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The program consists of interviews with positive people and thought leaders, as well as others in the social, business and entertainment community.

The program consists of interviews with positive people and thought leaders, as well as others in the social, business and entertainment community.


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The program consists of interviews with positive people and thought leaders, as well as others in the social, business and entertainment community.






Hollister Biosciences and Tommy Chong, CEO and Founder Carl Sailing & Danny Keith are on the Positive Phil Podcast

Hollister Biosciences & Tommy Chong Announce Licensing Agreement,Interview Airing on the Positive Phil Podcast www.hollistercannaco.com Public company, Hollister Biosciences CEO and Tommy Chong Representative Chats with Positive Phil about Business, Cannabis and Entrepreneurship in a HUGE industry. STOCk SYMBOL ( HOLL :CSE ) PositivePhil.com Inc. and PositiveStocks.com, the premier financial information website for small cap investors, announce a new audio interview airing on iHeart...


Tradezero.Co, Co-Founder Dan Pipitone Chats 100% Commission Free Stock Trades with Positive Phil

Dan Pipitone Co-Founder@TradeZero America Inc. https://www.tradezero.co Daniel Pipitone is the co-founder and owner of TradeZero America, responsible for the overall strategy of the company. Pipitone’s career spans more than 20 years as an entrepreneur, founding and leading successful start-ups in the financial services sector. In 2019, he co-founded TradeZero America with partner John Muscatella. TradeZero America is an online broker dealer that provides commission free trading, with a...


Investor, Climate Entrepreneur Jigar Shah is on the Podcast

Episode is Brought to you by: https://www.connectedintrovert.com Are you shy, introverted or socially awkward? Would you like to be calm, confident, and approachable in any social situation? Do you want to make REAL connections, build REAL relationships and have access to exclusive opportunities? Nick Shelton, known as the “Connected Introvert” has been coaching shy, introverted and socially awkward people for years with outstanding results! And Nick has recently released his signature...


Anthony Denier CEO of WEBULL.COM, a Commission Free Trading Platform with 10M Users/Investors is on the Positive Phil Show

Anthony Denier is the CEO of Webull, a commission-free trading platform with over 10M users worldwide. For background, Webull offers online stock trading, ETF trading, real time market quotes, and comprehensive market data from more than 100 exchanges and 90 countries. It is a financial company with the customer at heart, the internet as its foundation, and technology as its lifeblood. It is committed to synergizing technology with finance by providing reliable, professional, intelligent...


Craig Hall, New York Times Best Selling Author. Founder & Chairman of HALL Group, Self-Made Billionaire is on the Positive Phil Show

Craig Hall is an entrepreneur, New York Times bestselling author, vintner and philanthropist. He formed HALL Group in 1968 at age 18 with $4,000 saved from small ventures that began at age 10. Today, HALL Group’s diversified business interests include active operations in commercial real estate ownership, development and management, structured financial lending, winemaking and early- stage investments in promising startups. Now, a self-made billionaire and author -Boom: Bridging the...


Forge Global Founders are on the Positive Phil Show… Empowering investors and shareholders by enabling liquidity in the private markets.

Forge Global Founders are on the Positive Phil Show… Empowering investors and shareholders by enabling liquidity in the private markets. About Forge Global Inc. Forge Global Inc. is a premier trading and settlement partner for a wide range of investors in the private markets. The company empowers investors and shareholders by enabling liquidity in the private markets. Forge, Inc. was founded by Y Combinator alumni and backed by top investors including Tim Draper, FT Partners and Munich Re....


Neda Disney is on the Positive Phil Podcast, Author" Planting Wolves"

Neda Disney on the Positive Phil Podcast Show - Author of Planting Wolves. All of them are trying to find something about themselves, in themselves.The more they try,the harder it becomes for them to be who they really are inside. Los Angeles, (Issuewire.com) - A writer in a purgatory bar, an art collecting housewife who time travels, a movie Production Assistant with stigmata, a codependent AA sponsor, a sex addict, a movie star with issues, a two-time liver transplant recipient and an...


Living a Life to Help Others is a Great Way to Live. Ray Zinn,Angel Investor,Author,Entrepreneur,Inventor and so Much More is on the Show

Raymond D. “Ray” Zinn is an inventor, entrepreneur, investor, angel, bestselling author and the longest serving CEO of a publicly traded company in Silicon Valley. He is also the founder of a nationally launched ZinnStarter program at colleges around the country, providing the financial and mentoring support for students to launch new products and companies. In 2015, Ray published his first book, Tough Things First, with McGraw Hill. The book covers Zinn’s analysis of his nearly 40 years at...


World Mental Health Day. A Smile Can Change Someones Life. Chuck Rockey, Super Life Coach is on the Positive Phil Show

Chuck Rockey is a Princeton-educated software engineer-turned-relationship coach with a passion for helping clients invite more happiness and vitality into their lives. His method of coaching considers the unique patterns in our everyday interactions to facilitate stronger friendships and an overall sense of community. Chuck prides himself on guiding people to add new dimensions to their lives – such as self-acceptance, focus, greater connection or whatever they desire to add to their...


Largest Online Network of Small Business Owners | Alignable.com CEO & Co-Founder Eric Groves is on the Positive Phil Show

Eric Groves is CEO and co-founder of Alignable.com, the largest online network of small business owners with over 4 million members across 30,000 communities in North America. Alignable’s vision is to create a global network marketplace where every small business owner is able to connect, build strong relationships, and gain access to trusted referrals critical for business success. Prior to Alignable, Groves spent 10 years as a founding executive of Constant Contact leading their...


Give it all you have. Luke Krueger Co-Founder of Valhalla Private Capital Shares on the Positive Phil Show

Luke Krueger is a co-founder of Valhalla Private Capital. Valhalla is a full service corporate finance firm, focused on early start startup companies. Valhalla’s services, touches all stages of the startup lifecycle including an Angel Investment Network, training programs, early stage funds and M&A. Luke is President of their Global Markets business which actively invests and trains in 30+ emerging markets for governments, development organizations and the World Bank. The Global Markets...


Staying Strong, Building Brands. Umberto Luchini, founder of Wolf Spirit is on the Positive Phil Podcast Show

Umberto Luchini is the founder and proprietor of Wolf Spirit LLC, a company which develops and owns spirit brands – such as Blood x Sweat x Teams Vodka of Eugene, OR -- as well as imports and markets others, such as Tom of Finland Organic Vodka from Finland. Umberto was born in Milan, Italy into a small, tight-knit family. He attended school in London, worked in France, became jobless after 9/11, and took a low-paying job with a great brand: Campari (Monaco). Umberto rose through the...


Always Ask Why. Don Fox, CEO of Firehouse Subs Joins the Positive Phil Show

In this episode of the Positive Phil Show, we are joined by Firehouse Subs CEO Don Fox to talk about brand involvement with local communities and what it takes to make it! Firehouse Subs is a great example of this because of the chain’s heavy involvement with firehouses throughout the nation, as well as the brand’s 10-year-old Public Safety Foundation, which provides life-saving equipment to public safety officials, be it firefighters, policemen, you name it. Watch the full episode to...


Crawl out to Success! Leah Caplanis founder & CEO of Social Sparkling Wine is Crushing it in a Great Way!

Leah Caplanis is the founder and CEO of SOCIAL Sparkling Wine, a company she launched in 2014 after successfully battling and beating cancer. At 26, Caplanis was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and instead of the traditional surgery route, she took control of her health, became vegan, stopped drinking alcohol and explored more holistic ways to heal. During her journey, she studied at Hippocrates Health Institute and Kushi Institute for Macrobiotics in Massachusetts. After three years on her...


What Guides You? CEO & Chief Investor MyWallSt Emmet Savage

What Guides You? In Life, In Investing? Emmet is the CEO and Chief Investor at MyWallSt, a resource designed to help people become confident and successful investors through its Learn and Invest apps. Emmet has more than 25 years of stock investing experience and is passionate about helping people to start investing by giving straightforward instructions on how to buy shares and make clear choices on what shares to buy. Website: https://mywallst.com/ @emmetlsavage Small Cap Stocks - A...


Having a Fresh Positive Attitude. Luka Fajs Founder of EclipseDx is on the Positive Phil Podcast

Luka Fajs, runs an LA-based biotech start-up Eclipse Diagnostics. His background is in clinical laboratory diagnostics in which he found the current standards in the cannabis testing industry lacking behind what he would be considered acceptable. At Eclipse Diagnostics they developed a handheld testing device that enables growers to determine the right time to harvest and ensure consistent product quality. It takes less than 5 min per sample, and have lab-grade accuracy. The device can be...


Strength Comes from Struggles. Video Entrepreneur Co-Founder of Animoto.com Jason Hsiao

Jason's the Co-Founder & Chief Video Officer at Animoto, the company that makes it easy for anyone to create online videos. Prior to Animoto, Jason served as a television producer for MTV & Comedy Central. He currently resides in New York City. www.animoto.com Professional radio, tv, podcast host and producer from San Diego California. We have a large national following on digital media channels, with our popular podcast and network of shows. Airing on iHeart Media, iTunes, Spotify,...


Make The Most of Everyday. Transcanna Holdings CEO Jim Pakulis is on the Positive Phil Podcast Show

Jim Pakulis, CEO of TransCanna™ provides investors access to an expansive, closed loop ecosystem designed for consistency, reliability, and scale. The company owns one of the largest vertically integrated cannabis focused facilities in California with access to over 39 million residence and 240 million visitors per year. The future growth of TCAN in the largest cannabis market in the world represents significant upside. https://www.transcanna.com Positive Phil Podcast is a daily podcast...


Investing in Yourself. Navin Goyal, Co Founder Loud Capital, Entrepreneur & Anesthesiologist is on the show

About Navin Goyal and LOUD Capital: Navin is an anesthesiologist who has been practicing for more than ten years in both hospital and ambulatory care settings. He is a co-founder of SmileMD, a mobile anesthesia company that is widening access to care and providing cost efficiencies across dental practices. Stemming in part from his expertise as an entrepreneur, he set off and became a co-founder of LOUD Capital, a Columbus, Ohio-headquartered venture capital firm with eight offices around...


Valuing People & Building Ventures. Anis Uzzaman, Investor & Founder of Pegasus Tech Ventures & Startup World Cup

Anis Uzzaman, Ph.D. is the Founder and General Partner of Pegasus Tech Ventures. Anis also serves as the CEO of the company, overlooking overall management and operations. Located in Silicon Valley, USA, Pegasus Tech Ventures provides early stage and final round funding. With several multi-million dollar funds under management, Pegasus Tech Ventures focuses its investment in IT, Health IT, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Robotics, Big Data, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, FinTech and Next...