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Get the latest on the cybersecurity and network security issues of the day, featuring expert interviews, tips, news headlines, product spotlights & more, with a little fun mixed in on Ping - A Podcast.

Get the latest on the cybersecurity and network security issues of the day, featuring expert interviews, tips, news headlines, product spotlights & more, with a little fun mixed in on Ping - A Podcast.


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Get the latest on the cybersecurity and network security issues of the day, featuring expert interviews, tips, news headlines, product spotlights & more, with a little fun mixed in on Ping - A Podcast.




How Multifactor Authentication (MFA) Protects Businesses & Cyber Insurers

Multifactor authentication (MFA) is fast becoming a requirement for a secure business network. Not only that, it's becoming a requirement for a business to qualify for the added protection of cyber insurance. WatchGuard Technologies Director of Authentication Alexandre Cagnoni takes us through why multi-factor authentication is so important in the current cyber threat landscape for businesses of all sizes. He also explains why cyber insurers consider it vital. And then, he shares how...


How to Be Cyber Smart this Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Cybersecurity Awareness Month turns 18 this October 2021. And just like other 18-year olds, it's graduated from dealing with fairly straight-forward problems to facing complex issues. But National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) Interim Executive Director Lisa Plaggemier tells us, that there are a few simple steps individuals and businesses can take to Be Cyber Smart (that's also #becybersmart). Her top two: strong passwords and MFA (multifactor authentication). Lisa also discusses the...


From Vulnerability to Execution: A Ransomware Story

Ransomware infections have been rampant in recent months. But typically, we hear more about the aftermath then what leads to a successful attack. In this episode we get the other angle. Sophos VP of Managed Threat Operations Mat Gangwer shares the multi-week story of an attack, from unpatched vulnerability to execution. The responsible ransomware cell? A new name on the scene called Atom Silo. Hear how they got in, what they did when they were there, and what steps to take to avoid a similar...


Trust No One: Exploring Zero-Trust Networks

Zero-trust is the hot term in network security in 2021. But one reason it's so highly sought out is that many don't know exactly what it means. We called on Fortinet Senior Director of Product Marketing Peter Newton to shed some light on the subject. Peter discusses what makes a zero-trust network philosophy, what steps a company should take to plan for the shift, and what tools can make it easier. Plus, we talk about how the right zero-trust setup makes remote work both easier and more...


Survey Says: Remote Work Security Ain't Easy

Many if not most workers began working from home in March of 2020, and while the numbers have shifted since, a significant portion are still doing at least some remote work. But according to a survey, neither the remote workers or their company IT staff are too happy about the cybersecurity of it all. For our featured topic this episode, we dive into the HP Wolf Rebellions & Rejections Report, which outlines security frustrations and outright rebellious behavior from work from homers, some...


Public-Private Partnership on Cyber Security Policy

We previewed cyber security policy under President Biden at the beginning of 2021. But a lot of big things have happened in cybersecurity since then, making now seem a pretty good time to check in on where things stand. So we brought in an expert to help: NextGov's Mariam Baksh. Mariam tells us about the latest developments from the White House relating to cyber policy, including what may really make a difference versus what actions could just be for show. She also discusses why the NIST...


Chaos and Friends: The One With Malware

While ransomware has taken center stage for several months now, bad actors aren’t resting on their laurels with existing tools. Threatpost Senior Editor Tara Seals joins us to discuss a newly discovered malware, dubbed Chaos. We talk about what it resembles, what it may do, and why you should be worried. Plus, Tara tells us why the Friends reunion special led to a spike in online fraud. Read more about Chaos: In headlines, we...


Updating 2021 Cyber Threats

Ransomware takes center stage in SonicWall's Mid-Year Update to its 2021 Cyber Threat Report. Out in late July, the report outlines just how bad the ransomware situation currently is, and Brook Chelmo joins us to take a closer look. We also discuss other highlights including positive news about malware in general and non-standard ports, as well as never before seen threat detection. Get your hands on the report here: In headlines, we go...


50th Episode Spectacular - And Headlines, Too

We've turned 50, as in 50 episodes old, yet cybersecurity hasn't aged a day since we started. Ok, maybe that's not true. We take a look back over our half a hundred's worth of podcasts, spotlighting some top clips, and seeing where things stand with them now. Highlights include a pre-pandemic prediction of work from home security issues, our first covid-19 Pod from Home, an update on diversity issues in cybersecurity careers, an update on ransomware relating to hospitals and beyond, and a...


Helping Cyber Insurance Help Cyber Security

With ransomware attacks seemingly at a fever pitch of late, the cyber insurance industry has come into stark focus as well, as some companies turn to their insurers to cover a ransom when attacked. But Cyber Research Analyst Jamie MacColl with the UK’s Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) tells us cyber insurance is more than just paying ransoms. He discusses his latest research paper, titled "Cyber Insurance and the Cyber Security Challenge," which examines the industry - including the...


eXtending Network Security

The network perimeter basically no longer exists, and the latest security solutions need to account for the new normal. Aaron Chen and Shane Davis with Sophos join us to talk about how the network security landscape has changed just in the last couple of years, new business cybersecurity and connectivity priorities, and the latest Sophos products that address them, including XDR (extended detection and response) and the XGS firewall series - along with the Xstream protection included...


Cyber Job Training & Matchmaking, Plus Another Ransomware Roundup

Cybersecurity jobs are there for the taking, whether for prospective students or career changers willing to train, as employers desperately search for qualified staff. Dr. Marc Rogers of Purdue University joins us to talk about the shortage of cybersecurity pros in our home state of Indiana and beyond, and how a new website serves as a cyber career matchmaking tool. Dr. Rogers also discusses Purdue's Cyber Apprenticeship Program, the need for companies of all stripes to recognize their cyber...


Cyber Crime as Terrorism, Plus Ransomware Updates

We're fortunate to have two excellent interviews to share on this episode of Ping. First, we discuss the op-ed Cyber Security as Counter-Terrorism: Seeking a Better Debate ( with co-authors Emma Schroeder and Trey Herr with the Atlantic Council's Cyber Statecraft Initiative. They suggest the way many view cyber crime as being single, major catastrophic events is wrong, when in reality cyber crime...


DarkSide Pipeline Cyber Attack & More News

In the latest case of real world implications stemming from a cyber attack, operations of the Colonial Pipeline, supplying almost half of the gasoline to the east coast of the U.S., stopped suddenly. Why? Colonial was the victim of a ransomware attack connected to the DarkSide group. We dissect the details of the attack, how it happened, what it means, how Russia may factor in, and when things might return to normal in a supersized headlines segment. Also in headlines, hear about newly...


You've Got Email...Security Vulnerabilities

While HTML email is nothing new, a recently discovered trick means a pretty wide open security flaw has been there all along, too. Security researcher, engineer, & tech columnist Ax Sharma joins us to explain how just a bit of code in the wrong hands can manipulate the "external sender" warning on your organization's emails - to either remove it altogether or change it to trick unsuspecting users into malicious clicks. Ax also tells us what solutions are out there to cut your risk. See the...


Passwords: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

What's your password? If you can come up with just one off the top of your head for all your accounts, you're probably doing it wrong. We take a look at just how wrong some are doing passwords courtesy of a British survey ( But don't fret, we also offer tips on how to do your passwords right, without wracking your brain. In a second featured topic, we take a cybersecurity quiz that a surprising number of respondents have failed,...


Safe Harbor & More Cybersecurity Laws

Cybersecurity laws are somewhat in their infancy in the U.S., but states are starting to get on board. Our guest Cynthia Brumfield, creator of the Metacurity newsletter and writer of all things cyber, tells us about states getting on board with liability protection for companies that take reasonable actions to secure themselves against threats. What's reasonable and what kind of safe harbor protections will states provide in court? What about data protection laws? And how does the Biden...


SonicWall's 2021 Cyber Threat Report

The year 2020 will be remembered for many things - few positive. And another ignominious distinction has to do with cybercrime. SonicWall's 2021 Cyber Threat Report, just released on March 16, dives deep into the threat landscape to show us just how bad the year was when it comes to cyber attacks - or good if you happen to be launching them. SonicWall's Brook Chelmo joins us to go over some highlights, discussing ransomware, IoT device vulnerabilities, reasons why remote work has led to...


Network Spring Cleaning

Spring has sprung - or at least is springing - in many areas, and a major tradition of the season is spring cleaning. And just like you decide which boxes to keep and which ones to dump from your home, your network needs a similar evaluation. How old is your equipment? Does it still do all you need it to? Do you need a few tweaks, or a whole new setup? Director of Sales Anthony Mercho tells us what you factors to consider when evaluating your network, from the age of your...


Psychology & Cyber Crisis Response

Employees can either be your first line of defense or your greatest cybersecurity vulnerability if they’re unprepared to deal with online threats. But what’s the best way to prepare them? We talk to Rebecca McKeown, an independent Chartered Psychologist and special advisor to Immersive Labs, for some answers. Rebecca specializes in Cognitive Readiness, which helps prepare people to respond in a crisis, like a cyber attack for instance. We discuss how regular, ongoing training (aka...