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How to Handle Failure (and Success)

Today we are speaking to everyone out there who has experienced failure. In my experience as a writer/entrepreneur, failing multiple times comes with the territory. But, I want to be an encouragement to all my listeners and know that it is worth it… keep trying! Join me and Joseph Michael (Founder of Learn Scrivener Fast), as we discuss failure leading to success. These are some of the topics we discuss: Links Mentioned: Joseph Michael on Twitter: @ScrivenerCoach Learn Scrivener...


Obeying God and it's getting worse

If you aren't a Christian these 7 things probably aren't going to make sense, but if you are, let this be an encouragement that God's ways of handling money are always better than the world's ways. These are the 7 topics we cover: • Giving More Actually Means Having More • Not To Be Wasteful • To Be Honest On Our Taxes & Everything Else • Chase Debt-Free Living • Obey God’s Leading When It Comes To Our Money • To Rest - Especially In The Midst Of Chaos • Say No To The American Idea...


5 ways to be more generous

Bob and Linda Lotich discuss generous giving and generous living - especially as it pertains to living a Biblical-focused Christian lifestyle. We get asked quite often about how to be generous or how to grow in generosity, and so here are our 5 best ways to be more generous. Links Mentioned: • Get the FREE PDF - (Please note: links mentioned may be affiliate links which help us support our podcast and website. Thanks for your support!) These are a few...


11 things you should stop paying for

You could save so much money by just not spending money on even a few of these 11 things! I'm always looking for ways to save money and I have found several things to stop spending my money on, and in turn, pocket the savings. Even if you consider yourself to be a frugal person, I want to share with you some things that you may not have considered when saving money. All links mentioned in the description here: Find out more at


7 things Christians should do with money (that don't make sense)

If you aren't a Christian these 7 things probably aren't going to make sense, but if you are, let this be an encouragement that God's ways of handling money are always better than the world's ways. Find out more at


7 Easy Money Moves You Can Make Today

In reviewing my finances and my financial goals, I wanted to find some easy money moves that I can make to achieve my goals. In my research I found 7 easy money moves that you can also make today! Whether you’re looking to earn money, save money, or improve your overall finances there’s something here for everyone! Links Mentioned: • 7 Easy Money Moves You Can Make Today: • Airbnb: https://seedtimecom/2/airbnb.php • Survey Junkie:...


10 things American Christians should be doing with their money

The Bible has some very specific principles that apply to our finances and believe it or not - some pretty specific instructions for American Christians. As usual, many of these will apply to those outside of the U.S. as well. I want to challenge you to an exercise to see how wealthy you truly are! This was an eye-opener for me and I bet it will be the same for you. Join me as I dig into the passage of 1 Timothy 6 and go over the 10 Things American Christians should be doing with their...


Should you ever pray for money?

Should Christians be praying for money? It is an idea that I am pondering and I don’t think I am going to pray for money any more. Join me (Bob) and Linda as we chat about it and explore this idea. These are a few of the topics we cover: • God provides in many ways, not just with money. • We almost never want the money itself, we just want the stuff. • We don’t want to limit God in what He can do. • God knows our needs and knows what is best for us. • God provides, even without the...


How to pay off $82k of debt using your Saturdays

My friend has paid off over $80k by selling on eBay. In sharing his story, I hope it helps you pay off debt (or just make some extra cash!). Bryan & his wife paid off $82,000! How? Buying and selling stuff on eBay. I'm going to be asking him some questions and hopefully his answers will inspire you to pay off your debt, too! ►Topics and questions I asked Brian in this interview: 1️⃣► EXPLAIN WHAT YOU DID PAY OFF YOUR DEBT USING EBAY Brian bought Skip McGrath's eBook (A list of things you...


5 Bible Verses about money every Christian should know

I want to share with you 5 Biblical Financial Principles that I've learned, that I think every Christian should know! Essentially, these are 5 Bible Verses about money that should be impacting the way we handle our money decisions each day. I hope these verses are a blessing to you, as they have for me! If you would like to memorize these verses, I've created a FREE PDF download for you that can be found here: Link mentioned: • FREE PDF:...


5 ways being a Christian has helped my business

Jeff Rose and I discuss some of the ways the Bible has impacted (and improved) our businesses. A lot of people miss out on some really incredible ideas in the Bible. It’s this book that is thousands of years old, but so much of it is still relevant to us today. A lot of tremendously successful businesses tap into some of these biblical principles, whether they realize it or not. Link mentioned: Jeff’s Blog: Find more at


7 Benefits of a Sabbatical

My wife Linda and I talk about the benefits we’ve experienced from taking sabbaticals. We encourage you to work sabbaticals into your life and see the benefits for yourself! God has amazing things in store for you... He does BIG things through sabbaticals! These are a few of the topics we cover: Knowing when to take a sabbatical, no matter the length. • How to prepare for a sabbatical. • Seeing how God creates time for you to become closer to Him. • Sabbaticals give rest and allow you...


My interview with a millionaire - 2 life changing lessons learned

A few years back I interviewed a millionaire to pick his brain on what things he had done to achieve his financial success. I was thrilled to find out that a few simple financial changes he made, had set him up for financial success. I found this interview to be incredibly inspiring and I hope you feel the same way! These are a few of the topics we cover: • The 2 simple changes most of us can make that can make all the difference. • Simple investment concepts that actually work if you...


How to handle financial disagreements with your spouse

Linda and I talk about some of our money fights and how we have reduced them over the years, how a budget has improved our marriage, and how to stay happily married to someone who views money completely different than you. These are a few of the topics we cover: Links Mentioned: Our 'God and Money' 6-Week Bible Study Find more at


The life-changing benefits of owning less stuff with Joshua Becker

Joshua Becker and I talk about the life-changing benefits of owning less stuff as it pertains to beginners. Dealing with the objections, the myths, and highlighting the benefits of the minimalist lifestyle. These are a few of the topics we cover: • How a possession-filled American can make a major transition and begin to live a simpler life. • Why minimalism doesn’t have to be scary and you can own more than 15 possessions. • What is the best way to approach what to keep and get rid...


Your financial battle is not yours, but God's

When we are fighting a financial battle, it isn’t really ours to fight. Our job is to depend on God and to rest in His grace. But how do we balance that with working hard (another Biblical concept)? That’s what Linda and I discuss in this episode. For more information, visit


How to finally get started with your business idea

Joseph Michael of talks about what it takes to finally get started with your business idea started. Joseph created an extremely successful online business by using his day-job lunch breaks to work on it- eliminating the excuse that so many of us use that we don’t have enough time! For more information, visit


The 1 simple trick that will save the most money at the grocery store

Carrie Rocha gave me an awesome tip on how I can save a lot more at Whole Foods and Trader Joe's markets. In the interview we cover: For more information, visit


How to find your calling/purpose in life with Jeff Goins

Jeff Goins discusses why you are unlikely to find your purpose. We also talk about: The Art of Work For more visit: