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EP202 Investing Passively in Multifamily & Apartments with Randy Langenderfer

My guest today is focused exclusively on investing in Multifamily & Apartments. With his partners he's invested in 11 different properties with over 2,300 units. But Randy Langenderfer wasn't always a Multifamily investor. He got his start in Real Estate Investing by House Hacking his first duplex before becoming a Hard Money Lender. Today we're going to discuss how & why Randy made the leap to Apartments, and how he managed to grow his portfolio so quickly. Randy is also going to share...


EP201 Buying "Subject To", Wraparound Mortgages, and Zero Percent Seller Financing with Brad Smotherman

There are many creative ways to Buy & Sell Real Estate, while creating Owner Financed Paper in the process. And my guest today has done them all. Brad Smotherman owns and manages a 7-figure per year Flipping Business called American Community Investments and holds Notes across middle Tennessee. He's invested in 14 states and completed 100's of transactions. Brad is going to discuss what it means to purchase a property 'Subject To' the existing mortgage, and what happens when the lender...


EP200 Preparing for the Next Downturn with the Help of The Rental Property Owners Association and Clay Powell

Welcome to a very special 200th Episode! To celebrate I thought it would be fun to have a conversation with the man who made this podcast possible – Clay Powell, the director of the Rental Property Owners Association. Clay and I will be talking about the importance of organizations like the RPOA and how we’re helping landlords and investors through the good times, which is what we’ve all been experiencing for the past ten years, and the anticipated downturn that many economists are...


EP199 Surprises After Closing on a 144-Unit Apartment Complex with Justin Richards & Aaron Lenartz

When Justin Richards and Aaron Lenartz were last on this show, they shared everything they'd just gone through in finding, negotiating, syndicating, and closing on a 144-unit apartment complex in Memphis Tennessee. You can check out Episode #140 to hear that story. Today, you're going to find out what happened after the close and how its affected their outlook and decision making process ever since. Justin and Aaron are going to share some of the challenges they faced and how they came up...


EP198 The Amazing Real Estate Investing Advantage Available to Active Duty Military and Our American Veterans with Eric Upchurch

For many of our American Active Duty Military and Veterans, investing in Real Estate may seem like a far-off objective, especially if they're deployed overseas or moving from location to location without any sense of permanence. However, if you're Active Duty Military, or a Veteran, you have some serious purchasing power that you may not be aware of. Eric Upchurch has made it his mission to help those in the military understand and realize the power of creating monthly passive income...


EP197 Turning Around Dire, Desperate, and Dangerous Properties While Under Extreme Pressure, with "Burn Zones" Author, Jorge P. Newbery

One of the Best Books I've read this year is "Burn Zones", by my guest today, Jorge P. Newbery. In his book, Jorge tells a fascinating and brutally honest story of his rise from newspaper boy to Punk Rock Entrepreneur, from International Cycling Champion to Mortgage Broker, Distressed Apartment Investor, Publicly Vilified Landlord, and Socially Conscious Entrepreneur. Today, we're going to focus on three crucial periods in Jorge's incredible life: His early beginnings as an entrepreneur in...


EP196 How Mindset, Salesmanship, and Adding Massive Value Helped him Sell over $150 Million In Real Estate, with Sam Newell

By his own account, Sam Newell grew up poor on the wrong side of the railroad tracks in Salt Lake City, Utah. Today you're going to find out how he transitioned from his humble early days into a successful real estate investor and realtor with sales over $150 Million. Sam is an apartment investor, syndicator, and real estate agent who's been in the business for over 10 years. He's also the co-founder of IPI Acquisitions, and a real estate agent at Century 21 Everest Realty Group in Utah,...


EP195 How Technology will Propel Real Estate Investing into the Future with Ryan Wendlandt

Can you believe that the iPhone is only 12 years old? When you consider all of the advantages and efficiencies that smart phone technology has created for rental property owners, its hard to imagine doing any type of business without it. My guest today is going to tell us What's Next on the Technology Horizon that will not only revolutionize the way we show and lease our properties, but will also help us control our expenses and increase our income. Ryan Wendlandt is currently employed in...


EP194 Landlord Revolution: Maximize your Cashflow through Alternate Income Streams of Short Term Rentals & Corporate Housing with Al Williamson

Is the Landlord profession overdue for a Revolution? Is the Business Model of covering mortgages and operating costs by charging rent no longer sufficient? My guest today believes both of those statements to be true. Al Williamson is known as the "Worlds First Landlord Scientist", and he's on a quest to help other landlords maximize their Cashflow through alternate income streams such as Short Term Rentals and Corporate Housing. He also has other valuable tips on increasing income and...


EP193 How He's Achieving His Goal of $50,000 Monthly Income with Nick Disney

If you had to guess the #1 reason why many entrepreneurs and real estate investors fail, what would it be? Lack of money?, Opportunities?, or Bad Timing? According to my guest today, Lack of Focus and the inability to set Clear and Specific Goals is the number one reason. Nick Disney has spent the past ten years learning how to implement strategic goals in order to build a portfolio of 17 rental properties and 20 performing notes. He owns a real estate business called "Sell My San Antonio...


EP192 Surviving Bad Partnerships, Negative Cashflow and Rent Control with Seth Ferguson

What do you do when your business partner goes rogue and ends up destroying your entire Real Estate Portfolio? If you're like my guest today, then you pick yourself back up and commit to building an even bigger & better one step-by-step. Seth Ferguson is a Canadian real estate investor with 11 years of experience investing in single family, apartments, and helping others as an award-winning real estate broker. He's also an author, Cable-TV host, and has his own podcast "Purchase To...


EP191 How He's "Crushing It" in Apartments & Commercial Real Estate with Author, Brian Murray

There are some great books available that can teach you how to invest in Commercial Real Estate, and one of the best of these books was written by today's guest. Brian Murray is the Best-Selling Author of "Crushing It In Apartments And Commercial Real Estate: How a Small Investor Can Make It BIG". He's also the Founder & CEO of Washington Street Properties, which owns and operates a large portfolio of assets in upstate New York. Brian has invested in Apartments, Office Buildings, Retail...


EP190 Recession Resistant Assets: Multifamily V.S. Self Storage & Mobile Home Parks, with Paul Moore

Today we're going to compare the Pro's & Con's of investing in Multifamily & Apartments V.S. two other commercial asset classes: Self Storage & Mobile Home Parks. Which is harder to acquire in today's market, and which will do the best during a good economy as well as a bad one? Paul Moore has returned to the show to help us answer these questions. You might remember Paul from episode #42, where we talked about his book "The Perfect Investment: Create Enduring Wealth From The Historic Shift...


EP189 How He Left His Job to Become a Wholesaler, Flipper, & Rehabber in Detroit with Todd Chunn

When people ask me about investing in Detroit, my stock response is that there are a lot of great opportunities, but you really need to work with someone who understands the neighborhoods and where to find those opportunities. Because, if you're one or two blocks off, you could lose a lot of money. Earlier this year I had the pleasure of traveling around Detroit with a seasoned investor who was kind enough to show me the neighborhoods he's investing, improving, and profiting in. We also got...


EP188 Making Money off of Obsolete Buildings by Turning them Into Climate Controlled Self-Storage with Scott Krone

Today we're going to talk about Adaptive Re-use of Commercial Space and how it can be turned into an Asset Class that is Very Attractive & Extremely Profitable. My guest is Scott Krone, the managing partner of Coda Management Group, a company that teams up with investors to purchase and convert undervalued warehouse space into climate controlled Self-Storage Facilities. Scott has a Masters of Architecture Degree from the Illinois Institute of Technology and he's created 47 syndications and...


EP186 Rehabber and Buy & Hold Investor Frank Maratta has some questions for Brian & Justin Workman

My guest today is Frank Maratta, a listener & fan of the show who contacted me with some great questions. So I thought I'd have him on the show to answer them with the help of Justin Workman, another friend of the show who's been on many episodes. Frank is an experienced investor and landlord with 12 units that he rehabbed & manages. Frank's favorite strategy is to buy a property, rehab it using his own subs and serving as the General Contractor, and then complete a cash-out refinance in...


EP185 Choosing Your Partners, Presenting Your Deals, and the Fiduciary Responsibility You Have to Your Investors with Jonathan Twombly

Jonathan Twombly spent 12 years as a corporate attorney for some of the most prestigious law firms in New York, Boston, and London, before switching tracks and becoming a full-time real estate investor and syndicator. Now, Jonathan is the owner of Two Bridges Asset Management and his attention to detail, creative thinking, and tendency to notice overlooked connections has had a huge impact on his returns, as well as those of his investors. Today we'll discuss how Jonathan chooses his...


EP184 Raising Money from the Ultra-Wealthy and How To Pitch Your Opportunity to a Centimillionaire with Richard Wilson

Today we're going to talk about Raising Capital from a source that we typically don't consider when putting together the equity for our investment opportunities. We've discussed syndication and raising funds from high net-worth accredited investors, but what about the Ultra-Wealthy - those with over $30 Million in net worth? My guest today is Richard Wilson, the Founder & CEO of Family Office Club, and he is going to help us understand what the Ultra-Wealthy look for when investing their...


EP183 The Teacher who Transitioned into Multifamily and raised over $10 Million from Private Investors with Todd Dexheimer

Todd Dexheimer is a former teacher who has been investing in real estate since 2008. He's accomplished over 200 flips and currently controls over $15 million in Apartments and Multifamily. Today, Todd is going to share how he's managed to grow his portfolio so quickly, and what he's done to raise over $10 million in private equity. Todd is also the host of the "Pillars of Wealth Creation" Podcast where he interviews successful business leaders. He's also the principal owner of Venture D...


EP182 New Construction & How to be a Residential & Commercial Real Estate Developer and Real Estate Strategist with Bradley Hartwell

Today we're going to talk about New Construction & what it takes to be a Real Estate Developer. A lot of people think this is an exciting and rewarding career - but is it? My guest today is going to help us figure that out. Bradley Hartwell is the Founder and Real Estate Strategist with North Town Real Estate, a West Michigan Real Estate firm specializing in acquisition, brokerage, consulting, and development of residential and commercial properties. He's also a Professor of Real Estate at...