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Pitcher This! Podcast: CPG Podcast with Darren Fox

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Brewing up stories + business advice with leading consumer brands. On the Pitcher This! Podcast, we talk to founders and brand managers about how they got into CPG and the brand origin stories. We cover everything from product development to success in retail and leveraging marketing for growth. We’re excited to discuss the inspirations, challenges, and memorable moments along the way.

Brewing up stories + business advice with leading consumer brands. On the Pitcher This! Podcast, we talk to founders and brand managers about how they got into CPG and the brand origin stories. We cover everything from product development to success in retail and leveraging marketing for growth. We’re excited to discuss the inspirations, challenges, and memorable moments along the way.


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Brewing up stories + business advice with leading consumer brands. On the Pitcher This! Podcast, we talk to founders and brand managers about how they got into CPG and the brand origin stories. We cover everything from product development to success in retail and leveraging marketing for growth. We’re excited to discuss the inspirations, challenges, and memorable moments along the way.




Fostering a Healthy Work Environment With Esther Weinberg of The Ready Zone

Esther Weinberg is a business growth expert as well as the Founder and Chief Leadership Development Officer of The Ready Zone. She uses over 20 years of experience to assist leaders during periods of reorganization and rejuvenation with her consultancy. She has worked with international brands such as Disney, Microsoft, Sony, and more. She has written an ebook on her ideas titled, Better Leaders. Better People. Better Results., and is a frequent keynote speaker and podcast guest. In this...


How To Grow a Sustainable Brand With Liz Skalla of GIVN

Liz Skalla has been with GIVN, a sustainable water company that focuses on human rights, for six years as a member of their Board of Advisors, Co-founder, and EVP. With a passion for building and mentoring companies, she has proven herself as a leader of brands. Liz has consulted for international brands such as Philips Healthcare, Guggenheim Aviation, and Tampax. Her first project, PiecesofThere, was acquired by HealthyCollegeSnacks in 2016, giving her experience that she now uses to mentor...


How To Boost Your Digital Content and Marketing on LinkedIn With Steven Jack of BuildingPoint

Steven Jack is the Director of Business Development and Strategy at BuildingPoint Midwest and Gulf Coast, a company that helps improve productivity for construction teams through advanced and intuitive technologies. Steven has over 20 years of experience in e-commerce media and content, including specializations in WordPress, Mailchimp, and SEO. He has also previously worked at Idea Marketing Group in publishing and editing, among other roles. In this episode… Social media has become an...


Growing Profitable Businesses Through Sales Enablement With Jason Kammes of Brand Wings

Jason Kammes is the CEO of Brand Wings, a marketing automation platform that improves brand consistency and overall sales. He started the company to tangibly equip businesses with the tools they need for winning more deals and staying on brand. Prior to Brand Wings, Jason spent approximately 20 years at the Fujifilm Graphic Systems Division, rising through the ranks until eventually becoming their Director of Product Management. He received his bachelor's degree in industrial technology and...


Breathing New Life Into American Manufacturing With Jason Azevedo of MRCA

Jason Azevedo is the Chief Strategy Officer at the Manufacturing Revitalization Corporation of America (MRCA), which seeks to breathe new life into American manufacturing. He is also the CEO at Advoque, Instrument Graphics, and Mosaic. Jason is an expert in the field of business development, having worked on projects with global brands such as Costco, Disney, and Target, among many others. In this episode… As the decades have gone on, the once vibrant landscape of American manufacturing...


Using Video to Tell Your Business’ Story With Ian Garlic

Ian Garlic is the Founder of STORYCREWS.COM, the ultimate resource for video storytelling. Ian has built a career in multiple forms of media, including his online video marketing consultancy. He has worked with service-based clients, from lawyers to SaaS companies, to blend SEO with storytelling and engage new customers. He is also the CEO of authenticWEB, which works specifically with smaller businesses. He hosts The Garlic Marketing Show podcast, runs a blog, and speaks at events to help...


The Secrets to Marketing on Amazon With Andrew Morgans of Marknology

Andrew Morgans is the Owner of Marknology, a full-service agency and brand accelerator that has managed over 200 million in sales on Amazon. Within the crowded field of Amazon branding, Andrew has still found incredible success. He has personally worked with some leading international brands such as Adidas, Marvel, and Swiss. Andrew’s initial successes came from e-commerce management where he learned many of his skills. He even started his own brand, Landlocked Co Apparel, which is based in...


Helping Smaller Brands Find Their Shine With Liz Seelye of Starry-Eyed Strategy

Elizabeth “Liz” Seelye is a brand innovator and the Founder of Starry-Eyed Strategy, a brand strategy consultancy that seeks to breathe innovation into businesses. She has worked with small brands including Orvis and Wholesome as well as larger brands such as Starbucks and Cinnabon. In addition, she is the Co-founder of Starryside Company, which offers natural drinks and snacks for kids. As an avid traveler, Liz has visited 44 countries. Previously, she spent over 12 years as an Innovator...


Generating More Sales Through Funnel Optimization Strategies With Dmitriy Pisarev of Business JetPack

Dmitriy Pisarev is a serial entrepreneur, an expert in funnel design and conversion, and the Founder of Business JetPack. A B2B company, Business JetPack is a firm that offers marketing strategy and detailed analysis to create high-performing funnels. He also founded Conversion Whisperer in 2018, where he also optimized marketing strategies for industries including SaaS, legal marketing, and e-commerce. Dmitriy has developed his knowledge over 20 years, having worked with businesses of all...


The Important Steps in Digital Marketing With Steven Bork of Nova B2B Marketing

Steven Bork is an expert in marketing and the Principal at Nova B2B Marketing. The firm works in communications and marketing consultation, specializing in specific B2B sectors. Steven has over 40 years of experience, working for a host of different marketing companies including Mark Anderson Associates and White Horse Productions. Of all those years, Steven spent 20 of them as the President and Owner of Adventive Marketing, Inc., where he developed much of his experience in digital...


Launching and Promoting a New Irish Gin With Jason Kidd and Katie Dunn of Outcast Brands

Jason Kidd is the Founder of Outcast Brands, a collective dedicated to invigorating brands and breathing new life into the craft spirits industry. He also works as a Marketing and Beverage Consultant for Trajectory Consulting, working with brands such as Bacardi and Bombay Sapphire. Jason is a beverage and business expert with experience from his many brand management positions, including Heinekin’s Ireland division. Katie Dunn is an Investor and sits on the Board of Directors for Outcast...


Creating an Off The Grid Brewery With Anna Schweig of Big Thorn Farm & Brewery

Anna Schweig is the Co-founder of Big Thorn Farm & Brewery, an off-the-grid farmhouse brewery located in Georgetown, Illinois. She founded the solar power-focused operation with her husband, Aaron, in 2016. Together, Anna and Aaron brought their experience from breweries and restaurants to create their own unique, 15-acre farm location. Branching off from the brewery are two bars, The Greenhouse Bar and The Tree Bar, which both offer a distinct outdoor drinking environment. In this...


Marketing for an Overnight Success With Will Hench of NIPYATA!

Will Hench is an entrepreneur, full stack marketer, and experienced brand strategist. He is the Co-founder and CEO of NIPYATA!, a company that sells personalized piñatas stuffed with alcohol. He is also the Founder and CEO of threadlab, which makes sustainable fashion for men. Will’s background is in marketing and e-commerce businesses, heading the marketing of companies such as MoneyLion and Quadriserv. He received his bachelor’s degree from Harvard University and his master’s degree from...


Using Augmented Reality for Wine Collections With Dr. Jeff and Josh Daiter of InVintory

Dr. Jeff and Josh Daiter are brothers and the Co-founders of InVintory. Their business uses augmented reality to create a unique platform for wine collectors. Josh comes from a background in technology, serving as the company’s Chief Product Officer. Dr. Daiter, on the other hand, is a licensed physician who currently serves as the CEO of InVintory and was previously the Medical Director for Oak Ridges Dermatology Centre. Together, they’ve combined their love for wine and their respective...


Promoting Experimentation in Breweries With Jordan Radke of Pilot Project Brewing

Jordan Radke is the Co-founder and COO of Pilot Project Brewing, an open-source tasting facility and incubator. They house experimental brews for brands around Chicago and across the nation. Before his time in Chicago, Jordan worked in Madison, Wisconsin as an Archives Manager for the Center for Railroad Photography & Art. He has also worked as an intern for both Wisconsin Public Radio and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. In this episode… It can be easier said than done to support...


Marketing and Distribution for Canned Wine With Hilary Cocalis of Sipwell Wine Co.

Hilary Cocalis is the Founder and Chief Go Getter at Sipwell Wine Co., a premium California canned wine brand. She’s also the Principal at HilCo Brand Consulting and a Strategy Consultant at BEXBRANDS. With over a decade working with beverage brands, Hilary knows what goes into making a great company and a delicious drink. Before founding her own business, Hilary served as the Vice President of Marketing at Ballast Point Brewing Co. During her time there, she helped grow the brand to a $1...


How To Build an Authentic Booze Brand With Taylor Foxman of The Industry Collective

Taylor Foxman is a prominent leader in the beverage industry and the Founder and CEO of The Industry Collective. The Industry Collective is a consulting firm for fast-growing beverage brands that has worked with names such as Archer Roose and BeatBox Beverages. Her greatest strengths come from networking and leadership, sitting as a Board Member for Vin Social, Chief, and Step Up. Taylor is a Contributing Writer for Entrepreneur Media, coming from a background in media and communication. In...


Unique Stories and Spirits With Pavlos Dafnis of Wolf Point Distilling

Pavlos Dafnis is the Founder of Wolf Point Distilling, a craft distillery set in the Kinzie Industrial Corridor of Chicago. Wolf Point creates small-batch spirits with an emphasis on quality and storytelling. Pavlos founded the brand in January of 2021 after seeing a lack of local distilleries in his hometown. Pavlos is also the Owner of Tassos Metal, a sheet metal fabrication company that has served their clients for over 35 years. In this episode… We love talking about storytelling on...


Making and Marketing Cocktails in a Can With CC and Reed DesRosiers of Troop Beverage Co.

CC and Reed DesRosiers are a married couple, amateur bartenders, and the Co-founders of Troop Beverage Co. Troop specializes in creating ready-to-drink cocktails made with quality ingredients and craft spirits. As the CEO of Troop, CC is in charge of the company’s daily operations. Her background is in consultation and she has worked for noteworthy companies such as IBM and Ignyte Group. Reed, on the other hand, is the Senior Manager of Product Management at Autodesk in addition to his work...


Finding Your Niche As a Craft Brewery With Chris Knight and Michael Heldebrandt of The Blind Pig

Chris Knight is the Founder of The Blind Pig, a collection of bars and breweries located in Champaign, Illinois. Chris moved from England to the Champaign–Urbana metro area to attend the School of Chemical Sciences at the University of Illinois. He opened the first Blind Pig location in 1990 and has since expanded to four different locations and a prominent brand of craft beer. Michael Heldebrandt is a sales representative at The Blind Pig. He is widely known for delivering beer in a...