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Whether it's getting out of debt or getting a new job, Rich & Marcus have you covered. Join them as they take a fun and relatable approach to personal finance and career advice for millennials.

Whether it's getting out of debt or getting a new job, Rich & Marcus have you covered. Join them as they take a fun and relatable approach to personal finance and career advice for millennials.
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Whether it's getting out of debt or getting a new job, Rich & Marcus have you covered. Join them as they take a fun and relatable approach to personal finance and career advice for millennials.




Money in Our 20's: What We Wish We Learned - PB95

On the show, today Rich and Marcus will be discussing the 15 personal finance books that Marcus set out to read in 2018. So far Marcus has read 10 of them. The guys share the lessons learned from these books and give you recommendations on which books are most important for your age range. There are different strategies for money management in your 20s, 30s, and 40s and in this 2-part discussion P&B breaks down money management for these three key decades in your life. Memorable Quotes:...


Needs vs. Wants -- PB94

Marcus kicks off the show recapping a recent trip he took to NYC, for a Yahoo Finance interview. On his way to the hotel, he get’s convinced to hop in a sketchy Uber-like service and is hit with a huge bill at the end of his ride. If you have a similar tale of Uber in the City, share your funniest / craziest ride-share experience (Uber, Lyft, Taxi, etc.) on social media with #RideScare for a chance to receive a shout-out on the show! Back on the personal finance tip, the guys then delve...


They Were Struggling on $500K?! ft. Financial Samurai (Pon Da Replay)

We re-re-visit our fastest downloaded episode ever, PB47: Barely Making It on $500,000! The Financial Samurai joins us for this episode to discuss his popular blog post about a couple struggling in a big city on yes, $500,000. The Financial Samurai (Sam Dogen) got his MBA from Cal and spent over 10 years working in the financial services industry. After 13 years of working in Corporate America and living the “American Dream,” money ceased to be a major driving factor. Sam wanted to live...


From Money Dates to Money Moves ft. Elle Martinez of Couple Money – PB93

Elle Martinez started Couple Money in 2009 after writing about personal finances for more than 7 years. Couple Money's purpose is to help couples build their finances together by learning to live on one income and having fun with the second through tips, tools, and services that can help couples work out solutions that address their needs. Couple Money has been featured on sites such as Business Insider, Daily Finance, TurboTax, and Go Banking Rates. If you're in a relationship now or...


The Art of Winning - PB92

It's 6-months into the year. Do you know where your finances are? Well, we declared our positive affirmations and #FinGoals for 2018 on PB80: It’s Never Too Late to Get Started. For your benefit and ours, we're going back to the future with a much needed Mid-Year Resolutions revelation to see where we have been winning, slipping, and where we need to make some in game adjustments (unlike Tyronn Lue!) to get back on track. On this episode, we'll discuss the art of the win and how you too...


It's Time to Raise That Credit Score! ft. Liz Weston (Pon Da Replay)

This week we’re sharing our conversation with Liz Weston on everything credit. This is the deep dive you didn't know you needed! Liz is a Columnist and Certified Financial Planner (CFP) whose goal is to help us get smarter about money. She's the author of five books including the best-selling "Your Credit Score: How to Improve the 3-Digit Number That Shapes Your Financial Future." Her “Money Talk” column appears throughout the country, including the Los Angeles Times and she has appeared...


From $47,000 in Debt to Financial Independence ft. Candice Marie – PB91

Today Candice Marie has a positive net worth, savings, investments and paid off over $47,000 in debt! This wasn't the case just six years ago when she didn't want to check her net worth because she knew it was in the negatives. While some of us worry about living paycheck-to-paycheck, Candice had to get use to a no-check-to-no-check lifestyle after struggling for years to find steady work after graduating college. Rather than get discouraged, she used this as an opportunity to become...


The Three Levels to Financial Freedom – PB90

There's levels to adulting and someone lost the instruction book, but we got you! This week Rich and I talk about the steps we followed in pursuit of financial independence. You'll hear how even simple changes in your day-to-day routine can lead to huge financial wins in the year-to-year. Plus, hear a quick four-step way to estimate your your own financial independence number. Like always, we keeps it fun, informative and simple. On this episode we cover: References Mentioned in this...


How to Make a Career Change ft. Jeff Johnson - PB89

Jeff Johnson has been seen covering red carpets and press junkets for various outlets including NBC News and The YBF. Jeff also hosts the “NonStopCulture Show." A podcast and YouTube show discussing the latest in pop culture and digital media. He is also an on-air host FanBros and correspondent and producer for Bleacher Report. RTs are not endorsements but the views and waves are (allegedly) his. We brought Jeff on the show to tells us how he transitioned from content corporate guy into...


Investing Made Easy ft. Tela Holcomb - PB88

In our final week of Financial Literacy Month, Tela Holcomb joins us to discuss the stock market in plain English. Yes, we asked her about Bitcoin! But first, Tela is a stocks and options trader, mom, and wife who is focused on spending the most of her time living the life she loves. Before achieving this freedom, like many of you, she was dependent on a paycheck from the 9 to 5 to pay her bills. That was cool, but she wanted to have more time to spend with her family, friends, and travel...


Your Money Mindset Matters ft. J.D. Roth - PB87

Our National Financial Literacy Month guest interviews continue! This week we welcome back former P&B guest J.D. Roth (ICYMI – PB34: Become a Money Boss ft. J.D. Roth). J.D. is a recognized personal finance expert who has written for Forbes and recently returned to writing for his popular and insightful personal finance website, Get Rich On this episode he helps you and us explore a different way to view money with a focus on saving you more of it. Your money mindset matters!...


Banish the Balance ft. Tonya Rapley - PB86

Continuing our guest interviews for National Financial Literacy Month April 2018, we welcome back Tonya Rapley (ICYMI - PB29: My Fab Finance ft. Tonya Rapley). Since the last time she was on our show, Mrs. Rapley has secured several bags. For the newly acquainted, Tonya is the millennial money expert and creator of the award-winning site, In 2014 she was deemed the “New Face of Wealth Building” by Black Enterprise Magazine and her site has been voted the best finance blog...


Afford Anything ft. Paula Pant - PB85

Kicking off National Financial Literacy Month 2018 right, we're joined by Paula Pant of the Afford Anything website and podcast. When Paula graduated from college she did what society expected: she got a regular schmegular job. But, like many of us, she soon realized that working a 9 to 5 -- even at a job she loved -- deprived her of something even more valuable: personal freedom. Paula set out to become financially independent and along the way she discovered you can afford anything (but...


Half a Million?! And an Intern...

A quick update!


PB84: Automate Your Way to Saving 1x Your Income

On this week's P&B Money Minute we discuss how to save 1x your income by age 30 and 3x by age 40 using a few automated tools we recommend. Marcus reveals why he finally logged back into his retirement accounts after a 12-month hiatus and the three step process you can follow to potentially increase your retirement savings without impacting your takehome pay. Plus, the automated tools you can use to make retirement savings easy. On this show we'll explain:


PB83: How to Stay Ready for Your Next Opportunity

Rich brings back the This Week in Work segment, covering the importance of staying ready in life and at work. Our discussion covers: References Mentioned in this Show PB81: Don’t Leave Money on the Table ft. Jeanie AhnEmployees Who Stay In Companies Longer Than Two Years Get Paid 50% Less


PB82: Financial Independence ft. Early Retirement Dude

This week we welcome, The Dude. No, not The Big Lebowski but of equal reverence, The Early Retirement Dude. ER Dude shares the secrets behind how he retired 12-years ago at the age of 36 and never looked back. Mastering financial independence isn't easy, but with the right plan, he believes almost anyone can repeat his formula for success. You won't even need a special blend of 13 secret spices. You just need to: Lean FIRE or Fat FIRE Sponsors: Health IQGo here References Mentioned in...


PB81: Don't Leave Money on the Table ft. Jeanie Ahn

This week we're joined by Jeanie Anh of @YahooFinance. Some of you will remember Jeanie from our feature on CBS New's “Your Money Matters” panel. Jeanie is a reporter & senior producer who specializes in making personal finance and career guidance fun by helping viewers make smarter money moves! She joins us to discuss how to successfully make multiple career transitions and the importance of salary negotiation, as well as tips for preparing for your next career and salary negotiation. This...


PB80: It's Never Too Late to Get Started

A goal without a plan will remain a dream without a reality. On this week's show, we talk about the importance of clearly defining your goals and the small differences that define why some people succeed while others procrastinate. Using a variety of practices, like SMART (Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Timely) and project management Apps and systems, Rich and Marcus share how they've defined their 3- to 5-year plans and the lessons learned from past successes (and failures)....


PB79: Credit Card Perks Without Credit Card Debt ft Liran Amrany

We got 99 problems but a credit ain't one. We originally met Liran Amrany at FinCon2017, where we learned he is the co-founder and CEO of Debitize, a personal finance application that helps consumers use credit cards responsibly. How does it work? Debitize automatically helps customers set aside funds to cover their credit card purchases like a debit card while still allowing users to access the benefits, protections, and perks of their credit cards. Before founding the tool, he spent 9...