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EP157 Where to Get More Money to Do More Real Estate Deals with Alan Cowgill

One of the biggest questions real estate investors have is "where can I get More Money to do More deals?". Or, if you're just starting out, how can you find the funds to do your first deal? My guest today has the answers. Alan Cowgill teaches investors around the world how to find Win-Win situations and attract and convert folks into Private Money Lenders to get all the money you need to get deals done. Alan will discuss how he first stumbled upon the power of using private money, the...


EP156 The Nuts & Bolts of Rehabbing & Flipping For Profit with Cameron Gaskill

Cameron Gaskill didn't start in Real Estate Investing from a place of wealth or privilege. He was struggling to make ends meet and living paycheck to paycheck. When he would tell people he wanted to become a real estate investor they would laugh at him. After disaster struck he decided to follow his dream, and he's since rehabbed and flipped over 800 houses in Florida. Today Cameron is going to take us through his successful process of rehabbing and flipping, working with contractors, and...


EP155 From Apartment Syndication to Purchasing Distressed Mortgages with Adam Adams

My guest today is an experienced buyer of Non-Performing Notes who got his start investing in Multifamily and Syndicating Apartment opportunities. Adam Adams' first deal was an 11-unit apartment complex, and he has bought and sold over 500 units. Currently he's a net-seller. Adam jumped into buying Non-Performing Notes by buying a pool (multiple notes) for just under $1 Million. We're going to discuss that pool today, and Adam will share how he was able to profit while helping home-owners...


EP154 How He Made and Lost Millions in Real Estate, Market Cycles, and Qualified Retirement Plans V.S. SDIRAs with Damion Lupo

My guest today is a really interesting guy with a lot of great stories to tell. Damion Lupo has a 5th degree black belt in real estate investing, and he's a financial transformation architect. You'll have to listen to this episode to understand what both of those mean. You'll also want to listen and learn how Damion built up a portfolio worth $20 million, and then lost much of it in the Great Recession. Damion shares many of his crazy stories about losing money, dealing with tenants, and...


EP153 How He Quit His Job and Built a $65 Million Multifamily Portfolio Buying Off-Market Properties with James Kandasamy

James Kandasamy has built an impressive portfolio of Value-Add Multifamily and Apartment Properties in San Antonio Texas. He currently controls over 1,000 units worth $65 Million and oversees the management and construction through his company Achieve Investment Group. Today James tells us how he did it: why & how he transitioned from purchasing single-family homes through the BRRR strategy to investing in multifamily, how he identified and acquired value-add properties, and how he bypassed...


EP152 A Roller Coaster Ride through the Great Recession, Cutting Your Losses, and Investing in Discounted Mortgages with Kyle Zimpleman

Kyle Zimpleman has a really great story to tell about his roller-coaster ride through the Great Recession - how he began investing in single & multifamily properties, why he got rid of them too soon, and the emotions he experienced during the ups and down's of the recessionary market cycle. Today Kyle is the President & CEO of Expand Capital Group which purchases discounted mortgages throughout the U.S. On this episode Kyle is going to share his stories of the great investments he made in...


EP151 Investing in Out-Of-State Multifamily, Mastering Meetup Groups, and Miracle Mornings with Powell Chee

Powell Chee bought his first Single Family Rental in Kansas City by using his Credit Cards to pay All Cash. His next purchase was a 40-Unit Multi-Family in Indianapolis, and Powell has been asset managing and improving this property while living and working in Los Angeles, California. Today Powell and I have a fun conversation discussing the process he went through to find, fund, and improve these investments, and the mistakes he's made along the way. Powell will share his thoughts on the...


EP150 Managing Risk & Adding Value With Your Rental Property Insurance with Mike Murphy

Today we're going to talk about an item that every Rental Property Owner has, but many of us don't think about or understand until something Bad Happens. I'm talking about Your Rental Property Insurance Policy. There are many ways that you can use Insurance to protect your wealth and property, and there are many ways to make mistakes that will cost you money if and when the time ever comes that you need to make a claim against that insurance policy. So I've invited my Insurance Broker,...


EP149 Breaking Up with Your Property Management Company and Going It Alone with Ben Blake

Quite often real estate investors start out by managing their own properties and once they acquire a certain number of units they decide to hire a Third-Party Professional Property Management Company to looks after their portfolio. My guest today decided to go in the opposite direction. After working with several property management companies, Ben Blake figured that he could save himself money and headaches by taking control of the property management on his 12-unit portfolio in Grand...


EP148 Providing and Profiting From Residential Assisted Living with Gene Guarino

Sooner or Later, every one of us will be faced with the challenges of providing safe and comfortable housing for our aging population. Whether you're looking for a housing solution for yourself or a family member, or you're an investor interested in profiting from this need while doing good for others, there is a lot of information you need to know before going down this road. Gene Guarino is a CFP, Founder of The Residential Assisted Living Academy, and is regarded as an expert in the...


EP147 Short Term Rentals and Airbnbs: The Details Make The Difference with Frederick Kidd

Many Savvy Real Estate Investors are making a lot of money by renting out their property as short term rentals through sites like Some are getting 3 to 4 times what they would be making from a long-term rental. But for every investor who's making a killing with their short-term rental, there's another investor who either hasn't gotten started or is losing money because they're doing it wrong. Today we talk about the nuts & bolts techniques involved in successful short-term...


EP146 URGENT - Please Wire $3,470 IMMEDIATELY!...and other tales of Cyber Fraud with Tom Cronkright

On the morning of August 6th an associate of mine received an email from me requesting that he wire a vendor payment of $3,470. Because of our relationship, it was not unusual that I would make this request. Luckily, he texted me to ask what the payment was for, and that's when we realized that someone was impersonating me and attempting to commit Cyber Fraud! In the words of Tom Cronkright, my guest today, Cyber Fraud is "unhinged and has reached an epic level in real estate transactions."...


EP094 When Your Rental Property is Haunted: Real-Life Ghost Stories RE-BROADCAST

This is one of my All-Time Favorite Episodes, and since Halloween is coming up I wanted to Scare our listeners one more time. My apologies to "This American Life" - who's format I shamelessly ripped off!... Get Ready to Get Scared by this Special Halloween Episode with Real Ghost Stories from the perspective of Rental Property Owners, Homeowners, and Tenants. Whether you believe in Ghosts or not, sometimes strange and inexplicable things happen that make the hairs on the back of your neck...


EP145 How Advice From an Unlikely Mentor Took Him From Bagging Groceries to Retiring in His Thirties with Matt Theriault

Matt Theriault is a Marine Corps Desert Storm Veteran who built a hugely successful career in the Music Business and then watched it all Disappear seemingly overnight. Eventually to the point where Matt found himself bagging groceries for $7 dollars an hour just to survive. It was while working this minimum wage job that Matt received advice from an unlikely mentor that would change his life and allow him to retire young. Matt is now an accomplished Real Estate Investor and Mentor with a...


EP144 Managing Multifamily in Multiple Markets Remotely with Kenny Wolfe

Kenny Wolfe started his Multifamily and Apartment portfolio with a 76-Unit deal, and he's built that up to over 2,400 units in multiple markets. Kenny also invests in Triple and Double Net Commercial "Dollar" Stores, and has created a fund to do Hard Money Loans. Kenny is the President of Wolfe Investments, and today he shares his wealth of experience and information as we discuss how he was able to build his portfolio remotely, how he had to fire several management companies along the way,...


EP143 Best Practices for Keeping Track of Your RE Income & Expenses with Steve Bjorkman from Rental Hero

If you own and manage rental property, then keeping track of your income and expenses is something you've had to deal with. And having the right systems and software in place can help you make more money, save time, and ultimately achieve a higher value when it comes time to sell. Today we're going to talk about what you should look for in accounting software, the information you should be tracking, and how you should set up your books for proper accounting and tax purposes. Steve Bjorkman...


EP142 Starting Small with 16 Units and the Importance of Mentorship with Scott Pollmann

Scott Pollmann read the Purple Book, played the Cash Flow Board Game, paid for the Rich Dad Training, and set off to buy his first Real Estate Investment. Most people would start with a Single Family or Duplex, but Scott managed to find, negotiate and acquire a 16-unit for his first deal. Today Scott tells us how he made this happen and the lessons he's learned along the way. We'll talk about the value of the training he paid for, how it helped him pinpoint his offer price on the 16-unit,...


EP141 Finding Your Pivot-Point: Transitioning from Investing in SFHs to airbnb Rentals with Chandler Spence

The "BRRR" strategy works great for many investors. Buy it, Rehab it, Rent it out, and Refinance (BRRR) can be a great way to build your portfolio and build cash flow. But sooner or later, many of us realize that this is a very slow way to become financially independent. Chandler Spence reached this Pivot Point while investing in Single Family Rentals in Nashville, Indianapolis, Baltimore, and Chicago. That's what led him to look into investing in airbnb properties, starting with renting...


EP140 How The Power of Persistence Helped Them Close on a 144-Unit Apartment Building with Justin Richards and Aaron Lenartz

By the time you listen to this episode, Justin Richards and Aaron Lenartz will have closed on a 144-unit Class C Apartment Building in Memphis Tennessee. And they'll have raised $1.3 Million from investors to do so. I thought it would be interesting to sit down & talk with them about what they went through to find, inspect, and acquire this property while its fresh in their minds. What you're about to hear is the nuts & bolts process from two investors and syndicators who have learned a...


EP139 Overcoming The Odds to Become a Wholesale Real Estate Master with Daniel Breslin

Like many of us, Daniel Breslin started investing in real estate after reading "Rich Dad, Poor Dad". The only difference is that he read it while serving time in prison. Daniel was able to scrape together $5,000 to do his first deal, and 12 years later he's now the Founder & President of Diamond Equity Investments, a real estate investment company specializing in Fix & Flips and Wholesaling. Daniel talks about the first deal he did after getting out of jail and how it changed his life, his...