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Printavo is an easy to use, cloud-based tool for print, embroidery, and sign shops to manage their shop. We keep your shop organized by handling scheduling, estimating, quote approvals, work flow, payments, accounting and more. Printavo works with shops from 1 to 50 employees in size all over the world to help become more efficient and organized

Printavo is an easy to use, cloud-based tool for print, embroidery, and sign shops to manage their shop. We keep your shop organized by handling scheduling, estimating, quote approvals, work flow, payments, accounting and more. Printavo works with shops from 1 to 50 employees in size all over the world to help become more efficient and organized
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Printavo is an easy to use, cloud-based tool for print, embroidery, and sign shops to manage their shop. We keep your shop organized by handling scheduling, estimating, quote approvals, work flow, payments, accounting and more. Printavo works with shops from 1 to 50 employees in size all over the world to help become more efficient and organized








Hiring Workers For Your Screen-Printing Shop

Try Printavo - Hiring is difficult. Finding the right people, training them and having them stay for the long haul is not easy. Justin from @barrelmakerprinting talks about how he hires. Justin dives into hiring on the back-office and front-office to balance on the workload. He generally posts on Craiglist to find talent but actually looks for people who don't have printing experience. This is because they can be trained and molded into the workflow at Barrel Maker...


Tips for Getting Into Facebook Marketing with Shelby Craig

Try Printavo - Getting Facebook Ads to work can be difficult. But they're crucial for driving targeted marketing campaigns. The reason is, you can segment your market very specifically while spending less than AdWords on similar ads. @rocketshirts has Facebook Ads figured out. Here are some tips they give us: Spend $20/day for 1 week. The longer your ad runs, the more Facebook works. He's even tried $1,000 a day and cut it off early to trick Facebook into showing...


Hidden Costs While Pricing for Your Screen Print Shop

Try Printavo: Are you valuing your time? As your print shop become more mature, it's important to value time. When we all got started, time was plentiful and capital wasn't. As revenue increases, time becomes more valuable. What are you spending this time on? If you presses aren't running, it's becoming more expensive to print your jobs. Any time spend in pre and post-production is costing your shop $$$. How long are approvals taking? These are one of the most...


Build vs Buy Shop Management Software

Try Printavo: Should I build or buy shop management software? We get the question a lot actually. Many shop owners with technical backgrounds are capable of building something completely customer so why not? I'm going to answer this question unbiasedly for you. This question comes down to focus. As a shop owner, you only have so many hours in a day. Every minute of your day is important and valuable to the business. Buying any shop management solution, like...


How To Get One Big Print Job to Expand Your Screen-Printing Shop

Try Printavo: Justin Moore describes how he got his first 60,000 Shirt Order and how important big print jobs are to expand your screen-printing shop. We'll dive into: -How important it is to have a professional website -Word of Mouth will help your print shop succeed -How to Get Referrals -Facebook Ads Subscribe to our podcast:


How To Grow A Screen - Printing Business In A Small Town (or Large City)-

Try Printavo: Small Print Shops have the advantage to truly meet every single person in the town that could be a potential customer. Retargeting advertising on your website is a must! Here are some tips on how a screen printing business can grow in a small town or large city. We'll dive into: Tools for Retargeting like and Perfect Holding Events regularly like Meetups, Conferences, Marathon, Family Events, etc to gain more customers Learn...


How to Get Positive Yelp Reviews for Your Screen-Printing Shop

Try Printavo - One of the first things potential customers look at is your reviews on Yelp, Google, etc. Shelby Craig, Founder of Rocket Shirts who generated $80,000 From $3,600 In T-shirt Sales Using Facebook Ads cracked the code to get great reviews for your screen-print shop. Subscribe to our podcast:


How We Handle Customer Care At Printavo

Try Printavo: Customer care & support is a term many companies use. But many companies don't truly own up to the term. Missed emails, calls and poor empathy is all too prevalent in our industry. I've taken tips from shops that are top-notch customer support experts and tactics from how we handle support at Printavo to help you! We want you too, to be able to offer amazing customer support with these easy tricks & tips. Inbox Zero: Make sure all emails are answered...


How To Grow Your Screen Printing Business From $0 to $250k

Try Printavo - - Simple, shop management software. Growing a print shop from the start is tough. This is your HUSTLE phase. Where you're grabbing land (aka "sales") as quickly as you can. Establishing a business process and repetitive marketing/sales funnel is important when achieving $250k in annual sales. In this video, we'll discuss a pathway to getting there. It isn't easy but it's 100% doable. Subscribe to our podcast:...


Chatting With Adam On Change Management - Migrating To Printavo

Try Printavo: Conversations with Onboarding Lead, Adam Cook at Printavo around change management. Adam coaches shops all over the world on getting their team ready to make the Printavo switch. Difficulties around training, getting the team excited and tips when making the transition are brought up. Take a listen! Subscribe to our podcast:…d1213143414?mt=2


Shop Talk with Jim Piko, CEO of Marathon Sportswear

Try Printavo: Marathon Sportswear started in 1980 from a garage. They started with a manual and continued to print while raising a family of 8. Today, they have 10 autos and full-staff of 70 in the Chicagoland area. In this podcast, Matt Marcotte talks with Jim Piko, CEO of Marathon Sportswear, we dive into dealing with problematic customers while balancing company growth. Marathon Sportswear, like all shops, wants to please everyone to the highest standards. Jim...


How To Handle Social Media At Your Shop

Creating consistent content for social media can be easier said than done. Everyone talks about it but few can execute consistently. Bruce Ackerman, Founder of Printavo explains how you can set up a social media calendar that delivers content consistently. This is going to help grow and scale your reach. We'll dive into: - How to create an easy and repeatable schedule to post on social media - Ideas for Videos/Podcasts - How Important it is to repurpose Old Video/Audio


Why Your Screen Printing Pricing is Wrong - Podcast With Mark Coudray

Pricing is hard. Mark Coudray helps to break down how you should think about pricing. He gives us tips on getting started and diving deeper into your true expenses and how you should price. We'll dive into: - How to setup screen-printing pricing - Understanding production/operating costs - Dealing with seasonality


How to Take a Vacation While Running a Screen-Printing Shop

Running a screen-printing shop is tough. It's time-consuming and requires a lot of energy. Employees, production operations, sales, marketing, and growth can be hard to a balance all at once. Steven Farag from Campus.Ink has managed to take a nice vacation from his shop while operations continue to run. We called him and got tips on how to take a vacation that he used. Try Printavo:


Shop Talk - Joe Weingart from Madd Science Print Lab - Automatic Presses and Standing Out

In this episode, Matt Marcotte sits down with Joe Weingart at Madd Science Print Lab to talk about: - Going from manual to automatic press - Standing out in a crowded marketplace - Lessons learned from the years


Talking Shop With Matt Marcotte On Cross-Training, Promotions & Future Trends

Matthew Marcotte from T&J Printing Supplies stopped by to chat with us on his background what he's seeing in the industry. Matt is well known in the Chicagoland area for helping shops optimize their production flow. We go over: - cross training and keeping repetitive job employees - making people feel valued longer term - morning pow-wows - career progression in a shop - organization - 1:1's - water-based screen printing trends - automation in screen maintenance - creating good operational...


How To Setup Email Marketing & SEO For Your Shop With Caleb Reinhold

Caleb Reinhold, Digital Marketing Consultant in Chicago, stopped by to discuss how to help print shops get going on email marketing. Email marketing has proven to be a sure-fire way to generate new sales for your shop. We walk through how to get started and optimizing this flow. We'll also cover: - Attribution of ads - Segmenting emails - Enriching email data - Tools to send emails - Picking subject lines & personalization - Approximate open rates of emails - Frequency of sending - SEO...


How Rocket Shirts Generated $80,000 From $3,600 In Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads can feel like a hard to grasp tool. You will hear of businesses growing their sales immensely using it and others claiming it doesn't work. Shelby Craig, Founder of Rocket Shirts cracked the code. Listen how he explains how to utilize Facebook Ads to generate sales for his retail and custom business We'll discuss audiences, conversions, budget and tips to running successful campaigns.


How A Profitable T-Shirt Subscription Business Grew A Screen Printing Business

Justin Lawrence, Founder of Oklahoma Shirt Company has an incredible story. Not only did he create a growing, caring, profitable t-shirt subscription service, he also setup an amazing retail front focused on his home state. To top it off, Justin used his drive to push their screen printing business forward and now all three businesses are generating over $6m in sales. Listen to how he got started, how he uses culture and care to grow his business and lessons learned along the way....


Workhorse Products President Tyler Dummet Gives Us a Behind The Scenes

I chatted with Tyler Dummet, President of Workhorse Products in a unique look behind Workhorse. Tyler went from a High School PE teacher to driving a cutting-edge company. We chatted about what he applied from his teaching days to Workhorse, re-energizing a company, growth through acquiring, consolidation and meeting customer needs.