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EP145 How Advice From an Unlikely Mentor Took Him From Bagging Groceries to Retiring in His Thirties with Matt Theriault

Matt Theriault is a Marine Corps Desert Storm Veteran who built a hugely successful career in the Music Business and then watched it all Disappear seemingly overnight. Eventually to the point where Matt found himself bagging groceries for $7 dollars an hour just to survive. It was while working this minimum wage job that Matt received advice from an unlikely mentor that would change his life and allow him to retire young. Matt is now an accomplished Real Estate Investor and Mentor with a...


EP144 Managing Multifamily in Multiple Markets Remotely with Kenny Wolfe

Kenny Wolfe started his Multifamily and Apartment portfolio with a 76-Unit deal, and he's built that up to over 2,400 units in multiple markets. Kenny also invests in Triple and Double Net Commercial "Dollar" Stores, and has created a fund to do Hard Money Loans. Kenny is the President of Wolfe Investments, and today he shares his wealth of experience and information as we discuss how he was able to build his portfolio remotely, how he had to fire several management companies along the way,...


EP143 Best Practices for Keeping Track of Your RE Income & Expenses with Steve Bjorkman from Rental Hero

If you own and manage rental property, then keeping track of your income and expenses is something you've had to deal with. And having the right systems and software in place can help you make more money, save time, and ultimately achieve a higher value when it comes time to sell. Today we're going to talk about what you should look for in accounting software, the information you should be tracking, and how you should set up your books for proper accounting and tax purposes. Steve...


EP142 Starting Small with 16 Units and the Importance of Mentorship with Scott Pollmann

Scott Pollmann read the Purple Book, played the Cash Flow Board Game, paid for the Rich Dad Training, and set off to buy his first Real Estate Investment. Most people would start with a Single Family or Duplex, but Scott managed to find, negotiate and acquire a 16-unit for his first deal. Today Scott tells us how he made this happen and the lessons he's learned along the way. We'll talk about the value of the training he paid for, how it helped him pinpoint his offer price on the 16-unit,...


EP141 Finding Your Pivot-Point: Transitioning from Investing in SFHs to airbnb Rentals with Chandler Spence

The "BRRR" strategy works great for many investors. Buy it, Rehab it, Rent it out, and Refinance (BRRR) can be a great way to build your portfolio and build cash flow. But sooner or later, many of us realize that this is a very slow way to become financially independent. Chandler Spence reached this Pivot Point while investing in Single Family Rentals in Nashville, Indianapolis, Baltimore, and Chicago. That's what led him to look into investing in airbnb properties, starting with renting...


EP140 How The Power of Persistence Helped Them Close on a 144-Unit Apartment Building with Justin Richards and Aaron Lenartz

By the time you listen to this episode, Justin Richards and Aaron Lenartz will have closed on a 144-unit Class C Apartment Building in Memphis Tennessee. And they'll have raised $1.3 Million from investors to do so. I thought it would be interesting to sit down & talk with them about what they went through to find, inspect, and acquire this property while its fresh in their minds. What you're about to hear is the nuts & bolts process from two investors and syndicators who have learned a...


EP139 Overcoming The Odds to Become a Wholesale Real Estate Master with Daniel Breslin

Like many of us, Daniel Breslin started investing in real estate after reading "Rich Dad, Poor Dad". The only difference is that he read it while serving time in prison. Daniel was able to scrape together $5,000 to do his first deal, and 12 years later he's now the Founder & President of Diamond Equity Investments, a real estate investment company specializing in Fix & Flips and Wholesaling. Daniel talks about the first deal he did after getting out of jail and how it changed his life, his...


EP138 Buy Right, Finance Right, Manage Right: Creating Wheelbarrow Profits with Gino Barbaro

Gino Barbaro is an experienced investor in multifamily and apartments with over 900 units under his control, and he's built that portfolio without syndicating through his Refi & Roll strategy. Today Gino is going to share his unique perspective with us on many areas of investing and life skills: multi-faceted multifamily and creating multiple streams of income, how Life Coaching helped get him to where he wanted to be, the challenges he faced in building his portfolio, and the partnership...


EP137 The Number One Thing to Consider Before You Quit Your Job: Real Estate Investor Health Care Options with Chad Creasey

Five years ago I transitioned from being a full-time employee investing in Real Estate on the side, to being a full-time Real Estate Investor and Syndicator. My greatest consideration before doing so was finding Affordable Health Care coverage for myself and my family. Any investor who has dreamed of quitting their job and investing in Real Estate full time must consider this. Health care costs can be one of the largest line item expenses for any business. But understanding your options...


EP136 Returning Citizens: Renting to Tenants who have been Recently Incarcerated

In today's tight housing market, landlords can be much more selective in who they rent their properties to. Because of this, there are certain groups of tenants that are finding it more and more difficult to find affordable housing. Today we're going to talk about one of these groups and the efforts by the state and West Michigan community to help them. We're going to take a look at Returning Citizens, those who have been incarcerated, served their time, and are looking to re-enter...


EP135 Investing in Lower Income Properties through a Health Savings Account or SDIRA with Dan Essink

Despite the higher turnover and maintenance costs, as well as the additional tenant headaches, investing in C & D rental properties can be more lucrative if you have a plan and know what you're doing. Dan Essink owns and invests in Lower Income properties in the Muskegon, Michigan area. He also manages them through his company, DICE Property Management. Today, Dan is going to share his experiences and perspective with us: How he got started by house-hacking his first duplex, the true cost...


EP134 We Help a Listener Decide What To Do with Her Vacant Land, with Maureen Weick and Justin Workman

Recently I received the following email from RPOA member and podcast listener Maureen Weick: I have 1.5 acres of vacant land in northern Allegan County. I have been trying to decide what to do with it and would love to hear some opinions. These are my questions/thoughts - 1) Do I just sell outright as vacant land? ---Not a fan of this one - I will have capital gains to pay, unless I can manage the sale under a 1031 Exchange 2) Should I put a used double wide trailer there (this is rural...


EP133 How to Make Huge ROIs Investing in Raw Land with Mark Podolsky

Mark Podolsky began investing in Raw Land with only $3,000. Seventeen years later, he's completed over 5,200 land deals with an average Return-on-Investment of 300%. Today Mark is going to share his Raw Land Investing techniques, and how he teaches other to make huge returns without putting any of their own money at risk. Mark is the owner of Frontier Properties, a very successful and reputable land investing company. He's also the host of several podcasts, including "The Art of Passive...


EP132 What Should I Do? Listener Questions with Mark Troy

As the host of this podcast, I enjoy getting questions from our listeners. As a member of the RPOA, I love having experts on hand to help me answer those questions. Today Mark Troy joins me to answer listener questions and share his wisdom and experience gained over 18 years in the business. Mark is the Managing Broker at Compass Realty Services and the Director of Real Estate Investment at Compass Property Management, both of which he is the original founder and co-owner. Mark and I...


EP131 Should We Ban the Rental Application Fee? Government Advocacy with Clay Powell

Should Rental Application Fees be Banned? Today we're going to discuss an issue that's happening right here in Grand Rapids, but it affects landlords and rental property owners everywhere. It has to do with the affordable housing challenge communities are facing as rents rise and neighborhoods gentrify. As tenants find it increasingly difficult to locate and afford housing, those communities and their elected representatives are pointing the finger of blame at landlords, investors and...


EP130 Navigating Foreclosure, Distressed, and Bank-Owned Properties with Casey O'Neill from

In today's tight real estate market its very difficult for investors and home buyers to find good investment deals. Believe it or not, there are still plenty of opportunities in Distressed, Foreclosure, and Bank-Owned Properties. One of the ways to find these deals is through Today I sit down with Casey O'Neill to discuss the transparency is bringing to the distressed market, and the emphasis they place on helping potential investors with due diligence. Casey also...


EP129 Syndication Wisdom: Its Better to Own 10% of 10 Deals Rather Than 100% of One Deal with Ratan Khatri

Ratan Khatri is a strong believer in the power of leveraging other people's money through syndication. He's recently completed his first syndication with the purchase of 50 single family homes in Muskegon, Michigan, and he'll be investing in Senior Assisted Living, Mobile Home Parks, Self-Storage, and Multi-Family through syndication as well. Today Ratan & I discuss his philosophy of investing, and why he believes its better to own 10% of ten things rather than 100% of one thing. Ratan also...


EP128 He started with $7 Dollars and now runs a $172 Million Dollar Multi-Family Portfolio. Syndication, Salesmanship and Real Estate Success with Vinney Chopra

Vinney Chopra came to America with $7 dollars in his pocket and a dream. Today he Asset Manages a $172 Million dollar portfolio of Multi-Family Properties. He's done over 26 syndications and has over 3,100 apartments under management. The great thing about Vinney is that he can raise $6 to $10 Million dollars without breaking a sweat, but he remains humble and friendly and willing to share how he does it. In today's conversation Vinney will tell us how he went from being a failure at...


EP127 A Full-Time Flipper who's End Game is Buy & Hold Multi-Family with Calvin Beeke

Calvin Beeke left college to become a full-time entrepreneur, found success with a business he created, and then decided to become a full-time real estate investor. Within a short span of time, Calvin has dived right in. He likes to have three flips going in any given period: one that he's just purchased, one that is being rehabbed, and one that is being sold. At the same time, Calvin is building his Buy & Hold portfolio of value-add investments with a focus on mid-sized Multi-family. He...


EP126 Exit Strategies and Transition Planning for Real Estate Wealth with Bobbi S. Hines

Real Estate investors are quite often focused on acquiring assets and building their portfolios. But how often do we stop to think about our 'end game', and when and how we'd like to wind down our investments? Transition Planning is an important part of every investor's game plan, and having a team that consists of a real estate attorney, CPA, and financial planner can be very helpful in putting this plan in place. Bobbi S. Hines is an attorney, and a member of Kreis Enderle's Estate...