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Investment real estate can lead to cash flow that allows you to live the life you want, working as much (or as little!) as you desire. The Rent to Retirement show is dedicated to educating you on all the aspects of investing you will need to successfully implement your own, personal, strategy. Hear from the smartest in the business as we cover everything from LLC and tax advice, to 1031 exchanges, to best markets for investing and creating the passive income you need, and more.


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Investment real estate can lead to cash flow that allows you to live the life you want, working as much (or as little!) as you desire. The Rent to Retirement show is dedicated to educating you on all the aspects of investing you will need to successfully implement your own, personal, strategy. Hear from the smartest in the business as we cover everything from LLC and tax advice, to 1031 exchanges, to best markets for investing and creating the passive income you need, and more.




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Ep 162 - From B-1 Bombers to Real Estate Investor | with Iven Vian

No road to financial freedom comes without its bumps. Some are mild humps, others can knock you out. Iven Vian, co-founder and COO of Anthem Capital, Air Force Veteran, and real estate investor, joins Adam Schroeder and Zach Remaster to discuss his first deals. There was some good…there was some bad… But eventually he came out better educated and still in a good position. He’s now a large investor in multifamily projects and gives some tips on how to properly force appreciation in your...


Ep 161 - Leaving the Workplace One Property at a Time | with Real Estate Law’s Rory Gill and Jason Muth

Financial freedom is the goal of nearly every real estate investor. Deciding when to leave, however, can be a complicated decision. But sometimes life chooses for you, which is the case with Rory and Jason. Jason took the plunge into full time real estate investing when things changed at his job, and has been steadily increasing their portfolio to continue his real estate professional role. Listen in as Adam Schroeder and Zach Lemaster talk to Rory and Jason about their journey, how they’re...


Ep 160 - What the Collapse of Silicon Valley Bank Should Teach Real Estate Investors

The banking world was rocked when news of SVB’s collapse came to light. Stocks plummeted, investors feared, and the government had to step in and assure everyone that they would cover any accounts and nobody was losing any money. But what happens next time (because you KNOW there will be a next time)? Adam Schroeder and Zach Lemaster talk about how this situation occurred, what investors can do to protect themselves in this type of environment, and the real way to get ahead. Schedule a...


Ep 159 - How Much Real Estate Can Actually Save You In Taxes | with Amanda Han

You hear lots of talk about how real estate can save you money on taxes. But how much can it actually save you? Getting a real number can be tricky, but Zach Lemaster and Adam Schroeder talk with CPA Amanda Han about how taxes differ based on 3 different methods of investing in real estate. Listen in as Amanda explains how real estate offsets your earnings and the massive tax write off that can wipe out 25,000 of your earned income on your taxes. ***Don’t forget to leave us a review on...


Ep 158 - Real Estate Investing Outside the US with | Reid Kirchenbauer

Many people are comfortable investing in their hometown. A little less are comfortable investing outside their town but in their own state. It gets even smaller when investing outside their home state in the United States. But investing overseas? Things get a bit tougher to figure out at that point. Adam Schroeder and Zach Lemaster talk with Reid Kirchenbauer about how he's investing in places like Thailand and the similarities and differences between financing, numbers, etc. Reid is the...


Ep 157 - Investing the Smart Way in Smart Markets | with Justin Moy

Knowing your investing style and comfort level is important. Not just when you invest money on investments you control, but when you invest in assets other people are controlling for you as well. Adam Schroeder talks with Justin Moy, partner at Realm Investors, about his real estate journey, why he’s investing in Kansas City, what his property requirements are, and why he’s stuck with real estate through all the bumps in the road. Learn More about...


Ep 156 - Fannie Mae Changes Impacting Investors & the Accumulation Market

Recent Fannie Mae changes have been somewhat under the radar, but they could have some good (and bad) impact for investors. Whether it’s appraisals or cash-out refi timelines, there’s always some changes to your investing strategy. Adam Schroeder and Zach Lemaster talk with the lending team at North American Financial about what these changes really mean, why this is an “accumulation market” and what rates are doing in reaction to recent Fed announcements and economic numbers. ***Don’t...


Ep 155 - How to Control Real Estate without OWNING Real Estate | with Chris Prefontaine

One important part of real estate investing is staying in control of your asset. But when you’re out of your own cash to invest and purchase assets, you don’t necessarily have to be done acquiring some to control. Chris Prefontaine rejoins Adam Schroeder and Zach Lemaster to discuss the steps you can take to find and control assets with little to no money out of your pocket. Learn more at: -------------------------------------------------------- Website -...


Ep 154 - Plan for the Future, Don’t Just Hope for the Future

Uncertainty can cause confusion and trepidation, but it can also create opportunities. Adam Schroeder looks into what’s happening with Millenials and their wealth and why that could create a boom for future real estate valuations. Hope isn’t an investment strategy, you have to actually take action. ***Don’t forget to get your copy of The Top 20 Markets to Invest In 2023 by emailing*** Leave a review on your podcast platform, take a screenshot and send it to...


Ep 153 - Rebelling Against Wall Street | with Chris Reid

We’ve heard since our youth that investing in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc is the way to diversify and move yourself towards retirement. That it’s the “safe” way to protect and grow your wealth. But is that really true? There are much better ways to invest that will likely leave you in better financial straits when you’re ready to retire than it would if you were to invest the way the masses do. Is your plan really to make less money and hope you’re taxed less? Or are you wanting to...


Ep 152 - What Investing Actually Is & Why We Have An Opportunity Today

A lot of real estate “investors” that came in during Covid and thought they were so smart are now running for the hills. They see the current situation as dire and run from the returns they now see. Well, guess what? The grass is nowhere near dead on this side of the fence. Covid may have made the grass greener for a while, but we’re simply back to a time when appreciation is slow and steady and the numbers make sense but aren’t insane like they were for a brief period. Adam Schroeder...


Ep 151 - Investing Across the United States While Living Abroad | with Richard Hall

Real estate investing across state lines while living in the United States can be intimidating. Add in an ocean separating you from your properties and it can seem even more daunting. Adam Schroeder talks with client Richard Hall about how he’s been investing in real estate in his attempt to become a full time investor. With properties in Colorado, Tennessee, and Florida, he’s creating quite the portfolio, and the two explore why he’s comfortable investing the way he currently is. Check...


Ep 150 - Avoiding Shiny Object Syndrome & Getting Into the Market

There are so many ways to invest in real estate that it’s easy to find yourself chasing the latest, greatest podcast you heard. That’s not to say that any one way is wrong, but it can definitely be wrong to chase them all at once. Adam Schroeder talks about how to flush out the noise and successfully deal with the increasing input into your investing brain, as well as why home buying sentiment might be setting us up for a great summer. ***Don’t forget to get your copy of The Top 20 Markets...


Ep 149 - Fighting Through Hard Times & Where Appreciation Is Happening

Real estate is NOT a straight line to wealth. Bumps happen, and sometimes they’re big. But getting over those bumps and continuing on is how true wealth is achieved.d In this world we’re in where we hear constant negativity in the news, Adam Schroeder finds the silver lining and areas where you can invest that are actually seeing significant increases in home valuations as opposed to other places that are moving much, much slower. ***Don’t forget to get your copy of The Top 20 Markets to...


Ep 148 - Investing in Tokenized Real Estate | with Eric Martel

Tokens are the new hot thing in investing…and potentially the future of investing. You hear about new coins being started constantly, and many of them are just fads that have no value behind them. Securitized tokens, however, are a different story. Eric Martel joins Adam Schroeder and Zach Lemaster to discuss his new securitized token, MartelInvest. Eric explains how it works, what it’s backed by (surprise, it’s real estate!), how people can invest, and what entry and exit plans investors...


Ep 147 - How to Get Ahead During Inflationary Times

Inflation is still relatively high, causing your money to be worth less and less every day. During times like these, what should you be considering doing with your money? Adam Schroeder and Zach Lemaster go over how your money is being treated in different asset classes, what mindset you need, what really scares Zach, and more. Leave us a review on your podcast platform and send a screenshot to to get a $10 gift...


Ep 146 - What Is An All In One Loan and How Can You Use it to Improve Your Real Estate Investing?

There are many different types of loans available for investors. Whether it’s conventional, DSCR, non-recourse, interest only, or any other type, one thing you rarely hear about is the All in One loan. Cori Zigman and Zach Lemaster talk with Harrison and Adam from CMG Home Loans explain the process and how investors can best utilize them. Schedule a call with CMG Loans Here: -------------------------------------------------------- Website -...


Ep 145 - Investing in Multifamily Properties: Metrics to Consider, Setting Up Management & Interesting Markets with Rama Krishna

For investors looking to invest in multifamily instead of single family, it’s a different journey. There are similarities, but a whole lot of differences as well. Adam Schroeder talks with Rama Krishna, Founder of Usha Capital Group, host of the podcast, “Multifamily AP360 (Earlier – Creating Wealth through Passive Apartment Investing), and author of the book Creating Wealth through Passive Apartment Investing, about his journey investing in multifamily. Rama explains how he vets deals and...


Ep 144 - What Is Rent Ready & Where's the Inventory?

There’s a difference between rent ready and retail ready, and knowing it will go a long way to making sure that you’re buying a rental property that’s going to make sense. Going overboard on finishes and materials will eat into your profits and could very well turn it into a deal that gets negative cash flow. Remember, there’s a difference between the two. Adam Schroeder dives into that topic, as well as why the real estate apocalypse that so many predicted hasn’t come to pass in most...


Ep 143 - How to Properly Manage a Mobile Home Park | with Open Door Capital's Sydney Barker

Mobile home parks are one of the asset classes that have boomed in popularity over the last 5 years or so. What was once an obscure investment has now become quite mainstream (at least among investors). Purchasing and managing those properties, however, still has a bit of a steep learning curve. Adam Schroeder talks with Sydney Barker, VP of Financing at Open Door Capital, about her acquisition of a mobile home park, what to do (and NOT do) to get financing for your park, and how to set up...