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SHSMD Podcast Rapid Insights for Health Care Marketers, Planners, and Communicators

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Listen to the SHSMD Podcast - Rapid Insights: for Health Care Strategy Professionals in Planning, Business Development, Marketing, Communications and Public Relations. In each episode we cover health care marketing tips, suggestions and best practices for health care marketers.

Listen to the SHSMD Podcast - Rapid Insights: for Health Care Strategy Professionals in Planning, Business Development, Marketing, Communications and Public Relations. In each episode we cover health care marketing tips, suggestions and best practices for health care marketers.


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Listen to the SHSMD Podcast - Rapid Insights: for Health Care Strategy Professionals in Planning, Business Development, Marketing, Communications and Public Relations. In each episode we cover health care marketing tips, suggestions and best practices for health care marketers.






How to be the Queen Bey of Engaging Internal Communications

Healthcare systems are facing a crisis in retaining great employees and recruiting new ones. We’ll offer practical tools that can be implemented immediately to help you 'run the world' … or, at the least, lessen the load on your overworked colleagues, build camaraderie and strengthen your overall culture.


Content is King

As the saying goes, “Content is king.” And that truth has never been more evident than during the COVID-19 pandemic. Hospitals and health systems with agile content strategies quickly became a trusted source of accurate, reliable information – transforming the greatest health threat of a generation into a community engagement and market differentiation opportunity. Now, as we emerge from the pandemic, what is your organization’s consumer engagement strategy? Are you poised to build upon the...


Health Care Marketing Plans, Communications and Market Research

Rob Klein, David Marlowe and Joel English discuss highlights from the Health Care Marketing Plans, Communications and Market Research Intensive.


Online Healthcare Communities as a Marketing Tool

Creating communities online has the potential to change traditional hospital-patient relationships and/or contextualize service line marketing programs. Communities serve as early warning radar for hospital brands and the interactions within a community reveal sentiment, language, intensity and clues that can dramatically improve reach, resonance and performance of marketing campaigns.


Five Potent Predictions Reshaping How Consumers Engage Healthcare

Based on Joe Public 2030 book, there are five key ways consumer health engagement may change over the coming decade, covering everything from AI and personal monitoring to consumerism, new competition, the politicization of healthcare, and growing health disparities. The book makes five bold predictions about that future, which range from exciting and promising to ominous and discouraging. Based on insights developed by a team of researchers, strategists, and futurists at Revive, the five...


Facing the Future of Reputational Risk for Hospitals and Health Systems

In the coming decade, health systems will face four new and ominous reputational risks: political risk, value risk, expertise risk, and health gap risk. How you prepare for them now will shape your success over the coming years. For many health systems, this approach will be uncomfortable and require looking inward to better assess where they truly stand and develop a path forward. With this in mind, Revive has developed a comprehensive 2030 Reputational Risk audit and roadmap to help your...


The Leaders' Guide to Earning Your Seat in the C-Suite



The Financial Impact of Your Strategic Initiatives

Craig Holm and Kurt Barwis are presenting a 50-minute concurrent session at this year's SHSMD Connections in person annual conference on the STRATEGIC PLANNING & BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT Track, held in San Antonio, September 19-21. Traditionally, strategic planning is completed with high level financial analysis. For some organizations, the deeper financial dive has become necessary with a merger of sorts between a Strategic and Financial Plan. The Strategic and Financial Plan incorporates two...


I’ll Take One To Go! Increasing Ambulatory Strategy In Key Procedures And Services



How the Nation's Most Recognized Systems Spend Their Marketing Dollars...and Why It Matters to You

Marketing and communications executives from leading health care systems across the country have been working together to compare their resource allocation to true peers. With a steering committee including Cleveland Clinic, Ochsner Health System, Intermountain Healthcare and SHSMD, benchmarking data has been gathered through the use of a tool that allows participants to compare themselves to similar organizations of all types and sizes. Aggregate benchmarking results of over 50 participants...


Responding to an Active Shooter Incident

It’s a hospital CEO’s worst nightmare, the call that tells them that multiple members of their team have been gunned down by an active shooter. Shock and anger engulf not only the community where it took place, but the entire workplace as colleagues mourn the loss of their friends. Crisis experts Bob McNaney and Brian Ellis who recently helped Allina Health with their active shooter incident will walk you through those first few hours and the actions you need to be thinking about as you deal...


Spark Inspiration: How St. Charles Uses Videos for Next Level Employee Engagement

With four hospitals, more than 4,600 employees and a 38,000-square-mile service area, keeping employees engaged and connected is a special kind of challenge for St. Charles Health System in Central Oregon. But by pairing an already impactful in-house video program with a successful engagement platform, we were able to achieve 90% employee enrollment in the first eight months. St. Charles Sparks was born in October 2020, intentionally pushed forward in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic to...


The Importance of Patient Engagement on Achieving Positive Health

Jack Vance, Vice President for Digital Strategy and Marketing Technology delivering a best-in-class client experience across multiple channels discusses why he believes that better patient experiences leads to better outcomes. “I’m always leveraging marketing data and ROI to better understand how to drive traffic, create revenue-positive programs, and increase customer engagement.”


KEYNOTE - Reimagining Diversity & Inclusion: A Pathway to Courageous Conversations

Has anyone ever calculated the total cost of discrimination in the workplace? Derreck tackles the subject head-on by sharing how his organization found itself grappling with the issue. He will guide you through an examination of how diversity and inclusion problems impact your corporate bottom line. From long-term harm to your brand and weakened stock prices to negative perceptions within the community, Derreck reveals the potential savings that come about when employees understand the cost...


The Road to Becoming a Digital Marketing Leader Starts with Your Team

Reimaging an organization’s digital marketing strategy is exciting. But it requires a thoughtful look at one of your biggest resources – your team. Attend this session and learn how UC San Diego Health, poised to implement a new digital marketing strategic roadmap, first invested in deep analysis of their current staffing and team structure, defining and comparing current roles and responsibilities against future needs and creating a plan for success. SHSMD Connections 2021 Virtual runs...


Using Google to Build Trust in Your Brand

The fact is, most people start their health journey in Google Search. So how do you make your content and providers stand out? Learn how Henry Ford Health System has successfully bolstered their search results using a multifaceted (content, Google My Business, schema markup) search engine optimization (SEO) strategy with measurable results. Henry Ford will share three case studies for the provider directory, COVID Vaccines, and Frequently Asked Questions and explain how they achieved...


Challenges and Successes: Entering a Competitive Market

In 2014, Atlantic Health System’s (AHS) Business Development team entered a contiguous market, infiltrated with fierce competition, despite having no infrastructure. Seven years later, implementing data-driven decision making, best practices and a cutting-edge approach, AHS has built a strong network. Despite confronting challenges, AHS established a robust physician network, opened a multi-specialty building, DE Novo practices, vascular surgery center, ancillary services and launched a...


Humanizing Social Media for Meaningful Connections that Matter

Meaningful strategies means weaving together the brand experience with human needs. The goal is to create relationships with your audience. And relationships, especially social ones, are built on moments – moments that elicit real emotion while remaining true to your brand strategy. The question is, how does that all happen? Join us for insights and a case study on how to bring unlikely social media tools to life to create authentic connections.


The Growing Importance of Behavioral Health in the COVID and Post-COVID Landscape

Behavioral health services have been undervalued and underfunded for many years, making them unprofitable service lines for most health systems. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, suicide rates were at their highest in 30 years, and opioid abuse had reached crisis proportions, along with anxiety and depression,” says Harsh K. Trivedi, MD, president and CEO of Sheppard Pratt, the nation’s largest private, nonprofit provider of mental health, substance use, developmental disability, special...


Making Societal Factors Part of a Health Equity Strategy

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed spotlight on health inequities in the United States. One pathway for improving health equity is to address the societal factors that influence health. In this session, presenters from the American Hospital Association and CommonSpirit Health will share a framework for how hospitals can address the societal factors that influence health. The presenter from CommonSpirit Health will bring the framework to life, sharing how her health care system has deployed a...