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The Art of Effective Leadership Communication with Mike Nowland

I'm truly honored to have our guest today, Mike Nowland. Mike is a leader in the learning and development industry in San Diego California. He owns his own business there and he partners with Crestcom International, a true global leader in the fields of leadership development and sales. What I love about Mike and why […]


Rebranding Human Resources into Workforce Empowerment with Tiffany David

People First, Profits Follow is the place where we really talk about how people strategies are the lifeblood of your company and why if we focus on people strategies we can really uplevel the game in business with greater results, greater profits, greater productivity and most importantly greater individual fulfillment and satisfaction in the workplace. […]


Great Leaders Build Great Connection, with Matt Spooner

Matt Spooner, VP Operations & Marketing at McDermott & Bull, is the example of what I think good leadership embodies in terms of how he embraces both the soft skills as well as the hard skills and brings all of that into what he does when he interacts with people. He leads and oversees a […]


People First Profits Follow – Introduction

Hollie introduces herself, what People First, Profits Follow is all about, and what you as a listener can look forward to each week.


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