can tap into those reasons. I loved recording this as you will be able to...


An Interview with Pima Mbwana of The Cut Buddy

This amazing episode of New Beauty with Jaye Renee' features an great in-depth interview with Co-Founder and Marketing Director of The Cut Buddy, Pima Mbwana. Listen to find out what this incredibly innovative new tool is and how beauty professionals and future beauty professionals can use it to become better, faster and more efficient. Other great things you'll learn are: -How to use The Cut Buddy to grow your business -Pima's advice for beauty professionals looking to bring a product to...


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