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The Provenance Marketing Show explores what products New Zealand businesses are making and how they create a market origin advantage. We review their products and provenance marketing tactics on the show. Also available on YouTube:

The Provenance Marketing Show explores what products New Zealand businesses are making and how they create a market origin advantage. We review their products and provenance marketing tactics on the show. Also available on YouTube:
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The Provenance Marketing Show explores what products New Zealand businesses are making and how they create a market origin advantage. We review their products and provenance marketing tactics on the show. Also available on YouTube:








EP13 USA Business Visas, Natural Deodorants, Possum Fur Souvenirs, Hearty Winter Soups

In this episode we feature NZ Made deodorant that's free from parabens and aluminium by Dept. of Soul. Rozcraft send in their wrist warmers and souvenir Kete bag. We feature a retro commercial by King Soup for their two most popular winter soups. ..and talk about the New US e-Visas available to New Zealand businesses wanting to live and work in America. BONUS: New Q&A section features the questions we get asked on Tell us what you think. LINKS FEATURED IN THIS...


EP12 Double feature on outdoor gear for tradies, adventurers and corporate uniforms

Earth Sea Sky are a fifth generation Kiwi outdoor adventure wear company that can be trusted to produce clothing that lasts. Cactus Outdoor make supertrousers...called Supertrousers. They've been making these for 25 years and are the preferred choice by tradies wanting pants that look good and last. Last up I talk about Parisian ties and Minister Faafoi at the pre-budget announcement LINKS MENTIONED IN THIS...


EP11 Sparkling Flavoured Water Without Sugar, Epic NZ Made Music and 100% Kiwi Business available as audiobook

Skinny Fizz is the latest sparkling flavoured water with a low sugar profile to keep your hydration healthy. We celebrate New Zealand music and discuss why we prefer to licence our tracks from Kiwi artists. I also launch an audiobook for the 100% Kiwi Business book now available on Google Play, Audible and AudiobooksNZ. LINKS MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE


EP10 Goats milk soap, industrial strength shoe deodoriser and soaps for NZ hospitality at scale

simplenakedsoap keeps your skin healthy and radiant without all the harsh chemicals thanks to soap made from real goats milk, from real goats from the goats farm that Tracey and Malcolm run in Balclutha. Keeping with the cleanliness theme, I try out Odorex anti-odour shoe deodoriser that NZ Defence Force, NZ Diary and other large companies rely on to keep their staffs feet odour and fungal free. Healthpak provides toiletries at scale to New Zealand hotels, motels as well as international...


EP9 The Condiment King, 5th Generation Shoes, NZ Made goes to the Zoo and beeswax wrap replaces plastic

Wild Country produce a delicious range of condiments worthy of the finest condiment connoisseur, including Al Brown's mild mustard. McKinlays Shoes iconic fifth generation business is featured on the Making It New Zealand Series. The Buy New Zealand Made team head to the Zoo for day, feed giraffes (with video!) and discover the importance of the Forest Stewardship Council to them and the difference we can make when buying products. Munch Cupboard show their alternative to plastic wrap and...


EP8 Solution for farmers forearm protection, ECE books for kids and a new NZ Made lampshade design

Dry Cuffs keep your arms warm when milking cows, they've also found a home with mechanics keeping their arms protected while working on hot engines and for rose garden growers protecting forearms from rose thorns. Also in this episode I read a bedtime story written by Caro Collis from a range of Summer Rose Cottage books designed for use by Early Childhood Teachers.... ..and lastly I share a lampshade I purchased from The Sewphist made from a beautiful fabric Elisabeth had made...


EP7 NZ tie maker turns 100, NZ Made beer, the wonder healing powers of Ouchie Powder and custom jewellery boxes

Parisian Neckwear is celebrating 100 years of dressing New Zealanders in stylish ties and in this episode I don one myself. Ouchie Powder sends in their new product with wonder healing powers for animals (and people).... ...and Te Puna features their 45,000 swamp Kauri coasters and jewellery boxes made with the Kiwi logo. Last but not least, we release our New Zealand Made beer with the help of North End Brewing.


EP6 NZ Made 3D Artwork, Corporate Chairs, eCommerce Conference and NZ Labels

New Zealand Made receive a stunning 3D artwork that's customisable to location... Damba Chairs sends us a chair that they customise for corporates to use on the show... and I visit Kiwi Labels in Christchurch.... I also share why they time is right for businesses to re-engage with Government tenders and an insights from the GS1 Conference on what businesses should be doing with Amazon and Google to understand the benefits of standardisation .


EP5 NZ Made labels, NZ Grown Manuka Honey, Beeswax Candles, Climbing Harnesses and Trailers

New Zealand Made label release in a new hologram format... how Mossops Honey apply the Kiwi trademark... I light a new beeswax candle thanks to Sam at National Candles... Shane sends me a custom climbing harness from his company Aspiring Safety... and we give a short insight from British High Commissioner Laura Clarke one what Brexit might mean for New Zealand Made exporters.


EP4 NZ Made Glasses, designer souvenirs, trellis art alternatives and disco bathrooms

New glasses from Independent Lens Specialists that block out blue light from computer screens... ...we giveaway two beautiful souvenirs by Little Paper Hugs and look at trellis alternatives for fencing your home with... then we wrap up with a new invention from UniLED that brings a rainbow full of colours to your bathroom!


EP3 NZ Made healthy fizzy drinks, payroll software and a 1000 piece puzzle

Vista Drinks serves up a delicious ZERO sugar drink... I open up a 1000 piece puzzle box... and receive a gift from TimeHub software. I also share a new article about how to brand your company vehicle with the Kiwi trademark... ..AND... we launch the show website so you can listen to the audio experience. LINKS MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE: Vista Drinks: Podcast: Puzzle: Timesheet Software:...


EP2 NZ Grown medicinal herbal products, new hair product released and new fitness product launches

KiwiHerb helps me get better with some calming and 100% natural throat spray. I also try on a fresh haircare product from Fresh Hair Care. ...AND I give a sneak preview of a wellness product from Rock-It Boards in Hawke's Bay. PLUS... we look at how jellybeans are made. Watch here: Watch this Provenance Marketing on YouTube:


EP1 NZ Made sustainable packaging, computer cable tidies and NZ Made designer lighting

We review New Zealand Made product from businesses that are licensed to apply the Kiwi trademark. On this episode, we feature a cable tie solution for messy desks by Cable Camel. I also make a request to my favourite snack bar by OSM. ...AND I talk about some innovative marketing by PakWorld, one of New Zealand's largest packaging companies. Watch the episode on YouTube: