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Pitcher This! Podcast: Beverage Founders & Marketing with Darren Fox

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Brewing up stories + brand marketing advice with beverage industry leaders. On the Pitcher This! podcast, we talk to founders, brewers, and marketing managers about the inspirations, challenges, and memorable moments within the beverage industry.

Brewing up stories + brand marketing advice with beverage industry leaders. On the Pitcher This! podcast, we talk to founders, brewers, and marketing managers about the inspirations, challenges, and memorable moments within the beverage industry.


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Brewing up stories + brand marketing advice with beverage industry leaders. On the Pitcher This! podcast, we talk to founders, brewers, and marketing managers about the inspirations, challenges, and memorable moments within the beverage industry.




Starting and Growing a Craft Brewery With Matt Riggs of Riggs Beer Company

Matt Riggs is the Co-founder of Riggs Beer Company, along with his brother, Darin Riggs. In day-to-day operations, Matt handles the brewery’s beer production, sales, and distribution. He earned his German brewmaster certification at Doemens Akademie in Munich Germany, having worked for a brewery that’s over 350 years old. Matt served in the Marines as a Combat Engineer Officer directly after college and it was during his time abroad that he discovered his taste for craft beers. He has his...


The Best Way to Market Your Alcohol With Leah Keggi of Blue Ridge Spirits & Wine Marketing

Leah Keggi is the Marketing Director at Blue Ridge Spirits & Wine Marketing, a sales agency for premium wines and spirits. Leah has over eight years of experience in the marketing field, including as the Marketing Director for Terrapin Beer Co. Her expertise lies in both social media and brand strategy that she leverages to run effective and creative digital marketing campaigns. She received her degree in marketing communications from Wake Forest University. In this episode… There’s a lot...


Distinguishing Your Craft Brewery With Aaron Keefner of More Brewing Company

Aaron Keefner is the Brewery General Manager at More Brewing Company in Huntley, Illinois. At More Brewing, Aaron leads their brand development, management, and marketing. Before joining the team, he worked with other notable names such as Revolution Brewing and Goose Island Beer Company. Aaron has sharpened his skillset over a wide spectrum of industries throughout his career, from the record industry and entertainment promotion to pet care and more. Outside of the world of beer, he...


Creating and Marketing a Better Sports Drink With Mark French of X2 Performance

Mark French is a serial entrepreneur who’s founded multiple successful businesses and worked for some of the largest brand names in the world. Currently, he is the CEO of X2 Performance, a prominent supplements brand that’s revolutionizing the sports nutrition world with its patented formula. He is also the Founder of NLP Ventures, which invests in sports, entertainment, and technology. Mark has exercised his talents as an Executive Producer at Netflix, the Founder and Inventor of Court...


Discovering a Better Way to Market Yourself With Nick Packard of NP Connect

Nick Packard is a marketing architect and business coach with critical expertise in interim roles. He has run his freelance consulting company, NP Connect, since 2010 and has worked on sales and marketing initiatives with businesses of all shapes and sizes. Currently, he is also the Vice President of Business Development for Pineapple Development, a strategic e-commerce development agency. Nick has over 10 years of experience in marketing and sales. Throughout his career, he’s served as the...


Crafting Beer With Purpose With Christopher Glenn

Christopher Glenn is the Founder and Executive Director for Bottleshare. Bottleshare is a nonprofit organization with a mission to grant emergency funds to members of the craft beverage industry. Applicants who experience extreme hardships that prevent them from working are given monetary grants that allow them to focus on recovery and healing. Christopher first joined the craft brew industry by filling in shifts at a brewery where his sister worked, eventually becoming bar manager. At...


Building Indiana’s Very Own Whiskey Brand and Reviving History With Blake Jones of West Fork Whiskey Co.

Blake Jones is the Co-founder and President of West Fork Whiskey Co. and Old Hamer. West Fork Whiskey Co. was founded in 2015, and they distill and produce craft whiskeys using ingredients that are entirely sourced in Indiana. One of the things they're known for is reviving the historic Indiana whiskey brand Old Hamer, which they did in 2019. West Fork Whiskey Co. offers various spirits, such as their wheat-centric bourbon and earthy and spicy rye. Their goal is to create high-quality,...


Unique Marketing for Unique Products with Molly Fedick, Founder of Buzzkill Wines

Molly Fedick is a content expert and the Founder of Buzzkill Wines, a company that specializes in alcohol-removed wines that retain the fun of traditional wine. She developed her brand of unique content as the Creative Director of Hinge for almost four years, guiding their marketing strategy and asset creation. In addition to Buzzkill, Molly works as a contract lecturer for New York University. She spent much of her career as a journalist, as a freelancer and as the Founder of the creative...


Inside the Mind of an Entrepreneur with Former CEO of Dream Water David Lekach

David Lekach is an entrepreneur, strategist, and the former CEO of Dream Water, a manufacturer of a liquid and powder natural sleep aid. In 2018, he sold the million-dollar company. Since selling Dream Water, David has advised and consulted companies in the CPG, cannabis, and direct-to-consumer spaces on team building, deal structuring, and more. Currently, David is a Learning Chair at EO South Florida. Before becoming an entrepreneur, David worked as an investment banker and managing...


How to Give Back Through Entrepreneurship with Caleb Benoit of Connect Roasters

Caleb Benoit is the Founder of Connect Roasters, a coffee distributor that partners with countries in need and empowers those communities through the shared experience of coffee. Caleb has a vast background in journalism, marketing, advertising, and ad tech. Before founding Connect Roasters, Caleb was the Vice President of Partnerships at Featurd and the Director of Operations for North America at Soho Media Solutions. In this episode… The world is divided into two people: coffee drinkers...


Turning Your Passion into a Paycheck with Mattie Korneta

Mattie Korneta is the Digital Content Manager for the Olympia Fields Country Club, the largest private clubhouse in the world, and a Bartender for Crafted 1979, a craft bottle shop and taproom. At Olympia Fields Country Club, Mattie coordinates their social media presence, produces branded marketing materials, and leads the creation and production of the weekly newsletter. Mattie received a bachelor’s degree in History from Eastern Illinois University. She taught English in France for two...


Creating a New Concept for Wine with Marian Leitner-Waldman of Archer Roose

Marian Leitner-Waldman is the Founder and CEO of Archer Roose, an artisan wine-in-a-can. Archer Roose makes consciously crafted wines from the world's best wine regions and delivers them to consumers in a way that fits their lifestyles. Marian has received numerous accolades for her company as a MassChallenge Finalist, Babson-Breakaway Challenge Finalist, and Top 10 Entrepreneur of the Year by Boston Harbor Angels. Previously, Marian was an Advisory Board Member for Cask & Kettle, the...


Networking and Success in the Brewing Industry with Erik Pizer of Milk Money Brewing

Erik Pizer is the Head Brewer and a Co-owner at Milk Money Brewing, a brewery based in La Grange, Illinois that offers local food, hand-brewed beer, and an unforgettable experience. Erik has been home brewing as a hobby since he was a teenager and began his professional brewing career in 2013 when he co-founded his own brewery, 350 Brewing Company. Since then, Erik has been the Head Brewer for Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery before joining Milk Money Brewing in 2019. Erik’s brews have won...


Merging CBD and the Beverage Industry with Brad Martin and Joe Prior of Rip N Sip

Brad Martin and Joe Prior are the Co-founders of Rip N Sip, a company producing single-serve CBD pouches that can be easily added to any beverage. Their journey in the hemp industry began in 2018 as suppliers of hemp extracts. Since then, they have started the Urbane Hemp Co., a retail store offering hemp-derived products. Joe has had a long career in entrepreneurship, and is also the Founder and CEO of Good Vibe Tribe Inc., Shaka People, and Joe’s Premium Painting. In this episode… Where...


Crafting a Successful Wine and Lifestyle Brand with Chrishon Lampley, Founder and Negociant of Love Cork Screw

Chrishon Lampley is the Founder and Negociant of Love Cork Screw, a wine and lifestyle brand that crafts unique wines and products like body butter, home goods, and apparel. Chrishon founded Love Cork Screw after years in the high-end retail and fashion industries. She started Love Cork Screw in 2012 but has been in the wine industry for 25 years. In this episode… Do you need expert public speaking skills to be a good brand owner? What about when you give a TEDx talk? Chrishon Lampley has...


Marketing an Organic Beer Company with Sam LaGrow, Co-founder of LaGrow Organic Beer Co.

Sam LaGrow is the Co-founder of LaGrow Organic Beer Company. This family-owned and operated brewery believes in brewing with the purest, non-GMO, certified organic ingredients to bring you beer that is pure, premium, and uncompromised. Sam started LaGrow Beer Co. in 2016 with his three brothers, and it is Chicago’s first USDA-certified organic brewery. Before founding LaGrow, Sam was a Trader at Banyan Financial. In this episode… How does it feel to be part of Chicago’s first...


Improving Your Website Design with Haley Langer of Idea Marketing Group

Haley Langer is a Front End Developer at Idea Marketing Group, a marketing agency that helps businesses grow by generating leads and increasing brand awareness. Haley uses her skills in graphic design and visual communications to create custom websites for clients. Before joining Idea Marketing Group, Haley was a Layout Designer at Waubonsee Community College, where she earned her Associate’s Degree of Applied Science and Graphic Design. Haley also has a BFA in Studio Art and Visual...


Investing in Beverage Brands that Last with Carlton Fowler and James Pelligrini of Goat Rodeo Capital

Carlton Fowler and James Pelligrini are Managing Partners of Goat Rodeo Capital, a venture capital fund specializing in early-stage opportunities within the alcohol beverage space. Carlton and James have nearly 30 years of combined experience in management, brand development, and marketing. They have collaborated on many business ventures as Founding Partners of sPacific Gravity and Co-founders and Directors of Granters Drinks. In this episode… What affects a beverage brand’s lifespan? How...


Set Your Brand Apart From the Competition with Mitchell Stern of Darling Mimosa

Mitchell Stern is the Co-founder of Darling Mimosa, a sparkling mimosa in a can. Based in Ontario, Canada, Mitchell is a serial beverage entrepreneur and has been in the beverage industry since 2014. He is also the Co-founder and Strategic Advisor at Station Cold Brew Coffee Co. Before entering the beverage space, Mitchell started Fighting Chance Creative, a brand development agency. With Fighting Chance Creative, Mitchell strives to develop brands that align with both personal and consumer...


A College Graduate’s Journey Building A Brand with Dawson Sieradzky, Founder and CEO of Juiced Boxes

Dawson Sieradzky is the Founder and CEO of Juiced Boxes, a company providing the smarter version of your go-to party punch. Dawson started Juiced Boxes in May 2020, right after graduating from Columbia University with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Dawson has been fencing since he was six years old and was a college athlete during his time at Columbia. He participated in the NCAA Team Championships for Fencing in 2019 and was a runner-up in 2018. He participated in the Ivy League Team...