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Jenn Andrews of Move For Jenn - Ep. 15

In this episode we are honored to interview Jenn Andrews of Move For Jenn. Jenn worked in corporate America for many years before becoming a stay-at-home mom and launching a successful Isagenix career. Her passion for health and fitness was her foundation. What she didn’t know is that career would lead her to her security blanket when she was diagnosed with a rare form of sarcoma (as a mother of two very young kids). This led to Jenn having to make the biggest decision of her life:...


Preston Bolles of Ellison James Designs - Ep. 14

Today's episode of Piece of the Pai features small business and jewelry maker Preston Bolles of Ellison James Designs. Proving that necessity is the mother of all invention, Preston began making jewelry when she couldn't find the right pieces to wear during Carolina Panthers game days. Once she began making her own, she couldn't stop getting compliments. Tune in to hear Nesha talk to Preston about launching her own business around jewelry, the challenges of making all the jewelry herself,...


Mitch Purgason of Stitched By Mitch - Ep. 13

In this episode we are focusing Mitch Purgason, head designer and owner of Stitched By Mitch. Mitch is a guy beyond his years and has the charisma of Frank Sinatra and cool of Richard Branson. He has differentiated himself in the industry with his customer service and creativity. He can create anything that he can draw so he does not limit himself to men’s suits, he also creates urban style jogger pants and bomber jackets or shoes. He has an awe-inspiring list of clientele from NASCAR to the...


Lauren Kunijo & Kenna Ehman of Kenna Kunijo - Ep.12

In this episode of Piece of the Pai, we are focusing on Lauren Kunijo & Kenna Ehman, owners of the South End hair salon Kenna Kunijo. Lauren & Kenna are not only talented hair artists, but they are philanthropic entrepreneurs who give back to the community. They truly believe in community over competition and are dimes in the Queen City. Take a listen at how they came together, created a beautiful partnership and aesthetic brand.


Alyssa and Andrew Wilen of Chef Alyssa's Kitchen - Ep. 11

In 2011, Alyssa Wilen (né Gorelick) and her boyfriend (now husband and business partner) Andrew saw a gap in the market in terms of fun, friendly and hands on cooking classes. Alyssa, who had a degree in the culinary arts, began talking to Andrew, who had a background in business, marketing and events, about how they could fill that gap. Slowly, through meticulous research and building piece-by-piece, they developed their plan. Fast forward to today, and Chef Alyssa's classes cover a wide...


Chrystal Rose of Rebellia Clothing - Episode 10

In this episode we are focusing on Chrystal Rose, a self-made entrepreneur who battled through a long road of trial and error. Chrystal did not have the typical route of education and the perfect business plan to find her passion and entrepreneurial mission. Instead, many different jobs led her to what she now is doing and loving. Her company, Rebellia, is a customized apparel company for athletic women. Her vision is that women with athletic bodies deserve clothing that fits them. She...


Megan Miller of Opera Carolina - Episode 9

In this episode we are focusing on Megan Miller, Marketing Director of Opera Carolina, speaks of taking the stage again, as well what it is like being in front of as well as behind the Opera. She talks about how she initiated new ways to involve a whole new younger demographic with opera as well as how she continues to think outside of the box. She has taken her passion and created a side hustle. Listen to find out how she created a career she loves.


Karen Hill - Episode 8

In this episode we are focusing on Karen Hill, financier by day and cycling instructor by night. Karen overcame all odds to ever be able to have fitness in her life after a life threatening heart condition and heart surgery. She not only was able to get fitness back into her life, but she opened up a boutique gym to help others. Karen’s latest accolade was being interviewed by Self Magazine. IN THIS EPISODE


Garrett Tichy of Hygge Coworking - Episode 7

Garrett Tichy is the owner and founder of Hygge Coworking in Charlotte, NC. Garrett's story is one that is familiar to many entrepreneurs: unsatisfied with a comfortable, yet ultimately unfulfilling full time job, Garrett set out on his own to take his future into his own hands. After several years as a manager at Gamestop, Garrett knew that a career change was inevitable. The first step was to get a computer programming degree, which he did at the top of his class. Soon after finding a job...


Rich Moyer of Hoppin' and Two Scoops Creamery - Episode 6

In this episode we are focusing on Rich Moyer, Serial Entrepreneur in Charlotte NC, who is a millennial that created and sold one company and is now a Founder/CEO of two new concepts-one an ice cream shop and also a self-serve beer/wine bar. ​In This Episode Rich Moyer talks about how he jumped ship in corporate America at Paychex, and then started a janitorial business and fell in love with the grind of entrepreneurialismRich talks about how he started his entire career as a PGA...


Stephanie Melish of The Sales Barista - Episode 5

In this episode we are focusing on Stephanie Melish Neuman, Inspirational Speaker, Author, and Success Coach, who helps amazing people improve their life and their business while increasing their bank accounts. She is known as “The Sales Barista” and has helped many people on the path to success. IN THIS EPISODE


Asheton Brown (Smasheton) - Episode 4

In this episode of Piece of the Pai, we are focusing on successful social media influencer and athlete, Asheton Brown, founder of her personal brand Smasheton. Asheton aims at empowering humans through movement. With over 27,000 followers on Instagram, Asheton is certainly an influencer. IN THIS EPISODE


David Yermanos of Get Fit Foods - Episode 3

In this episode we are focusing on David Yermanos, owner of Get Fit Foods, a new healthy lifestyle grab-and-go meals concept in Charlotte, NC. David is a serial entrepreneur and a GM with a high end entertainment concept and decided to start this venture when he could not find this meal prep niche being serviced in this manner. Since 2003, David has been in the event promotions and marketing industry, working closely with Charlotte venues and international artists to bring the Latin...


Trish Bennett of Doll Boutique and Three Amigos Pet Care - Episode 2

In this episode we are focusing on Trish Bennett, former Owner & Buyer of doll boutique and how she switched gears from the fashion industry into pet care and the importance of happiness as an entrepreneur. After spending 15 years in the insurance industry, Trish moved to Charlotte in March 2013 and opened Doll in Sept 2013. She owned and operated doll for 4 years and decided to pursue happiness with her passion for animals. She has now opened Three Amigos Pet Care - after spending many...


William Wilson of William Wilson Clothing - Episode 1

In this episode we are focusing on successful entrepreneur, William Wilson, Founder and CEO of William Wilson Clothing and how he got started and overcame his fears of trying new things to become successful in his business. After serving eight and a half years in the US Navy, before becoming an award-winning celebrity clothing designer; William was on a pit crew for Ultra Motorsports, and was the first African-American to win a championship in the history of NASCAR. Since then, he has...