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Saunders and Cash is talking business, entrepreneurship, technology and innovation in Wichita and across the globe. Each week we interview business and technology leaders and learn their secrets to success.

Saunders and Cash is talking business, entrepreneurship, technology and innovation in Wichita and across the globe. Each week we interview business and technology leaders and learn their secrets to success.


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Saunders and Cash is talking business, entrepreneurship, technology and innovation in Wichita and across the globe. Each week we interview business and technology leaders and learn their secrets to success.






S2 E34 Women CEO Starts Fast Growing Expert Witness Business

Mallory Marney started Premier MedExperts to provide a network of expert witness to facilitate expert testimony for all sorts of civil, medical and legal cases in the United States with a primary focus on the Midwest. You can learn all about how she got started in the interview on this podcast. She has seen dramatic growth in her first year of business. Mallory discusses how she has grown the business in respond to significant demand that includes both medical and non-medical expert...


S2 E32 SBA Provides More Than Loans To Small Businesses

For this podcast we invited Wayne Bell, the local director of the Small Business Administration to the show to learn more about the programs available at the SBA. Wayne Bell has been the local director at the SBA for 12 years. The SBA is a part of robust ecosystem for entrepreneurs in Kansas and across the nation. With the SBA entrepreneurs has an opportunity to use a number of programs that help to strengthen the local and national economy. Small businesses contribute over half of all jobs...


S2 E 31 Real Estate Investor Sees Growth With Espresso Coffee

Learn how a real estate investor sees growth by bringing back a formerly popular espresso coffee cafe to be a neighborhood destination for fresh coffee and freshly prepared food, combined with great customer service. Daniel Mariotti started in real estate but saw an opportunity to expand his business opportunities by taking over a well-established coffee café that had been in decline due to the owner having moved out of the area and not able to manage the café. With the improvements, he has...


S2 E30 Harvard Grad Turns Radio into a Vehicle for Positive Messaging

For this podcast we caught up with Henna Hundal, a recent graduate of Harvard University who is the host of a syndicated radio program that has featured the likes of Bill Gates, Nobel laureates, Fortune 500 CEOs, and most recently, several of the 2020 U.S. presidential candidates. When Henna started podcasting, she didn’t realize it would grow into a project she was passionate about, but the Henna Hundal Show is a now nationally syndicated news program in addition to being a podcast. Henna...


S2 E29 Veteran Turns Mobile Bar Into A Profitable Business

Pat Pelkowski as a veteran of the U. S. Air and a retired Air Traffic Controller who knew he loved the idea of owning his own business. He retired at 50 years of age and as he started thinking about what would come next he turned to entertaining others with a mobile bartending service. With a degree in entrepreneurship from Wichita State University he also gives back by ensuring 20 to 25 percent of his business is provided to non-profits with his mobile bartending business. Shaken or...


S1 E 28 Women Empowered Market Has A Global Impact

The Women Empowered Market started just a year ago to have a global impact for women. A diverse group of women entrepreneurs and leaders of nonprofits, designed to help women around the world, got together to plan and bring to the community a market of products produced or sold by women. Each of members of the organizing group are either entrepreneurs themselves or have programs to help enable women to become more self sufficient by helping them start a business. The group organized the...


S2 E27 New CoWorking Space to Open in Historic Firehouse, Spur Downtown Growth

Local Entrepreneur Opens Fireworx CoWorking in Historic Fire House Image the excitement you might feel when you have a strong attachment to historic building and you want to encourage entrepreneurship in your hometown and you discover an opportunity. For Bruce Rowley, an entrepreneur, marketer, creative thinker, commercial real estate developer and managing partner at RSM Marketing, that's what happened one day as he drove by an historic firehouse near his office in downtown Wichita,...


S2 E26 The EmpowerHer Conference Makes a Big Impact on Business Growth

There have been a lot of wins for EmpowerHer Conference sponsored by the Women Entrepreneurs of Kansas (WEKAN). March 13 at WSU Tech on Webb Road. The Theme is “Her Vision For the Future.” We were joined by Marquetta Atkins and Brandy Willett. Two of the board members for both Women Entrepreneurs of Kansas and Camp Destination Innovation. One of those wins is Jennifer McDonald of Jenny Dawn Cellars who started with an idea three years ago at the conference. She was able to put together...


S2 E25 Turning A Talent for Organizing into a Business With Rachel Murphy

Professional organizer Rachel Murphy joins us in the interview on Saunders and Cash to talk about her experiences starting a business to help people de-clutter their homes, offices and work spaces. In just a few short years Rachel helped over 150 people and has worked with clients who want a simple redo of their closet all the way to a complete redesign of their home or garage. She hasalso help hoarders overcome the challenges they face by dealing with the psychology of hoarders which often...


S2 E 24 FFA Program Prepares Student with Technology For Farming

As a part of National FFA Week across the United States we interviewed FFA members and leaders in the state’s agriculture education programs. Kansas is an agriculture state with more than 30% of the economy based on farming and agriculture business. National FAA is a national youth program and in Kansas it includes 110 programs across the state and 10,000 young people We started the interviews with Kurt Dillon, from the Kansas State Department of Education. Kurt is focused on agriculture...


S2 E 23 Callcap May Be the 'Apple" of Wichita

We may have found the “Apple” of Wichita as we interviewed Reid Hansen and Margie Crawford of Callcap, a company that has grown from an operation started in the founder's garage to a nationwide firm providing call tracking and rating services for any company that needs to track all of their customer service calls, from scheduling appointments to handling any sort of customer service call. This technology started with a simple rating service for inbound calls to insure that business calls...


S2 E22 Kansas Technology Council Enjoys a Year of Growth

The technology council of Kansas has had a solid year of growth in 2019, as we learned when we talked with Lisa Roberts, the executive director of FlagshipKansas and Stan Finger, a writer for the technology council, both of whom joined us for the interview. Growth has been fantastic after starting a year ago with 50 charter members, the organization has grown to 23,000 members and an additional 58,000 student members. Many of the universities in Kansas have paid for the student members...


S2 E21 Building Coffee and Community in Wichita

We started the interview, with Andrew Gough, the founder of Reverie Roasters, with a brief summary of the grand opening of Groover Lab, a new co-working space locally here I Wichita, KS and a preview of our partnership with, followed by introducing our guest, the founder and CEO of Reverie Roasters, a local company that includes a wholesale operations, coffee shops, a bakery and a community events space. Andrew didn’t start out thinking he would flourish as a...


S2 E 20 Connecting ICT Builds an Army of Yeasayers

An Army of “Yeasayers” might be the best way to describe Connecting ICT, group of forward thinking Wichita citizens who have banned together in an informal group to help the community to connect to each other and contribute to a stronger, growing and vibrant city. Connecting ICT has become a hub for area professionals who are committed to making a positive impact on the growth of their community. In our interview with Todd Lewis and Doug Ledbetter we discussed the activities for the group...


S2 E 19 Building a Community of Technology Workers in Wichita, Kansas

We are with Seth Etter, one of the co-founders of DevICT talking about how they are growing a technology community in Wichita, KS. DevCT is a community group of software engineers and anyone interested in technology. Members often join and participate in meetings to connect with others, to learn, share, and find connections that might lead to job opportunities. DevICT has been in Wichita for the past eight years. It got started to develop a community group around technology at a time when...


MatchStick Alliance Launches in Wichita, KS

In our interview with members of the Matchstick Alliance we discovered they want to be that friction that causes the spark to ignite new business growth not just in Wichita, KS but across the region. The Matchstick Alliance will fill the need of “second stage” startups that already have a viable idea that they are pursuing and need help growing to the next level. Each company is committed to growing the resources available to entrepreneurs in this community, and the alliance believes they...


QuiCC Makes a Tech Start UP Splash with Closed caption technology

Join us in this interview from September of 2019 as we talk with two of the staff from QuiCC, Taylor Stevenson and Krissy Buck, about the exciting new technology launched several months from Wichita, KS for creating captions from the audio in your videos. Look for fresh updates from QuicCC in the near future on our podcast, as the company is growing rapidly and they have new announcements frequently. 85% of video is now watched with the sound off, so your really need to learn about this new...


S2 E15 Where Women Entrepreneurs Connect

When Andrea Hattan embarked on her journey to start a co-working space for women, she thought she would find women with part-time side businesses that needed a place to work away from distractions. What she discovered was that it was more about building a community of women in business. While many of her members are entrepreneurs, a large number actually work at corporate jobs but have found they wanted a community were they could connect with other women in business. Andrea’s prior...


S2 E15 From Death Sentence to Entrepreneur Desiree Plamer

Desiree Plamer has an amazing story of not accepting her doctor’s diagnosis that she was dying and it was an issue that had no cure. At the time she did have health issues and they were certainly affecting her life, her future and the future of her family. But she turned a life-threatening problem into an opportunity and now a successful business, Satori. She began her path toward energy healing after being given a diagnosis that was essentially a death sentence. Not willing to lay down and...


S2 E14 Turning Cheesecake into a Business

How do you take a trusted family recipe for wonderful, melt-in-your mouth cheesecake and turn it in to a full time business you are passionate about? Learn how as we talk with the CEO of Wichita Cheesecake Company and 2019 visionary award winner for entrepreneur of the year, Mark Daniels. Mark talks about how he can to the Wichita area on active duty in the United States Air Force. Liked the area so much, he stayed and earned a BA degree in business from Wichita State, where he took...