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What my favourite small businesses can teach you about rewarding & maintaining customer loyalty

Think marketing is too expensive or complicated? This episode will change your point of view. Because I looked at things from the point of view of the loyal customer. This involves analyzing examples of wonderful things my favourite small businesses have done in the past to keep me coming back for more. Because building trust and loyalty isn’t just cheap. It’s also one of the most powerful forms of advertising. Looking for the show notes? Visit...


Harness Magazine's founder on the ups & downs of running an independent publication right now

Ever dreamed of starting your own independent publication? Not sure what it takes to get readers, subscribers, advertisers, and contributors to participate? Recently, I spoke to Ashley Rector, the founder of Harness magazine about the good, crap, and totally awesome parts of starting and running your own magazine in a digital age. If you have a great idea for an independent publication but are worried about its financial sustainability, there’s a lot you can learn from Ashley’s story of how...


How Anna & Mallory run their business, Bold and Pop, while living in 2 separate cities

Finding the right co-founder is one thing, but what do you do when you also live in two different cities and time zones? On this week’s episode, I talked to two friends who successfully made living in two different cities, while running a business together actually work. Here’s your chance to learn how Anna and Mallory of Bold and Pop developed a system for everything from dividing up the work, to keeping the lines of communication open with their clients. Looking for the show notes? Check...


The fear of being in front of the camera and how to overcome it

Did you know that one-third of online activity is spent watching videos? And chances are you’ve heard numerous others stress the growing popularity of video marketing as well. But what if you’re either super camera shy and not all that great at talking in front of a crowd of strangers? Do you need to be on video as well? Well…a lot depends on who you’re trying to reach. So, if being on camera proves to be a necessary evil, and it terrifies you this episode is for you. In this episode, I...


What a boudoir photographer can teach you about body image

At some point in your business, you’ll find yourself having to go in front of a camera. This can be extremely terrifying if you’re not used to it. Especially if you struggle with insecurities about either the way you talk or some part of your body. That’s exactly why the next two episodes are conversations in two parts with a photographer, and a visibility specialist. Welcome to part one of this series where I talk to a professional boudoir photography about how she builds trust and helps...


Training creative talent while running a YouTube Channel

If you’ve ever wanted to train creative professionals, and aspiring creative professionals then this episode is for you. It is also an opportunity to dive into what having your own YouTube channel is really like. I brought someone on the show who is juggling both. Shaw Bernard is a model with over sixteen years of experience in the fashion and beauty industry. She also has her own pop culture focused YouTube channel. And she’s here to answer any questions you might have about juggling both a...


Why there's never a perfect time to quit your job to freelance

Did you know that 54% of the U.S workforce is not very confident that the work they do today will exist in 20 years? This has led to an influx of people either freelancing or considering freelancing. And this often triggers a very important question: “when is the best time to start freelancing?” The truth is, there is no perfect time. Like most important life decisions, you can either dive in head first and give it a try or have regrets about something you'll do "one day". This week’s guest...


Taking Control of Debt & Depression to Freelance Full-Time

Even the most successful people I’ve met face challenges within their work and personal lives, and I think people often think that things will stay the same once you’ve “made it”. So, what do you do when running your own business has gone from a great idea to a source of stress and hardship? At first, being a part-time world traveller and a part-time web designer was going absolutely great for Paula. Then, one day she found herself struggling with depression while facing a very relatable...


The Beginner's Guide to Starting a Podcast

Podcasting is now mainstream. And suddenly, everyone wants to start a podcast. But not everyone starts a podcast with realistic expectations. Unless you’re already as popular as Gary Vaynerchuk, you’re likely not going to make it to the iTunes New and Noteworthy List overnight. Hate to break it to you, but that’s really hard to do within a short period of time unless you have a large team helping you pump out multiple episodes a week. This week, I spoke to an expert on all things podcast...


How a Writer Went From Being a Nutritionist to a Pro Writer

This episode is for those of you who have ever wondered:” is it possible to make a living as a writer?” The summarized version is basically this…well it really depends. Are you willing to channel your inner Mad Men, and be the creative department, and the client accounts department all rolled into one? And if you’ve never watched Mad Men, I’ll put it into terms you can understand. Are you willing to be your own marketing department, and do the work, while keeping track of your expenses, and...


Facing Rejection and Spreading Kindness with Bravery

We all want to do good in the world, we all want to be successful. But we can’t do any of the above without taking risks life will be filled with endless conversations about what will happen “one day”. In fact, I experience this all the time when I talked to aspiring freelancer friends. They ask me:” how can I make money off my passion?” And when I reveal just how much work is required to do it, I check in with them months later, and they’re exactly where they were when we first talked about...


Loving Fashion & Living with a Chronic Illness

What does a love of fashion and a desire to empower people with chronic illnesses have in common? In the case of Keisha Greaves, this week’s guest all of the above are what inspired her to create her fashion line, Girls Chronically Rock. On this week’s episode, Keisha and I covered the day-to-day realities of running an online product business, while living with a chronic illness, and juggling a part-time day job. Looking for the show notes? Check out...


Starting a Business Outside Your Home Country

Starting your own small business is a bumpy road to success no matter how long you’ve lived in the town or city you’re based in. But what if you want to also start your own business outside of your home country, and be location independent? How do you figure out all the details, like time zone differences, your local tax rules, and knowing absolutely no one local who works in your industry? That can be especially challenging if you’re facing other challenges as well, like cultural...


Providing Employment/Support to Human Trafficking Survivors

People are trafficked from 127 countries and are exploited in 137 countries according to the United Nations. However, you’re probably looking at that statistic and going “but…is there anything I can do really?” As an independent small business owner, it’s safe to assume that you’re not a trained therapist. And even if you are, it is still a complex problem lacking an easy solution. On today’s episode, I spoke to a hospice nurse, who started her own company after seeing what severe poverty...


What you need for great web design/a successful launch

Starting an online business is really hard, but it seems like the hardest bit of all is making the decisions that have the longest-term impact. How should you promote your business? What web platform is best for hosting your website? What Wordpress or SquareSpace theme will make you look the most professional? If you’re a female entrepreneur that is struggling to work through all the different choices that you have to make, and you’re not ready to outsource your web design and content...


Forming meaningful online communities (via social media)

I think that the one thing we don’t talk about nearly enough when it comes to small business owners that work from home is the very real risk of isolation. Because you don’t really have co-workers to talk to at the water cooler every day. Sure, some independent, online entrepreneurs, like this week’s guest, Miranda Nahmias have teams, but they’re not necessarily sitting right beside you. However, Miranda is one of many entrepreneurs who found a way to work around the isolation aspect of the...


Tapping into archetypes/emotions to make your brand stand out

I don’t know about you, but I hate customer profiles, despite the fact that they’re such a common marketing tactic. In fact, I wrote an entire article on finding your ideal audience, and why I hate customer profiles for the Think Creative Collective Blog. That’s exactly why I invited Mirela De La Cerda, the founder of Project M London to talk about her experiences using emotional branding, AKA archetype branding to help fashion and beauty brands successfully reach their customers. For those...


How can Introverts Pitch their Work to Businesses?

The debut episode of People Behind the Business is inspired by a Facebook Live masterclass I had the pleasure of leading on how introverts can pitch businesses…the introvert friendly way. In fact, it also includes a brief audio clip of the original Facebook Live, in order to kick off the discussion. Special thanks to Kasey Pierce of 819 Social for inviting me to speak in her Facebook Group, Learn Social Media Marketing for Introverted Entrepreneurs. Once upon of time, I was a shy introvert...


How can Introverts Pitch their Work to Businesses?

The debut episode of People Behind the Business is inspired by a Facebook Live masterclass I had the pleasure of leading on how introverts can pitch businesses…the introvert-friendly way. In fact, it also includes a brief audio clip of the original Facebook Live, in order to kick off the discussion. Special thanks to Kasey Pierce of 819 Social for inviting me to speak in her Facebook Group, Learn Social Media Marketing for Introverted Entrepreneurs. Once upon of time, I was a shy introvert...


What is People Behind the Business?

Before Thursday’s debut episode is released I just wanted to give a brief intro to what you can expect out of my podcast and why you should tune in this season.