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EP123 The Benefits of "Do-It-Yourself" Multi-Family Management with Ric Conkey

Ric Conkey is a true "Do-It-Yourself" Landlord and Multi-Family Investor who grew up helping his father manage their family's rental properties. Today Ric shares the secrets he's learned over the years on maximizing rent, decreasing turnover time, and marketing to tenants. He also shares the frustrations of being on call for maintenance and repairs, waiting for cleaning crews, and sorting through multiple keys for his 14 units. We also talk about laundry income and the pro's and con's of...


EP122 Breaking the Golden Handcuffs of a Well-Paying Job and Getting Started as a Real Estate Investor with Lane Kawaoka

Lane Kawaoka is an engineer by day, but whenever he's not on the job, he's full-on into Real Estate Investing as the owner of MPFE Investments which is focused on value-add multifamily apartments. Lane and his partners own over 626 units and he's raised over $2 Million from private investors. Today we're going to discuss the steps Lane is taking to break the "Golden Handcuffs" of his high paying job, why its important to get started investing, even if you're buying a mediocre...


EP121 How to Avoid Losing Your Property to the Bank: Debt, CapEx, and Conservative Real Estate Investing, with Tyler Lyons, Justin Workman and Rob Minch

Tyler Lyons has acquired and rehabbed three houses in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area, and in the process he's added substantial value to each one. Tyler's goal has been to "BRRRR" - Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, and Repeat. But when it came time to put financing on those properties, he wanted to make sure he avoided the pitfalls that led many investors to lose everything during the Great Recession. How much debt on your rental properties is safe? Should you keep a good amount of equity in...


EP120 Following Robert Kiyosaki's Formula: Entrepreneurship, Passive Income and Turn-Key Rentals with Jack Gibson

Jack Gibson knew early on that having a job and working for someone else just wasn't in his destiny, so he sought out alternative paths to creating wealth. By the age of 21 Jack was running a successful multi-million dollar business coaching clients on effective nutrition and fitness strategies. Then he realized how profitable real estate investing could be. Now he's the Co-Owner of High Return Real Estate, LLC out of St. Joseph, Michigan, and he's passionate about helping other investor...


EP119 Your Questions Answered about Seller Financing

When it comes to Finding the Money for your purchase of a home or investment property, Seller Financing can help you avoid traditional lenders while setting terms that work for both the buyer and seller. From a seller's standpoint, seller financing can help you maintain a steady income, while spreading out the tax consequences of a sale. But with the passage of the Dodd-Frank Consumer Protection Act, a lot of investors are unsure whether Seller Financing is still a viable...


EP118 Everyone Told Me Not to Buy That Property: Buying Single Family Homes at Sheriff's Sale and Ignoring Well-Meaning Advice with Salman Chaudhry

Salman Chaudhry didn't expect to buy his first rental property at the first Sheriff's Sale he ever attended...but he did. Salman was also warned against investing in another property he had his eye on...and he bought it anyway. Now Salman owns thirteen Single-Family Homes in Lake Charles, Louisiana, and he's ready to share how his investments have turned out. Today Salman discusses the uncertain road he traveled at the beginning of his investing career, his recent move to Houston, Texas...


EP117 When Your Rehab & Flipping Business becomes a Reality TV Show with "Gritty To Pretty" Stars Jeremy Cole and Ramon Huerta

If you've ever wondered what it would be like to star in one of those Fix & Flip Reality TV shows, then you're going to love this episode. Last year Jeremy Cole and Ramon Huerta shot a pilot episode for a new series called "Gritty To Pretty". Last month it debuted on the DIY Network, and today they'll share their 'behind-the-scenes' stories and secrets. You're going to learn how Jeremy and Ramon got comfortable being in front of the camera, how they chose the property to rehab, and why...


EP116 Where Politics and Real Estate Investing Connect: Supporting Candidates and Legislation that Support us as Real Estate Investors with Tom Koetsier

When it comes to politics, everyone has their reasons for voting for a certain candidate or backing certain issues. And as real estate investors, we need to be aware of which candidates are best suited to support our ability to provide housing for our residents while still making a profit. Today we're going to talk about the places where politics and Real Estate Investing connect, and how we as real estate investors and landlords can support the candidates and legislation that in turn...


EP115 Profiting from airbnb & Vacation Rentals - RPOA Expert Panel

Vacation Rentals & airbnb's can be a great way to exponentially increase the returns on your real estate investments. But there are also many pitfalls that investors must avoid and be aware of in order to be successful. On February 23, 2018, the RPOA hosted an expert panel to discuss short-term vacation rentals - how they work, why they're such a great strategy for real estate investors, tips on being successful, and how to avoid the pitfalls that can cost you extra money. Here are the...


EP114 Raising Other People's Money through Syndication and Crowdfunding with Bootstrap Legal Founder & CEO Amy Wan

Raising Other People's Money to invest in real estate is a time honored tradition. But did you know that once you have more than two investors in an investment that you technically have a syndication? Are you also aware that the Security and Exchange Commission (The "SEC") has rules regulating how you go about raising that money and the types of investors you can allow in your deals, and that if you don't follow those rules you can get into serious trouble? Now that I've made syndications...


EP113 Finding Diamonds in the Junk - Building a Business that solves Real Estate Investor's Problems while Creating New Opportunities with Kevin Schultz and Joe Howard from Junk King

Joe Howard and Kevin Schultz were standing in the middle of a dumpster when they came up with a business idea that would change their lives. As real estate investors, they knew there was a huge need for getting rid of all the junk that accumulates in the houses they were looking at for flipping or rehabbing. So they became the owners of "Junk King of West Michigan". Through this business they've been able to find opportunities that most investors never get to see. Today they tell us about...


EP112 Real Estate Investor Tax Update for 2018 with Duane Culver

With the recent passage of the Trump Administration's Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, there have been a lot of questions from real estate investors and rental property owners about how the new tax changes will affect their tax preparation for 2017 and beyond. Here to explain the changes and their potential benefits to investors is Duane Culver, CPA and President of Culver CPA Group. Duane will give us the low-down on the following topics: The Return of the Education Deduction, changes in 2017...


EP065 UPDATE: Watch 2 Local RPOA Investors Make the Big-time on TV. "Gritty To Pretty" on DIY Network with Jeremy Cole and Ramon Huerta

This is a Special Re-Broadcast of last year's episode with Jeremy Cole and Ramon Huerta. You can WATCH THEM This Saturday, March 3rd at 7 p.m. on the show "Gritty To Pretty" on the DIY Network. HGTV has shown a strong interest in taking their show to series, so the more people who watch, the more likely we'll get to see more! Whether you love or hate those HGTV shows on Rehabbing and Flipping, you're going to really enjoy today's conversation. Ramon Huerta and Jeremy Cole host a...


EP111 Raising "Other People's Money" and Top Ten Tips on Successful Syndications with David Toupin

When it comes to raising Other People's Money, syndication is both a science and an art. There are specific and time-proven ways to do it right, and many ways to do it wrong. Today David Toupin, a Detroit-area investor and syndicator, will share his top-ten tips on Successful Syndication. David's company, Borland and Toupin Holdings, owns and manages a $6 Million Dollar Portfolio of 120 units, as well as single-family fix & flips. David will discuss the tools he uses as an investor,...


EP110 Increasing Cash Flow by Providing Special Needs Housing: How to get 2 or 3 Times More Rent and Much Better Tenants with Nick Sidoti

Today we're going to talk about a strategy that can Double or Triple the Cash Flow on your existing rentals. Even better, this strategy can be employed whether you own rental property or not. I'm referring to Special Needs Housing, and here to discuss it with us is a legend in the investing world, Nick Sidoti - A.K.A Dr. Cash Flow. Nick has been investing since 1979 and in his previous life he was a case worker supervisor for the Department of Mental Hygiene, which is where he first...


EP109 Become a Lifeonaire: How to Succeed at Real Estate Investing without Giving Up Your Life with Shaun McCloskey

From the outside looking in, Shaun McCloskey was a successful real estate investor and making a ton of money doing short sales and pre-foreclosure investing. But deep down he know that he was working way too much and becoming consumed by his business. He needed a better balance, and a better vision for his business. Today Shaun discusses the Lifeonaire strategy that he discovered, and how it helped him redefine his relationship with his family, with success, and with the debts he had...


EP108 Filthy Riches Through Real Estate: Making Huge Profits from Motivated Sellers with Larry Goins

Is it possible to buy a house that no one else wants for $5,000 and then turn that house into a successful money maker? My guest today, Larry Goins, says that not only is that possible, but you can earn more than the average investor makes on a house worth 10 to 20 times that amount. And he has real-life examples to back that up. Larry has been investing in Real Estate for over twenty years, and has developed strategies that allow him to buy 10 to 15 properties per month without ever...


EP107 Creative Financing: Nothing Down, Why Price is Irrelevant, and the Power of Zero with Chris McClatchey

Chris McClatchey initially built his Real Estate Portfolio the Traditional Way - by using Bank Financing. But then it struck him; the majority of his cash flow was going back to the bank to pay off his mortgage. Not only that, but the first seven to fifteen years of mortgage payments were primarily paying off the interest on his loan rather than paying down the principal. Chris knew that there had to be a better way, and that's when he came up with "The Power of Zero". By using seller...


EP106 Buying Notes: The Fastest, Easiest, Safest Way to Make Huge Profits in Real Estate with Donna Bauer

Twenty years ago, Donna Bauer was making $1 an hour babysitting as a stay-at-home Mom. Then she learned about Buying Notes and made over $5,000 on her first deal. Since then, she's taught over 100,000 people how to profit from buying notes using her tried & true methods. Today Donna shares with us why she prefers Seller-Financed Performing Notes, and how she profits from them without using any of her own money. We also compare the risks of buying Performing v.s. Non-Performing Notes and...


EP105 Increase Your Wealth Exponentially with Apartments & Multi-Family Properties with National Expert Anthony Chara

Anytime we talk about Investing in Apartments and Multi-Family on this show, there is always a huge response from our listeners. So I know you're going to enjoy today's conversation with National Expert Anthony Chara, the President of Apartment Mentors out of the Greater Denver area. Anthony has invested in over 1,700 units worth over $45 Million in value, and he's ready to share his experiences with our listeners. You're going to find out how his apartment investments weathered the great...


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