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Stock Market Opportunities: Opto Sessions brings you in-depth interviews with the best minds in finance, from hedge fund managers to options traders, uncovering their secrets to success. Learn to trade or improve your investing with ideas, tips and techniques from the industry's greatest minds.

Stock Market Opportunities: Opto Sessions brings you in-depth interviews with the best minds in finance, from hedge fund managers to options traders, uncovering their secrets to success. Learn to trade or improve your investing with ideas, tips and techniques from the industry's greatest minds.


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Stock Market Opportunities: Opto Sessions brings you in-depth interviews with the best minds in finance, from hedge fund managers to options traders, uncovering their secrets to success. Learn to trade or improve your investing with ideas, tips and techniques from the industry's greatest minds.




#98 - Julian Klymochko - Live Q&A: SPAC Mania, Virgin Galactic & Arbitrage Strategy

On Wednesday 15th December, we hosted our latest live interview on Twitter Spaces, with Hedge fund and SPAC expert Julian Klymochko. Julian is CEO at Accelerate Financial Technologies, a company democratising alternative investment by offering institutional-calibre hedge fund and private equity strategies, in the form of low-cost ETFs. One of Accelerate’s strategies, ARB, provides exposure to SPAC arbitrage. So, Julian identifies the advantages of an arbitrage approach, before highlighting...


#97 - Paul Schulte - The Money Metaverse

Today we’ve got Paul Schulte on the show. Paul is the founder and editor of Schulte Research, a company that does research on banks, financial technology, and bank algorithms. He’s had a long career in equity research spanning 27 years working on both the buy and sell sides covering Asian and emerging markets. He’s also the author of 5 books including ‘The Money metaverse: How crypto is reinventing finance and property'. In this interview, we discuss the causes of the recent sell off in...


2021 Review (Part 2): Insights from Howard Lindzon, Mark Yusko, Adam Robinson & more

Part 2 of our 2021 review. Listen in to learn from some of my favourite interview snippets from the year. - Howard Lindzon on SPACs - Mark Yusko on Digital Assets - Adam Robinson on What Is A Trend - Austin Lieberman & Jeff Ross on Founder-led Companies - Jaime Rogozinski on the Rise Of The Retail Trader Have a great new year! Thanks to Cofruition for consulting on and producing the podcast. Want further Opto insights? Check out our daily newsletter:...


2021 Review (Part 1): Best Bits from Ross Gerber, Ali Urman, Jonah Lupton & More

This week's episode is slightly different. Over the Christmas period, Ed and I will be taking it in turns to pick our favourite snippets from the episodes recorded this year. Today it was my turn, and it struck me that a consistent theme ran throughout the majority of the interviews, namely: Investing in disruptive Innovation. During this episode, we start by hearing from Jonah Lupton on his unique approach to investing in disruptive, innovative businesses. Then, we hear from other previous...


#94 - Edwin Dorsey - Shorting Bad Businesses, Investigating Care.com & Dorsey the ‘Anti-Zuckerberg’

Edwin Dorsey is Founder of The Bear Cave, a short-focused newsletter that investigates and uncovers ‘Bad businesses’. Edwin’s passion for investing began in third grade, and when his grandmother funded an E-Trade account for him whilst still in elementary school, he was hooked. Whilst at Stanford, Dorsey shone a spotlight on the nefarious Care.com, having instigated an international investigation, that culminated with a Wallstreet Journal front page, a C-suite overhaul, and IAC’s ultimate...


#93 - Simon Erickson - Personalised Medicine, Machine Learning Inference & Waymo's Self Driving Car

Today I’ve got Simon Erickson on the show. Simon is the founder and CEO of 7investing where they empower you to invest in your future! They provide subscribers with the "7 investment ideas" every month. Before this Simon was also at Motley Fool for 7 years as the lead advisor of Motley Fool Explorer, investing each month into the market's most innovative companies. Simon is a forward-looking investor, focused on identifying disruptive innovation and finding developing trends before others...


#92 - Gil Baumgarten - A Wall Street Cartel, Unrealised Gains & the Most Common Mistake Investors Make

Gil Baumgarten is President & CEO of Segment Wealth Management, a 36-year veteran of the securities and investment industry. After 25 years on Wall Street, Gil had grown tired of brokerages routinely putting their own interests above those of the client. Gil lifts the lid on the nefarious practice’s endemic amongst these Wall Street institutions, before taking us through the diametrically opposed investment approach, employed at Segment. Gil identifies the most common mistakes made by...


#91 - Richard Lightbound - Disruptive Innovation, ROBO Scores & Investing in AI

Richard Lightbound is EMEA & Asia CEO of ROBO Global, an index advisory and Research company helping investors capture the unique opportunities presented by Robotics, Artificial intelligence, and Healthcare technology. Each of those themes within the Disruptive Innovation landscape is represented by a ROBO Global index, and cumulatively those indices have accrued close to $5bn worth of assets tracking them. We discuss how the company’s strategic advisory board - made up of best-in-class...


#90 - Tobias Carlisle - How the Billionaire Contrarians of Deep Value Beat the Market

This week I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing Tobias Carlisle, founder and managing director of Acquirers Funds where he manages the firm's deep value strategy as a portfolio manager. Tobias is also the author of The Acquirer’s Multiple (2017), Concentrated Investing (2016), Deep Value (2014), and Quantitative Value (2012). In this interview, we discuss the 2 ways returns to deep value are realized, how the Billionaire Contrarians of Deep Value Beat the Market, and how you can value...


#89 - Ali Urman - ARK Invest, DNA Sequencing & the Genomic Revolution

Ali Urman is ARK Invest’s Genomic Revolution analyst, responsible for the company’s research on Gene editing, DNA sequencing, Stem cell technologies & Immunotherapy. As of September 2021, ARK’s AUM stood at a colossal $42.4 billion, spearheaded by investing legend and household name, Cathie Wood. To speak to ARK’s Genomics analyst as a global pandemic thrusts Biotechnology into the spotlight was a huge privilege. And Ali doesn’t disappoint. We discuss the Genomic revolution – how the...


#88 - Austin Lieberman - Portfolio Manager at Social Capital - Investing with a Founder's Mentality

This week we’ve got Austin Lieberman on the show, one of the 11 portfolio managers at Chamaths Social Capital. The 11 fund managers were given $50million by social capital earlier this year to try and achieve abnormal returns from the markets. Austin was previously a lead advisor at 7investing, a regular contributor to the motley fool, and a veteran, having served 7 years at the united states air force. In this interview, we discuss how and why to invest with a founder's mentality,...


#87 - Jeff Ross - Live Q&A: A Hedge Fund's Stock-Picking Strategy, FILMS & Investing in Tech

On Friday 15th October we hosted our third live interview on Twitter Spaces, with Sessions favourite, Dr. Jeff Ross. Having previously quizzed Jeff about Bitcoin’s long-term outlook and the Crypto’s credentials as a Store of Value, this time we focused on his hedge fund’s stock-picking strategy. Vailshire Partners operates a Long/Short approach, identifying long-term equity investments in the Healthcare & Technology sectors. I ask Jeff for his view on Tech & Healthcare right now, and over...


#86 - Jaime Rogozinski - Founder of WSB (WallStreetBets)

This week I’m delighted to introduce Jaime Rogozinsk, Founder of the notorious WSB subreddit, you’ll all know them from the infamous GameStop short squeeze. A moment that will go down in history alongside the rise of the retail trader and the power of communities. Jaime founded WSB, a movement for ​​financial democracy, in 2012. The community currently stands at approx 11 million strong. In this interview, we discuss why Jaime founded WSB, how the GameStop story unfolded, the power of...


#85 - Emmet Savage - Portfolio favourites, MyWallSt and Emmet’s 6 Golden Rules

Emmet Savage is Chief Investor and Co-Founder of MyWallSt. MyWallSt’s mission is to get their readers successfully investing in the stock market, over a long-term time horizon. In addition to timely market insights and illuminating educational content on the firm’s App and website, Emmet offers 24/7 access to his Horizon portfolio, a group of 20-50 stocks, all of which Emmet believes possess the potential to 10x over 12 years. A professional audit of that portfolio showed a 24% annual...


#84 - Brad Loncar - Live Q&A: Cancer Without Chemo, Evergrande's Impact & Merck's Anti-Covid Pill

Last week we hosted our second live interview on Twitter Spaces, this time with Biotechnology investment expert and pioneer, Brad Loncar. Brad is the creator of two Nasdaq-listed funds: The Cancer Immunotherapy ETF & The China BioPharma ETF, and as a result, we focus on oncology innovation and Evergrande’s impact on Chinese biopharma. But to kick off, listen out for Brad’s views on Merck’s game changing anti-COVID pill and whether, after an uninspiring year for US Biotech, investors should...


#83 - Kevin T. Carter - "The Biggest Opportunity in the History of Capitalism", Evergrande & Picking the Next Alibaba

Kevin T. Carter is the Founder & Chief Investment Officer of EMQQ. While Kevin considers himself an active ‘value’ investor - a Buffett/Munger disciple -, a 20+-year partnership with Princeton economist and indexing legend Dr. Burton Malkiel, has seen his career take an unexpected turn. Having co-founded Active Index Advisors in 2002, a pioneer in so-called ‘direct-indexing’, Kevin’s ambition had been to improve retail access to financial markets – a clear motivation in his founding of...


#82 - Keith McCullough - Forecasting Using Growth and Inflation, Quads & Debunking 'Old Wall' Misinformation

Today we welcomed back Keith McCullough, CEO of the renowned market insights outfit, Hedgeye. With over 200,000 followers on Twitter, Keith has garnered a global reputation for his transparent, data-led approach. We kick off the interview by discussing how Keith and his team of over 40 analysts use their proprietary Growth/Inflation/Policy (GIP) model, to paint an illuminating picture of the macroeconomic environment. We also cover current markets, where I highlight the erroneous...


#81 - Jeff Ross - Live Q&A: Bitcoin's 'Real' Value, El Salvador & Hedging Dollar Debasement

This week’s episode is slightly different. You’ll hear a live Q&A held on Twitter Spaces last Friday with Founder of Vailshire Capital Management and friend of the show, Jeff Ross. Jeff occupies the rare space of being both a radiologist and a founder of a successful hedge fund, and while the latter provides an innovative, all-weather, full-cycle portfolio management system – which has returned 95% in the past year – another topic currently hold Ross’s attention: Bitcoin. I quiz Jeff on...


#80 - Andrew Chanin - Space. The final frontier. Shuttles, Hotels, Colonisation & Meteor Mining

Hello everyone, I’m your host, Ed Gotham, and welcome to another episode of Opto Sessions where we interview the top investors from around the world uncovering their secrets to success. This week we’ve got Andrew Chanin, CEO at ProcureAM on the show. ProcureAM enables investors to access other-worldly opportunities via the space ETF UFO. Andrew has a rich history in the equity markets beginning his career working for the Kellogg Group in 2007 as an ETF trader followed by a move to Cohen...


#79 - Bob Brown (CFO), AEye - AI-driven LiDAR systems for vehicle autonomy, robotic vision and more

This week we’ve got Bob Brown on the show, CFO at AEye. AEye is a leader in AI-driven LiDAR systems for autonomous vehicles, advanced driver-assistance, and robotic vision. Bob has over 30 years of financial experience, completing over $20 billion in financing and M&A transactions, and has a rich history of working in C-level positions at various other Lidar companies. In this interview, we discuss how lidar is the future for autonomous driving and robotics, how the technology works...