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Keep Your Mindset Strong

What do you do every day to keep your mindset strong? How do you strengthen your mindset throughout the day? Today is the day to make decisions. What can you do today to get ahead of your goals? How much work can you get ahead on today? You have the chance now to pivot to end your week with a little extra. What can you do today to feel even more accomplished on Friday? Set the pace for the week now and get ahead of your goals. Your future self will thank you. Learn more at...


How to Wrap up Your Presentation and Get Signatures

You've set the stage, asked questions, presented marketing, now it's time to close the conversation. It's time to get signatures and decide on a price. Do you have the confidence to close? What if you knew before you asked if they'd say yes or no. Rich Levin teaches listing skills on today's episode. Learn more at and join us on Facebook and and on Instagram @REGradSchool


How Do You Deal with Market Wear?

You've prepared your CMA, you've look at the comparables, now it's time to present your results. The market value is something that can prevent the home sitting on the market too long. Are you ready for clients who may be unrealistic about their price? Rich Levin covers this part of your listing presentation on today's podcast. Learn more at and join us on Facebook and and on Instagram @REGradSchool


Powerful and Clear Visuals for Your Listing Presentation

We've gone over the listing presentation and the steps you need to take for success. You've taken control, now how are you going to show them you're a great agent? Rich Levin goes over all the visuals and the ways you can use visuals to win listings. Learn more at and join us on Facebook and and on Instagram @REGradSchool


Emails That Matter and Get Opened

Rich discusses the pieces of an email that people want to read. What kind of good information makes people open an email? Also, Rich discusses parts of the listing presentation that create success. Learn more at and join us on Facebook and and on Instagram @REGradSchool


Daily Routines to Find you Success

The best agents stay in touch with their past clients and friends. Not for any specific reason except to be in touch. Learn this skill and all the ways to put success into your Real Estate system. Learn the daily routine of the masters from Rich Levin Learn this system and more at and join us on Facebookand on Instagram @REGradSchool


Episode 79: Do You Believe in Affirmations?

One of the first things I learned from Real Estate school was to like myself unconditionally. I learned it from a teacher when I first got my license. One way to stand out with your presentations is with strength. Confidence and strength are something you have to practice. Practice them every day if you want. There is no way you can practice this too much. Be a professional. Show them you understand their needs. Show them you're sincerely interested in what they need and their plans. Be...


Episode 78: You Have to Fail First

If you're not making mistakes you're not learning. How do you present pricing? If you're not doing it right, today you'll learn a new way. Do you make your clients feel like you're listening? You have to truly be attentive if you want your potential clients to relax and listen to you. There are six factors that affect a listing. Some you can control, some you can't. What you need to do is understand them so that you can decide whether or not to take a listing. Most importantly, remember...


Episode 77: What Challenges Your Business?

What is the most challenging thing to creating a successful real estate career? Do you know how to multitask in your business? An agent has to manage so many skills and processes at once. There's chaos all around and in that you have to find consistency. We would all love consistency in a real estate career. Here's a few ways to take control. You can't add another closing to this month but you can get ahead for next month. We use our charts and systems to help agents stay consistent and...


Episode 76: Daily Routines = Success

Daily routines are hard to create. It's an easy list but it is difficult to do. Why do you think it's so hard for you to create a daily routine? Rich goes over our listing presentation in this episode and discusses what top agents are doing to create success. Do you ask the right questions over the phone? In the presentation? Do you feel like you have a rapport with your clients? Are you creating accurate CMA's? What's creating success in your presentation of price? The most important...


Episode 75: Top Agent Behavior

Today Rich explains the scripts and details that top agents use to win listing every day. What kind of scripts are you using for your business? Do your presentations feel casual? With these skills you can manage a client meeting while being confident and control at the same time. Of course, we're also going to talk about your daily routine list. This is how you plan for your business, create more opportunity and consistency in your business. You can find focus anywhere to create a better...


Episode 74: Daily Routine List

What kind of daily routines work for you? We have a document that you can use daily to keep you on task. Are you working on your business or in your business? Without the right balance of both you'll be working against yourself. There's a way for you to keep yourself organized every morning to get more done. Routine is a high quality skill that you need to practice. When you create a routine, you get to skip all the low quality work like cold calls. When you're doing a routine you...


Episode 73: Process Teaches Discipline

Do you want to learn to focus on your daily routine? When you focus on small tasks, the right tasks, you will build a bigger business every day. Where are you building your marketing plan? Whether in a book or on a computer work on it regularly. You have to have a clear plan when you present your marketing during your listing presentation. Today we build on that marketing plan. What are the 3 parts of your marketing plan? How are you going to sell your self, your services and your...


Episode 72: What's the First Rule of Negotiating?

We've been working on our listing presentations and this week we're talking about negotiation. Do you know why they're moving? Do you know where? Why are they moving to that specific location? Why there as opposed to somewhere else. Can they easily afford the new home? You have to know what's most important to them. Do they care about pictures? Price? Do they want the most modern marketing? What if you could prepare your presentation to answer most of their questions before they...


Episode 71: How do you walk through a listing?

Are you talking about price in your walk through? What else are you talking about to win listings? Looking for the daily checklist? If you're not a coaching client, send us an email and we'll share it with you. There are three parts to your listing system. Are you prepared? Are you winning over the phone? Are you closing with confidence? Learn this system and more at and join us on Facebook and on Instagram @REGradSchool


Episode 70: What questions are you asking to win listings?

Do you want to improve your listing presentation? Do you want to win more listings over the phone? Rebuild your listing presentation with the tools we're going to provide. How many steps do you want to take to gain success? Want our daily routine list? If you're a coaching client, it's in the library. If you're not a client, email us and we'll send it to you anyways. Top agents do not waste their days with useless projects. Do you want to know how to use the time you have more...


Episode 69: What do you need to change to be successful?

Extraordinary things done consistently will give you extraordinary results. As you know we're focusing on listing presentations. It's a topic of interest to a lot of agents. We're on Facebook live every morning if you'd like to join us at 8:15am EST! What skills do you need to strengthen with your presentation? We go over the keys to a listing presentation today. All of these tools and more are available as part of our coaching system. There are ten steps to the listing structure. They...


Episode 68: How to bore Yourself to Wealth

Are you bored with the daily routine? Success is boring. In every field of endeavor, the truth is, success is boring. Are you ready to bore yourself to wealth? When you're doing business at a higher level, you may be bored, but you're successful. Our coaching clients use their daily list to get ahead of every day. If you want access to our daily coaching give us a call or visit our website! Learn this system and more at and join us on Facebook and on Instagram...


Episode 67: How do you add power and strength to your listing presentation?

Do you have a strong presentation for potential sellers? How do you rehearse your presentation? Are you practiced enough to do a great presentation on your worst day? Does your routine support you creating more business every day? Right now people are planning on how to sell their home in the spring. They're looking for an expert to help them. Listen to these 5 tips to help you create a stronger listing presentation. Learn this system and more at and join us on...


Episode 66: Winning listings in competition

How do you win listings in competition? What do you do to add more value than other agents? Are you still doing your daily routine? Do you feel stuck with the same income? Use our daily routine to add $100,000 in the next 12 months to your income. Call us to find out more. Sellers are thinking about putting their houses on the market right now. Are you ready to show your sales skills and win against your competition? People have to trust you for them to hire you as an agent. You lose less...