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This podcast is a resource for those with a STEM background seeking to understand the vast career opportunities outside of the laboratory, how to prepare these roles, and tips on being successful after making the transition.

This podcast is a resource for those with a STEM background seeking to understand the vast career opportunities outside of the laboratory, how to prepare these roles, and tips on being successful after making the transition.


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This podcast is a resource for those with a STEM background seeking to understand the vast career opportunities outside of the laboratory, how to prepare these roles, and tips on being successful after making the transition.






SC104: Double History Moment: 3rd Year Podcast Anniversary and MS Flag Vote

June 27, 2020 is a doubly historic day for me. Today is the 3rd year anniversary of STEMulating Conversations. It is also the day that the Mississippi State legislature--in the House and Senate--voted to remove the current State flag that has flown since 1894. The significance of this day and vote was definitely an occasion to connect with fellow PhD chemist and Mississipian, Dr. John Harkless, to have a awesome #STEMulatingconvo.


SC103: Understanding the Context to Digest the Content

When you understand the context, the content is easier to digest. This is the guiding principle that will be used when we engage in STEMulating Conversations on the topics of diversity and inclusion, particularly as it relates to Black Americans in society and the sciences.


SC102: Time is Money

If you were to spend your time the same way you spend your money, what would your time bank account look like? Given that there will never be more than 24 hours in a day, managing the activities within that time may seem more like an art than a skill. Time management is a misnomer because you are managing activities rather than time.


SC101: What Will YOU Do Differently in the New Year?

Happy New Year! It's the beginning of 2020, and many of us have set ambitious new goals--new year, new chapters, new journeys, new experiences. What will you do differently in order to attain the results that you desire?


SC100: Dr. Calvin Mackie, the Educator, Entrepreneur and Founder of STEM-NOLA

Hurricane Katrina was devastating on several levels, but it was the event that freed Dr. Calvin Mackie and enabled him to walk in his purpose. A lifelong resident of New Orleans, Dr. Mackie has a passion educating others on the boundless opportunities in STEM. He created STEM-NOLA to expose, inspire and engage members in New Orleans and surrounding communities about the opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Now celebrating its sixth year, STEM-NOLA is...


SC99: Reflecting on the Past to Set Future Goals

The process of reflecting on successes and lessons learned that have occurred throughout the year enable us to set more realistic goals for the upcoming year. What worked well? What didn't go as planned? What can you do differently to achieve a better outcome? As 2019 comes to a close, what have you learned will shape your 2020 goals?


SC98: Jahari Soward Entrepreneur, ACS Leader, eSTEAM Kits Creator

Jahari Soward had always considered herself a chemist, so when a colleague suggested that she consider recruiting, she was initially offended. Fast forward a few years, and she now owns her own career development and search firm . She realized that the skills that enabled her to be a good chemists were transferable to the role of technical recruiting. She realized it was about problem solving, and the same approach she used to solve a chemistry problem could be used to fill a talent gap. In...


SC97: Clarice Phelps, Nuclear Researcher and STEM Advocate

When Clarice (Claire) Phelps received her undergraduate degree in chemistry, she had no idea that it would lead to her being the first African American woman to be on a team that discovered a new element on the periodic table. She is currently a researcher and program manager in the the Nuclear Materials Processing Group at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. In this episode, Claire shares her unique career journey and training in nuclear chemistry via the United States Navy. She is a strong...


SC96: Be A Voice

Be a Voice, not an echo. When you are in a position of leadership, your voice is a powerful tool. How you communicate is equally, if not more important, than the words spoken. Before using your voice, ask yourself: 1. Am I credible enough to speak on this subject; 2. Is it work the risk for me to speak on this subject; 3. What impact will my voice have on this subject?


SC95: Dr. Cheryl Rowe-Rendleman-the Consultant Who Helps You "See" the Solutions

Consulting can be rewarding careers for those with a STEM background. The key to a successful consulting practice is identifying a niche, and having a demonstrated record of expertise in that area. When Dr. Rowe-Rendleman launched Omar Consulting, there was a need to fill the gap between the bench and the bedside with product development support services for the pharma and medical industry. She drew on her scientific training and over 15 years of clinical development in the pharmaceutical...


SC94: Dr. Patrice Yarbough Helps Prepare Astonauts for Space on Earth

Dr. Patrice Yarbough believes that the 'lab' is any where science is conducted, and often times it is outside the confines of a traditional brick and mortar with test tubes and fume hoods. Such is the case for her in her role as a senior scientist with NASA Johnson Space Center. Dr. Yarbough, a biochemist, talks about how her lifelong passion for conducting translational research led to her current role as the principal investigator of NASA's Human Exploration Research Analog (HERA)...


SC93: Adrian Land, PhD Microbiologist Leading a Regulary Affairs Team

"Being comfortable with you who are and having confidence in what you bring to the table" are the guiding principles that have directed most of the career decisions of Dr. Adrian Land. In this episode, he shares his traditionally non-traditional STEM career path from a small Southern town to now leading a regulatory affairs team at a Fortune 500 company. He is passionate about sharing his story to inspire others who have similar backgrounds to pursue what truly interests them, rather than...


SC92: Finding Your Personal Brand with Isha Cogborn

Everyone has a brand, but how you manage your brand can be the determining factor in your career advancement. Personal brand strategist Isha Cogborn, founder of the Epiphany Institute joins in this week's STEMulating conversation to offer tips on effectively identifying and managing your brand. Isha worked with scientists at all levels at one of the world's largest chemical corporations, so she is very familiar with the nuances and unique qualities typically associated with those in...


SC91: Wayne Jones, PhD Chemist, Entrepreneur and Provost at the University of New Hampshire

Being open to opportunity and understanding that 'your skills will take you where your strengths are'. These are the two main principles that Dr. Jones credits for successfully navigating a career path from faculty member to entrepreneur to current Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs at the University of New Hampshire. Follow Dr. Jones on Twitter @wayne_e_jones Visit his website at


SC90: Final Episode of Beyond the Bench:STEMulating Career Conversations

It's the final episode, but not exactly what you think! Listen in to see why we are leaving Beyond the Bench behind.


SC89: I Don't Feel Like...

What do you do when you feel as though you are not longer growing in your role? You've not burned out; but rather, you've become bored. What do you do when you just don't feel like doing anything, because it is too mundane?


SC88: Dr. Claire Horner-Devine goes from Ecology to BRAINS

As an ecologist, Dr. Claire Horner-Deving had an interest in studying relationships, identifying strength of interactions and understanding how communities work together. While she liked the science, she realized that she didn't love it. So what did she do? She parlayed the skills and principles learned as an ecologist and applied them to building programs focused on supporting underrepresented groups in STEM fields. One of her programs is the NINDS NIH funded BRAINS- Broadening the...


SC87: Reset- Be a CATION, Know What You Want, Listen to Feedback

What do you do after you have rested, relaxed and renewed? You RESET! This week's episode challenges you along your career pathway to be a 'cation'. Be positive in your outlook regardless of the stage of your career, or what you aspire to achieve. Know what it is that you want, so that when someone asks, "how may I help you", you will be able to respond with a clear and concise answer. Listen to feedback because that is how your truly make forward progress.


SC86: Rested, Relaxed, Renewed

Resting, relaxing and renewing are all critical to your ability to be productive and successful. That's just what I did over the past month. Now we are back and ready to kick off SEASON THREE of STEMulating conversations!


SC85: Dr. Erika Shugart-- Journey from Molecular Biology to CEO of ASCB

Dr. Erika Shugart is a trailblazer of pursuing 'alternative' careers in STEM. Exposure to science in her formative years influenced her desire to pursue a PhD; however, she quickly realized that her interests and skillset extended beyond the boundaries of a research laboratory. Listen to this conversation and learn about her scientific journey beginning in Oak Ridge, TN to her current role as Chief Executive Officer of the American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB)