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Formerly Grow My Revenue Business Cast
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Formerly Grow My Revenue Business Cast








172 | This Is Marketing, Seth Godin

No matter what your product or service, Seth Godin has tremendous insight on reframing your sales and marketing approach to grow your business. As an Entrepreneur, best-selling author, and speaker, Seth focuses on everything from effective marketing and leadership, to the spread of ideas and changing everything. You're gonna learn a ton on this episode with Seth Godin. Listen to this episode and discover: > Biggest mistakes people make in the world of marketing and business growth. > How to...


171 | Understanding Today's B2B Buyer, Jack Quarles

There's this idea that B2B buyers in purchasing and procurement are only concerned about one thing...price. While that might the stereotypical, old-school approach to the B2B buying process, forward-thinking companies and buyers take a different approach. On this episode, my coauthor of Same Side Selling Jack Quarles joins us to share new and more innovative ways to work with purchasing and procurement to achieve better results. Listen to this episode and discover: > The biggest challenges...


170 | Speak Comfortably To A Crowd Of Any Size, Amy Port

Public speaking isn't just those times when you're communicating in front of a large group of people. In fact, public speaking is anything other than the times you're whispering to yourself or talking in your own head. If someone else hears you communicating, it is public speaking. Publically communicating ideas and information is essential in business, especially sales. Yet many times we have a hard time articulating the right message to our clients and coworkers. This challenge to...


169 | Hidden Networks That Can Transform Your Career And Life, David Burkus

When someone says networking, you likely think meeting strangers in order to grow your connections. What if the best way to grow your network isn't by introducing yourself to strangers at cocktail parties, handing out business cards, or signing up for the latest online networking tool. Instead, you focus on developing a better understanding of the existing network that’s already around you? Best-selling author, David Burkus joins me on this episode of Sale Side Selling to share a startling...


168 | Gain Customer Insight The Right Way, Bob London

Could renting an Airbnb to traveling employees near the headquarters of your ideal customer be the secret to gaining intel about your potential customer? One of our podcast listeners thought it might work and wanted an opinion about this interesting approach. When it comes to uncovering what customers think, I turn to Bob London, founder and CEO of Chief Listening Officers, for insight and wisdom. Bob helps B2B companies develop marketing strategies that start with learning the customer’s...


167 | Avoid The Sales Quota Trap, Ian Altman

Sales quotas are meant to help businesses achieve incremental goals. But, if they become the primary focus for the seller to 'just close deals' without the client's best interest in mind, then you put so much at risk for your business. I've seen too many sales professionals make rash decisions in order to meet a quota. For example, many might decide to offer huge, irresponsible discounts just so that they can close the deal before their incentive deadline hits. On this episode, I share...


166 | Recruiting Strategies To Build a High Performance Sales Force, Sean Sykes

The best candidates and top performers are not looking for a job right now. To grow your sales force with executives and salespeople you need to a different approach find and attract the right talent. Sean Sykes of Peak Sales Recruiting joins me on this episode of Sale Side Selling to discuss how you can find and attract the best candidates for your team. We talk about hiring challenges facing businesses today and strategies to overcome these challenges. Sean offers expert advice on building...


165 | Rethinking the Customer Experience, Geoff Ramm

Discover (and fix) the gap in customer service you never knew existed. Businesses can easily fall into the trap of thinking the customer service experience is all about ‘going the extra mile’ or ‘trying to exceed exceptions’. When in fact as Geoff Ramm explains in this episode these phases are 30- 40 years old and misconceptions about how to approach our level of service. There is a better approach to completely redefine our levels of customer service. On this Same Side Selling episode,...


164 | Overcoming Fear in Sales And Business, Waldo Waldman

Fear and sales don't usually mix well. When you're paralyzed by fear, it's hard to perform at the highest possible level. But, as Waldo Waldman points out, it's inescapable. We're all afraid of something and, at every level of a career, we inevitably encounter things that we're afraid of. Whether it's a skill like public speaking or a particular situation like leading a team, certain things are going to leave us shaking in our boots. However, fear isn't necessarily a bad thing. Instead, it's...


163 | What Distinguishes a Good Sales Team from a Great One?

Why do some sales teams flourish while others struggle? What do good teams do so well that other companies don't? Recently, I've been working on a new book. As part of my research, I interviewed executives at high-growth companies and come to understand why some companies are able to grow so fast while others have a hard time getting off the ground. On today's episode of Same Side Selling, I discuss what makes some teams excellent and others just mediocre. Listen to this episode and...


162 | The 60 Second Sale, Dave Lorenzo

My guest this week, Dave Lorenzo recently published a book entitled 60 Second Sale: The Ultimate System for Building Lifelong Client Relationships in the Blink of an Eye. You're probably asking yourself, "60 seconds? How could anyone possibly make a sale in one minute? Is that even possible?" According to Dave, probably not. But, the idea of a 60-second sale is one that can help salespeople perform better. He joins me on Same Side Selling to talk about his book and share some of the topics...


161 | Word-of-Mouth Strategies that Drive Sales, Jay Baer

A strong word-of-mouth strategy is one of the most valuable marketing resources a company can invest in. If customers are sharing positive stories about their experience and telling other people about your product, it's sure to impact your sales numbers. Jay Baer shares what makes a great word-of-mouth strategy. This episode is sure to be useful for anyone who wants to create some buzz around their brand. Listen to this episode and discover: >How to use "talk triggers" to differentiate your...


160 | How One Company Grew by 30% In One Year with Fewer Salespeople

If there's any company that can teach us about growing sales, it's GPS Insight. Over the past year, the company has grown their revenue by more than 30%, just by shifting their approach to selling. Jason Walker, VP of Sales, is responsible for leading the company's sales efforts. With the help and cooperation of his team, Jason has implemented a range of new techniques for qualifying prospects, securing contracts, and maintaining customer success. Interestingly enough, Jason and his team...


159 | Bad B2B Sales Prospecting Strategies and How to Avoid Them, Bob London

On this episode, Bob London returns to discuss some bad sales prospecting strategies. One of our listeners wanted to hear our thoughts about the idea they're considering to drive an Uber during a well-attended sales conference picking up attendees. In their opinion, this is a great way to build their network and meet potential clients. Obviously, Bob and I had a field day with this one. But, while we can't endorse this particular sales strategy, the question opened up an interesting...


158 | The Key to Selling is Trust, Ian Altman

In sales, there's no skill more valuable than the ability to establish trust. If you can earn a client's trust, it's far more likely that they will buy from you. After all, we want to buy things from people who we know have our best interest in mind. No one wants to hand money over to someone who is simply trying to make a sale. This episode of Same Side Selling is all about trust. In the episode, I expand on why it's so crucial to sales. Additionally, I discuss some ways that you can earn...


157 | The Science of Humor (and How to Use it in Business), Andrew Tarvin

Humor is a great skill no matter who you are. It's a particularly valuable tool for businesspeople. If we can make people laugh, or at least entertain them a bit, we can use that skill to achieve all kinds of goals. We can build rapport, get people to pay attention, help them to understand complex topics, and boost energy in meetings. Unfortunately, many people avoid it because they think they're not funny. However, Andrew Tarvin believes that everyone has the potential to be funny, or at...


156 | Marketing & Sales in the Age of Social Media, Erin Gargan King

Marketing events have always been important in business. Trade shows, for example, give companies the chance to educate the public about their products and connect with potential customers. But, as Erin Gargan King points out, today's consumers can get most of their education online. After all, companies should already have that information on their website. Just because we use the internet to educate our customers, though, doesn't mean that marketing events are obsolete. In fact, they may...


155 | Modern Sales & Marketing Techniques, Amy Franko

Amy Franko has a keen sense of the ways in which B2B sales are changing. After all, today's business landscape looks a lot different than it did a decade ago. Companies don't simply buy products any more. Instead, they seek out long-term relationships with other companies, hoping that their investment will give them a competitive advantage. Of course, these changes create all kinds of challenges for salespeople. In order to thrive, sellers and sales leaders must adopt new techniques. But...


154 | Using LinkedIn to Form Authentic Connections, Ian Altman

On this episode of Same Side Selling, I discuss LinkedIn. It's one of the most powerful tools that sales and marketing professionals have ever had access to. However, sales and marketing folks often find ways to ruin great things. In my experience, many people use the platform in profoundly stupid ways. LinkedIn is a great place to connect with potential customers, prospective employees, and other likeminded folks. But to optimize the platform's potential, you need to be smart about how you...


153 | The Danger of Marketing Gimmicks, Bob London

On today's episode, returning guest Bob London joins me to discuss some potentially scary B2B marketing and prospecingz gimmicks. With everyone competing for attention, some folks are resorting to outrageous levels to find prospects. We start by answering a question from one "listener". They want to know if 23andMe could make a good prospecting tool. Think about it--they get their results, see who their cousins are, and reach out to all of their relatives who could have buying power. The...