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Where product managers and leaders make their move to product master.

Where product managers and leaders make their move to product master.


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Where product managers and leaders make their move to product master.






396: Product management experiences that prepare you to lead product – with Bella Renney

Lessons learned on a journey from schoolteacher to Head of Product Most of the people that listen to this podcast have been in product management for several years. Many of them are in leadership roles, such as Product VPs, CPOs, and Heads of Innovation. But many others listen as well. Some are new in their […]


395: Creating business and product strategy – with Sean Kim

How product managers can empower teams to create a winning product strategy We hear a lot about strategy and that product managers need to create a product strategy. In practice, what does that mean and how does a product strategy help you be more successful? Helping us explore that topic is Sean Kim. He is […]


394: How product managers master the art of questions – Tony Poon

Ask the right questions to uncover your customers’ problems Today we are talking about one important skill that separates great product managers and innovators from the rest. It is the same skill that separates great leaders from the rest. It is also seen in great friends. What is that skill? I’m going to leave you […]


393: Tech-driven vs. market-driven innovation – with John Cooley, PhD

Insights for product managers from a case study with an electric vehicle gamechanger Today we are exploring technology-driven vs. market-driven innovation. I want to set up the topic for us a bit. There are times that a technology comes first and later a problem associated with a market need is found that the technology addresses. […]


392: How uncovering customer pains and unmet needs led to launching a rapidly growing product – with Matt Danna

How this product manager created a successful product for an underserved market Today we are taking a product journey, exploring how an insight about an underserved market turned into a valuable product and a rapidly growing company. I love hearing stories of a product’s journey and enjoy sharing one occasionally on this podcast because, regardless […]


391: Product VP of Wyze uses community for product innovation and you can too – with Steve McIrvin

How product managers can get customer insights from a community to create a competitive advantage Three years ago I was looking for a wifi camera I could put in our RV so I could check on our dog when we needed to leave her in the motorhome. The leading brand cost about $150. I tried […]


390: Experiences that make product managers grow – with Tom Leung

Lessons learned from a product manager’s experiences at Google and YouTube Most of us have become product managers and then moved on (or will move on) to product leadership based on our experiences and knowledge. We encounter tools along the way—some that are helpful and some that are not. I want to explore experiences that […]


389: What you need to know about increasing organizational innovation – with Tendayi Viki, PhD

Innovate for the future – for product managers Is your organization innovative? Is innovation part of the culture and an aspect of the organization’s reputation? Or is innovation something that is just talked about, but you know real action isn’t taking place—what’s been called Innovation Theater. If so, today we are talking about changing that—how […]


388: How product leaders work well with legal resources – with Ryan Lewendon

How to tap into the valuable resources your legal counsel can provide – for product managers Today we are talking about product leaders using legal resources. When and why should product VPs, CPOs, and other senior product roles involve legal resources? While that question is directed to executive team roles, I expect product managers will also […]


387: When the world doesn’t need another product in a crowded category – with Jeroen Corthout

What product managers need to know about entering a crowded product category Today we are discussing crowded product categories and the challenges when trying to enter them with a new product. For context, we’ll use the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) category, which is indeed crowded. Joining us is Jeroen Corthout, co-founder of Salesflare, the simple […]


386: Why Agile might be wrong for your product project – with Mark Madsen

When to use Agile and when to consider other options – for product managers Today we are talking about when to use or not to use Agile for your product projects. Products need to get released quickly and correctly, creating more value for customers. Is Agile the answer? Maybe, but the details matter. To explore […]


385: Fast user insights for product managers and innovators – with Mike Mace

How to load up your brain with your customers’ mindset How do you figure out what your customers want? Stop and think about it for a few seconds. Is your product work based on what Sales wants, what an Executive or other HiPPO wants, what your competitor is doing, some insights gained about your customers, […]


Special: Interviewed by Tom Leung, FiresidePM, about challenges in product management and more

How product managers and leaders break through challenges Tom Leung is the Director of Product Management at Google Health and was previously at YouTube. He also hosts the Fireside Product Management podcast. This is a special episode of the Product Mastery Now podcast as Tom is interviewing me. He invited me as a guest on […]


384: Why listening is the next product management superpower – with Christine Miles

How product managers can achieve transformational listening Today we are talking about listening. How would you rate yourself as a listener? I consider it a superpower for product managers and innovators, because proper listening is a key way to learn what customers need. It is also a behavior of those gaining influence in their organizations. […]


383: Working better with your CTO for innovation – with Steve Orrin

How CTOs contribute to innovation and product management superiority Today we are talking about senior roles that contribute to innovation, specifically the role of CTO (Chief Technology Officer). Product managers and leaders interact with many people in their organizations, and knowing how to leverage professional relationships is important to success. Joining us is Steve Orrin, […]


382: How to manage change when your product disrupts your organization – with Brendon Baker

How product managers can become change leaders Today we are talking about change. The very nature of our work as product managers and leaders creates change—we change existing products to make them more valuable to customers and our organization, and we create completely new products, which causes change to occur at many levels. Your work […]


381: Tactics for increasing the innovation capacity of your organization – with Kapil Kane

Integrating the advantages of large organizations and startups – for product managers Today we are talking about how your organization can more effectively innovate, using precious resources wisely to create new value. We may not talk about your organization by name, but what we will learn together will certainly apply and help you. Joining us […]


379: Product strategy is changing. Are you ready? – with Ron Adner, PhD

What product managers need to know about having an ecosystem strategy Today we are talking about strategy. It’s an important topic because our work as product managers and innovators should be in alignment with our organization’s strategy, but strategy may not be what you think it is. To help us better understand strategy and the […]


378: Use your “why” to be a more effective product manager – with Frankie Russo

Reflecting on your passion and purpose – for product managers Today I’m inviting you on a reflective journey of discovery—a journey to consider your why—which I call your purpose. I revisited this myself a few years ago and found more deeply understanding my why was personally inspiring and provided clarity to me for how I […]


Special: What Product Leaders Need To Know About Sales VPs And Working Well Together

Special Episode From the 2020 Summit This is a special podcast episode, sharing an important discussion from The Everyday Innovator 2020 Summit. The Summit brought together 24 experts who spoke on topics for product managers and product VPs. Many of the topics are truly timeless and this speaker, Keith Hawk, impressed the Product VPs who […]