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Racism at Work, the podcast where Professor Binna Kandola OBE, and a panel of expert guests explore the evolution of modern racism, how that manifests in the workplace and how we can all address it.


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Racism at Work, the podcast where Professor Binna Kandola OBE, and a panel of expert guests explore the evolution of modern racism, how that manifests in the workplace and how we can all address it.






Episode 6 - Racism in sport: Does football hold a mirror up to society?

Football and racism have been making headlines lately, and thanks to social media, players are beginning to speak up against racism. Is football just another workplace where modern racism is prevalent? How can we make sure that this discussion doesn’t end up as meaningless hashtags and campaigns, but translate into action? Vivienne Aiyela, Tajean Hutton and John Barnes all join me for this passionate and fascinating discussion. “Pivotal parts of history have never been addressed, never been...


Episode 5 - AI: Is it bias, and what does that mean for the workplace?

Harry and I discussed the role AI has to play in the future of our workplaces and how our bias (conscious or unconscious) can be directly transferred into its algorithms. We also asked how, in order to combat this growing threat, we can all improve our knowledge of the issue and reduce the likelihood of these biases taking hold. "We’ve got to ensure that when we’re training algorithms to make decisions on our behalf that we’re not giving it biased training that we can’t undo. " - Harry...


Episode 4 - Racism in universities: Are universities still failing BAME staff and students?

Jason and I discussed how racism is still shockingly prevalent on university campuses and is keenly felt by both students and staff. Increased reporting and social media access may even make it feel as though it's getting worse. With simple, clear steps towards progress, funding in the right areas, collective awakening to the extent of the problems, it's something that can be addressed in an intersectional way. "You're asking the oppressed to relieve themselves of their own burden. It...


Episode 3 - Racism and education: Trusting children with the truth

When should we start teaching children about racism, is it ever too early? Young people are living in the same world; they learn about racial difference regardless. Is proper education about racism and its origins the key to unpicking it? Karen Murphy and I discussed how racism shaped history and how it permeates our lives as adults. "In history there are victims, there are perpetrators, and there are people who don’t do anything. Bystanders have shaped history by their inaction." - Karen...


Episode 2 - Leadership: Diversity and the tone at the top

In the second episode of the Racism at Work podcast we discussed the qualities, stereotypes and accountability associated with leadership, before delving into the lack of BAME representation at senior level. The role organisations need their leaders to play to drive the vital change we need to have the right conversations, treat diversity as a priority and how effective things like mentorships, sponsorship and networks can be in accelerating development. “Stereotypical image of a leader? We...


Episode 1 - Micro-incivilities: Their impact on individuals and their wellbeing

Micro-incivilities by their name are small but have a cumulative effect on the individual. Kiran, Rob and I talk about and how they affect self-esteem, how perpetrators may not even realise they're doing it, making them problematic to identify, report and address. Is the workplace ready - equipped with the knowledge, understanding and language - to even have this conversation yet? "Until we regard our BAME staff networks as business-critical entities, we will fall short of what our business...