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Saunders and Cash is talking business and technology. We interview successful entrepreneurs and starts ups to learn their stories of success and overcoming challenges.

Saunders and Cash is talking business and technology. We interview successful entrepreneurs and starts ups to learn their stories of success and overcoming challenges.
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Saunders and Cash is talking business and technology. We interview successful entrepreneurs and starts ups to learn their stories of success and overcoming challenges.






A Dose of Leadership with Richard Rierson

In this episode, we are joined by leadership expert and host of the A Dose of Leadership podcast, Richard Rierson. Richard started out as a US Marine Corps pilot where he got his first exposure to the principles of leadership he teaches others today as a leadership coach and business consultant. Richard is a student of leadership as well as a practitioner. Richard’s continual quest to influence the lives of others has led him into what he is doing now, teaching leadership and sharing the...


An Entrepreneur Pivots to Coaching for Sales Success - Ivy LaClair

We caught up with Wichita-based entrepreneur and business coach, Ivy LaClair to learn more about her pivot to being a life coach for entrepreneurs with a focus on motivating others to be more confident in their sales strategies. Ivy grew up in Wichita and moved to Berkeley, CA building a multiple 6-figure motivational speaking and coaching business, before returning home recently. To accomplish her business objectives she created Shine On, Wichita! to provide events, group programs, and...


Esp 054 Business Succession Planning concerns with AGH

When it comes to creating a business succession plan, there are several important question you want to answer as to start the planning process and we asked Daniel White and Bryan Hanning of AGH Advisors to join us in the podcast to discuss these questions to give entrepreneurs a starting point as they begin to plan for a business succession. Here are just a few of the questions we covered: Are you ready financially, mentally and emotionally to step away from your business? Is your business...


Esp 055 Business Succession Planning and Taxes with AGH Advisors

Every entrepreneur at some point in their business career realizes, it’s time to hang it up, and pass the business on to others. Business succession planning is a series of logistical and financial decisions about who will take over your business upon retirement, death or disability. We asked two experts from AGH, Todd Richardson, the VP of Corporate Finance and Eric Thummel, VP of Tax Services to help identify the key areas of concern for entrepreneurs when considering succession planning....


Esp 053 The Only Female CEO in Digital Billboards Liz Farha

We recently caught up with the very busy Liz Farha of Midwest Billboards as our guest on Saunders and Cash and it turned out to be an exciting enterview. Twelve years after getting a start in the billboard business, Elizabeth Farha is now the Chief Executive Officer of Midwest Billboards and has finally achieved "what I was always moving towards." She now has 15 billboards in the Wichita area and a total of 55 digital billboards across Kansas and Oklahoma. For marketing of a business,...


Esp 052 Entrepreneurial Resiliency

When Kenneth Friedel started out he didn't really plan on becoming a certified master facilitator, one of only 35 in the world. His work has really been in strategic planning, succession planning, mergers, acquisitions and process improvement. The concept for Purple Crayon Solutions comes from the beloved child's book by Crockett Johnson. In the story a boy creates his own path using his trusty purple crayon to draw exactly what he needs for his ideas and dreams to come true. In our podcast...


Esp 051 Start Up Grind U at WSU Takes Off With

Join us in the interview as we talk with two very dynamic college students, Jessica Aldrich and Christian Ammerman, co founders of a chapter of Startup Grind U at Wichita State University. Start UP Grind is a global organization promoting entrepreneurism and now has university chapters, among the first to be started was the chapter at Wichita State University. Jake Wayman, the chapter director of the local Start-up Grind Wichita got together with Biomedical engineering graduate student...


Esp 050 How Legacy Book Launched an App to Preserve a Family Legacy

In this interview we talk with Joe Witte and Lindsey Stillwell from Legacy Book. For Joe Witte, the Chief Operating Officer of Legacy Book, launching their new app was the fulfillment of personal goal, satisfying his "Why", if you will. According to Joe, “I joined the LegacyBook team so I can help families. I don’t want anyone to have to go through the painful experience I’m still dealing with.” He and the company founder, David Thorne, wanted families to not have to sort out all of the...


Esp 049 Trusted Advisor Series Simplify My Numbers is The Best of Two Worlds

We can all agree most entrepreneurs are not accountants and many accountants are not really entrepreneurs. The best of two worlds is when you find that one guy who get its from both the world of understanding the challenges of entrepreneurship and the need to make sure that as an entrepreneur you understand your financial numbers. In this interview with Fabrice Metan, the founder of we learn more about how an accountant who is also a successful entrepreneur might be the...


Esp 048 Technology Council Names Lisa Roberts Executive Director

Join us as we talk with Lisa Roberts, the newly named executive director of the technology council,, about what a positive story, technology in Kansas. With Lisa onboard the world will now discovery what a great opportunity exists in Kansas for all sorts of technology companies. is a statewide technology nonprofit, designed to grow the tech workforce, cultivate educational programs, and more importantly, raise awareness of the rapidly growing tech...


Esp 047 The Entrepreneur and Paid Speaking Gigs

Have you ever wondered if you could be a paid speaker? How would you do? Are you following your passion? Join us in this podcast as we talk with Mindy East, the founder of Baron Ridge Productions and Scott Pierce, the voice of Friends University football, an MC and professional speaker. Mindy found her passion years ago after a career as a publicist for local weather broadcasters when she developed a relationship with Steve Sax, former star of the Los Angeles Dodgers and started acting as...


The Trusted Advisor Series Business Coach and HR Consulting

Not every entrepreneurial start-up can manage everything, that's why developing a network of trusted advisors is essential to business success. We talk with Lee Gray of ActionCoach Business Coaching in Wichita, KS about the value of working with a business coach on developing strategies for both long-term and short-term growth. It's called "Working on the Business, Not in the Business". In our interview we uncover the "why" Lee decided to start business coaching. We are also talking with...


The Finishing School for Modern Women, CEO Jill Miller

When you think of a "Finishing School", it's an old fashioned concept of teaching manners and grace, but not the Finishing School for Modern Women. The concept was developed by the founder, Jill Miller who is not training woment to be "ladies" with etiquette classes and culture. O no, this is something different. These courses teach women how find their authentic selves, claim their power in business, finance, communication and life. Classes are short, powerful and best of all reasonable...


Trusted Advisors Series Your Banker and the IT Guy

Every entrepreneur needs a core team of trusted advisors, someone to turn to for advice and encouragement. Because as much as we would like to think we can do it all, there are experts available to help. In this episode we continue our series of interviews with trusted advisors as we talk with Kyle Nation, a vice president with First National Bank of Hutchinson and Dan Reisig, the co-founder of Concergent IT about how they act as advisors for entrepreneurs. Kyle talks about why community...


One Man On A Quest to Provide STEM Training and Build a Business

Josh Enlow might be the smartest guy in the room, when he is fixing your computer issues as the founder of Protech IT Support Services. But what makes Josh really interesting is how he gives back to the community by making sure the underrepresented middle and high school students in the community have training in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). The training is free and is frequently connected and offered during summer camps, like Camp Destination Innovation. Josh...


When A Lawyer and Entrepreneurial Spirit Meet You Have Sam Foreman

What's the best thing about working with a lawyer that is also an entrepreneur? Connection. Isn't that's what you really need when you are starting, growing, managing a business, a lawyer that gets it because he has been there. Sam Foreman works closely with technology start ups and entrepreneurs to understand first what the business owner is all about, but second what the goals and direction of a business owner are. You get legal advise, legal services and a work ethic that business owners...


Creating A Culture of Leadership Across Wichita Kansas

In this episode we learn from Damon Young and Dan Shurtz of Lead Wichita, what they are doing to build leadership across Wichita by participating in the Global Leadership Summit program. Leadership isn’t something we are born with; it’s something we learn, develop and grow. Leadership isn’t a position; it’s something we each have the opportunity to live out wherever we are. The next program is coming up August 8th and 9th and it will be held at the Intrust Bank Arena. But that is not all,...


Yes You Can Fund Your Business with an IRA Pt1

What did we learn about this alternative to funding a business by talking with Mickey Parker, CPA an advisor with Pension Transfer Advisors? You can, if you do it properly, fund your business with money you have in a in pension fund, 401k or IRA to fund your own business. Without paying the usual taxes and early withdrawal fees. Listen to part one of our interview with Mickey as we learn more about how this plan works. A Pension Transfer Trust Plan is a multiple-employer pension plan...


Fund Your Business With A Pension Transfer, Mickey Parker PT.2

Can you really use the money you have in pension fund, 401k or IRA to fund your own business? Without the usual taxes? According to Mickey Parker, CPA an advisor with Pension Transfer Advisors you can. Listen into part two of our interview with Mickey as we learn more about how this plan works. the Pension Transfer Trust Plan, a multiple-employer pension plan which allows you, as an entrepreneur, to unlock the value stored away in your IRA or 401k. The plan combines a 501(a) tax-deferred...


How Local Entrepreneurs and Non-Profits Have a Global Impact Pt. 1

In part one of the interview on social entrepreneurship we introduce Cindy Miles of the Wichita Chamber of Service, Ginger Lobdell of and Katy Penner of Alegria Fair Trade. We learn from Cindy Miles how the Chamber of Service helps establish non-profits that then leads to groups like SheHopes funds it's operations with hand made goods from its clients in India and Kenya. After every trip to help villagers with self-defense training, job training and education She...