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Making "safety" interesting and meaningful...

Making "safety" interesting and meaningful...
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Making "safety" interesting and meaningful...








SMP #032 We Are Moving To A NEW Show - "Riffing Yarns"

Really excited about this. After some great feedback regarding this show and content, I have taken on board all your comments and created a new show designed on your requirements. The new show (Riffing Yarns) is now available on all the major podcast platforms and I warmly welcome you to listen in and enjoy. It has been a labour of love and my pleasure to have adapted to your wishes. We will produce a few more of these shows before the summer ends. Check out my new website...


SMP #031 The Change Quest™ Model interview with Dr Britt Andreatta

The Change Quest™ Model focuses in on the human side of change and why we are predisposed to resist. This model has proven to be highly effective in driving successful change of all kinds. It has helped individuals and organisations better understand how people react to the change and how to reduce change fatigue and increase resilience. “The key to success with change is knowing how to move people through their brain-based resistance”… Once you know the four brain structures activated...


SMP #030 UK plc – Why Has Safety Performance Flat Lined?

In this interview, I discuss with Dr Dom Cooper "why has safety performance flat lined in the UK". Dr. Dominic Cooper (Dom) is one of the world's leading authorities in Behavioural Science and Safety Culture. Dom has helped companies such as ExxonMobil, Eli Lilly, Foster Wheeler (just to name but a few) achieve world-class safety results. Dom is an award-winning author and has written several books on Behavioural Safety, Safety Culture change and Safety Leadership.


SMP #029 Reboot Your Body With Water Only Fast - Interview With Dr Alan Goldhamer

Reboot Your Body With Water Only Fast In December 2018, I had the great pleasure of interviewing Dr Alan Goldhamer from the True North Health Centre. Dr Goldhamer is a world expert when it comes to "water only fasting". In this interview, we discuss what exactly "water only fasting" is and how it can help reboot your body.


SMP #028 Declutter Your Life - My Top Tips

This episode is about your decluttering your life and my top tips. Let’s start with defining decluttering. Look at positive and negative motivators and also triggers. We will then look at the various approaches for decluttering. Finally, I want to share with you my top tips and also a checklist that you can use to battle your way through the “clutter maze”.


Mini #003: 2018 Year End Show Review [Generic]

A quick year-end minicast on the Safety Matters Show. I share with you the plans for 2019 and also what's in the pipeline. We are also moving the release day for the podcast to Friday (now Wednesday) to allow a little more time to develop and polish the content. Listen in and let me know if you want anything specific for discussion. Have a great Xmas and fab New Year in 2019


SMP #027: 2018 Look Back and 2019 Look Forward [Generic]

We started the Safety Matters Show towards the end of August 2018 and this is really the first chance I have had in looking back at where we are right now and I am amazed at what has been achieved. However, none of this would have been possible without you...thank you. In this episode, I look back over the last 4 months and how we have developed. What we have done and what are the plans for 2019 based upon our audience interactions.


SMP #026: Behaviour-Based Safety with Professor Scott Geller - Refocus (Show 5 of 5) [Safety@Work]

This is our final Show 5 out of 5, in which Scott and I discuss "Refocus" for Behaviour-Based Safety (BBS). What's the future? Hope you enjoyed all 5 Shows with Scott.


SMP #025: Behaviour-Based Safety with Professor Scott Geller - Evolution (Show 4 of 5) [Safety@Work]

This is Show 4 out of 5, in which Scott and I discuss "Evolution" for Behaviour-Based Safety (BBS). What's next? In Show 5 (our final show), we will discuss "Refocus" - The Future.


SMP #024: Behaviour-Based Safety with Professor Scott Geller - Realignment (Show 3 of 5) [Safety@Work]

This is Show 3 out of 5, in which Scott and I discuss the "Paradigm Shift" for Behaviour-Based Safety (BBS). Let's hit the reset button... In Show 4, we will discuss "Evolution" - What's Next?


SMP #023: Behaviour-Based Safety with Professor Scott Geller - Paradigm Shift (Show 2 of 5) [Safety@Work]

This is Show 2 out of 5, in which Scott and I discuss the "Paradigm Shift" for Behaviour-Based Safety (BBS). What went wrong (or could have been done better)? In Show 3, we will discuss "Realignment".


Mini #002: Colour Code For Podcast Episodes and Shows

We had a question from one of our listeners asking us to describe the colour coding we use for our shows and also why. As the show grows, we want to make sure that you can access information readily and easily. After all, we are all about "performance improvement" and "development". In this minicast, I provide a quick overview of the colours and the logic.


SMP #022: The History and Future For Behaviour-Based Safety (BBS) with Professor Scott Geller [Safety@Work]

This is Show 1 out of 5, in which Scott and I discuss the "Baseline" for Behaviour-Based Safety (BBS). How did it all start? In Show 2, we will discuss the "Paradigm Shift"...What went wrong?


Mini #001: The Fundamentals of Developing and Growing Your Own Business [Personal Development]

This is a no-frills podcast (a "minicast"). In this “minicast”, I want to share with you fundamental tips for developing and growing your own business. There is an accompanying “free” download below that you can use to map out your requirements based upon B2B or B2C (


SMP #021: How To Improve Your Self-Motivation with “DEPRO-REPRO” [Personal Development]

In this show, I want to share with you my lived experiences on Self-Motivation and how to improve your self-motivation. Let’s declutter some aspects around motivation because it can lead to “demotivation”. There is also an accompanying (FREE) download on the website that you can use to apply the "Depro-Repro" approach. Depro-Repro is basically your “DIY” approach for "Deprogramming" and "Reprogramming". Hope you enjoy the podcast and if there is anything I can do to help…let me know.


SMP #020: What exactly is health and well-being? [Health, Well-being and Fitness]

We often hear the words Health and Well-being. Perhaps, someone might ask you the question "How's your health" but do they ever ask you "how's your well-being"? Probably not.. In this podcast, I start with some standard definitions for health and well-being. It can be a very difficult subject to disseminate because of the "human dynamic", however, if I reflect, recall and share my own experience it might give you that additional perspective, that "Eureka" moment.


SMP #019: How To Boost Your Motivation For Fitness [Health, Well-being and Fitness]

As a qualified personal trainer, I offer my top tips based upon the SMART approach and how to be realistic with the targets that you set to ensure you don't "burn out" and/or become demotivated. It's just straight-forward "apple pie" stuff and nothing with regard to magic bullets that make you invincible or give you an overnight 6-pack...sorry. It just takes a little bit of hard work and most importantly commitment. Hope you enjoy the show.


SMP #018: Top 5 Tips For Organisations To Take Well-Being Beyond The Fruit Bowl [Health, Well-being and Fitness]

In this podcast with Carolyn, we discuss how Organisations can address and improve well-being at work to take it “beyond the fruit bowl”. But, what does that mean? Carolyn and I put forward 5 tips that can be easily incorporated within the existing management systems framework (based upon the Plan-Do-Check-Act approach).


SMP #017: Diversity and Well-being Interview With Heather Beach [Health, Well-being and Fitness]

I enjoyed this podcast with Heather where we explored diversity and well-being. We speak candidly about our experiences in the working environment and also how things have evolved, for the better, albeit with some challenges. Somewhat nostalgic for me and very enjoyable. Workplace bullying is a big concern going forward for many employers and I was fortunate in tempting Heather to come back and do a Podcast or Volg on the same.


SMP #016: SMP's New Co-Host (Plus Sonni Gets A Grilling, For a Change)

I am really pleased to introduce the newest member to the Safety Matters Podcast, Sukhleen Gopal (my daughter). Sukhleen and I start to discuss her background and then (as she does), the tables are quickly turned and I get the "grilling". Sukhleen is passionate about being a "positive change catalyst" and her background in Human Psychology, Dynamics, Counselling plus Cognitive Behaviour Therapy will greatly enhance the show with respect to "Safety, Health and Well-being".